As fatigue and stress become integral parts of the modern lifestyle, the spa industry is witnessing an uptick. People are keen on investing in their physical and emotional well-being, which is the reason why they are opting for spa treatments. It may grow even further in the post-pandemic world when holistic health is going to be all the more important. The wellness industry is evolving too, as spa and wellness centers are coming up with innovative treatments that go the extra mile for helping the clients to relax and release their stress effectively. Here are the upcoming spa wellness trends that you must try in 2021.

Guided meditation

Technology is everywhere, and it is making inroads into the wellness industry as well. Large spas are embracing the innovative Virtual Reality technology for enabling personalized experiences through guided meditation. The team would start by understanding the sounds, scents, and flavors that give you peace of mind and create a VR-based experience accordingly. You can just relax and enjoy a multisensory experience in a perfect environment.

Ritual healing

In the last few years, spas have moved beyond the typical facial and massage services. The focus now is on delivering unique healing experiences for the clients. The ritual healing trend is going to make things even better if you are looking to achieve harmony of body and mind. This form of healing aims to purge negative thoughts and replace them with positive sensations that make you healthy physically and emotionally.

Cannabis-infused massages and facials

Another trend that is all set to make its mark in 2021 is that of cannabis-infused massages and facials. You will see a range of cannabis-based products around, from CBD oil to lotions, live rosin, and more. These serve incredible benefits for your skin, relieve chronic pain and inflammation, and deliver a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Apart from CBD-based products, you can also try ones with high THC content.

Sleep massages

Insomnia is a widespread condition these days because of growing stress and increasing usage of digital screens. Spas have come up with specialized sleep massages to help clients deal with insomnia naturally so that they can curb the side effects of sleeping pills. They use sleep-inducing oils and essences to promote relaxation and restore harmony in the body and brain. If you are struggling to get enough sleep, this is a trend you should not miss out on.

Extreme temperatures

Another spa wellness trend to try this New Year is exposure to extreme temperatures. It is a technique that exposes your body to extreme hot and cold temperatures to eliminate toxins from the body, increase muscle tone, firm up the skin, and facilitate blood circulation. While temperatures, treatments, and processes may vary, you can expect excellent results with this therapy.

These upcoming trends are all set to take holistic healing to the next level, so clients have much to look forward to. It is best to discuss the options with your therapist and try the ones that would match your requirements. Alternatively, you can explore all of them and avail of the benefits they offer.

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