Silhouet-Tone has out done themselves with this unit!  What people do to their face…or let others do is so very important when considering what is being used for the treatments being given.  Your client’s ease of mind is also very important.  One way to make sure they are comfortable with their face treatments is by letting them know you use the highest quality equipment.


“Microdermabrasion works on all skin types and colors. It makes subtle changes, causing no skin color change or scarring.

With microdermabrasion, there is less down time than with dermabrasion. Skin is temporarily pink but fully recovers within 24 hours. It doesn’t require surgery or anesthetics. That may help people who cannot take “down time” for healing.”

The Vortex Peel Microdermabrasion Unit features our patented turbo-flow projection system, delivering a safe procedure with the highest level of comfort every time. Utilizing a 1 horsepower motor engine, the Vortex Peel is the ideal machine for estheticians seeking a more advanced microdermabrasion unit that can be used to treat the face, neck, décolleté, and large areas of the body….there is so much more to talk about, see it here and Contact Laurie at 786-797-9957 for more information

Allan Share

Allan Share

President of the Day Spa Association