Shallow, quick breaths are common among those of us with desk jobs. Eight hours a day, five times a week, we hunch over our computers with very limited movement, except for the occasional coffee run or lunch. Yoga is touted for its benefits in improving posture and flexibility, something us desk workers need. As a yoga enthusiast, I wanted to dabble in an alternative form of yoga, and steer away from the conventional yoga pilates. Enter salty yoga.

On Monday morning, my colleagues and I were ready to try this new fitness trend. Before entering “Breathe,” a salt room inside Oasis Day Spa in New York City, we didn’t know much about what we were getting into. Most of us were skeptical, but intrigued by the odd pairing of the ancient health practice and salt.

Ready to conquer the day with salty yoga, we walked into the delicate rose-pink room filled with salt. Immediately, I felt a sense of tranquility in the small salt chamber as the yoga mats were laid parallel next to one another. Yoga instructor Ellen Patrick greeted us with a smile, ready to start our 50-minute session. This was a much welcome change from heading to my desk in our office in the bustling Financial District.

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