Crabbe leaves Hilton to pursue MBA, launch consulting practice – 

After nearly eight years at Hilton, most recently as senior director of global wellness, Ryan Crabbe has left the company.

Next month, Crabbe begins his MBA studies at Georgetown University in Washington DC, and he will also reignite the consulting practice he began in 2006.

In 2006, Crabbe’s practice, Interim Spa Solutions, worked with Ritz-Carlton, Wynn Resorts and other leading hospitality companies, providing on-property consulting and advisory services during leadership transitions and critical points in a spa’s lifecycle. 

Crabbe said his new practice, called Interim Wellness, will primarily advise larger organisations and brands seeking stronger strategies, project architecture, and product management of their existing or future spa and fitness concepts. 

“I’ve been fortunate to gain a unique global perspective on spa and fitness operations, wellness brand management, industry supply relationships, and innovative concept creation,” Crabbe told Spa Opportunities.

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Luxury dog boutique and spa – featuring canine jacuzzi bath – set to open in Yarm – 

A luxury dog boutique and spa, complete with a jacuzzi bath for your canine companions, is set to open up in Yarm.

The Paw Room and Zibizi pet gift store are set to open up on High Street.


And there’s not long to wait either, with the shop set to open above Zibizi baby gift store, later this month.

“This is going to be a gorgeous pet boutique above our existing store, Zibizi – the baby gift store,” said Andy Pemberton, whose wife Bella runs the business.

“With the success of the baby store and the popularity with our personalisation service, we decided to open a store offering a personalisation service for pets also.

“Aimed at dogs, cats and horses, we will be offering many goods including, food, treats, baskets, clothing, leads, blankets, horse numnahs, and more.”

Andy added: “We will also be opening ‘The Paw Room’ spa and grooming business within the premises.

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Oil on towels likely cause of fire

(A good reminder for the business owners to be careful) – SIA note – 

Massage oil residue on towels is the likely cause of a laundry room fire that resulted in the evacuation of two Queenstown bars and an apartment block.

The Queenstown Volunteer Fire Brigade responded to an alarm activation at 1 Athol St, next to the Village Green, at 10.30pm on Saturday.

Firefighters wearing breathing kit found a smoke-filled room on the second floor of the building above Brazz Steakhouse & Bar.

They quickly extinguished a blaze involving a clothes dryer and heat pump in the laundry room of the Nadi Wellness Centre.

No-one was injured.

Business owner Sandi Murphy said it was ”such a shock to receive the call late at night and I’m just really grateful no-one was hurt and nothing happened beyond the small area”.

The yoga studio and wellness centre had a sophisticated fire alarm system, Ms Murphy said.

”The brigade was alerted and the situation was very quickly contained.”

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Drew Brees Joins National Campaign to Promote Safer Alternatives for Pain Management

Akron, OH (July 13, 2017) –  As indicated by The Washington Post in 2015, “America is a nation in pain,” with the National Institutes of Health finding that more than 126 million American adults – or, more than half of all U.S. adults – reported experiencing some form of pain in their everyday life. To help inform Americans about existing, non-prescription solutions for pain relief, Performance Health, makers of Biofreeze Pain Reliever and TheraBand exercise and recovery tools, is proud to announce its new partnership with NFL pro and current New Orleans Saints quarterback, Drew Brees. Working together on the national “Safer Pain Relief” campaign, they are joined by healthcare professionals including chiropractor Dr. Jay Greenstein and physical therapist Dr. Kevin Wilk, who treated Brees after he sustained a career-threatening injury.

In his 16-year professional career, Brees has racked up accolades including a Super Bowl win and the game’s MVP, ten Pro Bowl appearances and earning the title of Sports Illustrated’s “Sportsman of the Year.” During this time, he has also overcome a series of setbacks due to injury, such as when he dislocated his throwing shoulder, tearing his labrum in the process in 2005. With each period of recovery, Brees worked closely with Wilk and a team of medical experts to rehabilitate, who showed him that he did not need to rely on pain medications. His use of targeted, non-addictive pain relief and recovery solutions has allowed Brees to make a healthy and sustained return to the game after every major injury, resulting in more 5,000 yard passing seasons than all other quarterbacks combined.

Championing safe recovery and rehabilitation methods, Brees is joining the “Safer Pain Relief” initiative to speak to the dangers of misusing opioid pain relievers and the opportunity, in many cases, to use alternatives. Under Wilk’s advisement, Brees now incorporates Performance Health products, Biofreeze and TheraBand, into his injury prevention, training and pain management routines. “Fit is critical when you join a team. So is having a shared purpose,” says Performance Health CEO, Mike Orscheln. “We were excited to realize that we share core values and a common purpose with Drew and view him as the embodiment of our recipe for success – using professional care and the brands professionals trust to feel good again after injury, perform better than the year before and live a truly great life.”

From his personal and career-changing experiences, Brees believes in partnering with healthcare professionals and using professional-grade products. An advocate for the versatility and effectiveness of TheraBand in fitness and exercise, as well as a rehab brand, he now incorporates the resistance bands into his everyday regimen, with the next generation TheraBand CLX a personal favorite. Brees will be featured in national television and digital advertisements for Biofreeze called “OverDrewing It,” showcasing the quarterback’s tendency to give 110% in everything he does and overcoming his every day aches, pains and strains with Biofreeze.

”I think the way to get away from opioids is to do it using healthy alternatives. A huge part of me feeling great going into my 17th season has been the resources and mentorship of my physical therapists,” says Brees. “They taught me how to rehab injuries safely and now I’ve got a routine that, once a week, no matter how my body is feeling, I use Biofreeze and TheraBand for preventative maintenance. I want to stay on top of things before they might ever become an issue.”

About Drew Brees

Since 2006, Drew Brees has been the starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, leading the team to a Super Bowl XLIV win and the title of MVP in 2009. Starting his career with the San Diego Chargers in 2002, Brees has led the NFL in passing touchdowns four times, made ten Pro Bowl appearances, was named the league’s Offensive Player of the Year in 2008 and 2011, and was honored by Sports Illustrated as “Sportsman of the Year” in 2010.

About Performance Health

Wherever physical improvement happens, Performance Health is there. As the largest specialty distributor and manufacturer of branded products and solutions for rehabilitation, recovery and sports medicine in the world, Performance Health products can be found in hospitals, clinics and athletic training rooms, as well as in homes, gym bags, and purses. For each person, whether they are a patient, a consumer, an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, the Performance Health purpose statement is simple: help them feel good, perform better and live great.

The Medi spa concept has worked wonders for an all-round boost to the wellness industry.The spas have been playing a pivotal role in fostering growth of global wellness market and with resorts and hotels backing up medical and health services with post treatment spa packages are going to drive the wellness tourism market worldwide.

Conceptually, a Medi-spa is a unique of its kind featuring a medical treatment schedule along with selected spa treatments. These facilities are run with a close monitoring of services by licensed healthcare professionals. The services offered are:

  • Use of lasers for medical treatment.
  • Regular spa services like facials and massages.
  • Other beauty enhancing procedures.

Medi-spas may house physicians, plastic surgeons, gynecologists, dermatologists, dentists, laser therapists and practitioner nurses, assistant physicians, estheticians etc. Patients travelling beyond the border are keen to avail these customized services in the clinics or resorts for fast recovery.

Therefore, it is not surprising that leading medical tourism destinations are gearing up to offer innovative post treatment spa products in synergy with the medical treatments availed by the foreign patients.

The ultimate objective is to provide a highly gratifying health tourism experience not only through quality medical support but also facilitating an overall wellness enhancement of the traveler.


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Indiana – New Law Requires Massage Therapists To Be Licensed –   

 A new Indiana law could bring an end to those looking to get more than a therapeutic massage.

Massage therapists must now get a license. A law therapist Marhia Ross is excited for because she hopes it cuts out an ugly side to her profession.

“There is nothing worse than having a client come in and thinking that they’re going to get more than a therapeutic massage,” Ross said.

The problem, when parlors use women to go beyond massages. This October, seven Central Indiana businesses were raided after officers investigated women performing sexual acts.

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