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This is the first ever, Class 1, FDA-registered breast orthotic in the world. In addition to the medical industry, Mammagard™ is an essential product for manual therapy and day spa environments.
Studies published in two peer-reviewed medical journals – Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery as well as Chiropractic & Manual Therapies – found that the Mammagard™ device significantly reduced pain as well as the compression and displacement of breast tissue and implants protecting the entire breast structure.

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Mammagard was developed for the need for a product that is clinically-proven to protect women’s breasts when lying prone. We soon realized that there is also a real need in spas, massage and chiropractic offices to use such a device in the treatment rooms and for at-home use by clients, since all women’s breasts need protection.

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Multiple sizes and firmness levels accommodate variation in breast size and body weight. The longstanding complaint of ‘painful and compressed breasts’ is something massage and manual therapists understand intricately and women experience on a daily basis. Mammagard is scientifically proven to repeatedly and reliably reduce breast loading and displacement, improving user comfort.

Mammagard™™ devices will soon be ‘the norm’ for management of females when they are positioned prone to enhance and improve post-operative care, therapeutic experience and outcomes.

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