Relaxation is something that most of us could use a little bit more of in our daily lives. While the ideas of relaxation may differ depending on personal preference, spas are generally chosen for a relaxation destination. The soothing vibes, peaceful music or sounds, dim lights, and aromatherapy work together to create a serene setting that restores peace for many individuals. Once your guests slip into your comfy robes and slippers, you know they will want to come back as frequently as they can manage. But how do you get your clients to choose your spa in the first place? 

1. Current Customers 

Efficient and effective marketing is an integral part of a successful sales process. You cannot improve your numbers and land more clients if you do not put yourself out there. Word of mouth is a wonderful way to attract new clients, but you need proactive marketing methods that target the most likely individuals to use your services. Putting your brand out there for the community and surrounding areas to recognize as a top option builds clientele. There should be an emphasis on creating a one-of-a-kind, relaxing experience that your customers will rave about. This encourages word-of-mouth marketing. Word will get out as clients are thoroughly pleased with your spa. The next step is to ask satisfied clients for referrals and testimonials to be used on your website, social media and other marketing avenues. 

2. Specials 

Spa services are thought of as a luxury. One appealing technique can be to offer a discount for returning customers who bring a friend with them. This can get new clients into the spa as well as keep existing clients happy. Another twist on specials is to throw a “Working Women Night” or other themed night with discounted services, wine or other attractive elements. Promote these nights with local businesses, on news outlets and social media. 

3. Social Media 

Social media is a prime method for marketing. Potential customers may not read the newspaper every day, but chances are pretty high that they browse social media apps at least once per day. Providing high-quality, interesting posts is a great way to engage with customers, on top of advertising with different social media platforms. Be sure to post helpful hints and tricks with appealing pictures or videos. Individuals are more likely to share your post if it is full of useful knowledge, helpful hints or aesthetically pleasing. You can use the comment section to interact with followers promptly. 

The more your posts are shared, the more exposure your spa gets. Encourage sharing of posts by creating content your followers want to see. Another helpful way to increase social media engagement is to offer giveaways or rewards for those people who share, like, tag or post a photo related to your spa. For example, you might consider giving away a free pedicure to a social media drawing winner. To enter, the contestant must share one of the spa’s posts and tag three friends. 

4. Website 

Your website may be the first encounter potential clients have with your spa. It is vital that your website is up to date, looks professional and is user-friendly. People enjoy ease when it comes to scheduling, so find a way to make scheduling appointments online easy. Fill your website with useful and relevant blog articles, links to social media pages and other useful information. You can then use SEO keywords to help increase your website’s placement in search engine rankings. 

A spa is a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere where people forget about their worries for a limited time. A key marketing tactic is to play into ease and relaxation. No one enjoys a stressful scheduling experience for something that is supposed to be relaxing. The internet is an optimal way to market a spa today. It is quick, relatively easy and can be updated instantly. Use digital marketing, social media and your website to market your spa and encourage others to spread the word. Above all, remember that a happy client will recommend you to their friends!