MAY 2017 – Delray Beach, Fla. – Just over three years ago, Ross Bloom and Keith Foulis, co-founders of the biostation, began offering functional medical services to patients in Delray Beach, Florida.  They were working out of a small room with Dr. Martin G. Bloom, a 30-year practicing cardiologist, who also has extensive training in anti-aging and functional medicine. Today, the biostation is poised to expand their impact through franchising and by establishing partnerships with member-based spas and clubs.

The biostation’s healthy-aging offerings are geared primarily for anyone not feeling optimal, and, as the co-founders say, can be especially beneficial to the aging baby boomer population. In 2030, the baby boomer generation is projected to be 72-million people representing nearly 20 percent of the total U.S. population*. “With this group experiencing more health challenges than previous aging segments, it is important that medical practices provide products and services that focus on the prevention of age-related diseases,” says Ross Bloom, biostation CEO and co-founder.

Bloom further explains how he and the biostation team approach health differently, “We recommend treatments that first attempt to address the root cause of the patient’s issues or concerns, such as vitamin deficiencies, hormone imbalances, carrying too much weight and lifestyle choices. We address these concerns with pharmaceutical-grade supplements, bioidentical hormone therapy and nutritional counseling to help support a person back to a path of optimal wellness.”

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Oakworks Introduces Industry Changing Design Solution, STUDIO, for New Masters’ Collection of Luxury Spa Tables – Oakworks® Solutions announces the introduction of STUDIO, an interactive visual online table designing solution that gives clients complete flexibility when designing products. The tool effectively allows clients to design and customize their own spa multi-treatment tables – choosing from thousands of combinations of styles, materials, finishes, and features – and see their creations come to life in real time on-screen.

Oakworks President, Richard Shuman says, “We set out with a goal to be the solution of choice for Spa Designers and Dealers, and therefore developed a new creative experience to allow them to imagine, design, and create the positioning equipment fitting the spa and designers’ vision for the interior spa design. Whether you want inspiration in materials by choosing from five design spaces or you go directly to a specific table model… STUDIO is a streamlined creative product development tool where you can dress your Oakworks Masters’ Collection table in real time with unique finishes, recycled and responsibly sourced material, colors and designs. It will also become a social media platform to allow sharing of these design ideas across the design team members (architects, spa designers, dealers, Oakworks Solutions Customer Service.)

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Hot Stone Massage Therapy Can Be Very Useful To Deliver Many Benefits Including The Relaxation And Stress Relief – People always search for a way to relax after the stressful time and hot stone massage therapy is one such way. This massage therapy has some good benefits.

There are a number of different techniques that a massage therapist can apply to relax the long and skeletal muscles of the body. Various movements like the tapping, circular motions, long strokes and others. But, apart from these, one very beneficial therapy is the hot stone massage therapy.

The massage therapist used hot stones and the regular massage techniques at the time of the hot stone massage therapy. During this massage, the therapist first places the stones in the hot water in order to warm them up. Then these stones are placed onto particular areas of the body, like the feet, the stomach, the hands, the face and the back.

The stones used in the hot stone massage therapy are mainly made of basalt rock. These flat, smooth stones can retain heat for a longer time. According to the Medical News Today, some therapists hold them in the hands and apply them to massage with. This process helps to treat the muscles deeply without using extra pressure and it provides more relaxation.

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Why LED Red Light Therapy – 

One of the latest beauty trends on the market is red light therapy, and I hope it sticks around forever.

Last winter I was diagnosed with dermatitis, and was also told to restrict myself to very few products on my skin (natural and traditional). Everything that my skin came in contact with, it seemed, caused a reaction.

One thing I noticed was that the warm, summer months seemed to naturally heal my skin. But once the weather got colder, my dermatitis started to flare up again. I kept hearing from others with this condition that traditional tanning (in moderation) works wonders. The thought of exposure to harmful UV rays scared me until I stumbled across the benefits of red light therapy and decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did!

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Beauty and the Brain: Global Wellness Summit Explores Neuroscience – 

The Global Wellness Summit (GWS) has announced that three leading experts in the field of beauty neuroscience will be keynote speakers at the conference on October 9-11, 2017 in Palm Beach, Florida. Among the speakers will be Anjan Chatterjee, M.D.; Nancy Etcoff, Ph.D.; and Lisa Ishii M.D..

Marketing and Perception

During his keynote presentation, Anjan Chatterjee, M.​D., will be presenting a two-part research project entitled “Beauty2­Wellness.” This study will delve into which marketing terms and concepts resonated the most with consumers. Additionally, the study will analyze whether biases against people with facial disfigurement occur implicitly.

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Mario Tricoci Hair Salons & Day Spas announces Mario, Make Me A Model 2017 „Road to the Runway” – 

CHICAGO, May 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Executed in three phases, Mario, Make Me a Model reaches hundreds of young people looking for careers in modeling and provides photoshoots, TV appearances and the training needed to launch a career in modeling. 

Phase I: Open Model Calls


  • Monday, June 5 at 4:00 PM at Mario Tricoci 900 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, Lower Level. 
  • Tuesday, June 6 at Mario Tricoci Oak Brook, IL at Noon and Mario Tricoci Schaumburg, IL at 6 PM.

Up to 50 contestants will be selected to move onto the Quarter Finals to be held at The Wit Hotel ROOF on Tuesday June 13 where they will walk an elevated runway in front of judges including representatives from Factor|Chosen Model Management, Fitness Formula Clubs (FFC), Matt Ferguson Photography and Mario Tricoci himself.

SEVEN Semi Finalists will be announced at that event and will start training with Factor|Chosen Model Management and FFC.

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