Cannaisseur Brands was founded by 9/11 first responder and stage IV throat and neck cancer survivor, Aryn Sieber.

As Aryn endured rigorous chemotherapy treatments, he turned to medical cannabis. Determined to do anything to assist in his survival and after trying other extract brands Aryn taught himself how to organically extract THC and CBD in his own kitchen.

He came up with mixing CBD extract and honey to soothe and coat his throat. Realizing how well it worked, Aryn then made THC/CBD infused topicals using coconut oil to help manage the side effects of his chemo and radiation treatments. A short time later, Aryn was told that his cancer was in complete remission. Receiving his second lease on life, Aryn has made it his mission to educate others about responsible use of cannabis and it’s medical benefits. As a cannabis connoisseur he founded Cannaisseur Brands on September 11, 2016, using the same formulas that he developed in his kitchen.

Contact Information:  

Aryn Sieber, Founder 424 253-2208 x4,

Caroline Martin, Admin Director, 424 253-2208 x2,