A premium designed slimming device founded in Germany in 2007, Slim Belly has helped nearly 1 million users lose belly fat with its scientifically proven technology and its award- winning reputation as one of the most effective exercise tools in today’s market.

Slim Belly System is the first non-invasive slimming device that uses the highly effective patented Airpressure Bodyforming Technology. The System works in conjunction with cardiovascular exercise to help metabolize hard-to- lose fat. The massaging action of the belt increases both circulation and lymphatic drainage. Documented data shows that average users lose 1-2 pants sizes in 4 weeks.

Molly Napolitano, M.S., President of Slim Belly System North America believes the only way to break the trend of “quick fix” gimmicks is to deliver a product that not only gets results, but motivates people to exercise. Slim Belly delivers on her philosophy that small changes made within our daily lives will result in big differences.

“The reason we are passionate about this product is because Slim Belly doesn’t just help men and women lose inches; it gives them hope and empowers them to take control of their health”, says Napolitano. “Once they see and feel the inches coming off, they know they can do it. And it doesn’t require intensive exercise to get results—most of our users wear it while walking.”

Slim Belly System guarantees that your clients will get visible and measurable results in just 4 weeks. You can choose to offer it as a stand-alone program or simply sell it in your retail section. For med spas that currently offer other non-surgical fat reduction procedures, adding Slim Belly to the protocol helps patients get 2-3 times better results.  The massaging action increases lymphatic drainage which helps flush the ablated fat cells.  We have been told our product is the “missing link” to great outcomes with these types of procedures.

Because of the Slim Belly System, in one short month, I lost six inches!!!! I am able to put on my swimsuit and go to the pool with confidence!! I still have a way to go but now I know I will meet my goal. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy myself poolside. I no longer feel the need to wrap myself up in my beach towel. I am so excited!!! Pam

Slim Belly User

Now is your chance to offer your patients the missing link to achieving GREAT RESULTS!

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Molly Napolitano

Molly Napolitano

President of Slim Belly System North America

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