Karen Raasch

Karen Raasch

Continuum Pedicure Spas

Interesting things about you and the business you are in?

Company Name: Continuum Pedicure Spas

Website: MyContinuumPedicure.com

Title: Sales and Marketing Director

Years in the Industry: 34

Please note the top 3 unique things people should know about your business. The owners invented and patented the worlds first pedicure spa. We are innovators, not duplicators. I’ve been with them since the beginning of this adventure.

We are a family owned and operated company. We will treat you like part of our family. As a result, our customer service is the best in the industry.

Our spas may cost a bit more but the quality is unsurpassed. Most components are made in the USA.

What is the “hot offering” in your selection of products, and why? We offer a complete line of pedicure spas and accessories, really something for every price point and decor. We will be coming out with several new additions to our line in 2016, so stay tuned!

Give us one or two tips on the best products to retail. We had two salons in Wisconsin and the best retail products were hand creme/lotion and nail polish. Who can resist a good hand creme or a new color of nails!

What trade shows do you like to attend? We are at every major trade show and quite a few local or regional shows too. We have our own booths and partner with distributors too.

What do your clients tell you they love about your business and how you operate? They love the customer-driven approach we have developed over the years. Our partnerships are extremely important to us and we value our partners contribution to this wonderful, wacky industry.

What is the top challenge you’re able to solve for your clients? We will ensure that you get the right pedicure spa for your needs.

What trends do you see coming this year? I see more customizing and exciting color and texture options then ever before!

If you are not working…what are you doing? I am an animal advocate and spend a lot of time working to change laws for the better treatment of animals (domestic and wild). I volunteer with our local animal shelter in the wildlife rescue and rehab area, and I am a volunteer for a cat rescue and adoption organization. We have a lot of animals in my home- from cats to birds, turtles, a tortoise and more. My husband and I enjoy cooking together, we are vegetarians and enjoy putting our own twist on tried and true recipes.I spend time with my husband renovating our home which was built in 1896. That can be challenging! I also like to dabble in photographer and photo editing. And I am an avid on-line shopper!

Recent books or movies you’ve enjoyed? Trade publications and catalogs are found everywhere I am!

Favorite vacation taken? It was a working vacation. I was in England, working a trade show booth with a very good distributor. They took such good care of me, showing me all the sights and we went to the Phantom of the Opera, had the best dinners, worked the show shoulder-to-shoulder. I made friends for life!

If you were not in a spa career, what would you be doing? I would be working with animals. Most likely doing wildlife rehabilitation.

Anything else you would like to share? I welcome all who wish to network to contact me.