Attending late-night parties frequently and skewed meals can annoy your digestive system. Your dietary practices and inactive lifestyle can cause toxin build-up in your body and irregular bowel movement. 

Spa therapies and detox programs can put you on a path to a healthier self. Detox is a buzzword these days that implies toxin elimination. It uses specific treatments and therapies to improve your holistic health and wellbeing. Let us know more about the detoxification cult and various detox treatments to try, from signature spa therapies to at-home detox baths. 

Why Detox Is A Must? 

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Detoxification is the latest trend in fitness lovers and health seekers. It cleanses your system of accumulated toxins and germs. Doing so helps you lose weight, manage water retention problems, and keeps your body in ideal health. 

Detox programs bring about colon cleansing, reduce cellulite, and activate the hidden energies of your body. It also increases your fitness levels and prepares you to take on active tasks. There is hair detox as well for scalp care. That’s why everyone should devote time to internal and external body cleansing regularly under the supervision of trained detox specialists. 

Detox Therapies For Glowing Health And Skin 

A whole-body detox can make you lean and clean. Here are popular spa treatments that are good for your body and mind.   

  1. Steam Bath: 

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The prime role of a steam bath is to make you sweat. Steam-induced body sweating promotes blood circulation, relaxes tensed muscles, and releases body toxins. The preheated steam room promotes relaxation and relief from medical ailments. Sweating opens skin pores and helps remove the toxins trapped under the skin.  

Steam therapy helps burns calories, decreases stress hormone cortisol levels, and makes the body release endorphins (the feel-good hormones). Try well-known bathing rituals like the Turkish hammam or ancient Roman steam baths for a cleansing detox and relaxation.   

  1. Hair Detox: 

Hair colors, chemical-based shampoos, stress, pollution, and UV rays can damage your tresses. A hair detox stimulates your hair follicles and clears the scalp of dandruff and itching. It also nourishes your scalp and improves hair texture.[Text Wrapping Break] 

Consider cost-effective options like oil-based scalp massage or hair detox options like micellar water or hair detox mask for hair shine and volume. First-timers on hair detox may think aloud when do I use cleansing shampoo before test. Find shampoo labels with ‘aloe’ or ‘detox’ written on them for your mane benefit. You can also invest in a clarifying shampoo to remove build-up from hard water minerals and residues. It won’t strip your color-treated hair of moisture. 

  1. Lymphatic Drainage: 

Lymphatic vessels run parallel to our blood veins. They carry lymph and maintain overall fluid balance in the body. The lymphatic system principally removes toxins, bacteria, viruses in the blood and relies on pulsating blood and muscle contraction to transport the wastes to the liver, kidney, colon, and skin for removal.  

Lymphatic drainage done manually is a brilliant assistant in the detox program. Manual stimulation of lymph through gentle massage can help achieve toxin removal and reduce fluid retention. This speeds up skin healing and hydration. Cupping, an ancient Chinese method, also stimulates the lymphatic system. It creates an air vacuum inside a glass cup placed on the skin. The acupressure effect increases toxins’ removal by the lymph and encourages the energy flow in and around the body.  

  1. Colon Hydrotherapy: 

This detox treatment passes several gallons of water into the colon part of the intestine with the help of tube insertion into your bottom for bowel flushing. Colon hydrotherapy is beneficial for people suffering from allergies and multiple sclerosis. 

The holistic community claims that colon hydrotherapy can lead to improved wellbeing when used with regular detox treatments.   

  1. Dry Brushing: 

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This DIY treatment is simple to do. Get hold of a natural bristle brush and gently dry brush your skin for two minutes a day. Move your boar brush from your feet in an upward circular motion towards the heart to stimulate your lymphatic system. 

The body brush reduces cellulite. It also boosts blood circulation and improves digestion and kidney functioning. Most people use dry brushing as a skincare routine to help restore skin firmness and get rid of dry, flaking skin. You can also carry dry brushes for business trips and adventure breaks.  

  1. The Dead Sea Salt Scrub: 

A conventional bath only gets the dirt and grime off your skin. A seaweed bath provides your body and senses with a relaxing and therapeutic experience. Fill your bathtub with seaweed or salt extracts for a well-deserving soak replete with natural ingredients and trace elements.   

Immerse yourself in a detoxifying seaweed bath every week or fortnight and get your body replenishment with much-needed minerals and vitamins. The organic treatment process works to detoxify, moisturize, and nourish your skin, improving circulation and promoting healing.         

  1. Mud Treatments: 

This detox therapy is popular amongst spa lovers. It is not only fun and relaxing but also serves as a mini-detox. Get your body slathered with mud infused with volcanic ash, saltwater, organic peat, and enjoy the beneficial minerals in the company of your friends or partners.   

Mud baths contain plenty of minerals like zinc, magnesium, sulfur that exfoliate dead skin cells, improve skin ailments like eczema, psoriasis, suck impurities from the skin and bring relief from arthritis pain. The ingredients of a mud bath will differ with spa location and its nearness to natural resources. Talk to your mud therapist about the mud ingredients used at the start of the therapy.   

  1. Body Wraps: 

A body wrap is a full-body detoxifying treatment that eliminates toxins, softens skin, and provides a sense of wellbeing. Consider seaweed body wraps for body detox. A combination of fresh seaweed, peppermint, and triple mint relieves stress and revitalizes stiff muscles. 

Follow up a detoxifying mask with a stimulating body massage to increase blood circulation and make the most of body wrap therapy. 

Bottom Line   

Pay attention to dietary inclusions like fresh fruit or vegetable juices to support your body’s detoxification therapies. Include more greens and lay off the white rice, red meat, and sugar to experience the ideal effects of detox therapy.