How to Market Your Salon On Instagram

Instagrammers search for beauty salons on Instagram more than any other platform. So if you have a salon, it is so important to market your salon on Instagram. If you are doing good in your salon, marketing on Instagram isn’t a big deal!

Market Your Salon on Instagram

To market your salon on Instagram, all you need to do is to follow the given tips;

  • Professionalize your Instagram profile
  • Market your salon on Instagram highlight stories
  • Be the master of content
  • Do not underestimate hashtags
  • Market your salon through the location on Instagram
  • Rule the minds
  • Interact with your followers
  • Grow your followers on Instagram
  • Do affiliate marketing on Instagram

Let’s discuss each in detail, shall we?

Professionalize Your Instagram Profile

It is important to look like a professional Instagram profile. It won’t take so much time and effort but the impact is undeniable.

How to Professionalize Your Instagram profile

  • Choose a memorable username
  • Upload an attractive profile photo
  • Introduce your salon in bio
  • Switch to the Instagram business account
Choose a Memorable Username

Be creative about your Instagram username.

Upload an Attractive Instagram Profile Photo

Upload an eye-catchy profile photo. Because it is so important to take care of aesthetic features on Instagram.

Introduce Your Salon in Bio

You can either put contact information of your salon or its address in bio. Anything related.

Switch to the Instagram Business Account

It is necessary to switch to the Instagram business account if you want to market anything on Instagram because you will have access to Instagram insights.

How to switch to Instagram Business Accounts
  1. Go to your profile and tap those three lines in the upper right corner.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Account.
  4. Tap Switch to Professional Account.
  5. Tap Business.
  6. If you’d like, you can follow the steps to connect your professional account to a Facebook Page associated with your business. This step is optional and will make it easier to use all of the features available for businesses across the Facebook family of apps. At this time, only one Facebook Page can be connected to your professional account.
  7. Add details, like your business category and contact information.

Tap Done.

When you switch to the business account, you will know how your followers are most active. Post in those times to get the highest amount of engagement.

Before we step to the next title, have a look at this professional profile;

Market Your Salon on Instagram Highlight Stories

Instagram highlight stories are the showcase of your salon. What are the most well-liked posts? Highlight them.

Remember that highlight stories are the first things that an Instagram user sees after your profile. They have to be convincing enough to turn an Instagram user into your followers.

Be Master of the Content

Since you want to market your salon on Instagram, it is not recommended to edit your photos before you publish them or you won’t earn the trust of your followers. But you can make the content that intrigue your potential customers.

What Kind of Content Engages your Followers in your Niche?

  • Before-after photos/videos of your clients 
  • The video of the process your clients go through in your salon

Stay on trend Hashtags

Each Hashtag is an entry to your Instagram profile. Take full advantage of it and use the most related hashtags to your niche.

Hashtag Tip 1

Use 30 Hashtags. Not more nor less. More hashtags put your accounts in danger and less than 30 hashtags decrease your findability on Instagram.

Hashtag Tip 2

Write the hashtags in the first comment just to keep your Instagram page beautiful and clean.

Salon Related Hashtags for Instagram

Here you are the list of hashtags relating salon;

#salon #hair #beauty #makeup #haircut #hairstylist #spa #hairstyle #haircolor #hairstyles #nails #hairsalon #balayage #hairdresser #beautysalon #fashion #skincare #barbershop #style #barber #salonlife #love #nailart #d #beautiful #facial #like #haircare #highlights #bhfyp #stylist #makeupartist #color #lashes #manicure #behindthechair #design #instahair #pedicure #interiordesign #modernsalon #blonde #m #follow #haircolour #ombre #longhair #interior #hairdo #massage #mua #home #instagood #hairtreatment #decoration #waxing #instagram #olaplex #wedding #keratin

Market Your Salon through Location on Instagram

You can use hashtags to point out the location of your salon. So grab the opportunity to absorb nearby customers.

Rule the Minds

Marketing on Instagram is not just about fabulous content. If you do not post consistently on Instagram, your salon will be forgotten.

Rule the minds through consistency and post at the very least 3 times a week.

Interact with Your Followers

Be responsive and interact with your followers if you ever want to turn them into paying customers.

Grow Your Followers on Instagram

Somehow the final goal of any Instagrammer is to grow the number of followers. It must be yours too.
Grow your followers by all the means you know. Whether it is through running giveaways, using Instagram followers apps, or publishing incredible content. Anything but buying bulk followers.

Do Affiliate Marketing on Instagram

I could not talk about the ways to market your salon on Instagram without mentioning Instagram affiliate marketing.

You can sell some beauty products through Instagram affiliate marketing. All you need to do is to put a link in bio or Instagram story.


Either you have 10K followers or you won’t be able to add links to Instagram stories without being verified.


Instagram is the best place to market your salon because it has been observed that users barely search for blogs when it comes to the beauty industry. So follow the given instructions to market your salon on Instagram and grow.

Beauty Insurance – When people think of the beauty industry, they think about glitz and glam. But there is so much more in this diverse industry. Beauticians dedicate their careers to make people feel good about their looks and appearances. Should you not do the same for your beauty business?  

Whether you are working in your salon or visiting a customer’s house to give them a service, you and your employees might be exposed to various risks. So, before you give your client a gorgeous haircut, get yourself beauty insurance. 

What is beauty insurance?

Beauty insurance covers your business and the employees during their work. It includes aspects of liability insurance related to treatments that you provide. It also covers your equipment like UV lamps, dryers, creams, oils, and other elements of your business.   

Why is beauty insurance necessary?  

When you have beauty insurance, you can stop worrying about the “what-ifs” and entirely focus on your work. Moreover, without beauty coverage, there is a high chance of losing your hard-earned business, reputation, and earnings.  

read the full post here

Re-opening means letting the Coronavirus in

I have spent the last 40 years of my professional life inside athletic clubs, wellness centers, and fitness facilities. I found they share a common goal of creating an array of programs/classes that encourage a variety of metabolic and respiratory responses. By coincidence, each discovered the programs/classes with the highest level of member adherence included some form of social gathering and some degree of direct physical contact. Each also shares the common belief that regular participation in their programs/classes improves the health (physical, emotional, and spiritual) of their members.

I believe the decision to re-open the doors of every athletic club, wellness center, or fitness facility needs to be made objectively and without personal bias. The fundamental question is “Are you prepared to limit the human to human transmission of the coronavirus when you open the door and let the coronavirus inside the 4-walls of your facility?”

Scientists, objectively believe the coronavirus enters the human body through two doorways.

The first is by inhaling the virus via microscopic airborne particles. The second is via direct physical contact with the virus droplets. These objective beliefs are the rationale behind their decisions to recommend a 6 ft. physical distancing between humans and to limit social gatherings to a maximum size of 10-people. My professional hesitation in accepting these two restrictive guidelines is they assume individuals are metabolically sedentary and/or their breathing (respiratory volumes) remain low.

The last 90 days have allowed scientists to learn more about the novel or newly discovered coronavirus. Initial findings were that individuals who become infected with the coronavirus have a 2-4-day period of no remarkable symptoms, yet they are still able to infect other individuals. Next, a relatively large number of infected individuals will continue to show no remarkable symptoms of being infected. Next, those individuals who do begin to experience difficulties will have symptoms that vary from mild to troubling, depending on their current health status (presence of co-morbidity diseases). Lastly, there is a percentage of those infected
individuals who will succumb to the coronavirus.

Looking ahead, the next 90-180 days of ongoing data collection will allow scientists to contrast the severity of the coronavirus against previous world-wide Pandemics. Equally important to every quarantined American is the ability to contrast the numerical risks of acquiring the coronavirus against other U.S. medical conditions and/or deadly diseases. This statement is relevant because 50% of the medical conditions in the U.S are the results of poor lifestyle decisions – they are not attributed to the absence of medical cures or the lack of medical surgical procedures. Keep in mind, it is not illegal in the U.S. to make poor health choices with regards
to personal hygiene, vaccinations, preventative medical screens, inactivity, smoking, obesity or alcohol consumption.

In my mind, the single most alarming wake-up call for every re-opening decision maker should come from the Mount Vernon, Washington Presbyterian Church Choir. This group of sixty asymptomatic singers gathered on March 10 for a routine practice session but refrained from their usual hugs, handshakes, used hand sanitizers, and were aware of social distancing during their 2 ½ hour choir practice. Unfortunately, three weeks later forty-five of the singers became symptomatic with the coronavirus disease, of which three required hospitalization and two died.

I believe the singers inability to stop the spread of the virus provides great insight as to the decision to re-open traditional exercise classes within athletic clubs, wellness centers, and fitness facilities. In essence, the singers practiced social distancing, avoided physical contact but 75% of the singers still became infected. The deeper questions as to why singing was able to trigger a higher rate of symptomatic coronavirus transmission should include;

  1. Was the broader spread of the airborne coronavirus droplets due to the more forceful and demanding exhalations needed for singing?
  2. Did the lengthy duration of the practice increase the risk of the spread?
  3. Were the airborne coronavirus droplets able to go deeper into the singer’s lungs because of the more forceful and demanding inhalations?
  4. Did the size of the room limit the amount of fresh air flow into and out of the room?

The answers to these questions should be considered before re-opening any facility that encourages a group of individuals to gather for a fixed period of time, in a fixed size room, and requires them to increase their breathing rates.

In my professional opinion, the toughest challenge behind the decision to re-open an athletic club, wellness center or fitness facility is deciding who will make the decision that it is safe to reopen the front doors and let the coronavirus in. Let me explain that statement by comparing/contrasting the decisions each owner made before their initial Grand Opening against the decisions needed to re-open that same facility during a global pandemic.

Initially, each new facility relied on outside organizations to make the majority of decisions as to when they could open the front door and let their employees and consumers inside. For example, Federal, State or county statutes were involved in making decisions regarding; final construction checklists and safety permits, all legal documents and, new membership contracts. In essence, someone else made the early decision to safely open the front door. Additionally, prior to Grand Opening, each facility relied on outside research organizations to determine safe chlorine levels within the pools, sanitational requirements for showers/locker rooms, as well as certifications for their personal trainers, health coaches, and nutritionists. These outside research organizations created an extra layer of buffering between members who inquired about correct weightlifting techniques, proper stretching guidelines, ideal bodyfat levels, adequate fluid/fuel intake, and safe heart rate training zones. In essence, someone else made the decision regarding an individual’s safety when exercising inside the 4-walls of your facility. Regrettably, nobody has ever bothered to ask about the safety or risks of groups exercising inside any facility. In 1982, Jane Fonda put on a colorful pair of leg warmers and created a charismatic,
musical-themed environment that preached fun and cosmetics over the purposeful science of cause-and-effect health outcomes. By contrast, today’s 2020 coronavirus will demand facilities who encourage groups to gather and exercise – or sing – to determine and evaluate those neglected health risks before re-opening their front doors

For example, prior to the coronavirus a certified spinning instructor would make sure participants had the correct bicycle seat height, understood their ideal heart rate zones, and had adequate fluids prior to starting the spinning class. The overwhelming majority of instructors created a memorable experience that left participants physically exhausted, drenched with sweat, gasping for fresh air, and slightly hard of hearing, but each participant was convinced that this was the healthiest hour of their day. Even more impressive, some of those participants made a quick 5-minute trip to the restroom and made it back in time for the next class – hoping there was an empty bike that they could jump on and start pedaling to the music.

Some of the participants thought, but never dared to ask;

  1. How often are these bikes sterilized?
  2. Is the music level safe for my long-term hearing?
  3. Why is the studio door propped open?
  4. Is it okay to move if the person next to me doesn’t have a towel and is constantly coughing and really sweaty?
  5. Is the air supposed to be so thick and humid in here?
  6. How often do you sanitize the floors?

I have found the above spinning class scenario to be the norm, and it demonstrates a lack of desire within the athletic clubs, wellness centers, and fitness facilities to gather and publish credible research concerning group classes. Unfortunately, this lack of attention will become apparent to all members once the front doors eventually re-open. Tomorrow’s group class participant will notice new cleaning procedures, staggered class schedules, different ventilation systems, and greater distance between participants. Each member should certainly wonder if all of these new changes are solely due to the 2020 coronavirus—or did their favorite facility choose to ignore the possible increased health risks associated with intense group exercise. Keep in mind, everyday consumers believed and accepted the updated health risk data concerning cigarette smoking on airplanes, carbon monoxide testing, concussion protocols for contact sports and texting while driving.

My biggest reason for mentioning the lack of group exercise data collection involves the decision behind forcing members to wear masks when exercising. If these facilities had collectively chosen to gather their own ongoing research, then they could quickly provide answers to the obvious questions about forcing a member to wear a mask when exercising;

  1. What are the health risks of restricting the flow of oxygen during exercise?
  2. What is the risk of limiting the release of carbon dioxide with exercise?
  3. Will wearing a mask during exercise limit fluid intake when exercising?
  4. Will wearing a mask during intense exercise trigger asthma attacks or other pulmonary conditions?

In other words, does forcing a member to wear a mask cause a significantly increased health risk for fainting, falling, dehydration, or needing medical assistance when exercising? If yes, then what else can be done to limit the amount of circulating airborne coronavirus droplets?

The measurable benefits of being able to provide answers to these questions would include; calming the fears of returning members, retaining memberships, and increasing the credibility of the facility. My suggestion is for athletic clubs, wellness centers, and fitness facilities to become more proactive about detailing the health benefits of their programs/classes. As a group they can agree on the definition or the pillars of health. For example, this would allow each facility a common platform to create unique curriculums that improve emotional stability, reduce the chances of sustaining a skeletal-muscular injury, and minimize the risk of developing a lifestyle-related disease or dying prematurely.

Stated more objectively, today’s athletic club, wellness center, and fitness facility members believe there are health benefits with regular participation in your programs/classes. The majority of them may have some type of emotional or physical injury, have been or are yet to be diagnosed with a medical condition or disease. Understand that every human will have an official cause of death—and they are paying you to provide answers to their questions.

My guess is the first question every returning member will ask when you re-open is: What can I do to avoid or recover from the coronavirus? The list of possible follow-up health related questions will be numerous, and each deserves an objective answer without personal bias. To me this should be the new normal inside every athletic club, wellness center, or fitness facility.
Submitted by,
Dan Zeman, M.S.
Exercise Physiologist
Author; “You’re Too Old to Die Young”

Top 7 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Spa

There’s nothing better than pampering yourself and what’s better than treating our body with a good spa treatment? 

While spa treatments help you feel rejuvenated, they can have negative effects in the long run. Which is why it is crucial to consider these 7 things before selecting a spa.

1. Research, research, research!

Investing your time in research goes a long way when it comes to choosing a spa. Start by listing the options that are available then proceed towards reading their reviews online. Steer clear of articles written by famous bloggers or magazines since they’re mostly promotional. Talk to your friends/relatives to gather more information.

2. Examine the Service Menu

You can pick up a service menu by visiting the spa or you can find it online on their website. Review the prices, the duration of the treatments, the kind of treatments they offer and special packages that they have. Most spas offer loyalty programmes and memberships so if you’re someone who takes these treatments frequently, it’s wise to check these programs first. 

3. Spa Environment

Visiting the spa is a good way to test the waters. Take your time as you take in the environment and the surroundings. Ask yourself if you feel calm, comfortable and relaxed. If it’s not possible for you to visit the spa, request for a virtual tour. Take into account the number of rooms they have, the number of employees they have, etc. This will help you get an idea of how well the spa runs.

4. Practioner Experience

During your initial research, if you happen to catch hold of people that go to the spa you’re planning to finalize, it’s recommended that you talk about the specialists. Generally, spas have a mix of aestheticians, masseuse, therapists, etc. Find out who gives the best face treatments or body massages and book an appointment with them. You’d rather want to book an appointment with an experienced and credible therapist rather than someone who’s new to the industry.

5. Products Used

Source: Unsplash

When visiting the salon, ask the salon manager to brief you about your treatment as well as show you the products they will be using. Researching these products will help you understand what you’re planning to treat our body with. Choosing vegan-based products, organic products or cruelty-free products are a good place to start.

6. Medical Information

The difference between a good spa and an ordinary spa is providing information. Not only should they inform you about the treatments but also they should give you a health/medical questionnaire before starting a treatment. For instance, if you’ve had an injury/accidental burn, etc., the therapist may recommend other treatments. 

7. Price and Tipping

Most people make the mistake of selecting a spa that’s cheaper than the rest. Doing so means you’re compromising with the quality of products used, the kind of services offered, expertise of the therapists, customer service, or location. The best spas don’t pinch their pennies when it comes to hygiene and that’s why it’s only fair that they charge a more for their services.  It goes without saying that you should tip your therapist 20% of the price of the treatment.

Wrap Up

Selecting a spa can be tiresome especially if you’re new to the whole concept or moved in to a new location. Proper research and a visit to the spa is all you need to help you understand what’s the best for you. 

Author bio:

Shristi is the Chief Content Officer at Raletta. She enjoys writing about food, fitness, finance and everything in between.

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3 Best Ways To Enhance Mental Health With CBD

Mental health is one of the most important aspects of our well being. Our endocannabinoid system plays an important role in modulating our brain and helps in managing stress.

The Endocannabinoid system has several cannabinoid receptors that are present in multiple locations throughout our bodies. Natural cannabinoids in our body activate these receptors and signal the body to act and react in accordance. Thus, help in guiding our psychological processes such as mood, pain, stress, and memories.

Gladly, some herbs like cannabis are loaded with Phytochemicals cannabinoids. They are useful in maintaining sound mental health in an individual in many ways such as…

1.    Control stress and anxiety

CBD, derived from a hemp plant that has negligible THC (psychoactive compound). One of the most notable aspects of CBD is that it does not show any psychoactive properties. Therefore, one can safely administer CBD oil without getting high. CBD offers calming effects and can help restore your mental stability by minimizing stress and anxiety.

Studies show that CBD oil can enhance the levels of the neurotransmitter GABA in our system, which controls overactivity in our brain, thus, settling down the feeling of restlessness and anxiety.

The topical application of CBD can remove physical stress from your body by reducing pain and inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties in CBD oil can also help relax your muscles. Thus, bringing about a feeling of total relaxation in your body.

For similar anti-inflammatory properties, one can also take CBD oil in the form of tinctures that can help in removing any digestive stress from your body. It can reduce inflammation from your digestive tract and help in better absorption of food. Thus, assisting the body in better absorption of nutrition and leading to a healthy body and mind equation. CBD can also help in increasing the satiety from your food, and hence it can help in reducing the events of stress eating in an individual. For more information, on which strain works the best for mental health View Here.

2.    Better sleep quality

Good mental health always begins with a rested mind. Sleeplessness can often be a cause as well as a symptom of a stressed mind. If someone finds difficulty in sleeping, administering CBD oil can help them in restoring their sleep cycles. Thus, reducing daytime grogginess, followed by a peaceful day. Cannabis can also reduce REM sleep duration, which diminishes dreaming and results in better sleep quality. Users, along with some other cognitive therapies, can administer CBD to support traumatic situations like PTSD.

CBD can help reduce the incidence of nightmares and help one on a journey to deep sleep. One of the easiest and quickest methods to get BD in the system is through vaping. One can try vaporizers or a vaping pen to inhale CBD vapors. Studies show cannabis to be a fantastic cure for treating insomnia, you can go for strains that have a high CBD ratio. CBD binds with the CBD receptors that recite in our endocannabinoid system and can alter the chemical activity therein to provide better nervous system functioning.

3.    It helps in regulation of your mood.

Staying happy and relaxed has a lot to do about chemical chemistry inside our body. Scientists discovered the Andadamine molecule that is present in our system. It is highly responsible for a peaceful and relaxed feeling. The THC component binds with the CBD receptors in our body to replicate the formation of this molecule, and thus one feels happy after smoking cannabis.

The CBD, however, has low levels of THC, but it prevents the breakage of anandamide molecules in our body by blocking enzymes responsible for its breakage. CBD can support the hippocampus part of our brain that helps regulate healthy emotions and memory. It can also help manage distress and psychotic conditions like schizophrenia.

Likewise, CBD does not directly result in producing the happy hormone dopamine, but it helps in creating a greater receptivity to it. A healthy diet that can increase anandamide and dopamine can be beneficial along with CBD oil that can enhance its absorption.

The bottom line.

Several factors dictate and control our mental health. Some are social such as our environment, society, our upbringing, and traumas, and others may include internal factors such as our genes and hormones play an important role in regulating our mood. It is amazing to know that our bodies have a natural tendency to show receptivity to external input. Your diet, exercise routine, and natural herbs can go a long way in balancing your system. It is, however, important to create the right dosage for yourself with the help of an expert.


Spas must always be managed in the most rigorous manner during “normal” times.  With the end of the confinement due to the COVID19 pandemic, time is all but “normal” and the reopening calls for new strict hygiene processes, limiting operational capacities and potential revenues of spas.  It is more than ever imperative to ensure that your spa has all the fundamental structures allowing the best operations optimization.

THE THREE PILLARS FOR REOPENING are the structural basis without which the survival of our spas is quasi impossible in this post-pandemic time.

  1. Re-definition of the organic traffic flows


There are 3 “organic traffic flows” which together allow the spa management and existence:

  • The clients traffic flow
  • The treatment traffic flow
  • The operational traffic flow

The goal of the organic traffic flows management is to create a symbiosis of the different flows allowing, like in an “opera ballet”, an easy and balanced circulation of each flow, within a logical and practical chain of treatments, of maintenance, of laundry organization, as well as of clients’ experience.  Today, while respecting the new hygiene processes, it is imperative to set-up new traffic systems optimizing the clients’ capacity, allowing minimum physical contacts between clients, between clients and staff, as well as between staff members.

The clients’ traffic flow is the models and sequences of the client’s traffic from the moment they enter the spa, until their check-out.  As an example, if your spa has a structural capacity for 100 clients per day, with the new requirements, this capacity could easily be reduced by half.  But if the traffic “ballet” is not

appropriately orchestrated and synchronized, your spa capacity could be even more reduced, and your business to become a thing of the past.  Furthermore, the client’s impression of crowd, real or not, will destroy the client’s experience. This client’s stress, which might be only a anxiety by anticipation, will be enough for the client to never return to your spa, and with the word-of-mouth, becoming a question of life or death for the spa.

The treatments traffic flow is all of the circulation patterns necessary for the treatments throughout the spa.  So first of all, look at your menu, and the reservation ratios of all your proposed treatments.  Make a list of the list “in demand” treatments, and write down the net margin of each treatment, as well as the average net revenues of each treatment for the last three years.  Then, take off your menu the treatments the least popular, beginning with the least profitable.  Once it’s done, reorganize, as much as technically possible, the treatment assignment of each treatment room, keeping in mind individual services and bundles.  The goal of this exercise is to ease and minimize the corridors traffic, to eliminate unjustified treatment rooms immobilization and optimize their potential revenues.

The operational traffic flow is all the traffic patterns supporting operations throughout the spa, as much for treatment support as for management, laundry pick-up, maintenance, etc.  Once the clients traffic flow and the treatment traffic flow are adequately redefined, you have to think about all the circulation required to support the clients and treatments traffics management.  As an example, let’s say that you were used to have your staff go to the stock room between each treatment to get the needed products: Today, in order to minimize the crowd in the corridors, as well as the clients stress level, you could decide to have the staff prepare in advance for the day all of the products needed in each treatment room for the day.  Same thing for the linen, towels, small equipment, and other accessories.  Maybe you will even decide to transform a centered treatment room into a stock and dispensary space in order to optimize the potential revenues of the other treatment rooms while minimizing the traffic.

After all, with a good management of the treatment rooms, it is better to reach 85% of half of the structural capacity, than to reach 30% of the totality of the same capacity!…


The “marketability level” is how far you are ready to go to push the level of visibility, of retail sales, and of the revenues of your business for each space and square foot in your spa.  @ perspective: one is objective, the second is subjective.  The first one (objective) is based on the structure and nature of each space.  The boutique, in essence, is defined as the space with the highest level of marketability.  It is logical to prioritize there the visibility of all your retail products, your promotions as well as your treatments, including all of the marketing supports at your disposal.  At the opposite, your relaxation room is the space with the lowest marketability level for retail sales and treatments visibility.  However, don’t underestimate its value as it has the highest marketability level when it comes to client experience.  And how about the treatment rooms, corridors, locker rooms, and even toilets?  In fact, each and every space in your spa must be considered as having its own marketability level.

The second perspective (subjective) is base on the vision of the owner and the philosophy of the spa.  Let’s look at the reception/boutique: Is your target strictly the client in the spa, or also the outside passerby? Do you want to attract only the pedestrians, or also people in cars and bus?  You could have on walls or windows flat screens presenting products and treatments.  And to create visibility from the outside, have flat screens in the windows turned toward the street.  Do you want your clients to be able to touch the retail products, or do you want them to only watch the products?  What supports are you ready to use: statics, dynamics, interactives, or even virtual ones?

We know well that stimulation of the 5 senses is essential to creating the client’s experience as well as stimulating retail sales: Which of the 5 senses will you stimulate and in what space?  What about the corridors:  Are you using the spa corridors to motivate your client’s interest in treatments and retail?  What marketing supports will you use keeping in mind that you do want your clients to stop in the middle of the corridor and create heavier traffic…  And how about the locker rooms?  Would you consider posters and flat screens showing treatments and retail products?  And what if you would put shampoos and shower gels that you are selling in your boutique…  What strategies and marketing supports will you implement in your treatment rooms where most retail sales should be originating from?

In your spa, you have to define the marketability level to apply to each space and choose the marketing supports to be used in order to bring every space at the best level of marketability that you need it to be.


The importance of retail sales in spas

Retail sales are vital in our industry.  In fact, a spa which would not generate any revenues from retail products couldn’t be viable.

In a spa, revenues are generated through treatments and retail sales.  Treatments are divided in 2 categories: hands-on and hands-off.  Generally, the second category requires equipment or structures as Hammam, cryotherapy chamber, sauna, salt walls, pool, etc.  their investment and amortization costs weight heavily on the net revenues of these treatments.

In a well manage spa, a hands-on treatment can generate a net revenue up to 27% of its gross revenue with an hour average space and time immobilization while retail products sales can generate up to 42% of the gross sale with a minimal space and time immobilization.  In most spas, retail sales generate between 7% to 15% of the global revenues.  In order to create balanced revenues, spas should have a minimum average of retail revenues of 30% of the global revenues.

So, ask yourself the right question: what can I do to in my spa to generate more revenues from retail sales?

Merchandising: Create the retail products perceived value

Today, the value of any retail product is based more on subjective parameters than on objective ones:  Objective parameters are the real cost, from the production to the retail shelf in the boutique.  Subjective parameters are based on creating an image, a perception, justifying a higher price, accepted and even magnified by the consumers: THE PERCEIVED VALUE.

In our industry, we know this concept very well, adding value to the treatment with the “clients’ experience”. We know it is legitimate and we know how to create this perception of treatment’s higher value, so how can we do the same for the retail products?

Let’s compare TJMAXX versus CARTIER Boutique: AT TJMAXX, there can be 50 bottles of the same product per shelf square foot, depending on the product size. The message is that the product is cheap and for everybody.  In the 12 feet wide window of the CARTIER boutique, there will be a very limited number of products, and just one unit of each: Here, the message is that each product is unique, expensive, for an elite.  You don’t want your spa retail products to be perceived like at TJMAXX, and maybe not like at CARTIER, but somewhere in the middle, depending on your targeted clientele.

You must also organize the placement of the products both vertically and horizontally:  A product placed too low or too high will have a lower perceived value, while a product placed at the center of the shelf at eye level will be the most noticeable, meaning the highest value either for its quality and price, or as the best promotion of the day/week/month.  Finally, when a client enters a boutique or a store, his/her first reflex is to look on its right side.  In most spas, retail sales take place after treatments, coming back in the reception/retail space from the backside of the space, and what was on his/her right side while entering the spa, is now on his/her left side… Keep this element in mind when organizing your retail sales shelving system in your spa boutique.

During this post COVID19 pandemic, while coming out of confinement, It is essential, even vital for all spas to use every and all available existent tools in a complete and rigorous manner, to allow your spa to survive months of closure and new limiting work and operational processes for hygiene and social distances.  THE THREE PILLARS OF SPAS REOPENING are the foundations of this new reality. Defining and developing these three pillars are the essence of the revisited spa structure, to recreate a unique “clients’ experience”, as well as a new treatments and operations management adapted to the new reality transforming your spa in a flourishing business.

Sam Margulies

Atmosphere Spa Design

+33 613 79 47 79

Sam Margulies is a spa designer for more than three decades.  He has conceived and designed over 180 spas around the world.  Feng Shui Master, his international implication in the spa world, and his pragmatic approach to floor plans creation and development has put him in the top list of the best specialists in the conception and design of spas worldwide.

Choose Hemp For The Sake Of The Environment

Spoiler alert: Do you believe in living for the moment with no concerns about the future?
This article is NOT for you. But do read on if you, like many of us, are concerned about preserving our planet for life in the future. This article may transform your lifestyle into a greener one.

We Are the Earth’s Babies
National Geographic informs us that the earth is 4.54 billion years old, with an error margin of +/- 50 million years. The human species is a mere baby in comparison. We are anything between 200,000 to 315,000 years old, says the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

How Old Are We?
For five decades since 1967, scholars believed that we humans are about 200,000 years old. However, in 2017 evolutionary anthropologists from the Max Planck Institute in Leipzig, Germany, discovered fragments of skulls and an unbroken jawbone along with stone tools at a site in Morocco.

The skull fragments and the jawbone bear striking resemblance to the human skull and jawbone. These have been dated to be about 315,000 years old. This discovery, thus, makes us more than 100,000 years older than we had previously believed.

This claim, however, is yet to be fully established. Even if this latest claim gets proven and accepted, we’ll still remain a very young species in comparison to the earth’s age.

We Are Earth’s Worst Children

Young we are, but we are also earth’s problem child. Our production and consumption patterns, especially since the first industrial revolution in the late 18th century, have been extremely irresponsible.

Environmental change is nothing new to our planet. Biological, chemical, and physical changes have been influencing the earth’s environment since the planet emerged. These changes have made our planet habitable for living beings, including us.

Human-induced changes in the earth’s environment have, unfortunately, reversed the process.

We Have Unsustainable Living Habits

We have been depleting the natural resources of the planet and degrading its environment. So much so that planet earth may not be able to sustain life for too long, unless we change our living habits without further delay.

What Is Environmental Degradation?

It is an oft-used term, but not necessarily a well-understood one. Experts inform us that environmental degradation is an umbrella term that encompasses a range of human activities. The common feature of these actions is that they are all detrimental to the earth’s environment.

● Emitting Pollutants in the Earth’s Atmosphere

A pollutant is a substance in the air that, when present in high concentration, makes the air harmful for the health of humans and other living beings. Carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and substances like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide that cause acidification are some of the worst pollutants.

● The Heavy Carbon Footprint of Humans

Carbon collectively refers to greenhouse gas emissions that include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and F-gases (i.e. fluorinated gases). Burning fossil fuels, deforestation, industrial processes, all cause the greenhouse effect that is making the earth warmer than it should be.

Use Hemp to Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Our Buildings

The combined carbon footprint of the buildings in which we live and the ones in which we conduct our businesses is considerable. Residential buildings account for 10.9% of all greenhouse gas emissions globally, says the latest report by the World Resources Institute. Commercial buildings are responsible for 6.6% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Emissions from both types of buildings occur directly through burning fossil fuels and indirectly through the use of electricity.

These calculations do not include the environmental costs of constructing a building. In 2009, the global construction industry accounted for 23% of all carbon dioxide emitted by economic activities worldwide, informs an academic article.

Hemp Can Make Our Buildings Carbon-Negative

Hemp hurds, the hard inner core of hemp stalks, offer a viable substitute that can reduce these environmental costs on all fronts. When combined with a binder like lime, hemp hurds turn to hempcrete. Hemp-clay is another composite made by mixing hemp hurds with clay.

Both hempcrete and hemp-clay can be used for constructing carbon-negative buildings and for insulating them. Constructing a building with hempcrete or hemp-clay hardly has any
negative ecological impact when compared to constructing with traditional concrete.

Buildings made of hep composites also cut down substantially on our electricity usage because of hemp’s excellent thermal qualities. Hemp stores heat when the atmosphere is hot, releasing heat when the environment is cooler. That makes hemp an effective insulating material without the use of electricity or gas for heating and cooling.

Hemp Can Reduce the Carbon Footprint of Transportation

Transportation currently accounts for 15% of the total greenhouse gas emissions, says the World Resources Institute report. That includes the entire process of constructing the vehicles we ride, the fossil fuels we burn to run them, and the energy we use for heating and cooling.

Legend has it that Henry Ford had made a prototype of his Model T with hemp. Whether that contested information is true or not, Bruce Dietzen has actually made his Renew sports car entirely with hemp.

The good news is that the use of hemp hurds for car parts is no longer limited to just Dietzen’s Renew sports car. From BMW to Mercedes, hemp has made a determined entry into the automotive market, led by European automakers.

Using the cellulose-intensive hemp hurds to replace metal and plastic in our cars will make them greener to a considerable extent. Hemp is lightweight but surprisingly strong. The use of hemp will make our cars lighter and more fuel-efficient.

Hemp Cars = Less Junk

Vehicle junk is another environmental hazard. Decaying car parts release hazardous substances into the atmosphere. Remnants of coolant and other chemicals seep into the ground. Hemp composites used to make cars or car parts are biodegradable. That takes care of the waste management issue.

Hemp Can Run Our Vehicles, Too!

Hemp seeds are rich in oil content. This oil can produce biodiesel. It is also possible to produce ethanol and methanol using the whole hemp plant which is high in cellulose. Hemp, therefore, presents a greener and renewable source of fuel for our vehicles and other needs.

Zeroing in on hemp for our fuel needs has several other advantages also. Hemp can grow on infertile land, which leaves fertile land free for food crop production. Using hemp biodiesel also means leaving edible plants like olive and soy, currently in use for biofuel, free for dietary consumption.

Hemp Bioplastic Can Stop Plastic Pollution

The plastic that is currently omnipresent in our everyday living comes from fossil fuels and is non-biodegradable. The environmental costs of this plastic are many. It depletes our fossil fuels and leaves a heavy carbon footprint during production.

Remnants of single-use plastic get into our water bodies and choke them. These microplastics also kill innumerable aquatic and land animals and pose health hazards for us. Fully biodegradable hemp bioplastic is a one-item solution for all these problems.

Embrace Green Fashion: Wear Hemp Clothing

Synthetic fibers constitute part of the plastic pollution problem. Cotton is highly water- and pesticide-intensive. Using the bast fibers that come from the outer layer of hemp stalks is the future-forward way to green fashion. Even Armani is turning to hemp textiles!

Hemp Paper = Less Deforestation

The Chinese produced the first paper with hemp fibers. If we substitute our current use of wood paper with hemp paper, we will do ourselves a favor. It will imply considerably less deforestation, among other things.

Do we really need more reasons to promote the integration of hemp into our everyday living habits?

Author Bio: Jaspreet Singh, Co-founder of the NGO Hemp Foundation which works for the empowerment of economically challenged farmers in Uttarakhand. He works as a bridge between the people and the business to make the farmers economically grow. He loves to hear their problems to provide them an explicit solution. He is also passionate about adventures tours, trekking, and long bike rides.

Jaspreet Singh

10 QUESTIONS WITH THE SPA INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION’S ALLAN SHARE – Spas of America, recently had the pleasure to sit down with Allan Share, the charismatic leader of the Spa Industry Association.

1. What is the Spa Industry Association?

The Spa Industry Association is a trade group that supports anyone working in the spa, salon, medical spa, resort, destination industry. If they fall under the wellness umbrella, they can be a member in our association, and it doesn’t cost anything. It’s free.

 2. What keeps your customers returning?

Free is unusual in our business. Most associations have a hefty fee to belong. We are supported by our vendor partners and service companies in the industry. This allows us to offer credit card processing discounts, industry magazine subscriptions and discounts to trade shows, but what people really love about the association is the access to information. They can call us anytime with questions like ‘Who do you know at?’, ‘Where do we find?’, ‘What do we do when?’. We thrive on helping people in our industry.

 3. What decision in your life lead you to where you are today?

I never pictured myself in this business. I grew up in the clothing industry. My dad had eight stores in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. I ended up gravitating to the phone systems business. One day a friend came along who had been in this channel with two partners and they were suing each other, and going out of business, and it looked to me like a good business. I then began interviewing a few chiropractors and massage therapists, and a few spas and salons. And then because I had more balls than brains, and I didn’t know any better, I went out and put inventory in the garage, made a price list with product descriptions on my Smith-Corona electric typewriter, and I went out knocking on doors, and people starting buying stuff from us. Eighteen years after we started, we sold the company to an equity group in Chicago.

 4. Why do you love your job?

Because I don’t work. I’m truly the quintessential guy who says I haven’t worked in 31 years. I love being in the spa business. I fell into something that absolutely fits my personality. We run the Spa Industry Association in a unique manor. We act like Switzerland. Everyone is welcome. We keep information private, but we are willing to share anything to anyone and we don’t charge for those services.

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Announcing Art in Wellness – an industry collaboration!

Art in Wellness Collaborative Unites Spa, Beauty and Wellness Industry to Communicate Healing Power of Touch

Vail, Colorado – April 28, 2020 – As spas and salons around the world begin reopening their doors, the Art in Wellness Collaborative is challenging artists to channel the therapeutic and healing powers of spa and salon services via original artwork.  

 The collaboration of spa, beauty and wellness sector leaders is issuing an Open Call to Artists, inviting artists to submit artwork communicating the healing power of touch within the spa, beauty and wellness community. Four $1,000 cash prizes will be awarded. Submissions will be accepted through May 21, and winners will be announced on June 15. A creative brief providing guidelines for submissions is available at Winners will be selected by a judging panel.

 Whether during the plagues of the Middle Ages or today’s global pandemic, society has historically turned to the arts during challenging times. Much of the great art from the Renaissance period emerged following painful epochs.  According the University of Florida Center for Arts in Medicine, “The arts are one of the most powerful means for communication and coping that we have at our disposal today.” Similarly, a massage, haircut, manicure or facial can restore a person’s sense of well-being. Remarking on this connection between art and beauty, Julie Bach, founder of Wellness for Cancer and a founding member of the Art in Wellness collaborative says, “Artists and beauty and wellness professionals understand the powerful connection between art, beauty and wellbeing. Through this collaboration, we look to celebrate the benefits of spa, salon and wellness services, while sharing the industry’s values of joy, empathy, hope and resilience.”  

The winning works of art will be shared via physical placement and virtual artwork available for download. The intent is to use strong visuals to rally the public around a shared message. Notes Sallie Fraenkel, a founding member of the collaborative, “In a world where people think and see in pictures, strong visuals are often the primary mode of communication. Think “Rosie the Riveter,” the iconic Times Square photo of a returning sailor kissing a nurse or the “Make Love, Not War” campaign created amid the social changes of the 1960s.”  

Judges will evaluate how submissions capture the healing benefits of touch. ““We are looking for graphic art and symbols that convey the therapeutic powers of touch during this stressful time,” says arts patron and Art in Wellness founding member Michael Tompkins.

 During the global pandemic, artists across all disciplines are reminded they are part of something bigger than themselves and can apply their gifts and passion to serve the common good.  “Collectively we are coming together in a campaign that celebrates the fusion of art and the spirit of the spa, salon and wellness sector,” says Lynelle Lynch, president of Beauty Changes Lives, and a donor of the Arts in Wellness Collaborative. “As estheticians, massage therapists, hairstylists, nail professionals and make-up artists, beauty and wellness professionals change lives everyday through their art. We are excited to launch the Arts in Wellness Collaborative.”  

Beauty Changes Lives

Susan Miller, / 765-620-2007

Art In Wellness

Julie Bach,

About Art in Wellness:  The Art in Wellness Collaborative was initiated by Julie Bach to bring together the spa, salon and wellness industry around shared values and messaging. The Collaborative is a Social Impact Program acting as a DBA under the Wellness for Cancer/Spa4ThePink registered charity in which Julie Bach is the Executive Director. Bach was awarded Leading Woman in Wellness at the Global Wellness Summit in 2017, Leading Woman in Philanthropy by American Spa in 2018, and chairs the Global Wellness Institute’s Wellness for Cancer initiative. For more information please visit

  About the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation: With a mission to elevate, educate and empower, Beauty Changes Lives is uniting the industry and building awareness of the extraordinary career opportunities in the beauty, wellness and massage therapy industries. Learn more at or find us on Facebook and Instagram.

The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Skin

From eating an antioxidant-rich diet to practicing robust skincare regimens, achieving healthy skin is as easy as it has ever been. Welcome to our ultimate guide to healthy skin, where we’ll be going through the actions you can take to make your healthy skin goals come true. These will not only include the things that you can do to your skin to improve it, but also lifestyle changes that will improve your overall health, with your skin becoming radiant as a result. We’ll also be going into skin types and how they may affect which skincare methods you use, as well as our natural beauty tips, before finishing with a skincare FAQ.

Best Foods for Healthy Skin

As we’ve established, what you eat can affect the health of your skin. Just as a poor diet will affect other parts of your body, your skin will also be affected in ways you may not have even noticed. Below are some examples of the foods you should be looking at if you want to improve the health of your skin.

Fatty fish like salmon and mackerel make great diet options for those concerned about healthy skin, because they’re full of omega-3 fatty acids which aid in maintaining your skin. They keep the skin thick and moisturized, and so a deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids will cause dry skin that’ll lead into other skin problems. These omega-3 fats found in fish also reduce inflammation in the skin, fighting acne and even mitigating the damage done by the sun’s UV rays. 

Fish oil can help fight autoimmune conditions like psoriasis, too, and a lot of these positive skin benefits are due to fatty fish being a source of antioxidants, namely vitamin E. These types of fish are also rich in protein, which also help maintain skin integrity, as well as zinc which regulates the production of new skin cells. With all their benefits, fatty fish should be included on most people’s dishes whether they have skin concerns or not.

Along with fish, another good food to promote healthy skin are sweet potatoes due to their beta-carotene content. When ingested, beta-carotene is changed into vitamin A within the body, and it’s these valuable provitamins that are the reason you should eat them. As an aside, oranges, spinach and carrots contain the same nutrient, but the sweet potato is simply the richest source because it yields six times the daily value of vitamin A.

Beta-carotene is a carotenoid, and foods under this group contain nutrients that make your skin more resilient to outside stimuli such as harmful UV rays from the sun, perfect for fending off dry and wrinkled skin. If made a staple of your diet, beta-carotene also has the potential to add a warm complexion to your skin which gives off a healthy appearance.

Introducing soy to your diet is a relatively simple way to start treating your skin right, due to the fact that there’s multiple ways to consume soy and you can even take it in supplements if need be. With soy it’s the isoflavones that make them worthwhile to eat, a phytoestrogen that can block human estrogen in the body. This has been used for testing on women forming wrinkles and postmenopausal women, and in both cases the results were that skin elasticity was increased and collagen was added to the skin, which would alleviate skin frustrations attached to those two problems.

As for snacks that can promote healthy skin, walnuts and dark chocolate work towards that in their own ways. Walnuts are a lot like fish nutritionally, at least where healthy skin is concerned, in that they have more omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid than any other nut and also contain some zinc in them too. Cocoa’s effect on the skin is well-documented and is best consumed as cocoa powder for thicker and more hydrated skin, and that skin gets better blood flow to it as a result. For specificity’s sake, dark chocolate is 70% cocoa or above, no less and the less sugar the better. Eating about 20 grams of high-antioxidant dark chocolate a day will introduce a supplement into your diet that will give you the familiar benefits of antioxidants such as better UV radiation resistance in your skin. 

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Kinoko Platinum AHCC: What Are the Benefits?

AHCC is a cultured extract of hybridized medicinal mushroom mycelia (roots). It is, in other words, a beneficial dietary supplement that is extracted from certain species of mushrooms.

The fact that certain species of mushrooms have health benefits is nothing new. Mushrooms have long been used in eastern and alternative medicines for a variety of reasons. Western medicine, however, is often skeptical of such medicinal approaches. In many cases, this is a good thing as traditional western medicine takes an empirical and consistent approach to develop medicines. Doing so reduces side effects, increases effectiveness, and decreases the number of people who end up taking “snake oil” type cures, which are somewhat notorious in both alternative and eastern medicine.

There are, however, times when alternative medicine is right—and sometimes far earlier than the rest of the health care community. Such is the case with mushrooms. More and more studies are proving their benefits are more than just hearsay. Recently work has been done to isolate and purify the compounds within mushrooms from which most or all of the health benefits come. One such compound is AHCC.

AHCC is currently popular in Japan as alternative medicine and complementary immune booster for cancer patients and is gaining notoriety around the world as a growing number of people try it and are impressed by its benefits. 

Benefits of Kinko Platinum AHCC

Kinko Platinum AHCC and Kinko Gold AHCC are two versions of the world’s most researched specialty immune supplement. Both Kinko Platinum AHCC and Kinko Gold contain the same compound. But Gold contains 500mg of AHCC per capsule while Kinko Platinum contains 750mg of AHCC per capsule.

Here are some of the most important ways that AHCC helps those who use it.

Immune System Booster

AHCC’s most well-known and established benefit related to how it impacts the immune system. Few, if any, naturally derived health supplements have undergone the rigorous study that has been done on AHCC. The results show that AHCC is indeed a strong immune system supporter with potentially dramatic results.

AHCC works to strengthen the immune system in the following ways:

  • AHCC enhances cytokine production: Cytokines play an important role in signaling the immune system.
  • AHCC increases the activity & number of dendritic cells: Dendritic cells help support and fight for the body’s immune system.
  • AHCC maintains optimal NK cell activity: NK or “natural killer” cells are the soldiers of the immune system. They attack foreign invaders and help keep your body healthy.
  • AHCC promotes optimal macrophage activity: Macrophage activity plays an important role in healing.
  • AHCC promotes optimal T-cell activity: AHCC’s positive influence on T-cell activity relates to why the supplement is becoming increasingly popular among sufferers of cancer and or others who have compromised immune systems.


Inflammation plays a negative role in an incredible number of ailments and diseases. Sometimes inflammation is the result of these problems and is only there as both a response and an indication to the body. Other times, it appears, inflammation may play a role in the underlying cause of certain health issues. Regardless, the reduction of inflammation in the body is generally accepted as a good way to improve overall health. AHCC appears to do just that by reducing inflammation in the digestive system and other parts of the body.


Immunomodulation has to do with the modulation of the immune system. Although your immune system wants to protect you, there are times when it makes mistakes and either attack when it shouldn’t or suppresses when it shouldn’t. It appears AHCC may help restore your immune system to optimal functioning.

Now that you know some of the benefits of Kinko Platinum AHCC as well as the difference between Platinum and Gold, you can decide if AHCC is right for you and which version best fits your needs.

The Mythopoetics of Spa & Transformational Travel: in Service of Bespoke 5 Star Drama, Comedy & Tragedy

by: Dr.Mark B. Lumpkin  A long long time ago when the Earth was pristine and whole humanity was respectful of sacred divinity in all aspects because there was a dynamic equilibrium of diversity for the experience of all life. The rhythms of nature were observed and honored as the very fabric of each life depended upon how they interlaced. Intent, energy, and actions followed and flowed for the good of all because the ancients knew and understood the cosmic laws of attraction and Spirit within the quantum field of the eternal return.

Breath and water are the two essential factors of life everything else comes as additional details and luxuries along the way. All beings prefer comfort vs. pain – physically, psychologically, and spiritually humans move toward what ‘feels’ better when given a choice. The process of becoming empowered and conscious is an ongoing trajectory ideally leading toward vitality and growth. A key component of ‘Spa’ is water which mirrors the human body that is mostly fluid and ever adapting. Water touches every aspect of existence and is a constant reminder of the confluence of spirit, matter, and movement that flows and gives nourishment to the body and soul.

Ancients knew the profound healing properties of water, light, and movement thus incorporated those key elements around therapeutic rituals. Eventually, Temples were constructed to facilitate regional wellness supporting travelers and local communities alike. Nathan Altman describes the importance of water and all its related spa activities in Healing Springs: The Ultimate Guide to Taking the Waters. Rochester, VT. Healing Arts Press, 2000:

One of the most important activities that takes place at the traditional spa is balneotherapy, a natural approach to health and healing that uses hot spring water, gases, mud, and climate factors (such as heat) as therapeutic elements. In addition to bathing, modalities such as hydrotherapy, mud therapy, physical therapy, massage, steam baths, physical exercises, inhalation of water vapor, and drinking mineral water are often used as part of a complex therapy for both health preservation and treating disease (18).

The very foundations of health and wellness are clean water and air for they support food growth, production, nutritional values, and the quality of each breath. As water based agricultural industries developed and modernized, they became multibillion dollar global conglomerates. They have continued to maximize profit for what seems like a ‘return’ in the immediate now or short term gain. Yet, there are numerous lengthy costs associated with the regular and regulatory ‘clean up’ from the poisonous short sighted masculine gaze for profit as primary concern. Corporate accomplishment is usually placed over environmental concern, long term financial viability or compassionate care within numerous industries and governments which is no longer a sustainable or appropriate approach to business or business as usual.

Clean water is a necessity for life and the modern manufacturing process of most goods and food. Many people have easy access to clean clear water for basic necessities and even recreational use without concern for cost or availability while many globally do not. Within the multibillion dollar global industry of manufacturing products for ‘beauty, health and wellness’ there is a silent hidden shadow of styrene leeching into water and products from plastic containers. These chemical compositions are affecting the human bloodstream and subtle fluids of neuromuscular fascia which no one is addressing. This salient issue flowing through modern life continues to link petrochemicals to our constant digital addictions of marketing and metrics.

Should expensive, organic, green, local ingredients expertly marketed and expensively packaged be placed into perfect plastic containers for increased profit margins? What about alternative packaging or global recycling initiatives for planetary health? There is an amazing immediate need of critical appropriate thought, leadership, focus, and research within the Spa, Wellness and Fitness industry for numerous topics of sustainability and genuine educational development as we face a new global paradigm of ‘normal.’ It is now essential to have webinars and deeply engaged serious conversations that include Epidemiologists, Medical Doctors, Legal Experts, Philosophers, Bioethicists, Osteopaths, Licensure Boards, Educational Institutions, Spa Directors, Providers and Support Staff.

The sacred divine feminine aspects of care and compassionate wellness have been pushed aside by the toxic masculine paradigm that only cares for its own development, aggrandizement, and profit. Health and wellness should extend to all of humanity as the essential platform of daily existence instead of being marketed and offered as a ‘luxury service’ to those who can afford to pay for it or willfully demand it. The standard luxury paradigm of pandering to demanding insistent guests is coming unraveled because it is no longer sustainable, bearable, or ecologically appropriate within the given circumstances of international recalibration.

Within the new global arena of pathogens, pandemics, and possibilities wellness systems must focus on holistic integrated healthcare and the ‘whole’ picture for all of humanity. We as a global industry and economic powerhouse are not focusing on appropriate health, wellbeing or development because we have been driven and directed to produce unsustainable profits for an insatiable corporate system that constantly consumes and demands resources with little care for those on the front lines of engagement. This old abusive corporate paradigm depletes and debases the most important personnel within the workforce who are engaged on the front lines of authentic compassionate support on multiple levels of business.

Associates endure the demeaning criticism and reckless corporate chaos of those at the very top of business structures and departments for more revenue to drive a dying economic engine. Staff are pushed with minimal educational support or resources while service prices and insolent client’s expectations constantly rise. Financial margins have been the relentless axis and circumference of the modern toxic masculine paradigm which revolves around P&L statements to drive their economic kingdoms. Corporate mission statements for most executives

lists their ‘responsibility’ to produce profit for shareholders; not their responsibility toward the wellness, health or protection of those they supposedly manage or the precious earth they inhabit. An overview of the patriarchal structures we have endured and suffered is outlined by Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette in The Warrior Within: Assessing the Knight in the Male Psyche:

Typically a small minority of underdeveloped males at the top of the social pyramid will control power and wealth to the exclusion of all others, male and female. They rank these others in descending order of usefulness to themselves and defend against them with all force of their inflated self-regard. Patriarchy is therefore a manifestation of the infantile grandiosity suffered by its leaders. (4)

‘Wellness’ and the history of wellness is not new or newly developed; it has been the foundation of human existence and the ideal goal of each human to find balance and harmony within their external landscape and internal universe. The primary sacred feminine aspects of compassion and pure potentiality are at the heart of embodied care and concern which creates the energetic vessel allowing for healing, regeneration. This quantum energetic container has been perceived as ‘magical’ which is why the limited linear masculine ego fears and condemns it. The narrow masculine egoic archetype has monetized this energy in order to maintain control over what it does not understand and cannot integrate into restrictive psychological structures. Balanced profit and the stewarding of resources are indeed appropriate functions of the mature integrated masculine archetype however, this is not the case within most current business or government structures.

Many women have also been forced to adopt an unbalanced toxic masculine perspective of pride, profit and power before personal integrity in order to simply survive within a very harsh corporate landscape. These debilitating adaptations have been forced through very challenging times and there needs to be greater discernment, professional boundaries, and restrictions for those who knowingly place their own personal gain above and beyond those they are responsible to manage and serve. The ability to live within the creative and dynamic flow of the quantum universe so all aspects of energy, psyche, spirit, and material abundance are respected and harmonized for the greater good of all beings is the remembrance of ancient wisdom respected and revisioned.

The timeless verdant lands of healing and wellness have slowly been flooded by the ever increasing constant desire for exponential profit and improvements at all costs in the name of progress, consumer luxury, and egoic overindulgence. This corrupt and overtly monetized Western masculine paradigm must be redirected, repurposed and reformulated for the benefit of all staff, managers, guests, and Mother Earth. Health and wellness should always be the standard of care for all humans globally no matter the region, religion, country, identity, or continent. Spa is no longer ‘Sanus per Aquam’ including a healthy dose of movement, light and considerate human touch ~ Spa can no longer represent the unfortunate example of shadow, profit, and achievement.

Sincere Healers, Therapists, Counselors, Trainers, Sensitives, Shamans, Yogi’s, Seers, Card Readers, Poets, Artists, Acupuncturist, Rolfers, Etc. ~ Call them or Call Us what you like ~ it is time to rightfully step forward again and be seen, heard, valued, and openly integrated into the health care fields for the amazing gifts we bestow to humanity. Reimagining and reclaiming the sacred embodied healing arts to the forefront of health, wellness, and fitness is how we can all move forward and apply these magnificent gifts to the future of humanity. Creating a new vibrant paradigm of comprehensive health care based in energetic integrity and consistent respect for global resources must come first and foremost before personal or corporate profit margins.

The Spa, Wellness, Fitness, Resort industry has an obligation to make fundamental changes to internal structures, so all staff are valued, suitably compensated, well educated, mentored and stewarded toward a greater sense of personal excellence. Dreaming and designing the new global paradigm of Spa, Wellness, Fitness, Resort properties must come from those on the front lines of the service industry. This crucial task can no longer be assigned to oblivious corporate designers or buyers, mythic headhunters, detached consultants, and uneducated corporate officers who are removed for the reality of authentic healing work. In ancient times all the accompanying resources and rooms were developed around the Spa facility itself ~ IE Spa / Wellness is the central component for healing and rejuvenation, everything is then constructed to support those core services and values. Cradle to Cradle Design can help lead the way for new properties along with sustainable solar, wind, wave, hydroponic and recycling technology setting the foundations for the Spa industry to be primary leader in property development and innovation.

The sacred goal can be in sight again for a brilliant new integrated approach of global healthcare and wellness for all. We are within the terminal velocity and final trajectory of a dying fatal paradigm that puts profit and greed before human decency and compassion. Reasonable profits and conditions can support, build and reimagine a new “Global Spa Industry” creating the frontlines of essential infrastructure and sustainable technology as the driving force of economic prosperity. This visionary process must integrate Mother Earth and all natural resources while devoting green technology as the primary foundation for all business globally. Returning the Earth and all her inhabitants to an essential state of equilibrium and reverent wellness is the sacred path in front of humanity. This is the ultimate process of mythopoesis ~ the making and creating of a new multifaceted luminous global community of therapists, healers, businesses and infrastructure that will support and honor the balanced wisdom of all life within the cosmic quantum field.

    You are the divine calendar where all destinies are written ~    

   The ocean of mercy where all faults are washed clean.

Rumi ~

49 Ways to Take Care of Your Skin

by: Jenny McHenry Welcome to 49 ways you can take care of your skin. With this guide we’ve gathered many skincare methods all in one place so that there’s less confusion in what you can do to get healthier skin.

Before you do anything, you should wash your hands. Why? Because you wouldn’t use a dirty cloth to wipe something down, so why should the same apply to the rest of your body, including the face? The primary way to wash your hands should be thorough, so let’s go with the CDC five-step specifications of hand washing since if it’s good enough for the CDC, it’s good enough for us. 

First wet your hands with running water, and then lather them in soap. Make sure to get the back of your hands, as well as between the fingers where dry skin can form. Scrub your hands for about 20 seconds before rinsing and then drying them with a clean towel. If you’re concerned about the soap used, pH-balanced hand wash made for skin care is available.

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The Critical Spa Conversation ~ Now !

by: Dr. Mark B. Lumpkin  Mindfulness, Meditation, and Movement are all standard components and tools for most Spa / Wellness Therapists. These concepts and practices are usually taught as a fundamental element within their educational training and learning environments. This valuable information is passed along to clients through embodiment, energy, physical touch, demonstration, and educational explanations. The importance of educating clients and ourselves is certainly a paramount foundation of professionalism and excellence yet there are other serious concerns we need to address immediately!

The larger and more complex conversations that need to be happening right now within the industry are based around the new paradigm of what the Spa, Wellness, Fitness intake process should be given the current medical concerns about viral infections. With the unintended mayhem and significant pause in all global economic patterns this is an ideal and auspicious time for the Spa / Wellness industry to come together in unity to help support a new global paradigm of wellness.

Parameters especially for the Spa industry must change and adapt to the ever fluid landscape of new medical information in order to keep all Therapists, Staff and Clients safe. What is the most appropriate and safety conscious process for Spa / Wellness intake methods? All medical intake forms need to be updated and reflect accurate relevant information necessary for Therapist to do their job to the very best of their ability. We can no longer reply on ‘Lifestyle Information / Intake’ forms at this point; how many glasses of water a guest drinks is Not the most important question we need to be asking.

Here is a partial list of the critical questions we need to be openly addressing immediately with Medical Doctors, Legal Experts, Medical Ethicists, Educational Directors, Spa Directors and Staff:

  1. If a Therapist enacts their legal right of refusal to work with a client how will the Spa / Business and or Management support them?
  2. If a Therapist enacts their legal right of refusal to work with a client can the client be legally or morally transferred to another Therapist who will work with that client?
  3. Does the legal definition of “Medical Right of Refusal” within the Spa, Wellness, Fitness industry cover the “Business” and or “Therapist” from legal suits or retaliation?
  4. If a Therapist enacts their legal right of refusal to work with a client is the Spa / Business required to provide the client written documentation?
  5. If a Therapist enacts their legal right of refusal to work with a client is the Spa / Business obligated to require payment or partial payment for the service?
  6. What is the most appropriate way to screen / review Medical information during the intake process?
  7. If a client cancels or no shows at the last minuet due to medical reasons what is the “Medical Cancelation” policy?
  8. Will staff need a Doctor’s note in order to return to work if they have been out or in a quarantine situation?
  9. Under what circumstances should staff be required to wear PPE?
  10. Should the “Business” supply all PPE to staff?

These primary critical questions need to be debated and answered so the entire industry can be on the exact same page moving forward. If we are negligent or slack in our professional due diligence to protect staff and clients the entire industry will suffer as soon as a client is infected and the news will exponentially spread just like a virus affecting business with negativity and additional loss of revenue further complicating this situation.

Simply assuming we can put the old keys in the economic engine and fire it up to accomplish economic recovery will produce disastrous results and additional struggle for all. The car has been dismantled and is not road worthy – we need to redesign, reconstruct, realign and repaint the entire vehicle in order to make it drivable. This process takes time and care in order to reestablish appropriate circumstances, connections and the circumference of compassionate care.

Within this epic economic pause – there is a profound opportunity to significantly move the paradigm of integrated wellness / medicine along the beneficial spectrum for safety of all concerned. If we simply sit still and squander this quantum moment – we could all continue to spiral in wasted concentric circles of incompetence and reckless disregard for the greater good of all. If you believe this is currently an untenable situation, please reach out to me so we can begin to formulate a new plan of action and leadership to move into the future with wisdom, prudence and safety.

All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word:

Freedom, Justice, Honor, Duty, Mercy, Hope

                                                              Winston Churchill ~

The Best Advice You Could Get About Cannabis Fitness

Fitness is gaining popularity with every passing year. The higher risk of obesity, the increased health awareness, and the sound balance between mind and body are a few reasons that combine to give the fitness industry a boost. 

But, the fact is fitness is an overrated word. According to an article, 80 percent of Americans who have gym membership do not use it. It has been found that low energy levels, insufficient time, lack of self-motivation, and oversized expectations are the few barriers to achieve the desired goal.

Now comes the trending ingredient of the century, cannabis, which is becoming the drug of choice for athletes and fitness freaks. Cannabis is a natural herb, which has anti-inflammatory effects and used for medical and therapeutic purposes. Research shows that the fitness regime has been positively impacted by the high use of cannabis. Now that cannabis is legal in various nations, fitness enthusiasts and athletes are lauding the benefits of cannabis for wellness. This results in the expansion of the cannabis industry with quality manufacturing and a wide distribution of Marijuana in various forms. You can even buy from CBDfx, which is a premium retailer of quality and highly effective seeds.

So Now when it’s time to involve cannabis in your daily routine, a few pieces of advice can help you throughout your fitness journey.

  1. Find the right strand– The key to perfect workout with cannabis lies in finding the right strain for consumption. As each strain can have different effects on the body and mind, similarly, every person has different requirements for a strenuous yet enjoyable workout. You may want to get high and enhance your motivation before sessions. Or, you want to relax after a rigorous workout. So, it is better to choose the correct strain as per requirements.
  2. The perfect dosage matters– Dosage is another important factor to keep in mind while infusing cannabis to your fitness routine. Just like workouts where you start with the basic exercises, try to initiate with the low dosage of cannabis for restricting the unwanted side effects of overconsumption. Besides this, seeds help with insomnia and reducing stress and one can also germinate them at their homes.
  3. Eating right is a mustStudies have found that intake of cannabis has shown a considerable increase in calorie intake by almost 40 percent by consumption of fast food. After workout when hunger increases a manifold, it is advisable to intake healthy food to cut down that craving of unhealthy snacking.
  4. Hydrate yourself- Physical exertion causes a lot of sweating. Cannabis can increase the efficiency of the body during exercise. But this can also result in more sweating and dehydration. So, keep drinking water pre, post, and during your workout to keep the body function running smoothly.
  5. Listen to the cues your body sends– Your body sends signals if you’re pushing yourself hard. Although cannabis is a great workout tonic, it has certain demerits. If you’re under 18, have heart disease, or you’re participating in fast-paced sports, you should not try cannabis in any form. With increased amounts, the body can show side effects like damaged lungs, impaired motor skills, increased heart attack risk, and may be chronic depression.

There is an explored world of supplements for fitness regimes. With better performance and high results, cannabis being the newest, natural, and more beneficial than other available options.  While used for fitness practices, it has a range of benefits.  It improves mental acuity, lowers anxiety, increases metabolism, reduces inflammation, treats muscle spasm, alleviates pain and soreness, and helps in muscle recovery. So, now while getting ready for the next fitness session with that appropriate clothing, perfect playlist, and suitable accessories, intake some cannabis for that extra motivation and escalated endurance.

Tips for adapting your business in a pandemic

By: Nancy Trent
President of Trent & Company, Inc., Marketing Communications

Working through the Coronavirus Pandemic may seem like an impossible mission for some, however, others are thriving. 

This unprecedented time is an opportunity for leaders and their teams to learn from their experience and use their new insights wisely. 

It’s not easy.  Employees need to adapt and business models may have to change, but those who step up to the challenge will be better off. 

We have to remember that this will end and there will be a “new normal” for having gone through it. You need to decide as a business, a leader or an employee where you want to be on the other side. 

Here are tips we’ve been hearing and making the way we operate:

Connectivity is your power – You are as powerful as you are connected.  Stay in touch with all your business contacts and colleagues, even more than usual.  Don’t let those contacts slip. You are as strong as your weakest link.  The more you give, the stronger you will emerge.  

You have to know, and be comfortable, with technology – Even the tech savvy are working through tech difficulties.  The technology available is designed to be easy to use.  Where there is necessity, there is will. Will yourself to experiment with ways of using the tools available. And use adversity to push you to new heights from figuring out how to look best in zoom to diy computer repairs to opening up documents…

You have to look powerful and in control on zoom – You may be able to skip the power suit although if people are used to seeing you that way, keep up appearances on zoom.  It’s not just what you wear, it’s your posture, style and demeanor.  Continue to command respect and stay in control of your audience on video. 

Giving comfort is more important than information – Information keeps changing, assurance to the best of our ability needs to be constant.  We might not be able to change the situation but we can help get each other through it.  It’s not enough to talk compassionate, you have to be compassionate.  Acts of kindness go a long way…

You cannot be perceived as expendable – Do the job of many and you’ll keep yours.  Now is not the time to wonder what your worth is.  It’s a time to roll up your sleeves and ask what you can do and have a suggestion of what that might be.

Do everything you want done—Many people have limited bandwidth right now.  Do as much as you can of what people are asking you to do for them and then do what you want done for you.  And then thank them profusely for getting everything done.  Someone had to do it and it’s now done!

Transparency is important – Our minds are racing with unknowns.  Don’t make people wait…they are waiting for many things they don’t and do want to happen.  Share what you know with your team, share what your are considering.  Play out best and worst case scenarios.  Be truthful in your message.  What people are imagining may be far worse. 

Be hyper-sensitive- Everyone is stressed; they should be.  There is something out there potentially capable of killing able bodies.  Anyone can be effected.   There is a level of anxiety we’re living with that is impacting people in many ways, some we can’t imagine. If empathy was not a part of the work environment before, it’s got to be a focal point now.

Respond promptly – People don’t have patience these days. Don’t make them wait.  They need answers, help, and don’t want to worry about why they are not hearing from you. 

Health is the new religion – Be ready to share your favorite health tips.  The door to anyone’s interest is talking what they care about and everyone is interested in health now.  Be ready to dispense useful tips like my favorite new appliance Better Air, do breathing exercises to strengthen your lungs or put BeeSpa on your hands after you wash them.  We used to talk about work life balance but what we are realizing now is that there is no work without health and health is not about having more time away from work…it’s about doing healthy things and making better choices.    

Please tell us what you are hearing, seeing and doing to help your business as well as those of your colleagues during this time. 

Nancy Trent is a writer and speaker, a lifelong health and beauty advocate, a globe-trotting trend watcher and the founder and president of Trent & Company, the leading wellness PR firm. Trent & Company, which launched many health and beauty brands, grew out of Nancy’s personal and passionate commitment to helping people live longer and healthier lives. A former journalist for New York magazine, Nancy has written seven books on healthy lifestyles, serves on the editorial boards of several magazines and travels around the world speaking at conferences and trade shows on trends in the marketplace. She is a recognized expert in PR with more than 30 years of experience creating and managing highly successful campaigns. Nancy can be reached at (212) 966-0024 or through e-mail at  You may also visit

Three Things to Do to Manage Your Members!

Patti Biro, Patti Biro and Associates

When we return to operational status members can help to fill the books and help us quickly in the spa and wellness industry to return to “the new normal” . In the mean time there are three things that you should do immediately as part of your bounce back planning.

1. Communicate clearly and frequently to your membership. They are your best allies in this time of crisis and will the first to return for services when you reopen. Once every two weeks is  a good schedule for eblasts or posts on Facebook member pages.

2. Clarify how you are handling membership charges to avoid cancellations. Some spas have elected to freeze all membership charges until they are open, others are offering to offer a complimentary month or two to members. Membership charges will resume when the spa reopens and will be prorated if needed.  Be generous on roll-over policies.

3. Honor the special relationship that members have with you, your staff and your business. I encourage you to offer members a complimentary enhancement or upgrade on their first return visit. You might consider taking the time now to inventory all your available inventory and identify if there are samples, lines you are phasing out or other items that could be a welcome retail gift for members.

Taking the time to manage your members with warmth, honesty and support will help them return quickly to your business!

10 Ways to Make Your Spa Day Benefits Go Past the Day

Having the best spa day possible starts before the day. Kudos to you for joining the growing crowd who prefers authentic health and wellness experiences rather than fall for promises from products and pills. Now follow these guidelines to prepare your minds, body and life to maximize your spa retreat.

1. Fly Solo

You have other things to do with your partner and buddies. While couples massages and spa parties have skyrocketed in popularity, make your whole spa day about you. Even casual chatter about work and home could interrupt your efforts to reset and recharge.

2. Get Super Hydrated

Massages, scrubs and steam rooms encourage sweat, unclogged pores and toxin release. Well before game time, drink more water every morning and day. Water initiates the purity process spa treatments build upon, so make it your primary beverage, plus limit alcohol and caffeine.

3. Make Yourself Unavailable

People are accustomed to doing two or more things at once, since one is usually checking a phone alert or responding to it. Your spa day is not the time to keep this up.

  • Turn on your email’s auto-respond, vacation message.
  • Give your spouse, pet sitter or childcare provider the spa’s telephone number in case of emergency.
  • Turn off your phone and keep it in your spa locker or safe until your time ends.

4. Leave Valuables At Home

Spa lockers and storage can’t secure your expensive earrings, bracelets and watches if you forget to take them off. Do not risk losing valuables to a powerful shower or whirlpool. Prepay via an app or booking system so you can limit valuables to cash to tip spa staff.

5. Arrive Early

Spas pad time between appointments to freshen rooms and supplies. However, if a 10-minute traffic delay or unexpected errand pops up, rushing will stress you out. Arrive 20 minutes before your appointment to get settled, fill out paperwork and enjoy complimentary herbal tea or snacks.

6. Embrace the Pampering

You’re a results-maker every other day of your life, so spas need clever ways to push high-energy guests like you to slow down. Even short procedures will soothe. Relish the leg-draining calf massage with a pedicure, lie back for temple massage with your brow wax and submit to all pampering efforts you receive.

7. Ask About Oils

You can replicate a spa’s immediate aromatherapy benefits. Ask the staff about essential oils used throughout the space and during procedures, then pick up your favorites. The Seed to Seal® standard set by Young Living Essential Oils protects you from unethically sourced or low-quality oils you could have allergic reactions to.

8. Tip Well

Spas operate like salons and restaurants, with a portion of salaries expected from customer tips for great service. This practice keeps base service prices affordable. If you enjoy your day, make sure to tip appropriately and well.

9. Nail Your Next Appointment

Don’t take the chance your favorite masseuse or one weekend off gets booked. You are right there, so take advantage of in-person scheduling to get penciled in.

10. Take the Night Off

It will be jarring to go from the spa to a high-pressure event or work project. Professionally-induced relaxation and toxin release may leave you feeling great, but low-energy. This is expected, so you’ll be fine (and wise) to get an earlier bedtime.

Consider regular spa days your nonnegotiable wellness retreats. One day a month is essential, but don’t be surprised when you sneak in more.

80% of Entrepreneurs Prefer Gmail Instead Of Yahoo Mail

SMO Caption: When you lose your way, you check Google Maps to get back on track. When you need answers to any specific question, you search for answers on Google’s search engine. Whether it is a smartphone or a smart speaker, Google is a name that rings through every household these days. When Google is doing everything that it can to make your lives better, why would you stick to Yahoo Mail?

Which one is the better email service provider; Gmail or Yahoo Mail? If an argument originates from this question, then it will inevitably turn into a heated one within moments. This topic will tell you about the strengths and weaknesses of both. As an entrepreneur, you have to decide which one is better. According to reports and observations, more than 80% of entrepreneurs think that Gmail is better than Yahoo Mail. So, what makes the former better than the latter?

Google offers several free web-based tools and services to its users and Gmail is one of them. It’s quite similar to almost every other email services such as Microsoft Outlook or Yahoo Mail.

Previously, creating a free account on such emailing platforms made entrepreneurs look unprofessional. However, Gmail created all the differences when it comes to an entrepreneur’s idea especially spa industry people. It is the only reason why hundreds and thousands of small spa business owners switched to Gmail as an email service provider.

Gmail provides several features including;

  • 15 GB of email storage entirely free of charge
  • Proficient filtering of spam emails and protection from viruses
  • Inbuilt chatting options
  • Accessibility to email through mobile devices
  • It has customizable tabs to help users organize their inbox
  • Video calling option
  • Several themes to change the appearance
  • Viewing attachments within the email before downloading
  • Money transferring systems

Even the free version of Gmail makes advertisements appear on the right and not within the email. Hence, it is highly unobtrusive.

Now, the definition of an entrepreneur is a person who starts one spa or several while taking financial risks in the hopes of making profits. If your small business ideas require you to send and receive professional emails, then Gmail is indeed one of the best platforms to use.

You may be wondering why you should bother shifting to Gmail when your Yahoo Mail account is serving you well enough. This topic will set a battleground where the war of gmail vs yahoo will disclose the pros and cons of yahoo/gmail.

IM and Email integration

The first round’s trinkets will surely end up in the bag of Gmail because it allows you to send messages instantly to your contacts that are online swiftly and easily. Instant Messaging or IM is a perk that Yahoo possesses as well, but it isn’t as accessible as the one within Gmail.

Whether you are a tech entrepreneur or anything else, you will appreciate this system when you have to reach your clients as early as possible. Yahoo’s IM service is separate from its email service.

It means that you can’t send quick chat messages in an email format to your clients on Yahoo. Instead, you would have to open a new chat tab. When fast answering is a necessity, you can’t rely on Yahoo.

Attachment flexibility

The second round also goes to Gmail because the fight is about mail attachments. Do you want to be the Best tech entrepreneur in your area? If so, then you should consider shifting from Yahoo Mail to Gmail. You should learn marketing ideas to grow more.

Once you finish writing the message of the email, you can attach as many files as you need and send it quickly. Your business ideas will flourish as experts believe that email services with excellent features provide the key to success. If you stick to Yahoo, then you will have to go to an entirely different screen to put up attachments.

The worst part is that you can put up only five attachments. If you have to send more, then you have to add more attachment boxes first. Gmail doesn’t have such hassles in store for you. You can send as many attachments as you require without worrying about the quantity.

Organizing folders

Are you thinking who will win the third round of this skirmish? Well, you don’t even need to bother about it as Gmail trumps over Yahoo Mail again. Folder creation and organization is another perk of Gmail that outshines Yahoo Mail.

Now, a business can’t get more clients if the business owner doesn’t declare his/her presence. In that respect, Gmail is perfect for Email Marketing. Nevertheless, the discussion was about folder creation and organization. Gmail allows you to label folders and keep them all in the same area.

Naturally, dealing with a large number of folders can become challenging. Despite landing a few good blows, Gmail couldn’t register a hat-trick because Yahoo also has the folder-labeling feature. It also allows you to organize folders the way you want to enhance the mailing system. It is suitable for those who need to create many folders while making accessibility easier.

Attachment size

As a business owner, you will require marketing services sooner rather than later. Web development firms provide email marketing services along with digital marketing services. Of course, it would be better to return to the matter at hand. The fourth round goes to Gmail again as its free version lets you attach files up to 20 MB. On the other hand, if you use Yahoo Mail, then you can’t send files larger than 10 MB.

Brand name and value

Everyone all over the world knows the name of Google. The brand is one of the most popular when it comes to internet services. Gmail is also much more professional than Yahoo Mail as already mentioned earlier. That is why more than 80% of entrepreneurs sing praises of Gmail. So, if you are still using Yahoo Mail, then you will remain a step behind your competitors who prefer Gmail.

The winner

If you read this topic from the beginning, then you probably know the winner of this series of bouts. Top mobile app development companies always prefer Gmail because it’s accessibility is extremely important and useful to business owners such as you. You know all the advantages it has over Yahoo Mail. Therefore, now is the best time to shift to Gmail and enhance your connectivity with clients.

Landscape Marketing Ideas: 12+ Awesome Marketing Tips, Ideas & Strategies to Grow Your Landscaping Company

The landscaping industry has been growing at a healthy rate year over year. 
Forecasts also show that median income and revenue of landscape companies owners will continue to increase. 
And, as you can clearly see from Google Trends, the popularity (and therefore competition) of landscaping companies is rising as well.

This landscaping industry growth can be attributed to the following factors:

  • Increase in disposable income in the U.S.
  • Increasing number of older Americans (aging or busy homeowners)
  • Increased outsourcing of landscaping services
  • Increased level of spending for constructing private non-residential entities
  • Increased focus on corporate campus environment enhancements

Thus, there has been an influx of new entrants to the industry because of the increase in demand.
If you are a landscaping business owner, you should now think of more ways to rise above the competition and maximize the potential of this growing market. Start by upping your marketing game.

1. You need to have a website for your landscaping business

Your website is your company’s online storefront. Today’s consumers – especially those seeking services – have developed the habit of doing research online before making a purchase decision.
The contents of your website can help make prospects perceive you as a reputable professional. Showcasing your portfolio and sharing testimonials from your previous clients will establish your expertise and provide more information about your landscaping business.

2. Build and manage your reputation online 

Register your landscaping business on the main directories: such as Google My Business, Yelp, Thumbtack, Porch, Angie’s List, and Home Advisor. 
This is one of the top/primary factors for making sure your business shows up in the maps – make sure you do it right.
When prospects search for landscaping services online, seeing listings and reviews about your business will further emphasize your legitimacy and work quality.
Ask your clients to write a short review for you and engage with them by leaving replies. This is also true for some of the negative feedback you might receive – always engage politely and leave your side of the story.

3. Run a campaign to make prospects call you

Now that you have established a website, register your business on listings, and have reviews from your existing customers, expect leads to come in asking for estimates and quotations.
But on top of that, make sure also to target “warmer” leads – those who have higher intent to hire already – by launching a call campaign. 
You can do so by through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Google or Facebook. Your contact number should be on the main title or copy of your ads and the call to action “Call Now” should be clearly indicated.
Targeted call campaigns have higher ROIs and can provide you with more landscaping customers.

4. Create an official business video

Most landscaping companies fail to realize the value of an official business video. This is a digital asset you can use across all your online platforms.
On average, people spend more than an hour and a half watching online videos per day. In other words, people love watching and engaging with video online and that ain’t gonna change.
A marketing video will make it easier and more engaging for potential customers to learn more about your landscaping services, get to know you as a business and help them Know, Like & Trust you.
And of course, it will give me content for the search engines to find about your business & help build your trust/authority online.

5. Leverage social media

People spend time on social media for more than four hours a day. Your business should be there even when prospects are just idly browsing through their feed while stuck in traffic. 
Create a Facebook business page for your landscaping company and run Facebook Lead Ads to boost awareness and generate leads.
It is also a plus if you build a community for your customers on social media. Ask them to share photos of your work, tag you, and leave reviews.
Leverage the power of referrals so that prospects who find your Facebook and other social media pages see an online community of people who support your business. This gives prospects confidence about working with you.

6. Learn about SEO for landscapers

Businesses who appear on the first page of Google search results have more chances of closing the sale than those who appear on page two and beyond.
Make your landscape business appear MULTIPLE on the first page of Google search by doing the following:

  • Run paid ads
  • Register on Google Business
  • Get listed properly on all the major online directories (check your current local seo health here)
  • Make sure your website is search engine optimized – utilize keywords that prospective customers use to search about landscaping businesses.

Here is an example of a client of ours that we did this for:

Talk about DOMINATING the search engines.
This client is getting ALL the traffic for this search.

7. Promote offline

Your marketing efforts should extend offline.
Participate in local events to showcase your work and expertise to prospects in your area. You want your landscaping business to be your target audience’s top of mind when they look for landscaping services. 
Another idea is to join professional organizations or other community organizations where you can build your network with people and businesses who might need your landscaping services.

Show them you are an expert. Use your landscaping knowledge by teaching others about the best practices in your industry. Volunteer to share presentations for local garden clubs or other similar organizations.

8. Start your marketing efforts before the peak season

It always pays to start first.
Peak season for landscaping services usually starts in spring and continues until fall, depending on the locality.
Begin your marketing efforts earlier by offering a pre-pay discount. Recurring revenue is important for service businesses, such as landscape companies.
Secure your existing clients’ business early on to also help you plan your budget and schedule routes.

9. Suit up

Make sure your landscape crew members are dressed in neat and clean attires that display your company name and logo.
Even your landscaping trucks can serve as mobile marketing materials if you include your company name and logo.
These efforts will increase brand awareness and recognition offline.

10. Make use of the 3/9 strategy

The 3/9 strategy in landscaping means that when you send a crew of 3 out to do a job. Two of them stay at the customer’s house to do the work, while the other one goes to the nine nearest houses to give fliers or leave door hangers, before returning to help or heading back to the offices.

Benefits of the 3/9 strategy:

  • Low cost
  • Another easy way to promote your business offline
  • Helps you learn more about your potential clients and their properties.

11. Connect with similar businesses and offer partnerships

Expand your network to get more business.
Some businesses you can partner with are the following: real estate, pest control, architects, home inspection companies, garden shops, urban planners, community organizers, etc.
They can refer you their client base and you can do the same for them also. You may even want to make service bundles to make the offer more enticing to customers.

12. Get help crafting your landscape marketing strategy

If you are the type of business owner who likes to focus on the operations of your business, getting some marketing help will be able to optimize your process of getting more landscaping customers.
SERP Co has worked with hundreds of brands across several industries.

We were able to help them grow their business through strategic digital marketing.Landscape Marketing Ideas: 12+ Awesome Marketing Tips, Ideas & Strategies to Grow Your Landscaping Company was written by Devin Schumacher and first appeared on SERP Co.

Upgrade the Aesthetics and Delight the Senses to Attract More Day Spa Customers

If you have great marketing and stellar skills, yet not enough customers flood your day spa, consider a front-to-back aesthetic and sensory overhaul. Even a small budget can do wonders to attract more curiosity and interest. Best of all, your pleasing space will inspire and uplift your surrounding environment and the everyday people who pass by it.

A Magical Aroma

Aromas have psychological and mental effects people bring into their visual impressions. It helps if potential customers get a whiff of your day spa before they enter it. Use natural incense, potpourri and essential oils in low quantities so you do not cause headaches and irritation instead of therapeutic benefits.

  • Citrus scents (tangerine, grapefruit, lemon) will make mere passerby feel joyful and optimistic enough to come check the spa out.
  • Eucalyptus, tea tree and peppermint aromas will reverse fatigue or depression into calm, relaxed energy the second customers walk through the door.
  • Lavender, sandalwood and vanilla will create relaxing vibes your clients may drift to rejuvenating sleep from during treatments.

Power in Lights

Lighting can make or break your aesthetic appeal to new and repeat customers. Lighting ignites involuntary reactions in the brain and influences what people think. High light intensity awakens and overwhelms people, while dark and grim lighting can cause a flight or flight response.

Think of romantic restaurant lighting when thinking about how to attract more customers to any store or business, especially one promising retreat and restoration. If you have a storefront or freestanding day spa, use all-glass fronts and plain window treatments to harness the power of natural light.

Keep harsh overhead skylights out of your day spa. If you work from an older building, replace fluorescent lights with more pleasant (and cheaper) low-wattage lamps. Flame and powered candles are most ideal for treatment areas and relaxation rooms.

Communicate in Colors

People flock to day spas for a break from regular life, responsibilities and work. Plan a color scheme inside your day spa against what people want to escape.

Blue, white and gray walls or decor imitate work and business environments. Conservative tones like brown and black dominate many people’s homes. Lay out your day spa in juicy citrus colors (yellow, orange, lime green) or soft, calming neutrals (bamboo beige, navy blues or greens and cream).

When you design or redecorate your day spa, avoid these colors and the effects they have:

  • Red signals caution and alarm plus raises blood pressure.
  • Deep purples inspire creativity and thought when people should be more meditative.
  • Pastel colors such as pink conjure youthful, party atmospheres.

Inspire with Sound

Small business owners often neglect sonic power in optimal aesthetics. Take stock of your spa’s signature style and message to its ideal customers, then play ambient sounds or hypnotic music accordingly.

Stream Latin jazz, soft classical or smooth techno playlists at the front desk check-in area or via surround sound throughout the spa. Use tabletop waterfalls and homeopathic noise machines in treatment areas. These complete the sense people get that your spa is another world they want to escape to.

As you plot out a dazzling but peaceful aesthetic and sensory experience for customers, keep core day spa practices part of your visual strategy. Closets, storage spaces and equipment containers should be discreet and blend seamlessly with the rooms. Constant housekeeping should keep towels, paper waste and garbage to an imperceptible minimum. Always coordinate your branding, online presence and company signage to complement the visual tapestry customers will come to discover inside your spa.

Starting a Skin Care Routine—Advice for Twentysomething Guys

As a twentysomething guy, your skin has more going for it than you might think. Sure, you might still be battling acne and dealing with acne scars, but look on the bright side—your skin is still young and bounces back quickly from injury.

Not to mention that you probably have zero wrinkles or fine lines at this age. See? It’s not all bad.

If you want to keep skin young and healthy for years to come, there is no better time to establish a skin care routine like the present. With that in mind, here is our best advice for starting a skin care routine in your 20s.

  1. Stop Using Your Girlfriend’s Skin Care Products

Although it’s tempting to use your girl’s face wash or moisturizer, there are several reasons why you’re much better off getting your own skin care products. Let’s start with the obvious reason: Her skin care products are made for her skin, not yours.

Men and women have several differences in their skin that require unique approaches to skin care. Generally speaking, guys have oilier skin and a thicker epidermis (the outer layer of the skin), which requires potent ingredients that can penetrate through their skin.

Another reason why you need your own skin care products is so that you can form good skin care habits and get into a regular routine. If you continue to use your girl’s skin care products, you’ll never be consistent enough to make it a life-long habit.

  • Know Your Skin Type

Before you can begin shopping for skin care products, it’s important to know exactly what your skin needs. Is it oily? Sensitive? Perhaps both?

While most guys in their 20s have an oily skin type, it’s also not uncommon for them to struggle with sensitive skin. In fact, a 2019 review published in Frontiers in Medicine found that more than half of men report having some degree of sensitive skin, such as itching, burning and redness.

Other skin types include dry, normal and combination skin. Once you identify your skin type, you can begin searching for skin care products that will best serve your skin care needs.

  • Pay Attention to Product Labels

We know that reading the ingredient labels sounds like a major bore. However, doing a little research before you buy skin care products is important to choosing the right products for your skin.

Guys with sensitive skin need to pay extra-close attention to product labels to avoid negative skin reactions. Ingredients such as fragrances, parabens, phthalates, sulfates and dyes have been known to trigger skin reactions and cause flare-ups.

Fragrances in skin care are particularly worrisome because their exact ingredients are considered trade secrets, which means that skin care companies don’t need to reveal what’s in them. By doing your research, you can skip sketchy products that may cause reactions and choose ones that do more for your skin.

  • Keep Your Skin Care Routine Simple

Guys don’t need a nine-step skin care routine like women do. If you’re having trouble sticking to your skin care routine, there’s a good chance that it’s simply too complicated.

All you really need to protect and nourish your skin are the four basics: Face wash, face scrub and two moisturizers (one for the morning and one for bedtime). If you’re struggling with acne, you may need to use an acne cream for men in lieu of your regular moisturizer.

Stick to these basics—at least in the beginning. Once you find a skin care routine that works, feel free to incorporate additional skin care products as you see fit.

  • Don’t Skip the Moisturizer

If your skin is oily and acne-prone, it may seem counterintuitive to apply a moisturizer to your face. However, you shouldn’t skip your daily moisturizer because this can make breakouts worse by drying out your skin.

Instead, look for a moisturizer that is non-comedogenic, meaning, it won’t clog pores. These moisturizers typically contain lightweight yet hydrating oils such as Eucalyptus Oil or Kukui Nut Oil.

To make things simple, use a men’s daily moisturizer with SPF that is formulated for all skin types. This way, you can get the sun protection and moisturization your skin needs without causing nasty breakouts.

  • Go Easy on the Face Scrub

Contrary to what some skin care companies might tell you, there is no good reason to scrub your face every day. Although face scrubs are an effective tool in every guy’s skin care arsenal, they’re meant to be used gently and no more than twice a week.

If you want to get rid of your blackheads, you need to use both your face wash and scrub at the right frequency. Overdoing it on either product can dry out your face and cause oil glands to go into overdrive to compensate, resulting in painful pimples.

Don’t forget to follow up your face scrub and face wash with your moisturizer. This will lock in hydration and prevent skin from becoming dry.

  • Be Mindful of Your Shave Technique

Even though you’ve probably been shaving since you were a teen, there is a good chance that your shave routine could stand to be improved. We know of more than a few guys who use dull razor blades, skip the pre-shave oil and commit various other cardinal sins of shaving.

Nicks and cuts aren’t a good look when you’re a twentysomething guy trying to impress his boss. To avoid the embarrassment and improve skin health, always shave with the grain and avoid shaving the same area over and over again during the same session.

  • Protect Your Skin from UV Rays

As a younger guy, you probably spend a fair amount of time outdoors for work or play. Applying daily sun protection to your face and body is essential to reducing your risk of skin cancer.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, men account for the vast majority of skin cancer cases, including invasive melanoma. To reduce your risk, use a daily moisturizer with SPF to your face and apply sunscreen on any sun-exposed areas of your body.

Keep in mind that UV rays can penetrate through clouds and car windows. If your body isn’t covered by SPF clothing, apply an ample amount of sunscreen and re-apply as needed.

Final Thoughts

Unless you have a chronic skin condition or underlying medical issue, taking care of your skin in your 20s should be a simple endeavor. Follow this advice and you should be well on your way to healthy skin in your 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond.


Your new 2020s clients will be a mix of all ages and stages. That means the old rules are just that; old, maybe not out-of-date, but nonetheless, old. Your future growth will come from your younger clients, the Millennials and the Gen Z crowd. However, there’s a world of difference between them and the Boomers and Gen X generational cohorts. As professional service providers, it’s important to understand these differences before you can effectively attract them, communicate with them and satisfy them.

The demographics we grew up with no longer define the younger cohorts. New research* found that the younger generations no longer identify with the demographics used by marketers for years. Segments like, race, gender, religion, income and family origin do not define these consumers. They do not have traditional identities. In fact, they don’t want to be associated with any particular identity. The research suggests the younger generations might better be known as “Generation Antidentity.” For the beauty industry, this means, we cannot assume that someone who loves getting their hair styled or colored regularly will be a candidate for spa services. The old “birds of a feather stick together” targeting strategy may no longer apply to how we identify and relate to new prospects.

Spa and beauty marketers have to learn to embrace the fluidity of these cohorts, because they are interested in products and services that cross traditional demographic lines. This means that for spas and salons to create meaningful relationships with young people, your marketing and especially your content has to embrace their flexibility of spirit. I cannot over emphasize how important selecting the appropriate graphics for your promotional materials and website are to attract new clients. At the same time, every word matters and that requires a special kind of content curator – one who understands what inspires a new younger client to try your business.

Your business focus also has to change to attract younger clients. It is no longer good enough to provide exceptional, exclusive service. Your business ethics have to align with theirs. What is your spa or salon doing to improve society? The young people are watching. This is why data strategy is critical in identifying new clients, while content and imagery will attract them. How you perform before, during and after every service will determine if you keep them and grow them. The changes that are happening in the beauty industry are not one dimensional and require careful planning. Remember, innovation is more than introducing a new product or service; it applies to your marketing strategies as well.

Until next time…

* Compiled by PSFK, a brand and retail research firm and consultancy, and Complex Networks, the Hearst owned media brand.

Bart Foreman founded EndGame Marketing Solutions (EGMS) in 2016 after a long sales and marketing career, including co-owning Group 3 Marketing with his wife, Phyllis, for 30 years. EGMS is a marketing consultancy helping brands create new marketing energy. Its focus is data manipulation and strategic planning. Foreman says he is an Executive Strategist, because it’s a lot more exciting than being a CEO. Foreman’s long history in marketing has focused on specialty retail and the professional beauty business. He co-founded the Direct Marketing Association’s CRM Special Interests Council. He’s been a workshop and mainstage speaker at many government, marketing and beauty industry events. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and holds an MBA degree in marketing and marketing research from DePaul University.

THE ENDGAME: New thinking. New vision. New Energy.

How To Travel Like A Wellness Warrior

Traveling is probably the most rewarding experience we can have. It is a chance for you to learn something new about another culture, to hear a new language, and to broaden your horizons. It is also a very calming experience. But now all travel has to be to a tropical location. Sometimes going to your local spa and wellness center can be just as relaxing and exciting as going to the other part of the world.
In today’s fast-paced world, there is nothing more important than staying healthy both physically and mentally, so here are some tips on how to be the wellness warrior not only in your day-to-day life but also to travel like one. 

Embrace minimalism

Maybe you came across the trend of embracing digital minimalism. Digital minimalism is the art of knowing when technology is turning into its slave. You are maybe hooked to your phone without even realizing it! Social media bring a lot of unnecessary stress in our already tense lives. 
The best way to bring more freedom to your life is to travel (lightly), and to be more mindful about how you spend your time. 
Yes, it is possible to travel only with one bag, here are some tips on how to make your adventure better with ultralight travel packing list. Another advice is to forget about your phone while you are away exploring or having a relaxing massage.

Bring only healthy food

Even food became fast in our society, and that says a lot about our habits. Slow down and think about what you put in your body. The processed and sugary food we eat affects not only our health but our mood as well. Eating healthy should not be a punishment; it is a reward for your body. When
we are traveling, we are especially tempted to indulge in junk food because it is just so convenient. But you have to resist it. Trust me, you will be grateful later. 
Pack your own food for the trip. A lot of fresh fruits and healthy fats like nuts, seeds, avocadoes, or nut butter are the best food to have on a journey.  The best way to remain in your optimal health is always to try to improve your diet. 

Take the opportunity to catch up on your sleep

After a relaxing day at a spa center, you will already feel less tired, but sleep is just a bonus. Take this stress-free time to get a quality good night’s sleep. One mistake that we always make is that we never sleep enough! The optimal amount of sleep an adult should have per night is 6-8 hours. How
many nights did you sleep less than that? Your answer is probably: a lot. After just one night of having a long rest, you will feel happier and more energized when you wake up. 

Stay hydrated

You, like many other people, do not drink enough water during your day. This is a widespread occurrence. People are so busy that they do not remember to get up from their desk and pour a glass of water. Water is an essential part of our health. Without it, our bodies cannot function. 
Especially when we travel, we do not remember to take a sip of water now and then, but this has to change. Have a big bottle with you at any time; when you have a bottle in your sight, you are much more likely to drink enough water

Traveling alone brings plenty of benefits, but when you add a bit of effort and make your adventure healthy, that is when you will reveal the beauty of your body and mind. After even two days of your spa vacation or yoga retreat you will feel reborn and ready to finally embrace the healthy lifestyle.

7 Best Practices for Digitizing Your Your Spa In 2020

Digitization is an important topic in almost every industry, and the spa industry is no different. Sure, the actual service that we deliver might be the same, but the way in which we go about doing it has changed a lot in the last ten years, a trend which looks set to continue.

But not all business owners have the skills or the knowledge to make the shift to digital technologies, and that’s where this article comes in. If you’ve been trying to find ways to bring your spa in-line with the 21st century, you’re in luck. Let’s get started.

7 Best Practices for Digitizing Your Your Spa In 2020

1.     Measure everything

One of the best things about digitizing your systems is that it gives you the ability to measure pretty much everything that you do. Everything can become a metric, although it’s also important to remember that just because we can measure something, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we should. If we focus too hard on too many metrics, we can forget the ones that are the most important.

2.     Digitize your marketing

This one is a no-brainer. When it comes to bringing in new customers (and keeping the existing ones happy), nothing cuts the mustard quite like digital and social media marketing. Remember, though, that digital technology shouldn’t take you away from the three things that all marketers need to focus on – acquiring new clients, keeping them and growing them.

3.     Take it step by step

A common mistake amongst businesses which are digitizing their services is that they try to do “everything now”, throwing everything they have at the wall and seeing what sticks. Instead, it’s important to iterate, launching one new tool at a time, training employees to use them, monitoring the impact that they have and only rolling the next one out once you’re good and ready.

4.     Go fully electronic

Going electronic is good for a variety of reasons, including the fact that it’s better for the environment because you’ll be printing out fewer receipts and physical records. It also makes it easier for you to make backups and to ensure that your data – one of the most important assets that your spa business has – is well-maintained and put to good use.

5.     Implement BYOD programs

BYOD (“bring your own device”) programs are popular at a lot of spas because they enable employees to use the tools that they’re already familiar with to get their jobs done. If you’re using cloud-based software to run your business, it can typically be accessed from any device with an internet connection, and so you can save a lot of money while empowering your employees simply by allowing them to bring their own devices to work.

6.     Get help

In the same way that if I was a student who needed assignment help I might hire an essay writer, if you’re a spa owner who needs digitisation help, you can go out and find yourself a specialist. The only difference is that instead of Googling “write my thesis” and hiring a coursework writing service, you’ll want to turn to Upwork, PeoplePerHour and other freelancing websites to get the job done.

7.     Don’t use technology for technology’s sake

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when trying to digitize their spa businesses is that they end up just tacking on new technologies and assuming that they’ll work some sort of magic, rather than thinking of them as tools to help employees to get their jobs done. There’s no point in using new technology just for the sake of it – you need to make sure that any technology that you take on is actually serving a purpose.


Now that you know the seven best practices for digitizing your spa, it’s over to you to put what you’ve learned today into practice. Remember that it’s never too soon to go through the digitization process, while the longer you leave it, the more of an advantage your digital competitors will have. So why not get started today? Good luck!


Author Bio

Scott Matthews is a professional writer and editor with a range of paper writing service and dissertation help clients including Essaybot and When he’s not writing, he can usually be found reading, walking or watching nature documentaries. He lives with his wife and their two dogs in a little cottage in the countryside with a high-speed internet connection.

Marketing Strategies: R U READY?

This is the first blog in a series about marketing strategies and practices for the spa industry in the new roaring 2020s. Did I mention it’s already 2020?

Here’s a pop quiz. Define marketing in 14 words or less. We’ll share our definition at the end. No peeking.

Marketing is actually a pretty simple discipline. For your business to be successful, you only need to focus on three things:

  • Acquiring new clients
  • Keeping them
  • Growing them

Most brands and spas focus their marketing efforts on acquiring and keeping clients and tend to overlook the growing part. We’re going to topline each of these three pillars of marketing and in future blogs, we will drill more deeply into the mechanics of each. Because the association’s readership is diverse, we’ll try to be general in this discussion and ask you, the reader, to adapt these ideas to the specific marketing strategies driving your business. Recognize at the beginning that there are new marketing and business realities forming in the 2020s.

These realities are driven by multiple forces, including, but not limited to:

TECHNOLOGY – if you thought the last decade was a wild ride, prepare yourselves for faster, more inclusive and diverse explosions of new technologies that will rock the wellness and beauty industry. Each of these new technologies will impact how you do business in the 2020s. Those brands and spas that adapt to the changing technologies will succeed; those that don’t probably will wither and fade away. Caution: Not every technology is right for every business. Be careful not to jump at the next shiny new toy. Do your homework; research and ask lots of questions.

CULTURE – we could write volumes on this topic and we would never end because culture is continually changing. Demographic profiles are being reshaped annually. Psychographic patterns of behavior are rapidly being revised. The industry understands the Boomers and the Gen X generations, primarily because most of the industry is comprised of these older generations.

Many marketers don’t understand the Millennials, and some still believe most Millennials are living in their parents’ basements playing video games. The Millennials still have a lot of problems, but playing video games is not one of them. And now, the Gen Zs, born after 1996, are beginning to impact the cultural mix. They appear to be significantly different than the Millennials. They are the future of the spa industry.

Beyond demographics and psychographics, the color of culture and our relationships are changing. You’re seeing it every day, but how does your marketing attract the more diverse cultures that are blossoming in your communities. How much business are you leaving for other spas through a lack of culturally based marketing? This should be a high priority in how you develop your promotional materials and social posts.

SOCIAL – when cultural shifts are not impacting your marketing, social shifts are. Communications in the digital age have radically changed how spas bring their service messages to prospects and clients. People want much more than just a “service.” Spas are told that clients want an experience, but experience is difficult to define. Every client has a different perception of what an experience means. Satisfaction indexes are not enough. There are better solutions.

Spa and professional brands turn their attention to creating a never-ending stream of social media posts, often believing such posts as being the savior to their business. The 2020 challenge is to create a spa media and promotional mix that creates energy and resonates with clients and prospects. No one message will resonate with all clients and prospects need entirely different messages. We will explore this in greater detail in a future blog.

ECONOMICS and POLITICS – we are not immune to changes in economic conditions. Economic shifts usually affect buying patterns and that will have an impact on every spa in America and that will trickle up to every brand selling to the industry. How many brands have been impacted by the 2019 tariffs? Answer: All of them. How many brands will be affected by the most recent Middle East dramas unfolding? Answer: It’s too early to know, but understand that buyer stress is increasing and in this industry, that can either be a blessing or a curse. Be prepared, because we are all doing business in the Age of Uncertainty.

So I will ask again: R U READY to do business in the new roaring 2020s? If you believe you are ready, let’s focus on the three pillars of marketing.

Remember the “good old days” when all that was needed to get new clients was to put a sign in the window, a guy on the corner wearing a sandwich board, and maybe an ad in the local newspaper with a first time visitor coupon. Don’t forget the ad in the Yellow Pages and a quarterly ad in the local community circular. Some of those media are still around, but they have lost much of their effectiveness.

Today, it is about being digital and being found online before your competitor is found. Your website is your portal to the world and if it is not beautiful, easy to navigate and responsive, you’ve lost a prospect. But let’s step back. Today, it’s all about search, thanks to Google. If your spa and your brand is not “ranked” at or near the top, you’ll probably be missed and that’s lost business. You need an SEO key word wizard because SEO is a science, not an art.

The science of acquiring new clients in the digital age is not complicated. It does require discipline and follow-through because the client journey to your spa is not a straight line. The same is true for spa brands. We’re told there is a marketing funnel that prospects go through on their journey to do business with you. That’s wrong. It’s really a pinball machine. The journey is not linear and there are a lot of starts and stops. Understand the dynamics.

Give them a great service experience and you will have a client for life. That’s the old model. Today, experience begins with a search and actually never ends. Your services and products may be exceptional. Unfortunately, you marketing can fail at so many points of contact. We will explore this in much more detail in future blogs. However, understand that in today’s digital market landscape the critical marketing element is to STAY CONNECTED with every client. No two clients are the same, so messaging has to be personalized, beyond “Hi, Ellen.” If you do not have an active engaging marketing database, you are not ready to do business in the 2020s.

Never forget that competition wants your business. Clients are not forever. Marketing’s primary goal is to influence the next sale. Marketing begins when the client walks out the door after each service. Marketing begins for brands as soon as an order is shipped. Why? Because the next sale/service is the most important one to keep your business thriving. Speaking of thriving, let’s move on.

Someone once said if your brand is not growing, it’s dying. Every client and every brand has a growth cycle. What’s yours? How do you get the majority of clients to make one more visit in 2020? How can you get clients to buy one more product? We’re not looking to add clients here; we want current clients to increase their activity and spend thresholds. This is all about creating marketing messages that generate action. We will unravel this mystery soon.

So let’s wrap up. Did you take a minute to write down your 14 word marketing definition? You still have time before you peek.

The EndGame Marketing Solutions marketing definition. 13 words:


Until next time…

Bart Foreman founded EndGame Marketing Solutions (EGMS) in 2016 after a long sales and marketing career, including co-owning Group 3 Marketing with his wife, Phyllis, for 30 years. EGMS is a marketing consultancy helping brands create new marketing energy. Its focus is data manipulation and strategic planning. Foreman says he is an Executive Strategist, because it’s a lot more exciting than being a CEO. Foreman’s long history in marketing has focused on specialty retail and the professional beauty business. He co-founded the Direct Marketing Association’s CRM Special Interests Council. He’s been a workshop and mainstage speaker at many beauty industry events. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and holds an MBA degree in marketing and marketing research from DePaul University.

THE ENDGAME: New thinking. New vision. New Energy.

A Spa Day Keeps the Wrinkles Away

Looking and Feeling Your Best

by: Kevin Gardner

When things in life get stressful, it can have a major impact on how we look and feel. We dash through our days and often find ourselves feeling drained and looking like we need a good nap and a healthy meal.To further complicate matters, sometimes we don’t notice the negative effects right away, and damage control is in order. Luckily, practicing some self care doesn’t have to be a chore, and can even be very enjoyable. Spas and spa treatments are gaining popularity and can be your closest ally in the battle to maintain your youth. Here are a few ways that your favorite spa can help you.

1. Rest and Relaxation

We may live in an age of “do it yourself’, but sometimes there is nothing better than having someone take care of you. Most full service spas will offer conveniences such as beverages and even light meals or snacks, which can often be brought to you while you enjoy a facial treatment or a mud bath. Soothing environments are a must, and you can choose what music you would like to hear during your stay, the temperature of the room that you are in and even how low the lights are dimmed. The focus is your comfort, so take advantage of all there is to offer. You will decompress, which will help your body to relax and your expressions to reflect contentment, which in itself takes years off of your appearance!

2. Professional Skin Care

No matter how conscientious you are about washing your face and moisturizing regularly, chances are that you won’t be able to achieve the results that you get from an experienced esthetician. He or she can assess the current condition of your skin and devise the best plan of action for your needs. Once you have left the spa and decide that you cannot live without treating yourself a little every day with high quality skin care products, you can keep up on offerings from renowned skin care experts such as BHMD on Twitter, and never miss reviews, special promotions and must-have information to keep your skin looking young and radiant.

A spa may also offer simple cosmetic options for quick solutions to aging skin concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles. Just make sure that you go over all of the potential effects and plan for the possibility of a short amount of down time while your skin heals.

3. Health and Wellness

Another risk of leading a hectic lifestyle is the neglect of the body’s nutrition requirements. Filling up on convenient, processed food and allowing the body to become dehydrated will take its toll on the wellbeing of both the inside and outside of your body. Your skin needs plenty of fruits and vegetables along with clear, natural fluids such as water and pure fruit juice in order to stay hydrated and healthy. Ask your spa if they offer and nutrition counseling to get you back on track. Some spas even offer their own brand of supplements for health and beauty conscious clients. Once you have found a nutritionist or other professional consultant that you feel comfortable with, you can maintain your regimen knowing that you have someone cheering for you. A partner in youth!

Taking good care of yourself can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, but when you find a trustworthy place to go, the effort will be worth it. Soon you will look younger and feel better than you have in years. Better yet, you can feel great about the fact that you are caring for yourself. Being well cared for is the best reward that you can give to yourself.

How to Stop Excessive Scalp Sweating

by: Kevin Gardner Do you sweat excessively from your scalp and face? If so, you’re not alone. Plenty of people have this condition, which is known as hyperhidrosis. It’s not dangerous to sweat a lot, as long as you are staying adequately hydrated, but it can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing to feel beads of sweat breaking out on your scalp and forehead when you’re in public with other people. Keep reading to learn how you can reduce your scalp sweating.

What Causes Sweating of the Scalp and Face?

Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, can occur anywhere on the body, and the scalp is one of the most commonly affected areas. When hyperhidrosis has no obvious cause (which is true in the majority of cases), it’s known as primary hyperhidrosis. If the sweating is caused by some other known factor, such as an illness, it’s known as secondary hyperhidrosis.

Doctors believe that people with primary hyperhidrosis simply have overactive sweat glands. There may be a genetic component to excessive sweating. Sweating can also be caused by physical exertion, humid weather, and stress or anxiety. If you aren’t sure what is causing your scalp to sweat, it’s a good idea to see your doctor to rule out any medical causes.

8 Ideas for Reducing Your Scalp Sweating

1. Use an antiperspirant or a topical cream.

One of the best treatments for hyperhidrosis is a simple aluminum chloride antiperspirant, just like you’d use under your arms. You can find specially formulated antiperspirants that are made for the sensitive skin of your face and scalp. If you need something stronger, ask your doctor for a prescription cream that contains anticholinergic agents.

2. Give essential oils a try.

Not a fan of the idea of putting antiperspirant on your scalp? Essential oils can be a good all-natural alternative. Try sage, lavender, or tea tree oil to control your sweat production. Just be sure to dilute your oil before applying it to your scalp so it doesn’t burn your skin.

3. Consider Botox.

Botox isn’t just a treatment for wrinkles. It can also make your sweat glands less active. If you choose this route, be sure to find an experienced provider to minimize the risk of unwanted side effects.

4. Wash your hair and scalp every day.

Scrubbing your scalp regularly will keep you feeling (and smelling) clean, and removing oil buildup can help to cut back on your sweating. Apply a little talcum powder to your scalp after your hair dries to keep you feeling fresh longer.

5. Avoid eating spicy foods.

Spicy foods may be delicious, but they can ramp up your body’s sweat production. Skip the cayenne next time you’re deciding what to have for dinner, or limit your consumption of spicy food to times you don’t mind getting a little sweaty, such as when you’re at home.

6. Cut back on caffeine.

Like spicy foods, caffeinated foods and drinks can stimulate your sweat glands, so think twice before you hit the coffee shop for a pick-me-up.

7. Reduce your stress levels.

If high-pressure situations make you sweat, do your best to reduce your day-to-day stress. Consider saying no to commitments you don’t really want to take on, and find a few simple relaxation exercises you can do anywhere, such as deep breathing exercises.

8. Maintain a healthy weight.

Being overweight can be a trigger for excessive sweating. If you are overweight, talk to your doctor about how to safely get down into the healthy BMI range.

The Takeaway

Excessive scalp sweating can be an annoying problem. Luckily, you have options beyond just accepting the sweat. From treating your scalp with essential oils to adjusting your diet and stress levels, there’s a lot you can do to tame your sweat glands and feel more comfortable in your skin, so why not pick one or two of these tips and try them today?

Using Technology to Attract Spa Clients

Technology is moving at a rapid pace and is changing the customer experience in so many ways, from the way that spas can attract them, to their interactions, and rewarding them for their loyalty.

In this article, we explore some of the ways technology can be used to attract clients to your spa.

Email Marketing

Most business owners may have heard of email marketing and may be adopting it to some extent in their business. By collecting email addresses when customers pay for their treatment, you can start to connect with them regularly enough to remain in their mind and keep coming back. You may need to offer an incentive in return for their email address, such as a discount off their next visit.

Remember to comply with the laws around email communication in your local area, such as GDPR in the UK and Canada’s Anti-Spam Law.

Cloud-based Software

By using a software that is based in the cloud, your customers and staff will be able to view and manage appointments and make reservations from anywhere in the world – 24 hours a day. Most cloud-based software also provides reporting tools and inventory management. By viewing the reports that the software can provide, spa owners can personalise their marketing to customers through social media, email and text to improve relationships and customer retention.

“Having the ability to book appointments online also reduces the workload on your reception, so that the staff there can focus on serving those customers who are already in the spa”, says Scott Taylor, a tech manager at DraftBeyond and Research Papers UK. “When choosing an online scheduling system, make sure that you can integrate it with the other business apps that you use, so that you can get a full picture of your customer’s interactions”.

Payment Methods

Most spa customers want to use a variety of payment methods in store and online, such as cash, credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Venmo. By having an advanced point-of-sale (POS) system, you can offer options to suit each individual customer.


In our busy world, it is easy for customers to forget appointments, but it can be time-consuming to send individual messages every day. New technologies, like business SMS platforms, enable spa owners to be able to automate the sending of SMS communications. For example, reception can schedule a message the day before appointments to remind the customer, or the day after to ask them if they were happy and to leave a review.


Having an easy-to-use rewards program can be a great way to keep customers coming back. Technology can really help with this. Software, like Square, gives points automatically when they checkout and notifies customers when they reach certain points levels.

Social Media

Most marketing campaigns these days should include an element of social media, since 70% of Americans now use it. Customers use social media sites to find reviews before choosing a spa to visit. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest can be useful tools for getting in touch with new customers and getting feedback from existing ones. YouTube is now the second biggest search engine, behind Google, and posting videos regularly on there will boost your ratings.

“Try to publish content that really matches your ideal customer and reward followers with deals and discounts,” says Margaret Bonner, marketer at Writinity and LastMinuteWriting. “You can then monitor engagement to find out which posts are the most popular. If you do it right, social engagement can drive brand awareness and bring more customers in through the door.”


The modern customer loves to read reviews before choosing a spa. In fact, 91% of people read online reviews. If you are trying to improve your online presence, you make want to start by asking your existing clients to share what they love about you online. Technology can help you to keep an eye on reviews as soon as they are published and feedback if necessary. It can help you to show that you care about the experience your customers have in your spa.

Keep feedback light and friendly and try to personalise messages if possible. It is important to keep replies professional though and make sure that your grammar and spelling is correct.

As a professional writer for Lucky Assignments and Gum Essays, Ashley Halsey has been involved in a number of projects across the US. When she is not working or being a mother to her to children, she likes to travel, read and attend business training courses.

Leave Marketing To The Professionals (Part 1)

Part 1 of a 3 part series, Stephen Wiggins, Head of Product at ProSolutions looks at the struggles of beauty business marketing.

jackLike most business owners, I wear many hats: some by choice, some by necessity.  One hat I was required to wear after the 2008 recession was to act as lead marketer for ProSolutions.  Although I was confident in this new role, I would come to find that it takes a lot more than confidence to market in the digital world.

My journey started by investing a substantial amount of time and money into print advertisements.  I was under siege from different beauty magazines and industry circulars about the astronomical reach of print ads and huge returns on investment, so I dove in headfirst.  Unfortunately, it took a few years (and a lot of wasted money) to learn that the days of print advertising are over and that simply creating a magazine ad and hoping for the circulation numbers you were promised was marketing fools gold.  Print is dead.  It was time to change strategies.

Being a Millennial, albeit an older one, I turned to social media as an alternative marketing strategy and began posting to all of the different social channels.  I didn’t take the time to determine who my target audience was: Salon and Spa owners? Managers? Booth renters? Consultants?  I didn’t understand how to engage these people, how to make them interested in what I was saying or doing, or how to convert this online noise into a business relationship.  On a deeper level, I didn’t understand the vernacular of online and social marketing: What’s a click through? How do I find out my bounce rate? What’s the difference between views and reach? How does having a landing page help me?  I was quickly learning that there was a huge difference between posting pictures on social media and “digital marketing.” There was so much I didn’t understand.


So there I was, posting, tweeting, snapping and gramming (is that even a word?!?) into this online black hole, never seeing the results I was promised by the various marketing consultants who told me how important social media was for my business.  To make matters worse, everything I was doing was manual, swallowing up a substantial amount of my workday and leaving me with little time to respond to my current clients in a timely and meaningful matter.  In fact, I was so busy trying to GET clients that I began LOSING clients.  It was time to seek professional help.

After speaking to some experts about my business’s online marketing strategy, I realized there was more to digital advertising than my social media obsession.  The entire online experience is an interrelated web that needs a cohesive and holistic approach, which requires an extensive lesson in branding.  In part 2 of this 3 part series, I’ll explain what I’ve learned about online branding for small businesses and why it’s important to digital marketing.

Stay tuned for more…


Stephen Wiggins

Stephen Wiggins

Head of Product

Stephen is Head of Product at ProSolutions Software. With over 15 years experience working directly with salon and spa owners, Stephen is an expert in the business of beauty and wellness.

ProSolutions Software

Step-By-Step to Dry Brushing

With summer right around the corner that means swimsuit weather is coming soon and that means, our focus surrounding body beautification is in full swing!

What if we told you we had a free and easy wellness trick to give your skin a smooth fresh finish, would you do it? Just follow this easy-to-do daily skincare pick-me-up and render amazing results both inside and out and unveil a flawless looking bod!

How To

Start by removing all clothing and cleanse selected areas. Using the dry brush, swipe the brush over skin in long, brisk motions following the 5 steps listed below:

  1. Begin with the front side of the body. At the feet, work briskly up each leg and thigh toward the heart. Focus on working into the pelvic ligament area for maximum benefit of lymphatic flow and drainage.
  2. Then, repeat upward sweeping motions on the back of the legs, starting at the calves and moving up toward the upper thigh with the same brisk movements.
  3. Next, dry brush each arm on both sides moving toward the axillary area for maximum benefit of lymphatic flow and drainage. The underside of the arm can be sensitive so move cautiously in this area.
  4. Dry brush the side of the abdominal area, moving toward the pelvic area from the oblique in a downward motion. When working on the abdomen itself, you want to work in a clockwise circular motion, encouraging the flow of digestion.
  5. Finish the front side of the body by brushing the décolleté, starting at the sternum working outward toward the axillary area for maximum benefit of lymphatic drainage and digestion.

*For best results, perform steps daily.



  • gently detoxify
  • elevated circulation
  • improved hydration
  • better skin tone
  • smooth skin finish
…and more!

Boost your results!

Try the European inspired Espresso Limón Slimming Oil directly following your dry brushing treatment to assist with further purifyingepicuren body oil and toning the body!


Let the pros do the work

If you’re not one to do your at-home exfoliation, consider booking a treatment with an expert. An array of skin buffing procedures can be done at a spa and quickly provide the results you desire. Book an pampering body therapy today with an elite certified Epicuren® aesthetician at a spa in your area by visiting theEpicuren® Spa Locator.
Epicuren Discovery

Epicuren Discovery
Phone. 800.235.1217

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Top 3 trends for the spa and wellness industry in 2016

Just because a major spa has decided to do something a certain way does NOT make it a trend. To be a trend, the entire industry must be moving, if slowly, in that direction. An excellent example is the surfing “trend” where some spas are incorporating surf lessons into their wellness programs. Sure, a few destination spas in Bali, Hawaii and Fiji are experimenting with this, and it may be a fun and exciting idea, but a “trend” for the industry should be something that affects Manhattan and Kansas City as much as it affects Bali and Fiji. I don’t think I’ll be seeing any surfing classes in Idaho.

This blog is focused on trends that are impacting spas in all locations and environments. By focusing on real business trends, we can help the spa and beauty industry stay profitable and secure in the coming years.

Here are our top 3 trends for the spa and wellness industry in 2016:

#1 Wellness and Preventive Treatments      

wellnessYoga for back pain, naturopathy for allergies or acupuncture for mysterious aches and pains, consumers want health support and prevention rather than address issues once they become problematic says Allan Share, president, Day Spa Association. “This urgency has come to the forefront because consumers are feeling uncared for in the medical community; they want to stay on track without running to the doctor, particularly given the rise in premiums and out of pocket health-care costs.”


#2 More Focus on Men

manAlthough the spa and beauty industry is dominated by female clientele, that doesn’t mean you should ignore your male clients. In fact, it can be just the addition needed to break through that client number ceiling you’ve hit. Adding a handful of additional “male centric” services like a “sports recovery massage” or more masculine manicures will allow you to begin marketing to this much-neglected segment of spa society. Remember, attracting men to a spa should be natural as many of them have significant others that find value in the spa and wellness industry, so you have a built in marketer!


#3 De-Stress offerings

stressThe spa has always been a place of relaxation: soothing facials, Swedish massages, soft music and candles have always been staples of most spa and wellness businesses. However, your client base is becoming more and more exposed to other forms of pampering and relaxation so it’s time to up your game. A service menu of ten different massages doesn’t really offer the kind of diversity younger clients crave to help them de-stress. By offering services like yoga, tai chi, meditation and detoxification, you can enhance your customer’s experience and keep them coming back for more.



Matt Wiggins

Matt Wiggins

VP of Sales at ProSolutions Software

With over 20 years experience in the beauty industry, Matt teaches classes to salon and spa owners on business topics including branding, management, marketing and advertising.

The Customer is NOT Always Right!

Remember, YOU Are The Professional!

Customers have a tendency to dictate how and when their services are performed, but who is the professional at your salon or spa? You or your customers?

The old adage “the customer is always right” certainly works well in client relations, but is not necessarily the best way to run a business. You and your staff are the professionals that need to prescribe how and when your services are provided so that your clients receive the best treatment they can get. Here are four pointers to remember:

1.        Prescribe

Is a client more likely to purchase a product that you ‘recommended’ to them or one that you have ‘prescribed’ to them? Prescribing retail tells your clients just how important the products you sell really are. By the same token, clients are more likely to come in for their follow-up appointment if you tell them it’s part of the treatment, not just recommended for “best results.”

2.        Educate

By thoroughly educating your customers on why your suggestions are best for them and why their own ideas of “when and how” may not actually work, you can build trust and establish yourself as the expert.

Here’s an example:

Imagine a client schedules a keratin treatment because they need straight hair for a wedding that’s in two days, but you know that a Brazilian blowout is the better option for their timeline. When you recommend the blowout, the client tells you they have reservations because their friend told them it doesn’t work as well on frizzy hair and the chemicals used cause cancer. The client is also concerned about being “upsold” product and follow-up treatments.

First, try describing the differences between a Brazilian blowout and a keratin treatment. Explain that the blowout will get them ready for the wedding because it only takes about 90 minutes and is done as soon as you leave the salon, whereas other keratin treatments take between two and three hours to finish and the product needs to be washed out after three days.

Next, rely on your experience to explain that you have performed the blowout on every type of hair and that good candidates include anyone who has frizzy, damaged or processed hair.

Lastly, let the client know that they can continue using their own relaxers and strengtheners after the blowout, but the blowout can last up to 10-12 weeks with the maintenance product you’ve prescribed. Also explain that the blowout is a cumulative treatment: the more the client receives it, the healthier her hair will be and the longer the result will last.

By relying on your experience and discussing treatments and product in detail, your client will feel more comfortable agreeing with you. Also, be sure to display confidence and listen to your client’s concerns (you certainly don’t want to offend them).

3.       Prove It

Show your clients that your way is best by using before and after photos or industry articles to prove your point. Whether it is botox treatment results or the look of a particular hair color against a certain shade of skin, your customers
will have a better appreciation for your suggestions if you back them up with tangible data.

In our above example, try showing the client the steps that are involved in a keratin treatment and the condition their hair will be in for the next three days. Use before and after photos of past blowout clients to demonstrate that it can work for frizzy hair and looks similar, or better, to those who have received a keratin treatment.

Once you prove your expert opinion with pictures and articles, your clients are more likely to rubber stamp your suggestions in the future and feel happy with the services they receive (which also results in more referrals!).

4.        Use Your Software

Whether it is how often a customer should return for a service, or the best way to use the product you recommended, your software should be able to reach out to your customer based on YOUR benchmarks. Reminding customers that it’s time to re-stock a product they are getting low on, or that it’s time to think about hiding those roots again, your system should be able to address your wants in an automated fashion.  The DARCI system in Transcend by ProSolutions does this automatically for you!

Matt Wiggins

Matt Wiggins

VP of Sales at ProSolutions Software

With over 20 years experience in the beauty industry, Matt teaches classes to salon and spa owners on business topics including branding, management, marketing and advertising.

Top 3 Reasons to Offer a Line of Private Label Products Tailored to Your Clientele

Have you been thinking about introducing your own line of day spa, med spa or salon products?  Here are the top reasons why you should…

  1. Enhances Your Exposure. When friends and coworkers compliment your client on how fabulous they look, they tell them about your products and send them to you to buy them. This not only increases sales of your brand, but now allows you to expose these clients to your service offerings.
  2. Assures Exclusivity & Brand Loyalty. Your clients can find many of your national brands on Amazon or through several other on-line retail storefronts. Therefore, you can lose a new customer to pricing as fast as you gain one. A key objective of any spa or salon is to create client loyalty. When you offer your own brand, they become loyal to it and can only purchase it through your website or physical location.
  3. Higher Profit Margins = Increased Profits. You can purchase private label products for a fraction of what you pay for national brands. You thereby greatly increase your profit margins. Also, small minimum order quantities with manufacturers of private label products means that regardless of your size or location, you’re a candidate for offering your own product line. Some manufacturers require a minimum order of only 3 units per product.

Not Yet Convinced?  Here are a few more reasons…

  • Because of the higher profit margins you will experience through offering your own private label brand, you will be able to offer your products at a price point slightly lower than your pricing on competitive brand offerings. Thereby you’re able to offer your clients a fabulous product alternative at a better price.
  • Your clients are loyal to you because of the excellent services you provide. You’ve already built trust and credibility with them. They will be eager to try your own brand as a result of that loyalty. While you don’t have the marketing might of a national brand behind you, keep in mind that you’ve got something even better: a personal relationship with your clients.
  • You can better meet client needs. When you hear a certain type of product requested over and over by your clients, you can add that specific private label offering to your product line, be it skin lightening products, marine-based, glycolics or whatever else is being requested.
  • You can offer your sales staff a higher retail commission on your private label brand to help enlist their support in promoting it. You will be able to do so, because of the higher margins you will reap.
  • Pride of ownership. Last, but not least, you will experience unparalleled pride in offering your very own signature brand of products!
Linda Gearke

Linda Gearke

Founder & CEO of Strictly Personal – The Personal Care Marketing Experts

With over 20 years of branding expertise in the beauty industry, Linda helps med spa, day spa and salon owners cost effectively bring their own custom or private label brand to market.

Spring Promotions that Motivate Clients and Employees

There is a sense of rebirth and renewal when it comes to spring time. The same is true for spas and salons; it’s time to redecorate, refresh and update your promotional ideas.

“Clients are getting out and want to come into your business. It is time to get some highlights, a body scrub, facial and more,” commented Julie Pankey, managing partner of JMPankey Partners. “How are you going to get them to your spa or salon? Well, start by reading our list of promotional ideas and before you can say daffodil you’ll have an action plan!”

New Client Special – Offer a free retail gift (valued at $20) with any facial service over $75, or a free nail polish with the booking of a deluxe mani or pedi.

Create FaceBook, Snapchat and Instagram Campaigns – Share pictures of makeup, blowouts treatments. Create posts that clients can share so that you can generate new business and followers. Introduce new staff, new services, products and special promotions.

Client Appreciation Week – Make the first week of April “Client Appreciation Week”. Plan special events for each day of the week, from offering a special buffet of treats, to chair massage, complimentary makeup applications, discounts on your most popular treatments, and complimentary add-ons to client services. Your regular clients will love the opportunity to try new services and new clients will love the energy and excitement.

A Series Sale – Offering series are a great way to get new clients. Popular series are for waxing, nail and manicure services and massage. Promote series to your clients with the incentive of the discounted price from the standard pricing. Typically series can be anywhere from 15-20% off the standard rates. It’s a nice way to build business for the summer months.

Mother’s Day Special Beauty Packages – Mother’s Day is May 8th and promotions should start in mid-April.  Create some custom packages. Think fun, catchy language and phrasing. Make your promotion a statement, so instead of Client Appreciation Week, say “We love Our Client BFFs” or instead of Mother’s Day specials, something like “Don’t Neglect Your Mom this Mother’s Day“. Reach your target with friendly, funny, emotion-evoking language. Get your staff involved for more brain power and creative ideas.

“Remember, all promotions need to be posted through your spa or salon social media channels, on in-house signage,and through direct email campaigns,” shared Pankey.

“Additionally, staff need to know what is planned for the spa and to be excited about it. Hosting monthly staff meetings to discuss your marketing program will keep them informed and generate a buzz,” said Pankey. “Another spa best practice is to add internal sales and product contests for your staff. It’s basic human psychology to be motivated by goals and rewards. Give them a little Spring motivation with cash prizes, their favorite products, a night at the movies or mall gift certificate.”

JMPankey Partners

JMPankey Partners
JMPankey Partners specialize in spa operations consulting, social media, website design, marketing and brand development. Founder Julie Pankey, known as the 7-figure spa consultant, is a results-oriented spa industry expert and visionary. Julie has contributed to the success of such companies as Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Spa at Norwich Inn, Marriott, Cliff House Resort and Spa, Catania Hospitality, Pacifica Hotels, Fluhme Beauty, Christopher Drummond Beauty and OSEA Malibu.

Let’s Get Hoppin: 3 Quick Easter Marketing Ideas for Salons

If you haven’t already heard: Peter Cottontail is coming to town and he has a present tucked away in his Easter basket that’s just for your salon – a surge in business. That’s right, Easter is right around the corner (Sunday March 27) and with that comes a great opportunity for your salon to rake in the dough.

Think about it – Easter is a time of massive family get togethers and fancy Easter Sunday brunches. Who isn’t concerned with looking their Sunday best for Easter? That’s why it’s no surprise salons typically witness a significant spike in business when Easter rolls around… IF they use some grade-a Easter marketing ideas that is.

Luckily, Easter is a holiday which your salon can use to market itself for drawing in clients by the masses. Below are some top-notch Easter marketing ideas that your salon can use to uncover it’s golden egg.


A holiday like Easter lends itself for great visual representation. There are tons of colors, images, and caricatures you can utilize in order to grab potential new clients’ attention such as:

  • Baby pink/blue primary coloring
  • Light green/purple/yellow secondary coloring
  • Budding flowers
  • Colorful baskets
  • Colorful eggs
  • Baby chicks
  • Baby lambs
  • Carrots
  • Easter Bunnies

Once you’ve established some sort of Easter theme, you need to remember keeping it consistent and use it across all forms of communications such as your:

  • Website
  • Social Media Pages
  • Emails
  • Gift Certificates
  • Window Signage and Displays
  • Specials and Promotions


Easter presents your salon with a ton of fun, creative options to explore when it comes to creating promotions for your salon. Here is just a small taste of how you can piggyback on the theme and use it to help boost those sales.

Examples of Fun Easter Promotions You Can Try:

The Lucky Egg – During the month of March/April award your most loyal clients with a free gift card

Eggzactly What You’re Looking For – $5 off for your next visit in the month of March/April

A Hare-y Situation – $10 off your next haircut or blowout during the months of March/April

Your Eggs in One Basket – Product bundles are $5 off during the week before Easter

Social Media

Your salon’s social media pages are your key to fully utilizing Easter as a means to catch the eye of new clients and drive them through the door. Get all your salon’s social pages involved such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

Some simple ideas for using social media as a means to advertise your salon with an Easter theme are:

  • Changing your header image to reflect your Easter theme
  • Share your Easter themed promotions
  • Include popular hashtags like: #happyeaster #eastersunday #eastereggs #easterfun #easterbunny
  • Post interesting Easter facts and trivia
  • Post fun Easter inspired photos
John Rigo

John Rigo

Content Marketer with Booker

more from Booker here



The body repairs and regenerates. The mind resets itself for a brand new day. And despite those super humans, (Margaret Thatcher, Martha Stewart and Barack Obama included) who can survive on as little as four hours a night, studies show that just one evening of poor quality rest can considerably impair the radiance of skin. So here’s how to maximize that beauty sleep – and wake up looking restored.

Silky smooth: If you’re prone to sleeping on your front, burying your head in a cotton pillowcase will cause lines and wrinkles upon waking. So buy a silk pillowcase – or make sure you travel with a silky nightie to slip around a hotel pillow – and your skin will slide, rather than crunch against it, thus preventing wrinkles. Anyone with dry, coloured or curly hair will also appreciate the smoothing, detangling benefits silk will bring. I would also recommend you to buy the best mattress you can afford. Having a better mattress is known to improve your sleep, so this is definitely going to help with your beauty sleep!

Go slow: Over the course of a night, the body enters several different types of sleep cycle. Yet it’s during the ‘slow-wave’ phase that human growth hormone is released – the key to thickening skin, boosting muscle mass and strengthening bones. Some experts suggest that incorporating strenuous, weight-bearing exercise into our daily lives can enhance slow-wave sleep – so start training now. This particular sleep cycle also helps improve your short-term memory.

Manage your hormones: Sleep deprivation has been shown to increase the production of cortisol – ‘the stress hormone’ – that leads to inflammation and accelerated skin ageing. Black tea, spinach and barley all contain nutrients that help the body regulate cortisol levels naturally. So you get a better night’s sleep – and better skin as a result.


Open the windows – even in winter: When winter bites, it’s tempting to turn up the heating and batten down the windows. Yet the resultant lack of oxygen inside the room can contribute to puffiness and pooling beneath the eyes. So get yourself a hot bottle – then crack open that window.

Reach for a hairband: Fixing our hair is not the first thing that leaps to mind when thinking about the sleep/skin link. But tie long hair up in a loose, high pony and you’ll stop it from blotting away your night cream – and in turn, prevent your hairs’ natural oils from affecting your complexion.


Elemis Pro Collagen Nighttime Collection

Click Here to shop Elemis



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Referral Programs

What Are “Referral Programs”? Referral Programs encourage current customers to talk as much as possible about your salon or spa and increase “word-of-mouth” marketing by offering a reward for each new customer they refer to your business (usually discounted or free products and services).

Are Referral Programs Worth The Cost? According to a recent study[1], referred customers were both more profitable and loyal than normal customers. Referred customers spent more money, had a higher retention rate and were more valuable in both the short and long term. The study also found that Referral Programs are worth the cost as the value of a referred client is generally larger than the referral fee you pay.

mouthwordWhere Do I Start?  Asking a previous client that visited you one time, 8 months ago, may not be the most effective way to go about getting referrals. Rather, start with your regular customers since they like your salon/spa and will have something positive to say about it. Being able to generate a list of these types of clients is something your management software should be able to easily do. Whether you base this list off of money spent, services purchased or simply how often they come to visit, you have an excellent place to begin your Referral Program.  simple

What Do I Say? Once this list is generated, create a simple email asking these customers to bring or refer a friend and include a benefit to the customer, or to the customer’s referral. For example, ask your best customers to bring a friend and the two of them will be able to use a 20% “referral” coupon together. Another idea is to ask your customer to send a friend who will be given a free minor service in conjunction with any service they are purchasing (i.e. a free bang trim is an inexpensive way to say “thank you” for a referral getting a French manicure.)

Keep It Simple. Remember, the key to a successful Referral Program is making it easy for your customer, so your email should have a coupon readily available (or simply make the email the coupon). Also, having links to your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and other sites makes it easy for your customers to include beneficial comments about you. A simple Facebook post by a regular customer like “Hey guys, my spa will give me and anybody I bring in 25% off a massage. Who’s coming with me?” will give you immediate access to hundreds of potential referral clients.

Track the Benefits With Your Loyalty Program. A lot of small businesses like to do “punch cards” and other similar loyalty programs. If your customer has to keep a record like that handy (i.e. in their purse or wallet), it loses some of its value by being easy to lose or misplace. Instead, make sure you have a loyalty program that your business keeps record of so your customer can come in, or even go on-line or call, and find out what is available to them. A client file that keeps a record of their history and whatever points or benefits they have earned is invaluable. Also try printing any “earned value” onto your customer’s receipt so they are instantly aware of how many points they’ve earned.

Everybody’s business is a little different and will require some thought to be put into a properly running Referral Program, but using the ideas or even the general concepts discussed above have been proven in many successful salons and spas today.

Matt Wiggins

Matt Wiggins

VP of Sales at ProSolutions Software

With over 20 years experience in the beauty industry, Matt teaches classes to salon and spa owners on business topics including branding, management, marketing and advertising.

POLISHED BLISS by Epicuren – Introducing The Signature Body Polish Collection


The Signature Body Polish Collection

Exfoliate and awaken the skin with these four invigorating decadent body scrubs.

Each formulated with a nourishing blend of ingredients that will leave the skin polished and revived.

Available in four indulgent scents

Sweet Mandarin Walnut Body Polish
Mint Renewal White Sand Body Polish
Papaya Pineapple Bamboo Body Polish
Cinnamon Vanilla Brown Sugar Polish

exfoliation 101

Beautiful skin takes work and dedication…it’s definitely a process and the removal of dead skin cells is key in getting to that end result…a beautiful A-list glow. Exfoliating the face is easy to remember but what about the rest of the body? Your skin is the body’s largest organ and constantly turning over skin cells – experts say at the rate of over 75,000 cells per minute! The confusion for some is when to, how to, and what to exfoliate with? We put together a simple check list to help you with the process…


Less is more… Start your body exfoliation regime 2 times per week, spreading out treatments to avoid irritation to the skin.


A gentle touch… Apply polish to wet skin using light-pressured circular motions. DO NOT RUB HARSHLY. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry. Follow with a body moisturizer like Epicuren®’s Avocado Soothing Moisturizer.


Pure and natural…take the time to research and shop for gentle buffing agents and granules that are finely milled so as to minimize any micro-tearing to the skin. Try one of these effective yet gentle exfoliants from the Epicuren® Body Polish Collection.


Epicuren Discovery

Epicuren Discovery
Phone. 800.235.1217

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Body Detox with ELEMIS


Even though during the winter months we are less likely to expose our bodies, it’s important that we take time out to look after ourselves and kick start those energy levels as the body does battle with environmental pollutants and toxins that can cause skin to look tired and dull. Even the minerals in tap water can play havoc with the skin by drying it out when all you have done is taken a shower, so a few small changes to your diet and beauty care routine is all you need to make the difference.

I know maintaining a healthy lifestyle whilst balancing a busy routine can be a challenge in today’s environment. The pressures and stresses of daily life can interrupt good intentions and lead to a build-up of toxins. But try adopting a simple detox regime such as drinking warm water with lemon or ginger first thing in a morning and last thing at night. Whilst we’re talking of ginger, exfoliating regularly will help cleanse the body, stimulate circulation, and release toxins. Indulge in a warm powerful shower to open the pores before massaging ELEMIS Lime and Ginger Salt Glow into your skin in circular motions, focusing on problem areas.


The ultimate body boost, and the addition to your daily detox routine that I feel makes a huge difference, is dry body brushing. I recommend it before showering, using long upward movements towards the heart to promote lymphatic drainage, flush away impurities and boost your circulation. It also improves muscle tone, reduces puffiness and the orange peel appearance of cellulite. One with a long handle and firm bristles is generally best so all hard-to-reach areas can be targeted. The best time to do your body brushing is first thing in the morning. Start with the soles of your feet and work your way up your legs, followed by hands and arms. Reach over and brush from the buttocks up to your back and around to the stomach. Brush your tummy in an anti-clockwise direction. Then pop in the shower with ELEMIS Sharp Shower Body Wash. It’s the most invigorating body wash scented with uplifting Spearmint and Peppermint essential oils plus plant extracts of Nettle, Wild Marjoram, Marshmallow, Chamomile and Thyme. The Soya, Wheat and Milk protein base will deep cleanse whilst the rich creamy lather is super gentle, leaving your skin clean, soft and tingling with freshness.


Detoxify your diet: take a look at what type of proteins you are choosing. Hormones in traditionally produced dairy, poultry, and meat may contribute to acne and could be the cause of spotty backs and chests. Cut back on sugar. Refined sugar causes a process called glycation, which can affect the collagen and elastin in the skin, making the skin look tired, and it’s the cause of those bingo wings!Detoxing does not have to be a painful process and actually some of my favourite bodycare products are from the Cellutox range combining the richness of the sea with the power of aroma. This powerful synergy of Sea Buckthorn and Sea Fennel extracts, with Lemon and Juniper essential oils can be used as part of a body cleansing programme. Cellutox Active Body Oil is a beautiful lightweight oil that can be used daily after a shower or bath, best applied in the morning or early evening. Pour a small amount into the palms and rub gently over problem areas, such as the abdomen, buttocks and thighs, this is such a light oil, you will find it absorbs straight into the skin and you can get dressed straight away. The formula of active ingredients also comes in a bath sachet. While you’re running the bath, simply empty a sachet of Cellutox Herbal Bath Synergy into the water. Soak in the bath, concentrating on abdominal breathing for 15-20 minutes. Rest for a while afterwards and then apply your Cellutox Active Body Oil as above.


Keeley Aydin

Keeley Aydin

International Skincare Expert

6 Simple Skin Care Resolutions

It is with your best “skin-tentions” that you plan to stick to your daily skincare routine, but even the most beauty-conscious women occasionally fall short. Rather than make one big overwhelming commitment, we suggest keeping it simple by making a handful of smaller changes to maintain your healthy complexion.

  1. Never skip a cleanse… It can be tempting to just climb into bed or rush off to start your day and skip the cleanse but it’s really the most key part of your skincare routine. Make a shift and make sure to cleanse morning and night!
  2. Drink plenty of water… Yes, we know you hear this all the time…but for good reason. Water is the best beauty secret of all! Staying hydrated will keep your skin looking hydrated and healthy. Always keep a bottle on hand so you never go without.
  3. Keep your skincare routine consistent… It may be tempting to change it up and try something new because there are so many products on the market. But skincare experts recommend sticking to a set routine for at least 3 months before making any changes in order to see beneficial results.
  4. Eat (or drink) your greens… Just as natural products offer healthy benefits to your skin, so do eating your greens…or drinking them! Grab a (sugar free) green juice to go or better yet make your own. Try this simple recipe we like to call the “Green Goddess.” Juice 1 cucumber, 1 cup water, 3 large kale leaves, 1 small green apple, 1 small piece raw ginger, and juice from ¼ lemon. Juice ingredients, pour over ice and enjoy! If you have a blender, add all ingredients and blend until liquefied. To strain pulp, push through cheese cloth. Yum!
  5. Do not pick at your skin… You’ll be surprised by how quickly a blemish clears up when you resist the urge to pick and poke at it. We know it’s tempting…trust us! What we also know is it’s very damaging and can leave life long scars. Just say no and fight the urge to pick by cleansing the “bumps” and then treating with a blemish fighting product like Epicuren® Clarify Blemish Eraser.
  6. Keep your pillow cases clean… Bacteria can build up on your pillow cases and can be the root case of the breakouts you are experiencing. Keep a routine (and a fresh face) by switching out the pillowcases weekly.

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Essential Oils to Promote Fresh Thinking for the New Year

With 2016 just beginning, it’s time to transition out of holiday mode and prepare ourselves for the upcoming year. Essential oils are a great way to refresh and kickstart the mind naturally and effectively. Here are a few essential oils that can help to keep you focused and on track in 2016!

Rosemary {Rosmarinus Officinalis}

Properties: Awakening, clarifying and has a natural ability to bring fresh blood flow to the brain. Rosemary oil is also known to stimulate and strengthen mental activity, clear thoughts and encourage clarity.

Peppermint {Mentha Piperita}

Properties: Awakening, cooling, clarifying and classified as a menthol, which is known to stimulate fresh blood flow. Emotionally, it awakens, refreshes and uplifts, stimulating the mind and increasing focus.

Frankincense {Boswellia Carterii}

Properties: Helps direct attention and energy to help you stay focused.

Cardamom {Elettaria Cardamomum}

Properties: Cephalic to help stimulate oxygen and blood flow to the brain which helps to promote mental concentration.

Myrtle {Myrtus communis}

Properties: Helps to clear the mind when it’s foggy.

All of these essential oils are great to add to a diffuser, especially in the morning to awaken the mind or while working to stay focused. For a quick and simple solution try our 21 drops Essential Oil Focus Blend!

Cary Caster

Cary Caster

Founder of 21 Drops

The Natural Spa Shopper

Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory. And Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate,” wrote Tom Goodwin,senior vice president of strategy and innovation at Havas Media in TechCrunch, March 2015.

What does this mean for the natural spa?

I had the pleasure of attending a lecture of Wendy Leibmann, CEO and Chief Shopper of W/SL Insights, Retail Solutions, Innovative Solutions.  I learned that the American dream has changed and it’s changing the way we shop.

According to a WSL survey “How America Shops® MegaTrends The America Dream Re-Mixed,” 40% of shoppers realized they “don’t need all this stuff.”   Two or three brands are “good enough.”

So what does the consumer want instead?  Experience.  After owning a home and paying off debt, the average American’s highest priority is having the means to dine out at least once a week.

According to Ms. Leibmann, today’s consumer is more interested in the good life than good stuff. Successful retailers have to go beyond “easy” and give consumers “anyway they want it.” When addressing the consumer you have to go beyond personalization and address the many “me’s” that consumers are.

Today’s shopper wants you to be what she needs, when she needs it, how she wants it. This morning she was a mother.  This afternoon she is an executive.  Tonight she will be a wife. Tomorrow she will be a daughter.  On Friday’s she’s a foodie. Saturday, she’s a yogi. On Sunday’s she travels.  As a retailer, you need to cater to whoever she may be this minute.

Well-being is on her list.  The number one obstacle to good health is too much stress.  The demand for health has doubled since 2011.  The well-being customer is looking for natural help to look and feel healthy.

According to the WSL survey “How America Shops® The Wellness Uprising” feeling and looking healthy means different things to different people.  Consumer define healthy lifestyle as balance, here are their other descriptions:

Being rested – 76%

Able to move easily – 73%

Being at the right weight- 70%

Having glowing/soft skin – 46%

Having shiny hair -42%

Looking good in clothes -38%

Having bright eyes -38%

Having strong nails – 34%

Having white teeth – 33%

Who’s succeeding in this retail environment?  You can.  Just be available, provide value, make it easy, personalize it, have fun and offer happiness.


Nancy Trent

Nancy Trent

The Trent Trend Spotter, Nancy Trent President, Trent & Company Marketing Communications

Nancy Trent is a writer and speaker, a lifelong health advocate, a globe-trotting trend watcher and the founder and president of Trent & Company, a New York-based marketing communications firm. Trent & Company grew out of Nancy’s personal commitment to helping people live longer and healthier lives. A former journalist for New York magazine, Nancy has written seven books on healthy lifestyles, serves on the editorial boards of several magazines and travels around the world speaking at conferences and trade shows on trends in the marketplace.

She is a recognized expert in PR with more than 30 years of experience creating and managing highly successful campaigns. Nancy can be reached at (212) 966-0024 or through e-mail at You may also visit



If you’re waking up each morning feeling that you need another three night’s worth of sleep just to get through the day, you’re not alone. According to one survey, the average person crams in 44% more social occasions into December than in a regular month. So no wonder you’re tired.

But other than sleeping more if you can manage it, drinking more water to feel more awake, and generally praying for a good old-fashioned night in (potentially unrealistic at this time of year) – is there anything we can do to put the spring back in our steps? Cue the ELEMIS energy plan to see you through to the end of 2015…

Step 1: Scent your life. The Japanese have long been wafting citrus scents through air ducts into offices in the knowledge that it perks people up.All you need do is get some lemon or bergamot essential oil and a small aromatherapy burner and fill your room with the smell of energy. essential-oils-880x600

Step 2: Colour code your day. Colour psychologists know that the shades we see around us have an enormous effect on our mood. So ditch the black and put more vibrant colour in your wardrobe.

Step 3: Breathe. When you wake up feeling more exhausted than when you went to bed, it can be hard to motivate yourself for the day ahead – and already, you’re in a negative frame of mind. So first thing in the morning, you need to get more oxygen pumping around your body. Practice yoga’s ‘camel ride’ movement posture to set you on a path to optimism and energy. Simply sit cross-legged with your hands on your knees. Inhale and breathe deeply into your belly as you open your chest upwards and outwards, curving your spine, and imagining yourself inhaling energy and hope. Exhale deeply as you round your spine, imagining yourself to be expelling tiredness and negativity. Continue for three to five minutes.  resized1-580x251

Step 4: Pack a protein punch. As tempting as it is to reach for the carbs, sweet treats, coffee and energy drinks for an energy fix– all of the above are short term solutions. Protein helps regulate blood sugar levels over a longer period – so you don’t succumb to that rollercoaster ride of energy. Think chicken, almonds, oily fish and eggs.

Step 5: Be kind to yourself. Putting yourself in the hands of a professional is sometimes the best way to recover that energy – and fast. A Deep Tissue Massage by one of our ELEMIS experts is a fantastic way to lower stress levels, relieve aching muscles and stimulate your senses.


revitalise-me-shower-gel_200_master_v01_rgb_web1  nstant-refreshing-gel_150_master_v01_rgb_web


When we think of winter skin, the first issue that comes to mind is the profound devitalization and dehydration that affects the majority of us. The cold, wind, low humidity of winter, air travel, use of heat in our home, and increased consumption of alcohol are generally some of the major culprits.

Secondly, the holidays also increase our levels of stress, thus raising our cortisol, which diminishes our skin’s ability to maintain proper hydration leaving the complexion dull.

As weather conditions change, a seasonal review of what we are using in our skincare regime at home is vital. What works in the heat of summer does not always provide enough protection in the winter. Make a shift and implement these wonderful result oriented products into your skincare! As a general rule, winter calls for mild cleansers, richer moisturizers, calming mists, and boosting serums. Here are some suggestions to assist you with planning your winter skincare routine.

Epicuren has created this simple go-to list of cold weather favorites for you to keep at your fingertips to ‘winterize’ your routine.

1 – Cleanse:

Apricot Cream Cleanser Why you need it | Your savior!

A gentle non-foaming, cream cleanser designed to assist with loss prevention of moisture during the cleansing process. Use day and night. Recommended for | dry and mature skin types.

2 – Refine:

Pumpkin Apple Spice Peel Why you need it | Your age-fighter!

A natural, exfoliating peel containing known age-fighting ingredients, such as vitamin A, along with hundreds of other vitamins and phyto-nutrients. With continued use, results may include: the encouragement of cell turnover and renewal, skin refinement, reduction of pore size, and oil production normalized. Use 2-3 times per week. Recommended for | all skin types.

3 – Balance:

Soothe Dermal Repair Mist Why you need it| Your relief!

An ultra-light toner designed to instantly restore, calm, and comfort your skin while working long-term to reduce future sensitivity to external irritants. Use post cleanse day and night. Recommended for | all skin types.

4 – Hydrate:

Moisture Surge Hyaluronic Acid Gel Why you need it | Your daily boost!

An oil-free, natural humectant that binds moisture to the skin, maximizing the benefits of your daily moisturizer. This lightweight ‘moisture-boost’ promotes ten times more hydration than moisturizing creams alone. Use alone or cocktail into daily or nightly moisturizer. Recommended for | all skin types.

5 – Quench:

Bulgarian Rose Otto Why you need it | Your go to luxury!

A fine blend of exquisite moisturizing oils designed to richly hydrate the skin, providing a resilient, luminous glow. Use day and night. Recommended for | Dry, normal, combination, and sensitive skin types

6 – Boost:

Soothe Dermal Repair Balm Why you need it | Your secret weapon!

A luxuriously rich and deeply moisturizing botanical balm created to assist with easing dry, sensitive skin. Enriched with a symphony of immediate and long-term calming and protective ingredients to allow your skin to recover and create a balanced, healthy appearing complexion. Use day and night. Recommended for | Dry, normal, combination, and sensitive skin types.

7 – Treat:

Hydrating Mineral Mask Why you need it | Your winter rescue!

An active mineral complex mask designed to restore the skin’s vitality and moisture levels. Use 2-3 times per week. Recommended for | all skin types.

Epicuren Discovery

Epicuren Discovery

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How to get pre-party skin ready.


An ELEMIS  weekly appointment with international skincare expert Keeley Aydin…

With the festive season just around the corner we all want to look glowing and radiant but when you’ve been working longer hours to cover the extra costs, fitting late night shopping into an already busy schedule and over indulging more than normal, it can take a toll on your skin.

In the winter, skin naturally loses radiance as the number of dead skin cells increases at the same time as cellular turnover slows down in an attempt to create a protective shield for the skin in cold weather.

As more of these dead cells build up, the barrier they create dulls the complexion, so to get your glow back you need to remove these cells for new ones to take their place. Exfoliation is key to this and I would suggest increasing exfoliation to at least twice a week.

I love ELEMIS Papaya Enzyme Peel for a perfect exfoliation and it’s great for those that have a busy schedule as it will get your skin ready without too much effort for that perfect Christmas glow. I even apply it before I clean my teeth in the morning or evening and let it do all the work. After 10 minutes the Papaya Enzyme Peel will automatically stop working, so I have been known to drop my son off to school with a very fine layer on before returning home and rinsing it off! The powerful enzymes of Papaya and Pineapple loosen the bonds holding these dead cells onto the skin which makes them easier to remove and prevents you having to rub and pull at the skin.


If you want that instant glow prior to going out, after cleansing, apply ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Hydra-Gel Eye Masks. Gently press one of the gel-masks sticky-side down onto the under eye area, remove the second mask from the backing sheet and place under the other eye area, leave on for 20 minutes and the results will last for up to 6 hours. Whilst the eye masks are on, also apply a thick layer of ELEMIS Fruit Rejuvenating Mask. This powerful rejuvenating mask is ideal before special occasions to restore a glowing complexion or when skin is looking tired and dull after those longer days. As this mask is rich in active extracts of Strawberry and Kiwi fruit, you may experience an active tingling sensation while the mask gently but deeply cleanses, rejuvenates and brightens the overall complexion. After 20 minutes simply remove everything, rinse with warm water, tone and apply ELEMIS Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm to instantly brighten, smooth and moisturise. Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm is suitable for all skin types, male and female, and can be used as a light daily moisturiser. Fantastic as an introductory anti-ageing moisturiser, it can be used as a radiance booster or make-up primer over your regular moisturiser. It can even be blended with your regular liquid foundation prior to application to create a light make-up application with priming results.


Finally, stay hydrated as it is one of the most important skin care steps you can take towards making sure your skin looks great for any party or occasion you’re attending. From simple steps like drinking more water to using a humidifier at night, get more moisture into your environment and body to combat the drier weather which can cause skin to look tight and dehydrated.

Final Picture

Guest blog post from ELEMIS – “How to get pre-party skin ready.”


Who are some of you’re A-list clients? Zoey Deutch, Kate Bosworth, Brittany Snow, Nicola Peltz, Beth Behrs, Debby Ryan

What are some of your favorite projects you’ve worked on? I think one that really stands out is doing Brittany Snow’s makeup when she hosted the CMT Music Awards this year. We had to come up with so many looks over the time we were there. There were rehearsals and press woven in throughout the day so we were all working extremely hard. The day of the show, backstage is a sea of people like you’ve never seen. We were running about and glamming and laughing but it was also one of the biggest challenges I’ve ever had. Everyone really came together to make it a successful night. Britt was an amazing host and she was just beautiful all night! I think being able to do a good job and being there for my client under such wild circumstances is what makes this one stand out. It could’ve been a mess but we were such a team!

Another great time was when Kate Bosworth had her collaboration with H&M a few years back. We worked on a series of shoots and press days surrounding her various collections for about a year. Every day we worked together was so fun and creative and it was great to see Kate in an element of designing, modeling, and producing everything. It was truly amazing to see. In her final collection we did this amazing video with these gorgeous color blocked sets and I painted masks on her in different crazy colors. It was creative and beautiful and odd in the best way. I felt a lot of pride being part of the whole thing and lucky that a client trusted me to be part of such a huge collaboration.

You’re known for the beautiful natural glow you give your clients. What Epicuren® products help to achieve this look? Why? Well for me, achieving the glow is always in the skin. I love highlighters and illuminators but for me personally they’re a smaller part of the equation. I really try to pamper the skin before I start any makeup and really give it as much life and radiance as possible. That’s really where I create the natural glow in clients’ skin. I use Epicuren’s Aloe Vera Calming Gel and Moisture Surge Hyaluronic Acid Gel on almost every face I touch. The Aloe Vera immediately wakes the skin up with calming hydration and the Moisture Surge gives you a deep foundation for sustained hydration of the skin. That alone immediately starts to improve the look of tired or stressed skin. Along with the right moisturizer skin just stays really lush, glowing and happy! When the skin is in that happy pampered place, I have to use far less product to achieve a red carpet ready look. So when you see my clients glowing, it’s actually them and their skin!

Any favorite application tips or secrets you use with Epicuren® products? Did I mention that I LOVE the Aloe Vera Calming Gel? I use it as a delivery service for serum. A lot of serums tend to be quite watery or runny and you’re not sure if it’s getting applied everywhere. I tap a pump of Aloe Vera Calming Gel in my hand and make a little well where I cocktail all of my serums. I then mix it all up and voilà my serums get dispersed evenly! Now it’s easy to get a non-messy effective application.

I also love Epicuren’s Refresh Aloe Cucumber Mist with a passion! I find myself constantly spraying it. Sometimes I just spray it into the air so I can take in its wonderfully comforting scent. It is however one of the handiest tools for me for a very specific reason. I love it as a makeup primer for the body. Your skin needs hydration so makeup can blend across its surface but when it comes to body makeup we also need it to stay in place. Literally every body moisturizer has some kind of emollient in it like oil which breaks down makeup so even long wearing rub resistant makeup eventually…rubs off. I racked my brain thinking about what the lightest possible hydration could be and I thought that a mist must be the closest thing to nothing so let’s try that. And it worked like a charm! The body got just enough moisture for me to do my makeup thing but not so much that the body makeup couldn’t set. It’s been a life changer! Not to mention that’s it’s insanely refreshing to spray it on your body!

Any suggestions for our readers on how you achieve your acclaimed “natural glow” at home? One of the biggest things I do that I think really contributes to getting that glow is precision powdering. That basically just means I’m only powdering where it’s needs to get powdered. Center of the forehead and chin, bridge of the nose, and over any concealing work. Most types of liquid foundations today set themselves and generally have some kind of long wearing quality so you don’t necessarily need to powder all over unless you prefer a matte look or have all over oily skin type.

Misting [is a MUST]! After all is said and done with your makeup or skincare don’t forget to mist your face! Colostrum Hydrating Mist, Protein Mist Enzyme Toner, Refresh Aloe Cucumber Mist, Soothe Dermal Repair Mist – all the Epicuren Mists are amazing and really finish a makeup and re-awaken skincare throughout the day. They keep you looking fresh, hydrated and glowing all day!

Follow Andre: @andremakeup

Andre Sarmiento Celebrity Makeup Artist
Andre Sarmiento found his passion for beauty while studying to become an anthropologist at UC Berkeley. While still in school, Andre decided to take on a job doing stage makeup up for experimental theatre to explore his growing interest in beauty and aesthetics. Gradually, he fell in love with the art of makeup and soon his very academic path became one of beauty, color and creativity.
Andre has established himself as a go-to make-up artist for red carpet events, as well as fashion and editorial work – his work has been featured in Marie Claire, Lucky, and international editions of Vogue, Elle, Cosmo and Rolling Stone.*


Epicuren Discovery

Epicuren Discovery

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Here’s Why You Didn’t Get Hired…Top 3 Mistakes You Made at Your Last Interview

So you thought you aced your last job interview? You seemed like a shoe in…you got positive feedback from the interviewer and all of the stars seemed aligned. But it’s been a few weeks now and your phone hasn’t rung… it’s obvious that at least for today you didn’t get the job. It can be hard navigating the playing field for new opportunities but if you are constantly getting rejection letters instead of job offers perhaps a closer look at what’s going wrong could be beneficial. Take a look at these three not so obvious reasons behind why you might not be getting hired and take heed to the reasons because they may be the barriers standing in the way between you and your next career opportunity.

#1 Jack of All Trades Master of None

Are you an esthetician, make-up artist, yoga instructor, and administrative assistant all at the same time? While there’s nothing wrong with wearing multiple hats your future employer may view you as a bit all over the place. It may come across as if you are juggling too many hats and that you are slightly over committed. This can be a red flag for many employers especially in terms of scheduling. While you may need to modify some of your responsibilities it’s important that when presenting yourself on your resume and in person you share the jobs and skill sects that are most relevant to the position that you are applying for. You may have to subtract some details from your resume from time to time to highlight your skills but avoid coming off like your hands are full and don’t have time for anything else remember you want to be viewed as directed and focused.

Not the Right Experience

Are you fresh out of school? Transitioning from a traditional spa into a medical spa? Lack of experience can prevent you from getting hired. Experience matters and most small businesses prefer hiring a candidate with some prior experience, it can reduce the amount of time spent on training and allows companies to capitalize on their human capital and generate profit faster. So it’s important to polish your skills early and often times before you need them. Compensate for experiences by doing short term residencies with practitioners that you look up to and that are respected in the industry. Start writing about advances within your industry and start building your portfolio with activities that build you credibility within the field.

Money, Money, Money, Money

Most of the time employers have three piles when they are hiring; No Way, Maybe and Yes. When it comes to money folks in the no pile generally have a specific salary or compensation amount in mind that most companies can’t afford when they share this in the interview they automatically go to the no pile. Folks in the maybe or yes pile share a salary range with potential employers. They tell employers that there salary is negotiable and are also prepared to discuss other perks if a potential employer can’t meet there specific salary requirements. Folks in the maybe and yes pile are master negotiators and compromisers.

Here’s Why You Didn’t Get Hired…Top 3 Mistakes You Made at you Last Interview – Guest Blog by Regina M. Tucker

Regina M. Tucker

Regina M. Tucker

Creative Director for BeautifullyYours Metro

Regina M. Tucker is an expert skin and beauty blogger for professional and consumer audiences. She is a licensed Master Esthetician and the Creative Director for BeautifullyYours Metro the first lifestyle platform for estheticians. She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Development and enjoys researching, speaking and providing professional commentaries on pertinent topics impacting today’s skin care professionals. Learn more at

The Vibrancy of Your Youth | The Benefits of Dragons Blood

In the never-ending search for the ultimate in youth Epicuren® brings one of the latest cutting edge ingredients into focus in the NEW unparalleled InjecStem™ Bio-Firming Serum.

Dragon’s Blood – “Sange de Grado”

The Dragons Blood is a resin extracted from unique Amazonian trees in South America. Its vibrant red color resembles that of blood – which is how it got its name.

Used in traditional medicine in South America since the 1600’s Dragons Blood has been used for its wound-healing and anti-inflammatory effects.

In skincare, its potent Proanthocyanidins (antioxidant) and Taspin concentrates make it an ideal exotic age-fighter.

Try InjecStem™ Bio-Firming Serum

This extraordinary serum improves the appearance of skin density & firmness with a high concentration of orange stem cells, Dragons Blood, and skin energizers to help reactivate the visible structure of the skin at its deepest level. The result is dramatically firmer looking skin!

Posted with permission from the Epicuren® blog



The Simple Secret To Anti-Aging And Enhancing The Skin

Essential oils can be some of the most excellent choices for those looking for an anti-aging remedy that truly works. Drugs that are sold over the counter can be really expensive, and their side effects can do more harm internally than the external benefits they purport to offer.

Essential oils are concentrated hydrophobic liquids that contain volatile aromatic compounds or extracts from plants. These oils have numerous beneficial properties such as anti-wrinkle properties, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.

They are great for rejuvenating the skin, regenerating skin cells, improving skin elasticity, and healing bruises, cuts, burns, acne, blemishes, and other skin conditions. These natural oils are truly a the simple secret to anti-aging and beautifying the skin.

Here Are 5 Essential Oils That Are The Best For Anti-aging and Skincare:

Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood oil is a powerful moisturizing agent that helps to soften dried-out skin and eliminate wrinkles and fine lines that develop around the eyes. The oil from this herb also promotes the regeneration of new skin cells. Sandalwood oil is packed with sesquiterpene compounds that enhance blood circulation, which is known to make the skin look smoother.

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial benefits on the skin, which makes it ideal for skin that is prone to acne. Besides these properties, it is a natural toner. This makes it great for reducing the appearance of the skin’s pores and evening the skin tone.

Additionally, frankincense oil is cytophylactic. This means that it aids protecting existing skin cells, as well as encouraging the growth of new ones. Due to this reason, Frankincense oil works well to tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles and the appearance of scars, and soothes chapped, dry skin.

Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot seed oil is great for rejuvenating the skin. Not only does it help to make the skin smoother, but also helps to regenerate skin cells. Due to this reason, carrot seed oil is great for helping to fade scars, as well as improving the tone of aging skin.

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is one of the most beneficial essential oils for all skin types. First off, it has an amazing smell and helps to relax the body and to adapt to stress. Moreover, it has wonderful benefits on the skin as it helps to regenerate skin cells. This makes it ideal for mature skin, scarring, and sun spots.

Neroli Oil

Neroli oil offers several benefits for oily, sensitive and mature skin. It is great for smoothing fine lines and toning sagging skin. Additionally, this rejuvenating essential oil contains citral, a natural chemical that helps to regenerate skin cells. Due to this reason, it is known to be work exceptionally well in healing and preventing stretch marks. It also has antiseptic properties that help to balance oil production and reduce the appearance of pores without making the skin too dry.

How To Apply Essential Oils

Applying essential oils is simple. First, buy a small bottle of each of the above mentioned essential oils and prepare an essential oil blend that suits your skin’s special needs. These oils can be found in health food stores and on the internet. When preparing the blend, put between two and four drops of each essential oil in the mix. Be sure to use essential oils that are 100% pure for the best and fastest results.

Because of how potent essential oils are, some oils may cause skin sensitivity. To avoid this, dilute the mixture by adding a carrier oil (such as olive or coconut oil). Apply the essential oil blend by gently massaging your face and neck. I recommend doing this 2-3 times per day. You will start seeing results in about a few days to about a week. Essential oils work quickly and effectively.


This is the perfect natural remedy and is free from drug-like side effects. The properties that are found in essential oils are so potent and effective that it truly makes them the simple secret to keeping your skin youthful and beautiful.

About the Author:

Max Joseph is the CEO and Owner of Essential Oil Advocate, a blog dedicated to offering free educational content to help people with their health concerns and goals using natural remedies.


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3 Listening Don’ts

So lately, it seems like your staff is boiling over with hostility towards you. Every time you walk into the room with them they suddenly scatter and conversations abruptly stop. A few outspoken team members have hinted that somethings wrong and as the manager in charge you feel a little out of sorts. From your perspective you’ve done all you can to keep the lines of communication open. You have an open door policy, host monthly meetings to address concerns, and even have periodic chat-ins with each of your team members. Still your staff isn’t opening up. Why Not? The problem could be that your staff feels like you don’t listen to them. While many of us know the importance of practicing good communication in the workplace many leaders still struggle with being an effective listener. In a 2013 blog post on listening is described as “…the most important part of communication, because if you fail to understand the message being expressed to you, you will also fail in providing a substantial and meaningful response”. The article continues to explain that ineffective listening is the root cause of many arguments, misunderstandings and complications, whether at home, school or work. Ineffective listening can create barriers amongst your team so take a look at our top three listening no-no’s and make sure you are not committing any of these common listening fallacies.

#1 Combat Listening

Your staff comes to you with a problem… if while they are talking you are only thinking of your response and how to counterpoint you are engaging in combat listening. It’s important to hear the speaker and not jump in with a defense when they are speaking. Before jumping in try to understand there points; this can be done by using pauses before speaking and trying to assess if there are any areas where you as a leader need to take accountability. Remember not everything can be solved or processed in one conversation. So you may have to tell the speaker that you need process what they have shared overnight, doing this may lessen the chances of you saying something you might regret later and also allows for you to clearly process what you have heard.

#2 Failure to Take Action

If your staff is coming to you with the same concern over and over again and you fail to take some kind of action to address their concerns you are really sending a bad message. It’s important to take productive action when the same concern keeps showing up; show your staff that you hear them and are listening by taking action measures. If it’s something that you can’t fix be straight with your staff and tell them, but be open to their suggestions in finding a middle ground if one exists. Your staff will not always be able to have their way so you may need to devise a few group coping strategies to help your staff through difficult times.

#3 Closing the Dialogue

It’s important that your team knows that you care about them and their happiness at work. Therefore keep the dialogue open with them. On-going and consistent dialogue really helps your team to feel heard, so check in with your team and keep an open dialogue with them. Remember you never stop learning as a manager and a little listening can take you a long way. So be genuine, be kind and get to know your team in your own personal way to help foster an environment that engages in positive communication.

Regina Tucker

Regina Tucker

Creative Director for BeautifullyYours Metro

Regina M. Tucker is the Creative Director for BeautifullyYours Metro the first lifestyle platform for estheticians.  She a licensed esthetician, professional beauty writer, and business owner. She holds a Master’s Degree in Human Resources Development and enjoys researching, speaking and providing professional commentaries on pertinent topics impacting today’s skin care professionals. Learn more at or by contacting her via e-mail at

SPA TREND: Pumpkin Facials

If the sight of bright orange pumpkins remind you of crisp autumn days, you’re not alone. Fall, and all its colorful hues, evoke feelings of comfort, rich scents, and bold flavor. But do they remind you of invigorating spa treatments? Well, cue the latest trend.

This Fall, it’s all about pumpkins — and pumpkin facials are the cool thing. Aside from being seasonally delicious, pumpkins are great exfoliators and terrific for people with sensitive skin.

Pumpkins are also rich in antioxidants and minerals … and the seeds provide many health-boosting nutrients. They’re also loaded with beta-carotene, fiber, vitamins C and E, potassium and magnesium.

So, considering offering pumpkin treatments (or at least lighting a pumpkin-scented candle) at your property as a way to welcome the season and to give your guests a special treat. While you’re at it, pick up several extra towels and robes, chances are you’re going to need them!

Guest blog post brought to you by Berkshire Amenities Group, Inc

Berkshire Amenities Group, Inc

Berkshire Amenities Group, Inc

Silence in Spas– A True Value

In a world filled with an overabundance of noise, many of us have become so numb to the sounds around us that we can effectively tune them out when we need to. We are able to conduct business, hold thoughtful conversations, and even read quietly with all sorts of noises blaring around us.  It’s as if we don’t even know the noise is there. Yet, in the rare times when we are in a place of complete silence, many of us feel a large and haunting void.  Removed from outside chatters, we seem to make our own noise. We listen to our inner thoughts, and for many, our shortfalls and anxieties. And, since being alone with ourselves may make up uncomfortable, we often choose to avoid the silence.

Spas provide a true sanctuary for this type of personal exploration. Those spas that value silence ensure that the opportunity to examine one’s thoughts play as important a role as a therapist or product.  Walking the maze of a labyrinth, relaxing on a comfortable chair overlooking a garden, resting in a lounge, or even relaxing during a spa service all provide opportunity for silence and reflection. Perhaps this is why spas are so transformative.

“The answers you seek never come when the mind is busy. They come when the mind is still, when silence speaks loudest.”  Author Unknown

As spa professionals, we see our guests in a rawness they may not be used to.  We need to recognize that in these silent spaces our guests are gaining clarity in their lives. Perhaps quiet is the best value a spa can offer.

Kate Mearns

Kate Mearns

5 Spa Consulting

5 Essential Oils for Back to School

Essential oils are a great natural way to keep your body and mind in tip-top shape so you can stay focused, healthy and excel at your studies.

Here are 5 essential oils to help you be your best self, naturally:

1. Rosemary

Keep your memory sharp and alert during an exam, class or study session with this stimulating and clarifying essential oil.

Used in these blends:

Invigorate, Strength, Focus


2. Lavender

This essential oil is an overall cure for many types of issues due to its complete and diverse chemical profile. Lavender is a great stress reliever. Along with being emotionally supportive, it calms, soothes and nurtures, encouraging balance in all of the bodily systems.

Used in these blends:

Detox, Headache, De-Stress, Uplift, Carry On, Immunity


3. Eucalyptus

This germ-fighting essential oil has strong antibacterial properties. It’s a great preventative oil for colds and flus that are spreading around campus.

Used in these blends:

Immunity, Decongest


4. Sweet Orange

One of the best choices for treating digestive disorders, Sweet Orange is a brilliant stimulant and has strong gastric properties as well as having the ability to suppress muscle spasms. This essential oil also has antidepressant qualities, along with emotional and energetic uses that include combating pessimism and perfectionism, calming agitation and unblocking stagnated ability. Sweet Orange is great to use for those pre-exam jitters or stressful study cram sessions.

Used in these blends: 

Calm, Transform, Digest


5. Peppermint

This essential oil is well-known for relaxing the intestinal tract, making it highly effective in combating nausea, digestive problems and heartburn. Its cooling properties help ease headaches and migraines. Emotionally, it awakens, energizes and uplifts, stimulating the mind and increasing focus.

Used in these blends:

Headache, Focus

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Cary Caster

Cary Caster

Founder of 21 Drops

Top 3 Reasons Day Spas Use Text Marketing

Text marketing provides a simple and easy way for you to stay in touch with your customers and is a very effective method of marketing to potential clients. Text marketing lets you text a group of clients all at once, without anyone seeing the phone numbers of anyone else and without using your own personal phone number. Nosend group texts you will also have the ability to send a text message to an individual reminding them about an upcoming appointment or telling them about an opening in your schedule. Let’s take a look at the top 3 reasons day spas use text marketing.

Day Spa Promotions and Discounts in a Text Message

Mobile marketing is the fastest and easiest way to reach your clientele. Recent statistics from show that 9 out of 10 American adults own a cell phone and 8 in 10 use texting applications on their cellular device. A study by SinglePoint and mobileSQUARED found that 90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes and that 99% of all text messages are opened. Because text message marketing is completely opt-in based, meaning each person has to request to receive your messages, you know that your promotion, special, or discount is going to be seen almost immediately by people that are interested in your product or service. There is no other medium that allows you to penetrate a targeted market more directly. Send out weekly or monthly special offers, information about special classes, or even slow day specials for a percentage off a specific service, good only for that day.

Send Appointment Reminders and Schedule Openings via Text

How many clients miss an appointment because they forgot they had one scheduled? The best and fastest way to remind your clients about an appointment is to send them a text message. A quick text saying “You have an appointment for a massage by Kelly Thursday at 3:00, please call the spa if you need to reschedule” can drastically reduce the number of no-shows and the money that is being lost by these missed appointments. If you have a technician that is always booked and a list of people waiting to get in, you can easily send out a quick sms message letting those clients know when the technician has an opening and fill the slot within minutes. This text message can also include important tips or reminds, “Make sure to shave the treatment area before your laser hair removal appointment tomorrow at noon”. Or send a reminder about a treatment that needs to be scheduled, “It’s been two weeks since your last spray tan, make an appointment today to keep your tan fresh all year long”.

Use Text Marketing to Engage with Your Day Spa Customers

There are a number of ways to engage with your clients and make them feel like they are valuable and important. Use your text message marketing system to run a poll, contest, or to do a giveaway. All of these options are a great way to increase the number of opt-ins and build your sms marketing contact list. Send out special beauty tips or treatment reminders to specific client groups. You don’t want to send so many text messages that it becomes annoying but keeping your customers engaged will ensure they feel welcome and look forward to the time they spend at your spa.


Matt Kay

Matt Kay


About was founded by Matt K. in 2010. TXT180 provides a low-cost, self-service platform that allows businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the power of text marketing. The web-based control panel makes it easy to create and schedule messages in a matter of minutes. TXT180 offers monthly plans ranging from 500 messages per month to several hundred thousand messages a month. Visit for more information.


What is a Microbiome?

[microbiome (my•krō•bīōm)] | The microbiome is an active collection of trillions of microbes residing in and on the body. Comprised of over 1,000 different species of fungi, viruses, and bacteria, including probiotics, these microbial cells out number human cells 10 to 1. This micro ecosystem carries out a variety of metabolic reactions vital for human health.

Every so often a buzz word pops up in the medical, pharmaceutical and/or skincare world and suddenly we see it, hear it, and read it everywhere. One of those current axioms is microbiome.

It turns out humans have been living with their own personal microbes since the beginning of time, however, studying them is relatively new. Current research is discovering that the microbiome may hold the answer to many puzzling questions. A great example of this is why some people get mosquito bites and some do not; microbes on the skin are a heavy determining factor.

The majority of skin microbiata are found in the epidermis. This layer of skin that was once considered to be relatively inconsequential may actually hold the key for several solutions to commonly unresolved skin diseases. Here are some points to consider…

Why probiotics work…

Also known as, the “friendly” bacteria, probiotics are nonpathogenic, which means they are incapable of causing disease. In fact these beneficial microorganisms work to create microbial balance. When the microbiome is disrupted and not in proper balance, the skin and/or body becomes more susceptible to harmful bacteria (including acne-causing bacteria), pollutants, free radicals, and allergens. A healthy microbiome creates a protective shield to defend against harmful agents.

Why antibacterial products aren’t enough…

Often, people with acneic skin use antibacterial products. While antibacterial products help to kill acne-causing bacteria, they also kill the beneficial bacteria. As a result, this depletes our body’s microbiome and leaves us susceptible to bacterial infection.

In Theory

Probiotics create antimicrobial substances that behave similar to actual antibiotic medications, most likely through competitive inhibition. The beneficial bacteria battles the harmful microbes for the necessary life-supporting resources. The result is a reduction of pathogens and toxin producing bacteria.

So, support your skin with a daily dose of probiotics and immediately maintain a healthy skin barrier!

Topical probiotics…
When probiotics like Epicuren Acidophilus Probiotic Facial Cream are applied topically, they sit on the surface of the skin and compete with the bad microbes that cause common problematic skin reactions.

epicuren-probiotic facial cream

Guest blog post brought to you by Epicuren Discovery

Epicuren Discovery

Epicuren Discovery

Tips To Boost Your Spa’s Retail Sales

Are you a spa owner, manager, or professional? If so, you are most likely involved in the important process of boosting retail sales. We all know that spa services like massage and facials are the top income performers, but these services are not focused on retail sales – something we ought to take a closer look at.

Wish To Boost Spa Sales? Employ These Powerful Tactics:

1. The client is important. Your VIP clients are the ones who keep on coming and spending their hard-earned dollars at your spa. Send them a promotion via e-mail once a month, just to let them know you appreciate them. Believe that they will come back and even refer you to their friends and family. Make it a point to make them happy.

2. Make shopping easy. Who wants to sit around and research the best products for my skin? Spas put countless hours into research and advice. Limit your shelf supply to a few strong brands that deserve your shelf space. Having too many different products can be confusing. Choose the best products and promote them well!

3. Blog about your top performers. Are there products at your spa that you believe deserve the spotlight? Employ one of your front desk employees to write a blog article about it, even if it’s one day a week. Blogging about your top products is a proven way to boost your spa’s retail  sales, and also keep your customers engaged. If they are engaged, they are likely to come back to your spa sooner than later.

4. Product placement. Are your products out of sight and reach? They must be visible to the customer. Product placement is crucial in appealing to your customers’ senses. Definitely make an effort to place your products in a visible spot that customers can see and your employees can restock.

5. Media can help you. Do whatever is necessary to get public press. Do something different. Perhaps you can offer a donation drive at your spa on a weekend. Show them why your establishment is ethical and concerned about the community, and deserves the business more than a competing spa.

6. Compensate employees for retail sales. This one here is really big. Labor cost can get as high as 50% in the spa business, so getting more retail sales is your way to survival. Create a solid and structured plan to get more retail sales. It’s a win-win situation for sure.

7. Make upgrading easy. As the most popular service in a spa is massage, create an upgrade that is really beneficial for your client. For example, you can promote hot stones in most massages and such a promotion can seem totally natural. By integrating such an easy upgrade into a massage service, your therapist will make the client feel at ease. While the client is relaxing, it is a good time to slowly introduce new products into the mix.

8. Promote with strategy. Is your relationship with your clients a fairly close one? Collect their contact information so you can send them your future promotions. This will help selling more product at a “discounted” rate. Create loyalty retention and sell products that you probably wouldn’t have sold otherwise.

9. Manage inventory closely. Monitor your spa’s KPI’s (key performance indicators). Make decisions that are timely and that will impact your business positively. Knowing that your inventory has dropped to a new low can help you make intraday decisions. Make moves to improve your bottom line quickly.

By adjusting the strategy for your spa, you can produce lasting results. You will keep your clients and employees happy, as both will feel compensated in some way. A great customer experience and happy employees make for a good environment in the spa…which in turn leads to a successful business operation!

Loyalty programs, inventory management, and tracking retail sales are all important indicators of being successful in the spa business. Spa software such as Millennium or Meevo can help you maximize all three, as well as other vital aspects of your spa’s marketing. Visit Millennium Systems International at

Millennium Systems International

Millennium Systems International

Using himalayan salt as architectural and design Elements in your wellness business

While the spa, health and wellness industry is buzzing about how dry salt therapy is so beneficial, both for your customers and for your bottom line, the unique architectural elements of using Himalayan Salt Bricks and Panels are becoming a great décor option for uses throughout all types of spas, salons, wellness and health centers, restaurants and much more.

Salt Chamber, one of Day Spa Associations top corporate sponsors, is not only the market leader in providing salt therapy equipment and products, but they have a special division that is focused on using Himalayan Salt as Architectural and Design elements for new and existing facilities—from design, concept, lighting and installation—Salt Chamber has worked with some of the top destination and day spas, architects and designers throughout the world.

For more information contact

Tesla Christenson

Tesla Christenson

Dir. of Marketing/Design

A word from Jane Iredale


Summer is especially welcome this year in the northeast after six months of excruciating winter. We’re all looking forward to feeling the sun on our skins. It’s a happy time. But this summer I can’t help thinking about someone we lost last year. Someone who was very special in our community and died of melanoma at the age of 39. Her name was Trinity Raifstanger; she was beautiful and beloved. She was also extraordinarily brave and demonstrated that bravery in her determination to tell her story in the hope that it would help others. These are her words:

“I was young. I loved makeup and hairspray and watched “Who’s the Boss” for Sam’s fashion advice. I also loved a good tan. There was nothing that a little sun-kissed look didn’t help. It made you look… healthy. And living in New England, you were limited to just a few short months of warm weather, so the next best thing was to fake and bake. Just about everyone I knew did it. I even remember going with my mother when I was in high school to get a base for our Florida vacations because having a base would ensure not getting a burn on vacation. Burns were bad, right? And 15 minutes in a tanning booth versus hours of time on the beach surely had to be better for you, right? If only I’d known. Tanning beds are straight UVA rays. (These are the rays that go deeper into the skin than UVB rays.) We were led to believe that UVA was safer because it didn’t burn our skin. 

Here I am, a 39-year-old mother of three beautiful children, an incredible husband, and a life filled with love, support and promise. And here I am with Stage IV melanoma cancer in my liver and brain. 

Melanoma occurrence has gone up 700% since the 1970’s, the same time tanning beds hit the scene. They now have studies that show 15 minutes in a tanning bed is equivalent to an entire day in the sun. Boy, were we misled. 

So, is that golden tan really worth the risk? I have been through treatments that have made me gain 30lbs in a week from capillary leakage. I lost my mind and hallucinated. I’ve lost my hair and I am preparing to lose it again. My skin has been burnt, surgically cut into, and insanely speckled with moles. I’ve had conversations with my chiltrinitydren asking me that if I died, “Why can’t we die with you?” Surely, a tan can’t be worth any of that?!  

Learn from me. Make my experience worth something. Get an annual full-body scan, a good sunscreen and sign up for a spray tan. 

Love to you, Trinity”

Trinity died on November 5, 2014. On a bitterly cold night, hundreds of people waited outside for two hours to pay their respects to her family.

It is so typical of Trinity to want to turn her suffering into something positive. I’m hoping that her words will make a difference especially to those young women who are the most vulnerable to UVA damage. I know that sunscreen language can be confusing and over the years I’ve tried to sort it out for you  although it’s a moving target with different rules and language appearing at a dizzying rate. Currently, all sunscreens in the US must protect from UVB and UVA rays. However, unlike the rest of the world, the FDA does not allow an indication of how much UVA protection your sunscreen contains. You will only see the words “broad spectrum.” The SPF rating refers to the amount of UVB protection in your sunscreen. An SPF 15 protects from 93% of UVB rays.

You do not get double protection from an SPF 30. In fact, you only get an extra 4%. UVB rays are at their most potent in the middle of the day. UVA rays have equal intensity throughout the day. The higher the SPF the larger percentage of sunscreen chemicals have to be put in the formula. You will only get the protection that’s advertised if you apply according to the directions and reapply frequently throughout the day.

We don’t use chemical sunscreens. We use physical sunscreens, Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. They lay on the skin like hundreds of thousands of little mirrors reflecting and refracting the sun’s rays. Our sunscreens are also water resistant to 40 minutes. We’ve tested our UVA ratings. All of them have a rating of medium except for Powder-Me SPF which has a rating of high. We all think we look healthier with a tan but a tan is the sign of the body’s attempt to protect itself after the damage has been done. I hope this helps. The main thing to remember is that there is no such thing as a healthy tan.

Talk to you soon,

jane iredale signature


Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale

President and founder of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics


Every esthetician needs that “something extra” to bring to their treatment room to leave clients feeling AMAZING & INSPIRED to be better than they were before they entered! Clients in this day in age are definitely on the PROWL for an above-average treatment experience. You not only must provide excellent RESULTS, but a phenomenal presentation for them to not only remember your technique, but tell their friends and colleagues all about YOU!
You cannot be average. You cannot be semi-decent at what you do. You have to be truly PHENOMENAL and on top of your game at all times – in any profession, if the truth were known. If you want to be the ONE your employer holds onto, or THE Esthetician your community raves about, or the EXPERT in your realm of influence – BE MORE. And why does this seem easier said than done? I will tell you.
We are humans. We are programmed to have emotional ups and downs. We question ourselves. We have good days and we have bad day. We have other priorities that get in the way. We have personal lives that prey on our weaknesses and tell us we are not good enough. We act like the rest of “them” and fall for these common TRAPS. We allow human nature and the “status quo” to dominate us and take over. I am here to tell you today that the secret to all of this is understanding one thing – and one thing only: YOU are the master of your DESTINY. You are the writer of your story. You are the one calling the shots!
Once you realize this truth about YOU and about your life – you will not only flourish in your personal life, you will EXCELL in your professional life as well! Self-improvement is a funny thing, really, because it seems like true common sense – something we should “get” on a daily basis and follow through within every area of our lives. The problem is that we all too often give in to the temptations, give in to the ridicule, give in to the lies and the hate that surround us – which strip away from our CALLING and our GOD-GIVEN talents!
You were meant to be awesome, amazing, above-average, the QUEEN of your life – you were meant to BE MORE. Take this TRUTH today and bring it into your treatment room on a daily basis, in order to ROCK OUT your clients and “take names”! The bottom line is this: If YOU believe in YOU, there is zero room for failure! You have only one thing to do – and that is to SUCCEED!
Add one (or all!) of these ideas into your EXPERIENCE for your clients, and they will truly be a client for LIFE!
1. Focus on the TREATMENT TABLE: Make sure the table they lay on is above-and-beyond in luxury and comfort. The treatment table does NOT have to cost a small fortune, but it DOES need to be hydraulic. This will ensure not only the comfort of the client, but YOUR comfort as well. You cannot perform treatment after treatment while also causing long-term harm to your neck and back in the process. Practice being “ergonomically-correct” with the right treatment table, and your life will be better than ever. Next, add a table warmer that will wrap your clients in warmth and luxury. Heated treatment tables are not only phenomenal for the colder seasons; they create a sense of comfort and peacefulness that reminds us of “being in the womb”, in a comfortable place. A table warmer is a complete “must-have” and you can ask your clients of their preferences of course – but the consensus is usually always a big, happy YES. Finally, invest in some high-end linens – the kind that will NOT stain when wax remover of oil is applied to it. They need to be durable and wrinkle-free; most of all, comfortable to the client. Your blankets and accessory linens need to be trendy, in nature, and of course, comfortable for the client. Have several blankets handy for different seasons of the year. In essence, make sure your presentation of the “bedding” is luxurious and AMAZING – something the client will absolutely never forget!
2. Produce an AWESOME Consultation: This is something I focus on predominately with my students in the classroom. An amazing Client Consultation Manual, that you have personally put together yourself – with your own knowledge and skin health beliefs – is a tremendous tool that no one can replicate. This tells the client that you have, number one, done your homework; number two, care enough about your job to go beyond the 9-5 and focus on an education tool and manual that can assist them in long-term EDUCATION for better results; and number three, give you the “cheat sheet” of the decade to refer to when the right words and content aren’t coming to you right “off the cuff”. Having hand-outs, images, reference tools, hand-written client reviews, a list of vitamins and nutrients that are KEY to long-term skin health, the list of chemical peels you offer & their benefits… all of these things compiled in an organized fashion speak VOLUMES to your clients. Additionally, if implemented correctly (with time-management and follow-up in mind), will produce repeat clientele and long-term results for your clients!
3. Add “Value”! Not only do clients expect tremendous results, they expect above-and-beyond VALUE added, even if they don’t realize it. Subconsciously, clients really do need that extra SOMETHING that really “wows” them into realizing they have hit the skin treatment jackpot, so-to-speak. Come up with a customized “extra” that really shows your client you care about them, mean serious business, and are willing to go that extra mile to keep them on as a client. If that means doing a “foot treatment” that focuses on reflexology for an additional ten minutes, do it. Do it with a custom aromatherapy blend that only YOU have come up with, in fact. Go as far as to give them custom recipes for little “spa add-ons” they can do themselves in the comfort of their own home. Give them “take-home” documents that you have created that list their entire protocol you have customized to a “T” – with inspirational quotes and industry information that will leave them EXCITED, wanting to learn more from you! Figure out that ONE thing that really defines YOU, that no one else does! I promise you, clients will remember this, and APPRECIATE the customized experience.
4. Be the GODDESS of FOLLOW-UP. Spend extra time in your treatment room or “office” at the end of the day to categorize your clients in areas of importance – as far as how many days to follow up with them after a chemical peel, when to send a thank-you note, when to check in on a client that hasn’t been to see you in a few months. Make this a top priority. Customers want to feel as though they are VIP clientele – the best of the bunch, the “favorite” client of yours. Take the extra time to follow up with these clients through PROFESSIONAL means – meaning NO texting. Call them, write them a personalized letter, type up a letter with your company letterhead, or send them a professional email – with ZERO spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. Simple little mistakes in this area of Client Care is crucial – if not VITAL to your long-term client retention!
5. The last, but certainly not least, SIZZLING treatment room must-do is actually not performed in the treatment room itself, but manifested in YOUR daily life. Be the master of your social media postings, the queen of positive reinforcement, the EXAMPLE that your clients look up to! Your personal life MUST match your desires for your clients. You have to be an example through your daily living in order to truly make a difference in the lives of your clients. Write passionate articles for trade magazines that put you on the market as an industry EXPERT, co-chair a local organization that really speaks to your heart, be involved in a church charity or event that has zero to do with any professional benefit to you. So again, BE MORE. Don’t waste your free time indulging in guilty pleasures – or finding yourself doing things or participating in activities that your clients would be shocked at. Be the best YOU, invest in yourself, and create a positive orb of good karma around your life that will bring greatness and fruitful elements into your life journey. We are all human and all privy to mistakes and mishaps – but the most important aspect in career SATISFACTION & SUCCESS stems beyond that of the treatment room, but at the ROOT of your character and moral turpitude. How are you exercising these truths today?


Courtney Griffin Freeman

Courtney Griffin Freeman

Licensed Esthetics Instructor - Southeastern Esthetics Institute

Does Your Spa Have an Identity Crisis?

Does Your Spa Have an Identity Crisis?

Does Your Spa Have an Identity Crisis?

Ask the Day Spa Coach with Jaya Savannah

Q: I own a nail salon and have been an Esthetician for 10 years. My biggest problem is building a skincare clientele. All they see is pedicures and manicures and think of me as only a nail technician. Does the environment of the salon affect the way clients think of you?

A: Yes, absolutely. The physical environment of your business is a lot like a restaurant. It creates a context and mood that influences people’s perception of what is served there. If what they order is delicious, the service good, and the environment clean and comfortable, they will come back.  After looking at your website, I think the problem you’re having is a business identity crisis. To continue with the restaurant analogy, you’re like a place that serves both Vietnamese and Italian food. People who like rice noodles might also like spaghetti, but they’re going to be confused about them both being served in the same place. Ultimately, the décor is going to set their perception. In customer’s minds you’re either a Vietnamese restaurant or Italian. Make sense?

Your branding actually seems to communicates 3 things:

You company name includes the word Zen. The definition of Zen is “a Japanese school of Mahayana Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation and intuition.” When it comes to decorating, Zen style is usually minimalistic, harmonious, and with Japanese influences. This is like a sushi bar.

Your website colors (purple and red) are energizing. That combined with the contemporary décor in your waiting area creates an upbeat and eclectic mood. One of the photos on your site shows a cozy fireplace with wrought iron screen and whimsical winter decorations—in July. (Don’t put seasonal things on your website unless you plan for and commit to a take-down date.) This is like a café.

Your skincare page is very clinical. Descriptors such as “high-performance products,” “state of the art equipment,” and services focusing on acne, LED treatments, and “no-needles face tightening” take your brand into a scientific oriented direction. Sorry- I just ran out of restaurant analogies. This is like a clinic.

So then it makes sense to me that people are perceiving you as a nails-only place. Your website colors and decorating are contemporary and energizing. Pedicure and manicure stations are visible by necessity. Those are services people can see being done, unlike your clinical skincare in a private room.  In the case of a confusing identity, the environment wins.

You need to make your brand identity more cohesive. Here is how I would approach it.

Go Big and Go Zen

Your company name makes a promise that isn’t being delivered. Go minimal, leaning towards modern.  Calm your website colors down. Perhaps monochrome. Get rid of the colorful patterned rug, the wrought iron and flourishes. Choose one or 2 bright accent colors at the most. Then make your nail services more Zen, too. Natural pebbles, flowers, perhaps an emphasis on natural nails.

You have some perceptions to overcome regarding your skincare services. A lot of people do not want to get facials at the same place as their nails. Why? Busy-ness and odors. Out of curiosity, I did an informal poll of my Facebook friends asking if they would get a facial by a licensed esthetician at a nail salon. Small group replied, but these are spa savvy people. Their answers were brutally honest.

  • 20% Yes.
  • 20% Maybe. All qualifying that it must have a relaxing spa-vibe without odors.
  • 60% No way. Mostly citing the odors, but also the mood. One person explained, “The places where I tend to get my nails done are over-lit for any kind of relaxation.”

So if you want a chance of capturing the business of the 40% who are open to the idea, you must make it clear that your facials are relaxing. Not just relaxing, but in a quiet odor-free room. There’s no hiding that your salon is busy (looks like 12 pedicure chairs in one of the photos.) You will need to make it clear that the facial room is very quiet and private.

Beyond overcoming concerns about the environment of your facials, I think you need to make your skincare services menu less clinical. Too much talk of technology, ingredients, “jet peels,” and “ultrasound.” It sounds like going to the dermatologist. It’s a fine niche to be clinical, but it’s causing a brand identity mismatch that is clearly a problem or you wouldn’t have written in for advice. You can still use technical tools, but instead focus on results. Zen is about simplicity. I would simplify your menu. Ensure your treatment room isn’t like a doctor’s office. You focus on acne. That can tie in very nicely with Zen! When one has a clear mind, the skin is also more clear. Also, be sure to show photos of your quiet, tranquil facial room on your website. If you have excellent ventilation and the room is indeed odor free, you might even mention that on your website as well.

Good luck and I hope your branding makeover comes together nicely.



Jaya Savannah

Jaya Savannah

Chief Inspiration Officer - Jaya Savannah International

Jaya Savannah is a strategy coach and consultant for holistic businesses at

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How to Massively Attract Makeup Clients in 3 Easy Steps!

For those of you graduating from our PRO Makeup Artistry National Certification Course, you KNOW that I have personally drilled mega information into your minds about networking, marketing & boosting your business and brand! I am compiling some truly phenomenal information for those of you THINKING about joining our PRO Course, in order to assist you in building your business and creating a LIFE & career you LOVE!

Through my extensive background in Professional Makeup Artistry, I have done a little bit of everything in terms of makeup jobs – working with bridal parties either on-location or my personal studio, traveling with a world-renowned photographer doing makeup for the Miss USA Pageant system, providing makeup for countless photoshoots for different purposes, doing makeup for plays and theater productions, and even providing my makeup services to the diseased. Makeup Artistry has been a large part of shaping my career into the esthetics industry and was my first love – catering to my creative persona and background in art. I have truly enjoyed every job, no matter how large or small. This has been a calling in my life that has blossomed into some tremendous friendships and excellent opportunities. I personally would do it for free, for the rest of my life, if I could. I enjoy it that much.

With all of this in mind, I have equally enjoyed the aspect of TEACHING the PRO Course and offering astounding education and phenomenal workshops that focus solely on the ART of makeup. This is something that has been lost in many cosmetology and esthetics programs, as many instructors are unfortunately not well-versed enough in the industry – or have had as much experience – in order to teach it properly. The PRO Course is a 6-week workshop that tailors to a very fast-paced learning experience, extensive instructor-demonstration, and the perfection of integrative hands-on technique. The course is truly a “baby” of mine that began out of sheer frustration with the lack of education available, along with immense PASSION for sharing one of my God-given talents with both men and women that want to change the WORLD through beauty and art.

Today I want to share with you the other end of the spectrum of the CRAFT – and that is the integration of the BUSINESS of makeup artistry. This, like many other aspects of our field, is one of the most important elements of creating a long-term, exciting, fulfilling career! Take notes. Visualize. Let this information mold you and resonate in your soul – because remembering that a firm understanding of the BUSINESS end of this career model is truly crucial, is the backbone of your future success!

1. Decide How You Want Your Image & Brand To Be Focused – Then Implement 3 Avenues Per Week To Get You There!
Building your brand – easier said than done. Take a look at the core of who you are, and especially who you “appear to be” on social media outlets – most importantly. Whatever you decide to display on the internet is public knowledge for years to come. When channeling a more professional version of yourself, take the time to visualize yourself as a client – then clean out every single thing you have posted online for the past few years. Heck, even delete the accounts you have and start anew! Build from a FRESH place.

Next, begin thinking of how you want to be perceived. What is your niche in the makeup industry? What kind of look are you going for? What makes you HAPPY & INSPIRED? There are many questions to consider when choosing a niche – and questions that should be taken seriously, written down, answered, and even pondered over for a while. Never go into any business venture lightly. Show the best version of who you are in all that you do – and you will succeed further than you can even imagine!

Consistent, professional images and headshots of yourself are key in any professional career when you are promoting services that you personally perform – but additionally, even more important in the beauty industry. Embrace the beauty that is YOU and OWN IT until the night is day. Find professional or even amateur photographers/graphic artists that can build a consistent brand with your image attached, right down to the colors, logo, website, business cards, social media headers & cover photos – all of the above. Everything should “flow” and have a consistent look and feel. Clients will know it’s YOU every single time!

Finally, once you have a firm grasp of your passion and niche market, hone in on that and choose THREE avenues per week to reach out to. If, for example, you are gearing towards the bridal industry, areas of interest to you would be: contacts from your local newspaper, especially the ones that write up the engagement columns; salons that specialize in amazing bridal hair-styling; bridal shops and wedding vendors; wedding venues; limo drivers; florists; all of the bridal shows in your realm of influence, etc. This brings about another very important aspect of your business planning – which is specifically your REALM OF INFLUENCE, meaning: how far you plan to travel to provide work to your clients. If you are the said-bridal-expert, if you want to reach out to your entire state for on-location work, you will make relationships with the individuals/companies that put on the most amazing bridal shows statewide.

If your niche is in theater and theatrical makeup for off-the-wall photoshoots and character-makeup for plays, you will want to create relationships with casting directors in your state, theaters, theater workshop groups, creative photographers that specialize in photographic ART, and other like-minded business and professionals to jumpstart your career and put you in the right place at the right time, so to speak!

Take your list and reach out to at least three individuals per week within these areas. Make phone calls, write personal notes; send out professional Info Packets with comp cards, business cards, incentives for working together the first time, price sheets/menus, etc. The possibilities are endless; however, you must take the proper steps to TAKE ACTION and make these things happen!

2. Build An Amazing Portfolio & Consistently Add To It At Least Once Per Week!
One of the most amazing PERKS of being a part of the PRO Makeup Artistry Course is the phenomenal Pro Shoot we do with the professional photographers that put their artistic touch on the dynamic looks our students put together as a part of their required end-of-class project! Not only do you receive in-depth training, you are able to show off your techniques and gain a professional portfolio to jumpstart your career into success from the START! We require a large variety of looks, along with a dynamic range of mediums and styles, to show off your creativity and skill level.
The reason we choose to build a spectacular portfolio for you is only the beginning of what you need to do beyond our course. We promote consistent learning and educational follow-up through some of our smaller, one-day courses to continue to INSPIRE your creativity and assist you in niche areas you are passionate about. I also highly recommend implementing a regular STRATEGY for adding to your portfolio, at least once per week – yes, that’s right!

The smartest thing to do in any creative outlet is to provide CONSISTENCY. Whether you are providing makeup through a studio in a salon or spa, or have your own set-up within a home studio – be sure to have a phenomenal, modern set-up to showcase your looks and create dynamic before and after images that make your viewers beg for more! Purchase a set of photography lights, a backdrop, cute (yet simple) chairs, and work with a nice enough camera that will take sharp and focused images. Also having a computer system to upload your images and place them into a nice format for side-to-side viewing is an added bonus. Having simple photography knowledge on facial angles and where the lighting would be the most flattering is also another added PLUS that will propel you into professional STARDOM!

3. Make Contacts & Build Relationships With Professionals That Can Benefit You – And Clients That Need Your Follow-Up, Love & Adoration!
Once you begin meeting people and building relationships, whether it is paying clientele or professionals that are assisting you in the promotion of your brand – be THANKFUL for these connections and never take them for granted! Nurture these relationships much like you would your own child or beloved friendships. Send group emails to showcase some of your most recent work, write personal notes to thank them for their connection and business with you, hold POWER LUNCHES or AFTER-HOURS EVENTS where you can offer discounted or free mini services just to thank them for their patronage – the options are truly endless!

By adding VALUE to what you do through these extended areas of customer service, you are not simply “networking” and making your rounds – you are building relationships, giving individuals the opportunity to KNOW YOU and value the joy you bring to their lives, and last but certainly not least: gaining confidence, happiness, and satisfaction in your job by GIVING of yourself. When you are consistently showcasing your unselfish love and adoration for your clients and vendors, you will bring GOOD ENERGY to your life, and thus, your business!

Courtney Griffin Freeman

Courtney Griffin Freeman

Licensed Esthetics Instructor - Southeastern Esthetics Institute

An Objective Look at Using Cannabis-Infused Topicals in Therapeutic Massage

After decades of prohibition, cannabis has been enjoying a coming out party of sorts, with the emerging cannabusiness market redefining antiquated stereotypes about who uses marijuana – and more interestingly – how it is being used. The topical use of cannabis- infused massage oils, lotions, salves, and balms is swiftly gaining in popularity, with even day spa regulars now looking to try out this trendy new way to relax and unwind.

As many turn to natural modalities like therapuetic massage for pain relief, it is no wonder that people are now more open to the idea of using cannibis-infused topicals as part of their overall natural wellness therapy for releasing tension and reducing stress.

The Cannabis-Infused Topicals Movement: What to Know

Cannabis has not always held such a lofty reputation. The criminalization of cannabis has meant that businesses — and certainly the wellness industry — have kept their distance in the past, despite countless medical studies supporting the benefits of cannabis for the body and mind.

But fast-forward to 2015, and 23 U.S. states, including the District of Columbia, now have laws in place that have legalized marijuana in some form or another. Alaska, Oregon, Washington D.C., Colorado, and Washington have all legalized the recreational use of marijuana, and it is expected that California and a number of others states will vote on legalization in 2016.

Not only is cannabis widely accepted in today’s society – NBC News called the legalization of marijuana throughout the nation “inevitable” – it is also embraced by many as an appealing solution to stress and a clear winner over a trip to the bar or an Ambien hangover.

Often considered a “super plant,” cannabis has been used by humans for medicinal purposes for more than 8,000 years. Studies have found that there are 66 unique chemical cannabanoids within the cannabis plant, many of which have therapeutic benefits.

To THC or not to THC …

There are two cannabis-topical classifications:

  • Lotions and oils that use hemp seed oil (but contain no THC), which are available to anyone in any part of the United States
  • Cannabis-infused products that use a small amount of THC – the constituent within marijuana that causes the high

Topicals containing THC are only available where medical marijuana is legally dispensed, or in recreational markets. (Note: Most THC-infused topicals contain only about 0.3 percent THC, making it highly unlikely that the cannabinoids absorbed into the skin would be enough to produce a high.)

THC-infused cannabis is believed by many to be more beneficial than its non-THC containing counterparts. This is because the naturally occuring THC acid in combination with hemp seed oil is more effective at reducing inflammation and pain.

Because hemp seed oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, it is ideal for dry skin that is prone to such conditions as eczema or psoriasis. Many of these topicals also contain dermatological gems like aloe and vitamin E, as well as arnica, an oil that works to regenerate tissue and help heal bruising.

Since THC-infused topicals can only be purchased at medical marijuana dispensaries or licensed recreational retailers – and only in the states where it is legal – it has been tricky to navigate the laws. In the past, customers have had to purchase their infused topicals from a dispensary or licensed retailer and bring it to the massage therapist for treatment.

But this is all changing as more traditional medical spas are applying for the licenses necessary to sell THC-infused topicals, with many now even hosting MDs on site that can prescribe medical marijuana. Places like the MD Medical Spa & Wellness Center in Boston provide this service, allowing clients to purchase topical THC-infused products to use with their spa services in-house.

The Wellness Industry and Cannabusiness: An Ideal Pairing

Although the American Massage Therapy Association has chosen to take no position on the use of cannabis-infused massage oils and lotions, there has been a good deal of pre-clinical data – not to mention user data – to suggest that a massage with cannabis oil or lotion has a positive effect on chronic pain, inflammation, and even burns, lesions, and wounds.

As the use of therapeutic massage continues to grow in leaps and bounds, (The US Department of Labor reports that the number of massage therapists is expected to increase by 23 percent in the next 10 years.) it is now just as well-recognized for being a relaxing spa option as it is a practical and effective way to reduce pain. Used to promote healing and reduce the swelling that causes nerve and muscle pain, massage therapy is popular among people with a range of conditions – from diabetic neuropathy and rheumatoid arthritis to fibromyalgia, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and even psychological conditions like anxiety.

With wellness centers, day spas, and specialty esthetics spas are now offering topical cannabis massage treatments among their list of services, it’s now common to find a cannabis-infused massage therapy session being performed alongside other specialty treatments like chemical peels and Botox.

In Colorado, the popularity of cannabis-infused products of all kinds – including lotions and massage oils – has even introduced a booming new niche to the wellness industry, with dedicated “canna-massage studios” popping up everywhere.

The cannabis massage therapy trend has also become a luxury experience. For example, Colorado tour companies like SPIRO and So Mile High are now offering “rest and relaxation” tours, complete with luxury accommodations, fine dining, and cannabis-infused couple’s massages.

As the fusion of cannabusiness and the personal wellness industry gives rise to the growing cannabis spa movement, some medical marijuana dispensaries have even been offering free massages alongside other types of wellness offerings like Pilates, yoga, and meditation.

Although the verdict is still out on the longevity of this trend, enthusiasts and devotees of massage therapy and non-pharmaceutical solutions to pain, inflammation, and skin disorders are praising the benefits of cannabis-infused topicals.


This article is courtesy of the dedicated skincare specialists of, who are always on the lookout for important developments in skincare therapy, health and wellness.

Rebecca Turley

Rebecca Turley

How to Educate the Market About New and Unfamiliar Services?

How to Educate the Market About New and Unfamiliar Services?

Does Your Spa Have an Identity Crisis?

Q: I offer a service that is unfamiliar to most people, but is in fact very helpful for a lot of them. How do you educate the market so they know that your services are what they’ve been looking for?

A: Ah, to be a trailblazer. It can be very exciting to be at the leading edge of a new modality. Yet it can be quite challenging too. The key is to tap into the market’s existing desires and then get them excited about how your services can fulfill those desires in a new and better way. If you want people to “know that your services are what they’ve been looking for,” there are 3 stages of awareness you need to take them through.

1.  Meet them where they are at now. In general, why do people seek out a practitioner such as yourself? Think about what your best clients have told you or better yet, look into their treatment records. Why did they initially come to see you? When you write your marketing materials, speak to those desires. Use language and images that will evoke a “That’s ME.” response. Now you have their attention.

2.  Show them what outcome is possible. What tangible results can people get from your services?  Imagine if you were filming a silent movie starring one of your best clients. How has their life been improved? Do they look different? Feel better? What is it like to be on the other side of the problems you helped solve for them? It’s even better if you can demonstrate this with testimonials.

3.  Explain how your methodology works. Without getting overly technical, explain how and why your services work. If you’ve connected to the person’s desires well in stages 1 & 2, a certain level of trust is already established. This step is just to explain enough so that they think, “That makes sense,” and to overcome any objections they might have to the process.

Any client marketing materials, advertisements, classes, or even interviews you do need to include all 3 of those stages for it to register an “Ah ha!” with your audience.

As far as finding that audience goes, here are a few suggestions.

Reach out to the media. One big thing you have going for you with a new modality is that it can be newsworthy. If your services are performed locally, then you can financially benefit from coverage in the local papers, especially the lifestyle oriented ones. Although mention in national publications (health, beauty, and women’s magazines for you) will give you great credibility on your website, etc.

Speak at local health & beauty fairs. You may consider yourself an introvert, but if you can put together a slideshow presentation that takes people through the 3 stages of awareness, followed by an introductory offer, it can really pay off. If that seems too big, you can also get on the speaker list for events at your local natural grocery or wellness clinic. Although those tend to not be as lucrative.

Work your referrals. Many holistic practitioners don’t like marketing, yet some of them still do really well. Why is that? Because they are really good at relationship building with their clients. Create a new client incentive and ask your current clients to help you promote it. Lots of practitioners in obscure modalities have full books, simply by doing this really well. Instead of needing to educate the masses, let your clients educate and evangelize for you.

Jaya Savannah

Jaya Savannah

Chief Inspiration Officer - Jaya Savannah International

Jaya Savannah is a strategy coach and consultant for holistic businesses at

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15 Unique Salon Marketing Ideas To Keep Customers Coming Back

While we all dream of new clients flocking to our doors and setting up appointments, it’s impossible to ignore the importance of repeat business and the lifetime value of a returning customer. In fact, it costs 6-8 times more to gain a new customer as it does to keep an existing customer coming back (

Close relationships with clients are key to success in the beauty industry. It’s valuable to gear a good portion of your marketing to fostering these relationships and encouraging repeat business.

To keep those clients coming back, check out these 15 unique salon marketing ideas you can start using today!

1. Offer personalized discounts based on events in your clients’ lives.

Make notes about upcoming weddings or parties your clients mention they’re going to. A few weeks before the event, send them a personalized email offering them a discount on your service to use prior to the event.

2. Give your clients a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at your salon

Use social media or blog posts to show off the culture at your salon – interview your stylists, share jokes and funny quotes, and reveal (appropriate) candid pictures. Make your salon an inviting place where people will want to hang out, not just get a hair cut.

3. Offer an on-the-spot discount.

If your next hour is empty, book it at a discount for whoever can make it in – and make sure you give it a quick push over social media!

Adjust the offer based on the client’s day. For example, if the customer just got engaged, give them a great discount as a congratulations.

4. Entice repeat clients with a value-add service

Are most of your clients coming in for hair coloring or styling, while you also offer waxes and manicures? After their first visit, offer them a discount for an additional service for the next time they book an appointment.

5. Let your clients in on the future of your salon

Give clients the idea that your salon is always evolving with new trends and services. In your newsletters and social posts, include information on new services, products, and salon events. Just make sure these are plans you will carry through with!

6. Write a blog post on ‘the making of’ your salon

Show clients how far you’ve come, and what they’ve helped you build. Include content like pictures of you in aesthetics school, how the salon used to be decorated, and how much your own hair style has changed throughout the years. Your clients will feel good knowing how much of an impact they’ve helped make, which will lead to them feeling personally connected to the salon.

7. Show your clients some social media love

Like, retweet, or even share your clients’ social posts. It’s quick, easy, and the customer feels cool and appreciated. This also lets the customer know you value and pay attention to them.

8. Promote your content based on client segments

In your client management system, create notes or categories that will help you segment your clients in your content promotion. For example, you could send people a relevant email specifically to people who’ve mentioned thinking about changing their look, rather than to people who are content with their current look.

9. Follow up your appointments with personalized advice

Show your clients that you’re still thinking about helping them even after their appointment! Share things like earrings that would match their new hair, or an article on preserving a manicure. You can send them a quick email, Facebook message, or even tag them on a relevant Instagram picture.

10. Make sure your clients can book an appointment on-the-go

Most people remember they need a hair appointment when they’re out, not when they’re at home on your website. Have them book appointments with ease by making your website and online booking form responsive for mobile phones, or even by allowing people to Tweet or message you on Facebook you to book their appointment.

11. Personalize each appointment reminder message

Make the appointment reminder one to remember – don’t just shoot off a generic email or leave a boring phone message. Tell the client some thoughts you have for their upcoming appointment, or ask them in advance what they’re thinking of so they’ll be confident you’re ready.

12. Throw a salon ‘holiday’

Once every few months, hold an event like an “ultimate makeover” day where you offer large discounts for people using multiple services – like a haircut and color, or a manicure and pedicure, etc. People will look forward to these events, and it will encourage clients to use more of your services in the future.

13. Offer your services in the community

Get out into the community – spend a day providing your services to the less fortunate by having a ‘salon day’ at the local women’s shelter or good will. Make sure to spread the word over your social channels!

14. Give your clients a monthly roundup

Send a monthly email roundup of your favorite styles, including client looks you did, and new styles you’ll be learning how to do. This gives clients the idea that you’re both proud of your work and always looking to grow and keep up with new styles.

15. Use in-salon marketing to appeal to the ‘waiting’ party

If your clients are commonly brought in by a significant other or friend who just sits waiting while the work is done, make their lives a little easier too! Provide them with materials in the waiting area that will help them down the road – like gift cards if a holiday is coming up. Show that you care about the well-being of those who are important to your client as well.

Want even more salon marketing ideas? Check out this infographic on ‘25 Ways To Market Your Salon’ from Standish Salon Goods!

Allie Winters

Allie Winters

Marketing Manager at Standish Salon Goods

Allie is the Marketing Manager at Standish Salon Goods, and resident salon marketing expert. Full of profitable tips and tricks, Allie knows the salon marketing space in and out. Whether it’s a tried and true marketing insight, or a fresh idea to try, Allie knows what works for salon success.

Oncology Massage

By Tina Figueroa

Nearly half of American’s will contract some form of cancer in their lives according to the federal Cancer Institute.  While medical science is making phenomenal progress in understanding and treating the symptoms and in some cases curing the diseases themselves, for most patients this still means extensive, and often painful, medical intervention.  Often overlooked in the urgent series of biopsies, chemo infusions, and medical protocols is the treatment of the human being going through it all.

One way that spas can help is to offer Oncology Massages and Facials.  The Society for Oncology Massage is the national organization that sets the standards for the special certification your therapists and estheticians will need to achieve before they can be allowed to work individuals that have gone through cancer treatments.  They partner with many local organizations to deliver in person and web delivered content that will provide the baseline understanding the therapist and your spa will need to safely deliver these treatments.

Here in Southern California our spa partners with Greet The Day a wonderful organization that not only certifies our therapists and estheticians but also assists us in offering Spa Day Retreats for survivor groups.  Imagine a group of cancer survivors that have the entire spa to themselves for a day of pampering, all treatments donated.  Wigs can comfortably come off, scars aren’t embarrassing, and everyone can bond over their shared experiences battling cancer.  It’s a profoundly moving experience for everyone involved and gives your spa a way to truly make a difference in the lives of your customers.

Your spa can’t cure cancer, but never discount the power of a healing touch to reduce the stress level of a patient or survivor and make the journey a little easier to bear.

Tina is the proud owner of the award-winning Larchmont Sanctuary Spa in Los Angeles.

Tina Figueroa

Tina Figueroa

Owner of the award-winning Larchmont Sanctuary Spa

What is the best way to wow the spa manager in an interview?

Q: I’m an esthetician trying to find a job in a new town. What is the best way to wow the spa manager during the practical part of the interview where I perform a facial on them? I’m good at what I do, but so are all of the other estheticians looking for work in an already oversaturated area.

A: While the practical part of the interview is important, it’s not nearly as important as the screening questions. So let’s first step back and stand in the shoes of the manager. What are they looking for in a new hire?

When I was in management, the ideal candidate would be someone who fit in with the professionalism level of the business. Did they go to a good school? Have they invested in some post graduate professional training? Managers want someone who is seeking a career, not just a job. Above and beyond technical proficiency, do they understand the business side of esthetics? As you said, lots of other estheticians can perform good facials. I wanted to find the ones that could perform well at retail sales and client retention. If you know your average retail to service sales ratio from your previous job, that will set you apart from the other candidates. Same if you know your client retention rate.

Many managers and owners want to hire someone with an existing clientele, especially if the spa/salon is new. Yet not everyone sees offering to bring existing clients as a plus. In fact, I’ve worked for a company where that was considered a negative. First because it was viewed as an ethical issue, and second because the owners didn’t want to have bad relations with other salons in town. So not having a clientele may or may not be the deal breaker you think it is.

If you’ve gotten far enough in the interview process to do a facial for the manager (or sometimes lead esthetician) then things are looking up for you. Managers are busy and they won’t waste time getting a facial from someone who they aren’t seriously considering. Before getting started, ask any questions you have about their product line. If you’re trained in other lines, mention it, but don’t be overly attached to them. A lot of estheticians make the mistake of trying to convince the owner to switch lines and it’s extremely off-putting. Instead, work with what you are given. Be sure to include a consultation before the treatment, just as you would a client. Ask questions about their home care, then follow up with making some retail product recommendations at the end. You should also recommend a treatment protocol and suggested time frame for their next service. That will definitely make them go “wow!”

Jaya Savannah

Jaya Savannah

Chief Inspiration Officer - Jaya Savannah International

Jaya Savannah is a strategy coach and consultant for holistic businesses at

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Celebrate spring with an Open House

Our world and life has gotten even more delicious with all the new foods and different kinds of drinks! Bring a taste of it to your clients in your spa or salon. You can start by serving them a yummy punch or a cocktail. Show off your personality and create a signature drink that you seasonably serve to them. I find clients love this and it makes them FEEL so special.

A perfect pairing of a manicure and pedicure and a cozy warm drink, cocktail or yummy treat. While it is still cold outside think about serving homemade hot cocoa or a batch of Chai tea. Serving coffee is so expected…do the unexpected. It really does not take long to make it and you can make it and store it in an insulated pitcher. In a hurry, you can always serve store bought brands.

Wine and beer is nice but a bubbly champagne punch pretty to look at and is really chic and refreshing! 

What you will need for your open house event:

  • A fresh bouquet of flowers separated into many mini vases. Or you can simply buy herbs or a pretty plant.
  • A pretty tablecloth or table runner
  • 1 liter bottle of cranberry or cranapple juice
  • 1 bottle of champagne (does not have to be expensive)
  • Add a few cranberries in ice cube mold and freeze it. Float this ice mold in the punch once frozen.

I barter with a local baker who makes the most adorable cake pops. She has even created them in the shape of a nail polish bottle. Create a theme

“Cake pops, Coffee and a Mani!”

“Champagne, Cake Pops and a pedicure!”

“Cosmetics, Champagne and a Mani”

If you do not know of a baker, you can barter services with just go to your fave grocery store or big box store. They have cute and tasty cookies this time of year.

Send an evite by email or USPS mail and invite your clients to some springtime fun.

Offer a recipe for food, specials on services and fun.

Have your guests enter a free drawing for a SPRING BASKET of beauty giveaway. Fill it with nail care, hand and body lotions and potions. Or makeup, body and nail care.

Now is the perfect time to host an event, enhance your profits and make your clients happy too! 

Happy Spring! 


Noreen Young

Noreen Young

Educator/Skin Therapist/Makeup Artist/Beauty Reporter for TV & Print

Toll-Free: 1 (800) 950-4YOU

Improve Your Spa Treatments — And Your Business! — With Aromatherapy

Even if people are already raving about your spa treatments, it’s easy to make them even better with aromatherapy!

Why bother?

First and foremost, you can incorporate aromatherapy into any spa treatment you can dream up — from facials, to massages, to manicures, to pedicures. So no matter what you specialize in, you can take advantage of a quality aromatherapy regimen.  But this isn’t the only benefit. As soon as you start working with different essential oils, you’ll be able to:

– Give your guests an easy way to immediately relax

– Go beyond physical needs. For example, if a physical symptom is being caused by an underlying emotional issue, the right scent can help you tackle it.

– Stimulate feelings of euphoria and happiness

– Use scent to make a good impression on your guest’s subconscious, which is where most decisions come from. In turn, this can make your guests more loyal to you.

– Set yourself apart from competing spas

But how exactly do you incorporate essential oils into each spa treatment?

There are 3 easy ways to do it:

1. Get an aromatherapy burner or diffuser for each of your treatment rooms

2. Use an aromatherapy mist during your treatments

3. Use a special aromatherapy massage oil that’s got essential oils in it

If you want to reap the biggest possible benefits from these 3 things, follow these 6 tips. I’ve personally tested them out, and my guests absolutely love the experience I’ve created for them!

1. Put 5 to 10 drops of your favorite essential oil in your aromatherapy burner/diffuser

After all, you’re going to be in the treatment room all day long, so you’ve got to have a scent you love!

Whether you use one essential oil or a blend, tell your guests why you made the selection you did.

They’ll appreciate knowing that you’ve gone the extra mile to choose something great.

2. Use your aromatherapy mist right at the beginning of the treatment

Combine 3 drops of orange essential oils, 3 drops of frankincense and 2 drops of lavender with 1 oz of distilled water. This mist will create a feeling of instant relaxation, which is exactly why your guests are there in the first place — to relax! A quick squirt or two will also encourage your guests to trust your caring hands. For best results, tell your guest to close her eyes, breathe deeply, and point the nozzle upwards, so that the mist falls gently onto her face.

3. Use a drop of lavender or mandarin with your eye pillows

Both of these oils offer a calming scent that will make your treatments even more powerful. Place the drop on a tissue, then wrap it around your eye pillow. (Just make sure the oil isn’t touching your guest’s face!)

4. Add a massage into the mix

Combine some essential oils with a carrier oil to create your own massage oil. Then, use it to massage your guests’ legs during pedicures. Or, use the oil to massage your guests’ arms, hands, and décolletage during facials. These aromatherapy massage oils can also replace your traditional oils during your massage treatments. Dilute a total of 15 drops with 1 oz of carrier oil such as jojoba, fractionated coconut oil or macadamia oil.

5. Make things personal

Lavender, eucalyptus, and peppermint all create great feelings, but they’re not the only essential oils you can use during your spa treatments. A great way to mix things up is to ask each guest how they’re feeling when they arrive and then choose the oil that best suits their mood. Just like that, you’ve made each treatment more personal, and your guests will love that special one-on-one attention!

How do you know which oil is right for each guest?

– If your guest is stressed out, use Palo Santo, Frankincense, or Bergamot to help her calm down.

– If your guest has some aching muscles, Peppermint, Rosemary, and Pine will all help boost her circulation and relieve the pain.

– If your guest is fighting off an illness, tap into the natural antibacterial properties of Eucalyptus, Ravenara, or Tea Tree.

– If your guest is feeling a little depressed, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, and Litsea Cubeba are all powerful mood boosters.

– If your guest is tired, Rosemary, Peppermint, Pine, and Cardamom will all stimulate the adrenal glands and fight off fatigue.

– If your guest is feeling sluggish or bloated, Fennel, Grapefruit, and Cedarwood will all help get the lymph system working, while also helping to break down fatty deposits in the cells.

– If your guest is suffering from PMS, Geranium, Clary Sage, Rose, and Jasmine will help balance everything out. You can even dilute these oils with a carrier oil, apply the mixture directly to the skin, and cover with a hot towel. That will definitely chase those cramps away!

– If your guest has underlying issues, those should be addressed first. Prosper loans is a good place to look for those interested in solving money issues, which often times result in stress.

6. Encourage your guests to buy their own essential oils to use at home

That way, they can experience all of the good feelings you’ve created for them anytime they want. That will definitely encourage them to tell their friends about you!


Cristina Proano-Carrion

Cristina Proano-Carrion

Aromatherapy lecturer and formulator

How Do I Find Clients When Moving to a New Town?

Q: I’m currently working as a spa employee, but in 4 months I will be opening a solo esthetics practice in a town 24 miles away. Obviously, I can’t take spa clients with me and they wouldn’t want to drive that far anyway. How do I find new clients when moving to a new town?

A: Everyone starts from scratch at some point. The advantage you have are the skills you’ve acquired from working at the spa, and while you won’t be taking those clients, you get to take all your skills with you. The most important thing to remember is that filling your practice is about relationship building.

At this early point, you can begin doing the behind the scenes work of creating your brand, building a website, and planning your opening. What you should also be building now is your presence in the community. Here are two really good places to start:

Begin with your circle of family and friends. Arrange for get-togethers with those who live or work there.  Deepen your friendships, but also ask about the local businesses. You want to discover potential referral sources. What are the popular salons that don’t have an esthetic department? Is there a yoga studio with a thriving community? Get to know the town and its service providers.

Look for community events to attend. is a great place to look for groups of every kind, but especially look in the Career & Business category. That’s where you’ll find other business owners actively looking to network, exchange referrals, and create community events. Other groups that are strong for community building are church groups, mothers clubs, and Facebook groups that meet in person.

When the time comes, your employer may be willing to let you notify clients of your move. Even if your clients find the new location too inconvenient, they will be very likely to refer their friends and family from that city to you. A good relationship with your clients and your soon-to-be former employer will greatly help your transition. Good luck in your new endeavor!

Jaya Savannah

Jaya Savannah

Chief Inspiration Officer – Jaya Savannah International

Jaya Savannah is a strategy coach and consultant for holistic businesses at

Want to ask your question? Click here.

Also, be sure to register for Jaya’s FREE video series The Quickest Ways to Get Clients into Your Holistic Practice.

Dealing With Deposits For Salon and Spa Tenants

Guest blog post by Jeff Grandfield and Dale Willerton – The Lease Coach

Even if you have paid the landlord an initial deposit, should your deposit be held in perpetuity?

No. As we explain in our new book, Negotiating Commercial Leases & Renewals For Dummies, even if you’re considered a security risk to the landlord for the first number of years of your

lease and regularly paid your rent all of those years, then you’re certainly no longer a risk to the landlord for the renewal term.

Having said that, your landlord may not willingly return your deposit as part of your lease renewal. You may have to demonstrate to the landlord why it should be returned by reminding him of your history of on-time rent payments, pointing out the fact there is no commission paid to an agent on a renewal (the commission paid to an agent is often a big factor for the landlord requesting the deposit) and sharing any intended improvement plans you have for the space that you could partially fund with the deposit.

If you are unable to get the landlord to agree to return your deposit at the start of your renewal term, aim to have it applied at some point throughout that renewal term or to the last month of the renewal term, whether you further renew or not. Getting the deposit applied or returned before you vacate the property can help you avoid the common problems of getting your deposit back.

If you did not negotiate to have your deposit applied or returned early, talk to your landlord about getting your entire deposit back as soon as you vacate. You may be afraid to bring the subject up for fear that your landlord may have some excuse for not returning your deposit (which may be true). But you can’t determine if there is a problem (and then start to solve the problem) if you don’t ask before you move out.

Most landlords don’t mark their calendar with a date to return your deposit. In fact, most would be quite happy if you never brought up the subject again. Salon – Spa owners have contacted us months after moving out and ask why their landlord hasn’t refunded their deposit. We usually start with asking, “Have you asked for that money back yet?” The answer is usually, “No”. So we begin with the basics; you have to ask to receive.

When it comes to asking, we also recommend that you ask your property manager about the landlord’s process for refunding deposits; do so at least three to four months before your lease expires. Ask these following questions:

  • Does the landlord require a letter or an invoice?
  • On the last day of the lease, will there be an exit viewing and walk-through of the premises to ensure no damage?
  • What should I do to get my full deposit back? Do I have to get the carpets cleaned and/or surrender my keys?

Landlords have many reasons why they can’t or won’t return your security deposit. These include the following:

  • You have damaged the premises.
  • You didn’t remove your leasehold improvements.
  • You removed leasehold improvements that the landlord wanted you to leave behind.
  • You owe Common Area Maintenance (CAM) charges from that year.
  • You did not pay penalties or interest for late rent charges.
  • You did leasehold improvements to the premises without landlord consent.
  • You subletted or assigned the lease agreement without landlord consent.
  • You didn’t remove your signage from the building.
  • The landlord may have whittled away at your deposit over the years for small rental incidentals or items they have invoiced you for that you didn’t pay.
  • If your building has been sold since you first leased, the new landlord may claim that he doesn’t have your deposit because the previous landlord never passed it on.
  • If the landlord acknowledges that he has your deposit, check your lease agreement. It may state the amount of time that the landlord has to refund your deposit. If not, ask for a refund with ten days of your invoice to the landlord.

Remember that the landlord may issue your deposit to the tenant company. If you’ve gone out of business and closed your bank account, you will have a problem cashing that check. The landlord may, instead, personally issue the check to you; however, you have to let him know that is what you need.

For a copy of our free CD, Leasing Do’s & Don’ts for Commercial Tenants, please e-mail your request to

Dealing With Deposits For Salon and Spa Tenants

Jeff Grandfield and Dale Willerton

Jeff Grandfield and Dale Willerton

The Lease Coach

Dale Willerton and Jeff Grandfield – The Lease Coach are Commercial Lease Consultants who work exclusively for tenants. Dale and Jeff are professional speakers and co-authors of Negotiating Commercial Leases & Renewals For Dummies (Wiley, 2013). Got a leasing question? Need help with your new lease or renewal?

Call 1-800-738-9202, e-mail or visit

Marsala is the Pantone Color of the Year!

Every year Pantone, the definitive authority in all things color and home of the Color Institute announce a color of the year. Recently shades of emerald and amythist have held center stage. But it is move over jewel tones as the new color of the year is Marsala. Described as a “A naturally robust and earthy wine red, Marsala enriches our minds, bodies and souls”.

Get ready as you will be seeing this easy to wear, easy to live with and fantastic neutral everywhere from fine jewelry, lipstick, accessories to personal care products.

Ready to jump on board?

Make mine Marsala! 3 Great Tips for Marketing Sizzle

1.Show it off! Create a display using Marsala colored products and complementary colors. This works for every retail product! Add a shelf talker to share that this is THE color of the year!

2.Get Social! Pin original pictures of your products on Pinterest or create a new board dedicated to your Marsala inspirations and retail items. Invite others to pin to the board. Remember-you can post a PIN to your Facebook and Twitter accounts in just 2 clicks! This maximizes your impact!

3.Make it a party! Encourage guests to drop by to see your Marsala display, experience a new nail or lip color or try out the color in a new scarf, piece of jewelry or home accessory. Serve a Marsala colored beverage. This can be as simple as a Marsala Happy Hour during your regular hours. I even posted a non- alcoholic tea for you on my Pinterest Board!

Need more inspiration? Visit and follow my Pinterest Board-How do you Marsala? (

Do you have something to share? I will invite you to pin!

Happy Colorful Retailing!

Source Quote:


Patti Biro

Patti Biro

Owner and Founder - Patti Biro and Associates

Patti Biro is the owner and founder of Patti Biro and Associates, a consulting firm specializing in creating brand enrichment through special events, retail consulting, and education in the personal products, spa and wellness industry. With over 20 years of experience Patti’s unique approach to increasing retail and service sales through special events, merchandising and education produces exceptional results for her clients. Her focus creates value, retail sales and promotes marketing sizzle for clients ranging from day spas, medical spas, boutique hotels, wellness and fitness centers to manufacturers and educational centers. She is a much sought after presenter at national and international trade shows and seminars. An avid writer, her articles appear in magazines such as Skin Inc., Les Nouvelles Esthetique and Spa Magazine, Daily Nails, and Nails Magazine.

Contact Information

Patti Biro and Associates

P.O. Box 2994

Fredericksburg, TX 78624


Skype: patti.biro1


Adding salt therapy to your business…here’s some thoughts on getting started.

Guest blog by Salt Chamber –

Everyday thousands of people are going to salt facilities, day spas, resorts, wellness centers, yoga studios, massage centers and others to experience the great benefits of dry salt therapy (halotherapy).

Here are some of the benefits of adding salt therapy and reasons why it’s becoming so popular.

Dry Salt Therapy:

  • Enhances skin rigidity and accelerates skin rejuvenation
  • Provides respiratory hygiene and helps detox the lungs
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Impacts overall wellness, stress and fatigue

The leading trade associations and industry experts are saying that salt therapy will continue to be on of the hottest growing trends. The news media has been reporting about it from coast to coast. And more and more places, from day spas to destination resorts are adding salt therapy to their services.

Having salt therapy or salt chamber rooms can be a profitable and simple addition to your business.  One of the reasons currently, wellness businesses are adding salt therapy to their offerings is due to clients increases interest in their health and well being.  Salt therapy can help with reducing stress, improving respiratory health, positive effect on skin conditions and more.

The look and the feel of how salt therapy can be added to a business has many options and variations, whether it be a simple space saving stand-alone salt booth or bed, a community salt room, or even a room designed to resemble a salt cave. We can work with you to develop the right concept for your business.

Interested in learning more about getting into salt therapy business? Contact us, the salt therapy or 855-LUV-SALT (855-588-7258)

Managing Your Spa’s Online Reviews and Reputation

In my last post, I talked about building your online presence to help new clients find your spa. Today, I want to talk to you about managing the reviews your business will inevitably begin to get as your online presence grows.

Today, consumers check reviews for almost every type of local business before trying something new. In fact, 88% read online reviews before making a purchase, and they trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. So, it’s imperative that A) prospective clients can find your business when they search, and B) your business receives positive reviews.

Encouraging Positive Reviews

Review sites, such as Yelp, Foursquare, Citysearch, Google Local, and TripAdvisor, can help local consumers find your spa. If you haven’t already done so, you should consider listing your spa on those sites. And when you do, make sure that the spa services, treatments, staff, and facility information displayed on your listings pages matches what’s on your website. The information on these platforms needs to align to successfully benefit your brand and reputation.

One benefit of local business listings is they also contain reviews on your spa. That’s why it’s worth your time to solicit positive reviews of your spa from your clientele. The truth is that few customers will feel compelled to supply a positive review without being prompted—even if they’re happy with their experience at your spa.

Here are 6 ways to encourage clients to write online reviews:

  1. Just Ask. Ask clients to post an online review about your business. This is a great way to show your clients that you value their feedback.
  2. Make it Easy. Set up a computer or tablet at your spa for clients to use to post reviews.
  3. Email Clients. After their visit, email clients and ask them to review the service or treatment they received.
  4. Publish Positive Posts. Ask for permission to publish positive emails, letters and comments as testimonials on your website.
  5. Check it at Checkout. Ask your clients for a review during checkout. Print a friendly reminder on the receipt or provide a separate card with the relevant information.
  6. Say Thank You. Remember, your clients are doing you a favor by taking time to provide a review.

Managing Negative Reviews

Considering the impact a negative review can have on your spa, I’d say it’s probably even more important to learn how to handle negative reviews in a positive way. Doing this effectively can help you preserve a good online reputation. It pays to keep these 6 guidelines in mind when you encounter a negative review:

  1. Be Brief, Polite and Factual. Online forums are not the places for lengthy conversations. It’s more likely you’ll resolve a negative issue by responding briefly and politely. Also, try to use your post to update incorrect information, if necessary.
  2. Take it Offline. If a discussion is getting too detailed, you might get a better result if you take it offline using email or a phone call to discuss the issue in depth with your client. Not only do you not want a protracted, negative discussion to proliferate, your client will probably appreciate your desire to keep the details private.
  3. Act Quickly. The longer a negative issue sits unresolved, the faster you’ll lose credibility with customers.
  4. Ask for an Update. Once an issue has been resolved to the client’s satisfaction, ask them to remove or update their original post to reflect the positive outcome with your spa.
  5. Summarize Your Efforts. Sometimes, issues can’t be resolved. In these instances, post a brief summary of the steps you took to fix the situation. This will show other readers you made a good-faith effort to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.
  6. Say Thank You. Regardless of the outcome, thank your client for visiting your spa and offer a sincere apology for their disappointing experience.

Monitoring and managing the online reviews your business receives can help you shape your online reputation. I hope these tips and guidelines help you do that successfully.

Tanisha George

Director of Vertical Markets



Building Your Spa’s Online Presence – Guest Blogger Tanisha George

Building Your Spa’s Online Presence

You have a website and that’s helping new customers find your spa. Isn’t it great when all the

Internet stars are aligned and drive new business to you? Unfortunately, this cosmic alignment

doesn’t happen often enough, and many spa owners discover they cannot solely rely on their

website to attract new clientele.

Establishing a strong online presence has become crucial in the success of many businesses.

That’s why it’s helpful to take stock of the components that contribute to defining your spa’s

online identity, from your logo to the quality of your services, technicians and treatments to the

names of the products you sell.

Here are 5 ways to establish and build your spa’s online brand:

1. Create a blog or video blog (vlog) for your website.

Become a resource for specialized information; review trends, techniques or products; or write

tutorials for home beauty treatments. Not only is this a great way to showcase your talent, but

it’s another way to give potential clients a preview of what to expect during their visit.

2. Ask for customer reviews.

Reviews are incredibly important and can have a tremendous impact on your business’s

success. According to Etailing Group results published on, 92% of users read

Internet reviews. With numbers like that, it’s worth encouraging customers to review your

services and treatments.

3. Use Online Directories 

Online directories allow users to search for local businesses based on what they offer. Sites like

Yelp, SpaFinder, and Citysearch are the first places many prospective clients will look for a new

spa. If your spa is listed there, you’ll have a better chance of showing up in search results.

4. Get Social!

Merely having a Twitter, Facebook and Google+ account for your spa isn’t enough — you need

to develop your audience on them, too. It takes time and attention, but these outlets can help

you increase your influence with current and potential clients.

5. Go Mobile.

Today, 79% of mobile phone owners use those devices for local searches. Is your website

mobile optimized, meaning it’s built to display well on smartphones and tablets? If not, you may

want to reconsider. Not having a mobile-optimized website is the equivalent of closing your spa

one day each week. Having your own mobile app can also help solve this issue for you and

give your clients a convenient way to make appointments on-the-go.

To Recap

For many customers, the first introduction to your spa will happen online, which is why it’s

important to make the first impression a good one. Simplifying the way customers discover and

engage with your business can impact your success, as well as irreversibly shape the

perception of your spa. These are just a few effective approaches that will help you build and

expand your online presence.

Tanisha George, Director of Vertical Markets


Protect Your Client’s Lips… Their lips say so much without saying a word! – By Noreen Young

Noreen Young
Educator/Skin Therapist/Makeup Artist/Beauty Reporter for TV & Print

Not only is it cold outside and winter is in full swing. However, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you need to start thinking about some special add on’s or treats to add to your facial or makeup services.

Dry, soft, peeling, lined, crusty lips all are signs of something and are a clue to what may be going on with his or her health too. Keeping your lips healthy require care on your part too.

Dry Lips may be a sign of weather like being in the hot sun or cold and frigid weather. Or it can be caused by a job that requires them to work outdoors, from blood pressure medicine or other medications. Or they simply are thirsty and lips dehydrated.

Beauty FIX: Applying a lip balm or green tea lip treatment conditioner can make a huge difference and will hydrate the lips and make them LOOK better too. In order for you to see results, tell them to do this day and night. Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.

Peeling lips can be caused by the outer elements like the weather. Also today’s new formula die-hard lipsticks can cause dry peeling, flaky lips.
*If this happens to her, remind her to switch to another brand lipstick that works better for her.
If this continues, stop using the product that dries out your lips. Unfortunately, you cannot always have it all long lasting lipstick and soft lips.

Beauty FIX: Apply a lip exfoliator on your lips. It usually comes in a lipstick tube form or you can try to make your own and give that to her to take home too.

Lined lips can be a sign of a smoker or sunbather. Sometimes it is caused from your outdoor job or your fave sport.

Beauty FIX: Use a lip conditioner with vitamin E, C, green tea lip conditioning treatment or shea butter to nourish the skin tissue and lines around the lips.
Also, apply moisturizer and or sunscreen on the skin around your lips. Doing this will make her skin look and feel better.
Apply a lip balm or lipstick with sunscreen daily. Tell them to add a lip treatment to your beauty regime day and night.

Celebrities and runway models use an old time apothecary secret I personally love and it is called Rosebud Salve. This rose scented balm in a tin type jar makes your lips beautifully moist and hydrated. It also is great for chapped cheeks. I keep it in my facial room and makeup kit at all times.

Here are a couple of quick and cheap recipes you can make in your facial room!

D.I.Y Lip Exfoliating Treat:

2 crushed almonds (unsalted)
1 tablespoon of plain dry oatmeal
1/3 to ¼ cup of fresh water

Mix all of the above and make a creamy paste out of it.
Apply on clean lips.
Leave on five to ten minutes.
Rinse well with a lukewarm washcloth

Let your lips air dry and apply your favorite lip balm.

Her lips will love this!

Sugar Me Up D.I.Y. Lip Scrub

1 soupspoon of brown sugar
1/3 sunflower or almond oil

Mix the two together in a small bowl or mini glass dish.

Apply on clean lips with a baby’s toothbrush. (I keep them stocked)
Rub back and forth gently!
Leave this on for at least five or ten minutes for it to do magic.
Rinse well.
Apply your favorite lip conditioner afterwards.
Soothed hydrated lips!

I hope you enjoyed these D.I.Y. skin recipes and beauty secrets for healthy looking lips. See you at the IECSC show in New York.