Innovative designs and a dedicated team make the luxury travel clothing brand a favorite in spas and resorts worldwide.

We’ve partnered with Anatomie, the number one selling retail brand in premiere spas and resorts around the world, because of their unique high-performance apparel and their personalized attention that turns customers into loyalists. Here are 10 things you need to know about the Miami-based brand.


  1. Easy-Care Clothing. Simply machine wash cold on a gentle cycle, then tumble dry low. Or hand-wash items in a hotel sink and hang to dry. Except for specialty leather pieces, no special care is required for the ultra-resilient fabrics.


  1. Quick-Dry Fabrics. The majority of Anatomie’s high-performance European fabrics are designed to hang-dry within 15 to 20 minutes.


  1. Lightweight Designs. Anatomie uses only lightweight, breathable fabrics that feel great and won’t weigh down your suitcase. For example, 15 pieces—including a mixture of pants, tops and jackets—weigh only 8 pounds, making the perfect carry-on for a weeklong conference or vacation.


  1. Wrinkle-Free Fabrics. Forget ironing. All wrinkles disappear as you put on your clothes and wear them, due to the unique European fabrics.


  1. Flexible Fit. Ease of movement is key whether you’re on a 12-hour flight or navigating through a busy day. That’s why Anatomie uses fabrics containing Lycra® and adds stretch panels to jackets so comfort and fit is optimized.


  1. Fashion-Forward Appeal. The chic, timeless designs confidently take you from continent to continent, season after season.


  1. Wardrobe Versatility. Anatomie works with a core color palette of complementary neutrals. Pants, tops and jackets are designed to be mixed and matched for endless outfit options.


  1. European Craftsmanship. The brand works with only the finest European fabrics and premier European factories that have a history of excellence. Many of them are third or fourth generation companies, known in the luxury space for their exquisite materials and craftsmanship.


  1. Loved By All Ages. You will often see three generations of women shopping Anatomie’s timeless, stylish designs.


  1. Incredible Customer Service. Founders Kate and Shawn Boyer are always on the road, visiting retail locations and pop-up shops to help clients select the best pieces for their body type and lifestyle. Online shoppers receive guidance from a dedicated support team via email and Click to Chat.


Anatomie will have a booth at the upcoming ISPA Conference and Expo in Las Vegas and you can find out more about them at