drprem.com –   A bird’s eye view:
The Medi spa concept has worked wonders for an all-round boost to the wellness industry.The spas have been playing a pivotal role in fostering growth of global wellness market and with resorts and hotels backing up medical and health services with post treatment spa packages are going to drive the wellness tourism market worldwide.

Conceptually, a Medi-spa is a unique of its kind featuring a medical treatment schedule along with selected spa treatments. These facilities are run with a close monitoring of services by licensed healthcare professionals. The services offered are:

  • Use of lasers for medical treatment.
  • Regular spa services like facials and massages.
  • Other beauty enhancing procedures.

Medi-spas may house physicians, plastic surgeons, gynecologists, dermatologists, dentists, laser therapists and practitioner nurses, assistant physicians, estheticians etc. Patients travelling beyond the border are keen to avail these customized services in the clinics or resorts for fast recovery.

Therefore, it is not surprising that leading medical tourism destinations are gearing up to offer innovative post treatment spa products in synergy with the medical treatments availed by the foreign patients.

The ultimate objective is to provide a highly gratifying health tourism experience not only through quality medical support but also facilitating an overall wellness enhancement of the traveler.


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