What’s Trending in Spa Product for Fall/Winter 2017

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The idea of spa retreats and self-pampering might seem like a foreign concept in today’s society. The average person is constantly on the go and any “free” time is typically divided between work, family, school or some other pressing obligation. Unfortunately, relaxation, more often than not, takes a backseat to life. However, treating yourself to some much needed peace and serenity is not lost.  

Check out these trending spa and beauty products for Fall/Winter 2017 that will nourish mind, body and soul:

Lemon and Citrus

Citrus fruits have amazing revitalizing properties so it is only natural that many brands are incorporating lemon, lime, grapefruit and verbena into their lines.  Citrus infused fragrances, scents and oils do wonders to boost energy and mood. 


The benefits of superfoods are undeniable and lend themselves to amplify a wide variety of spa and beauty products.  Avocado, olive oil, banana and other foods are used to enhance the body and overall wellbeing. 


Honey is another item featured front and center in many product launches. This soothing and rich ingredient has a wealth of health benefits from aromatherapy to skin moisturization. 

Each spa is as different as its owners and customers, however certain elements tend to transition across specialties to create a welcoming atmosphere and positive experience. Keeping up with new concepts is part of providing a superior customer experience. 

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Save Your Skin with CBD

We know that cannabidiol (CBD) has anti-seizure and anti-tumor properties, but its medicinal benefits don’t stop there. Topical CBD treatments can improve your physical health from the outside in. The natural compound has the ability to aid in the improvement of the overall health and appearance of your skin!

How it works:

Topical application of CBD (oil) creates a unique and positive interaction with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which controls and cares for your skin cells. From preservation to prevention, here are some incredible ways CBD can help save your skin from any harmful or irritating agents.

1. Youthful Skin Maintenance

CBD possesses significant anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and neuroprotective traits meaning it protects the skin of any damage from free radicals. These free radicals include UV rays, smoke, and environmental pollutants that can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Fight against these aging factors with the consistent use of our CBD Cream in your daily skin regimen.

2. Oil Control

Who would have thought a CBD moisturizer could control your oil? Suffering from oily skin is no walk in the park, and most people are hesitant to follow the advice of moisturizing their skin for fear of increasing the amount of oil on their skin. When you deprive your skin from moisture, you’re actually encouraging the oil glands to produce excessive oil for your skin. In the case of cannabis, using CBD infused products helps to decrease the over production of oil.

3. Acne Repair

Last but not least, the most common skin issue among all ages – acne. Oil control plays a huge role in managing acne. The oil that creates those blemishes is known as sebum, which excretes rough sebaceous glands. But when dirt and clogged pores get in the way, the sebum mixes with bacteria and becomes a blemish. When put to the test, we discovered that when applying non-psychoactive CBD to the endocannabinoid receptors of the skin, this oil production stopped and acne faded away. Further, when applied on the affected area directly, the production of sebocytes decreased significantly. So your constant search for spot treatments can end right here. Get to the root of your blemishes before they surface.

Your skin is constantly being challenged by environmental and personal skin care issues. Incorporating CBD infused products into your daily routine, may help to relieve some of those problems.

All of CBD Essentials products are sourced from whole flower cannabis plants, non-psychoactive, and are known to have significant therapeutic benefits. To ensure consistency and quality, our topicals are lab formulated, and third party tested.

Cannaisseur Brands and CBD Essentials

Cannaisseur Brands and CBD Essentials

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