We’ve partnered with the number one selling retail brand in premiere spas and resorts around the world.

Go into a luxury spa or resort pop-up shop and you’ll find women of all ages excitedly trying on effortlessly chic pieces from Anatomie. Bestselling styles like the sleek Skyler Skinny Pants, elegant Buda Mesh Tops, and versatile City Slick Jackets. Why are they so popular?

All of Anatomie’s unique designs are made of high-performance European fabrics that are lightweight, comfortable and easy to care for—making them a favorite with global travelers and women who want to elevate their everyday style. No dry cleaning or ironing is every required because the creators of Anatomie know their clients don’t have time to waste. Additionally, their signature pants, tops and jackets are designed in complementary color palettes, so they can easily be mixed and matched for a two- week vacation or work wardrobe that’s perfectly put together.

Imagine an outfit that allows you to go from work to a high-level meeting to a dinner out with friends—and feel comfortable, confident and stylish. That’s the beauty of Anatomie. Their brand has been built on a philosophy of convenience, superior craftsmanship and timeless design. No wonder many top-level executives in the industry have become devoted fans.

We are excited to partner with Anatomie, who is the number one retail brand in premiere spas and resorts around the world and was recently recognized by Apparel magazine as one of the top innovators of 2016. For the past 10 years, their innovative designs and dedicated concierge service have inspired travelers and women who want to simplify their wardrobe without compromising on style.

Anatomie will have a booth at the upcoming ISPA Conference and Expo in Las Vegas and you can find out more about them at anatomie.com