Tiffany Cameron

Interesting things about you and the business you are in?

Spa/Company Name: The Spa at Sun Valley Resort


How did you end up in the industry? I started out as a massage therapist from UCMT and gradually worked my way into lead therapist, spa manager, then the spa director position. I wanted to help people feel whole…and travel.

Recent books or movies you’ve enjoyed? I’m a sucker for books. I recently read, “And the Mountains Echoed” by Khaled Hosseini.

Favorite vacation taken? Parrot Tree Resort, Honduras

If you were not in a spa career, what would you be doing? I would be in medicine. Pediatrics to be specific. I was in school studying natural sciences with the intention of moving into medicine, when a friend of mine was discussing the health benefits of massage with premature babies. I was so intrigued, I took time off school to attend massage thinking I would be able to incorporate some piece of it into my practice. I feel in love with the industry and never looked back. Best decision ever!

Spa/Facility info:

What best describes your spa? Resort/Hotel & Spa

Total square footage of your facility? 20,000

How many treatment rooms do you have? 15

What new treatments have you added recently? Our spa opened in June of 2015. As such, every treatment is new to our resort. But I’m very excited about additional changes that will be gracing our menu for the summer of 2016. New facial product and body lines will be added. Additionally, our nearly 2,000 sq feet of retail space will have more product lines added to it.

What is your signature treatment? White Cloud Massage. Customized with your choice of aromatherapy and modalities offered by the technician

What percentage of your business comes from Retail sales? 14.92% and growing!

Anything else you would like to share? The Sun Valley resort is a luxurious family friendly resort. Recently voted the #1 ski resort in the U.S. But in my opinion…the summers are phenomenal!