It is no secret that if you have a spa, salon, medical spa, wellness facility…really any business, you MUST be online!

Having a business website is a great start, but don’t stop there.  There are a lot of great resources available for making sure your SEO (search engine optimization) and online rankings are benefiting your business.  (Sometimes it is easier leaving much of this stuff to the pros, but some of this you can easily handle yourself…especially listing your business locally.)  We live in a time that it is best to be aware of your online ranking, and paying attention to your local listing is a great place to start.

You are local…are you being seen?

Don’t just rely on the most popular site or search engine to list your business.  Here are a few of the most popular sites and services:

Alright!  Since Google seems to be everyone’s favorite, start there.  Google has some basic guidelines that they like followed, and in doing so, you’ll make them happier (and the technology will “see” you better) and that will help your rankings.  Here is a breakdown of their guidelines to follow.

So, take a little time and search yourself online.  How is your online ranking?  Try different search engines.  And slowly work your way through the list and add your business.  Potentially, you should get an increase in how you rank online.