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Donate Beauty is a platform facilitating beauty donations to healthcare workers on the frontlines fighting COVID-19

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3 Surprising Ways e-Gift Cards Can Bring In and Keep Clients

You know how to treat the customer right and give them a great experience. But to set yourself apart as the best of the best, you need to thank your clients in ways they’ll love and know where to look to bring in great new clients. Thousands of businesses and 3 million customers later, we can tell you with confidence, the secret to attracting and retaining great clients with e-gift cards.

 1. Bring clients back with e-Gift cards valid somewhere else

When was the last time you truly thanked your customers? We don’t mean giving them a coupon back to your business, branded swag, or a free promotion. We mean a genuine and sincere “thank you” that tells your clients you value and appreciate them, reinforced with a gift they can use somewhere else? What if we told you doing this actually increases the likelihood of your clients becoming regulars? If it all sounds too expensive, or completely counter-intuitive, it’s not, and here’s why.

When clients receive an e-gift card from you as a thanks, they’ll feel valued, deepening their loyalty to your spa, salon or studio. Over the last several years, we’ve seen that people who were thanked with a neighborhood gift card (Nift card) valid at a local restaurant or retail store, returned to the Mindbody business that thanked them more than twice as often as customers who didn’t use a Nift gift (within four months).

That means if you give a customer a Nift gift card, within the next four months, they will come back twice as often as those who didn’t use one. While you could certainly achieve this result by buying and distributing e-gift cards from local merchants yourself, we believe it’s simpler to join Nift—where there is no cost associated with giving clients e-gift cards.

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2020 Successful Hands Grant Program™ for Massage Therapy Students Launched

February 10, 2020 – Performance Health and Massage Envy Franchising, LLC have announced the launch of the 2020 Successful Hands Grant Program. Now in its seventh year, this program will award eight $1,000 grants to massage therapy students. In addition, each winner’s school receives a $500 grant and a $500 product package.

The grant application process asks students, in 200 words or less, to “Tell us your story. Why did you choose massage therapy as a career and what is your ultimate goal?” Applications must be received by October 15, 2020 and are accepted online at Winners will be notified no later than December 15, 2020.

“This successful program is now in its seventh year because of the support it has had from our program partners, massage therapy schools and students. Thank you,” said Craig Hall, director of sales and education, Performance Health. “I believe this program has impacted hundreds if not thousands of students, well beyond the annual eight winners. The submission process, which requires students to write down their goals, dreams and passions, likely provides clarity for some, validation for others, or a redefined direction for still others. We’ll never know this program’s total impact, but we are very pleased to be part of it.”

“Massage therapy is a career that provides the opportunity to have a profound impact on the quality of life of so many,” said Beth Stiller, CEO of Massage Envy. “That’s very gratifying to therapists and one of the reasons Massage Envy is proud to continue partnering with Performance Health on this very important initiative.”

“AMTA is delighted to again offer all applicants a free AMTA Student Membership through their graduation,” said Christopher Deery, American Massage Therapy Association national president.

“This gives them opportunities to engage with experienced massage therapists and access information our association provides its members.”

Communication material to aid schools in sharing this program with their students is available at Like us on Facebook and follow the program at

About Performance Health

Performance Health is the largest specialty distributor and manufacturer of branded products and solutions for rehabilitation, recovery and sports medicine in the world. The Performance Health brand family includes the well-known and highly recognized brand names – Bon Vital’®, Biofreeze®, TheraBand®, Cramer®, Active Ankle®, Perform®, and Hygenic®. Performance Health is proud of the ability to serve anyone including those recovering from an injury, to those suffering from pain, to weekend warriors, to elite athletes, to healthcare professionals…and everyone in between. For each person, our purpose is simple: help them feel good, perform better and live great!

About Massage Envy

Massage Envy, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a national franchisor and does not independently own or operate any of the Massage Envy franchised location nationwide. The Massage Envy franchise network, collectively through its franchise locations, is the leading provider of therapeutic massage and skin care service. Massage Envy franchisees are, collectively, the largest employer of massage therapists and estheticians, with more than 35,000 dedicated wellness professionals that provide best-in-class service to over 1.65 million members. Founded in 2002, Massage Envy has more than 1,150 franchise locations in 49 states that have together delivered more than 100 million massages and facials. For more information, visit, or follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook at @MassageEnvy.

About American Massage Therapy Association

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) is the most trusted name in massage therapy, and the largest non-profit, professional association serving massage therapists, massage students and massage schools. AMTA fosters research on the efficacy of massage therapy, advances the profession through ethics and standards, promotes fair and consistent licensing of massage therapists, and proactively works to educate consumers and others in healthcare on the benefits of massage.

Landscape Marketing Ideas: 12+ Awesome Marketing Tips, Ideas & Strategies to Grow Your Landscaping Company

The landscaping industry has been growing at a healthy rate year over year. 
Forecasts also show that median income and revenue of landscape companies owners will continue to increase. 
And, as you can clearly see from Google Trends, the popularity (and therefore competition) of landscaping companies is rising as well.

This landscaping industry growth can be attributed to the following factors:

  • Increase in disposable income in the U.S.
  • Increasing number of older Americans (aging or busy homeowners)
  • Increased outsourcing of landscaping services
  • Increased level of spending for constructing private non-residential entities
  • Increased focus on corporate campus environment enhancements

Thus, there has been an influx of new entrants to the industry because of the increase in demand.
If you are a landscaping business owner, you should now think of more ways to rise above the competition and maximize the potential of this growing market. Start by upping your marketing game.

1. You need to have a website for your landscaping business

Your website is your company’s online storefront. Today’s consumers – especially those seeking services – have developed the habit of doing research online before making a purchase decision.
The contents of your website can help make prospects perceive you as a reputable professional. Showcasing your portfolio and sharing testimonials from your previous clients will establish your expertise and provide more information about your landscaping business.

2. Build and manage your reputation online 

Register your landscaping business on the main directories: such as Google My Business, Yelp, Thumbtack, Porch, Angie’s List, and Home Advisor. 
This is one of the top/primary factors for making sure your business shows up in the maps – make sure you do it right.
When prospects search for landscaping services online, seeing listings and reviews about your business will further emphasize your legitimacy and work quality.
Ask your clients to write a short review for you and engage with them by leaving replies. This is also true for some of the negative feedback you might receive – always engage politely and leave your side of the story.

3. Run a campaign to make prospects call you

Now that you have established a website, register your business on listings, and have reviews from your existing customers, expect leads to come in asking for estimates and quotations.
But on top of that, make sure also to target “warmer” leads – those who have higher intent to hire already – by launching a call campaign. 
You can do so by through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Google or Facebook. Your contact number should be on the main title or copy of your ads and the call to action “Call Now” should be clearly indicated.
Targeted call campaigns have higher ROIs and can provide you with more landscaping customers.

4. Create an official business video

Most landscaping companies fail to realize the value of an official business video. This is a digital asset you can use across all your online platforms.
On average, people spend more than an hour and a half watching online videos per day. In other words, people love watching and engaging with video online and that ain’t gonna change.
A marketing video will make it easier and more engaging for potential customers to learn more about your landscaping services, get to know you as a business and help them Know, Like & Trust you.
And of course, it will give me content for the search engines to find about your business & help build your trust/authority online.

5. Leverage social media

People spend time on social media for more than four hours a day. Your business should be there even when prospects are just idly browsing through their feed while stuck in traffic. 
Create a Facebook business page for your landscaping company and run Facebook Lead Ads to boost awareness and generate leads.
It is also a plus if you build a community for your customers on social media. Ask them to share photos of your work, tag you, and leave reviews.
Leverage the power of referrals so that prospects who find your Facebook and other social media pages see an online community of people who support your business. This gives prospects confidence about working with you.

6. Learn about SEO for landscapers

Businesses who appear on the first page of Google search results have more chances of closing the sale than those who appear on page two and beyond.
Make your landscape business appear MULTIPLE on the first page of Google search by doing the following:

  • Run paid ads
  • Register on Google Business
  • Get listed properly on all the major online directories (check your current local seo health here)
  • Make sure your website is search engine optimized – utilize keywords that prospective customers use to search about landscaping businesses.

Here is an example of a client of ours that we did this for:

Talk about DOMINATING the search engines.
This client is getting ALL the traffic for this search.

7. Promote offline

Your marketing efforts should extend offline.
Participate in local events to showcase your work and expertise to prospects in your area. You want your landscaping business to be your target audience’s top of mind when they look for landscaping services. 
Another idea is to join professional organizations or other community organizations where you can build your network with people and businesses who might need your landscaping services.

Show them you are an expert. Use your landscaping knowledge by teaching others about the best practices in your industry. Volunteer to share presentations for local garden clubs or other similar organizations.

8. Start your marketing efforts before the peak season

It always pays to start first.
Peak season for landscaping services usually starts in spring and continues until fall, depending on the locality.
Begin your marketing efforts earlier by offering a pre-pay discount. Recurring revenue is important for service businesses, such as landscape companies.
Secure your existing clients’ business early on to also help you plan your budget and schedule routes.

9. Suit up

Make sure your landscape crew members are dressed in neat and clean attires that display your company name and logo.
Even your landscaping trucks can serve as mobile marketing materials if you include your company name and logo.
These efforts will increase brand awareness and recognition offline.

10. Make use of the 3/9 strategy

The 3/9 strategy in landscaping means that when you send a crew of 3 out to do a job. Two of them stay at the customer’s house to do the work, while the other one goes to the nine nearest houses to give fliers or leave door hangers, before returning to help or heading back to the offices.

Benefits of the 3/9 strategy:

  • Low cost
  • Another easy way to promote your business offline
  • Helps you learn more about your potential clients and their properties.

11. Connect with similar businesses and offer partnerships

Expand your network to get more business.
Some businesses you can partner with are the following: real estate, pest control, architects, home inspection companies, garden shops, urban planners, community organizers, etc.
They can refer you their client base and you can do the same for them also. You may even want to make service bundles to make the offer more enticing to customers.

12. Get help crafting your landscape marketing strategy

If you are the type of business owner who likes to focus on the operations of your business, getting some marketing help will be able to optimize your process of getting more landscaping customers.
SERP Co has worked with hundreds of brands across several industries.

We were able to help them grow their business through strategic digital marketing.Landscape Marketing Ideas: 12+ Awesome Marketing Tips, Ideas & Strategies to Grow Your Landscaping Company was written by Devin Schumacher and first appeared on SERP Co.

First 1000 Days of Wellness® Now Offering Spa & Wellness Training Globally

(February 3rd, Brescia and New York)—the First 1000 Days of Wellness® (F1000 Days) is partnering with Wellness Education Hub, a specialized training organization that trains and equips spa and resort professionals with “elevated educational” offerings for their guests. The program focuses on early prevention of NCDs (chronic disease), through wellness practices; educating and empowering individuals and the general improvement of quality of life, thereby optimizing the conditions for mental and physical wellbeing for the future offspring, early childhood development and transgenerational genetic inheritance. The F1000 Days Spa and Resort Training Program will prepare massage therapists and estheticians to serve a very significant segment of the population – couples who are trying to get pregnant (preconception), during pregnancy or postpartum and then the first 2 years of life with baby. “The Science we have today on earliest human development allows and supports us to create a unique program for women and men – and eventually their babies – where we integrate all of the positive wellness actions – before conception, during pregnancy and during the critical first two years of life- that we know may prevent chronic diseases and build an optimal way to live and thrive -” commented Sergio Pecorelli, MD PhD, Creator, Co-Founder, and Chief Scientific Officer of the First 1000 Days of Wellness program. The mission of the program is to support women AND men during their reproductive years, before, during and after pregnancy into early childhood, to improve the health of the next TWO generations and PREVENT non-communicable diseases globally! Through hands-on training, online study and live lectures, the 24-hour F1000 Days training curriculum provides massage therapists and estheticians with the knowledge and techniques to safely, confidently and compassionately offer specialized massage and esthetic treatments to men and women. Students will learn the F1000 Days “4 Pillars of Wellness” together with expert knowledge of epigenetics and the human microbiome just to name a few specialized areas. Weighing in on current practices in the Wellness space, Co-Founder and leading holistic physical therapist, Patricia Ladis, PT, CBBA had this to say: “I have been treating both men and women in my practice in New York City for many years and working with the perinatal population. The First 1000 Days of Wellness® Program uses robust science and fills an important knowledge gap about what people, who are of childbearing years, need to know and do, to amplify their health and wellbeing before and after they get pregnant. We now know that this is key to understanding how to best navigate this time since there’s nothing else like our program out there.” The program’s extensive content includes some of this year’s Global Wellness Summit Trends (from the 2020 Report), including the Circadian Behaviors, Music, and Fertility. Joanne Berry, Founder of Wellness Education Hub says “we are extremely honored to have partnered with the F1000 Days of Wellness Team to offer this very elevated educational program for the spa and wellness industry. We hope to share this knowledge with many spas and wellness facilities so that they are able to then educate their guests on creating healthy generations for years to come.” “We are in the process of developing custom curriculum and modules that are specifically designed for spa and wellness professionals leading to new wellness programs that can be offered in spa and wellness facilities globally. Since we know that more than 50% of pregnancies, overall are not planned, the best approach is to always try and maintain a wellness lifestyle and the First 1000 Days provides just that” added Alina Hernandez, Co-Founder and Director, Development & Communications. One of the key areas of training will be the specialized F1000 Days Consultation for guests, as well as “take-home kits” that will facilitate a continuity of repeat visits for the spa. Spas that are trained by the F1000 Days Program are identified by the First 1000 Days of Wellness logo. All students will receive a certificate and pin so that they are easily identified as a F1000 Day Spa and Resort Program Provider. F1000 Days of Wellness and Wellness Education Hub will launch the spa and wellness training program mid March, 2020. About First 1000 Days of Wellness Program: The First 1000 Days of Wellness is a Wellness program created by leading European public health figure Dr. Sergio Pecorelli, MD, Ph.D, who co-founded the program with Alina Hernandez and Patricia Ladis, PT, CBBA, who are both members of the Global Wellness Summit community and contributors to the Global Wellness Institute. The program is designed to prepare mothers and fathers to have healthy babies utilizing precise wellness prescriptions, from the First 1000 Days of Wellness®, during the perinatal years. The First 1000 Days was named in the 2018 Global Wellness Summit Trends, in its own right, and the program was founded and launched that same year. A WELL population. By knowledge and design. For a regenerative future. The First 1000 Days of Wellness® Program, Healthy Parents, Healthy Babies, Healthy Generations Visit: About Wellness Education Hub: Joanne Berry, LMT, LE founded the Wellness Education Hub in 2018 to fulfill the demand for high-energy, high-quality spa and wellness training across the U.S. and Globally. The Wellness Education Hub partners with niche educational offerings, skincare, bodycare and equipment companies globally to build their training programs and bring them to market. Dedicated and incredibly passionate about contributing to the industry that she loves, Berry has worked hard to learn all facets of the spa and wellness space, so that she can deliver education with a well-balanced and knowledgeable approach. Berry has recently been awarded the “Women in Wellness Educator & Trainer of the Year 2018” in the USA and is also the Vice Chair for the Women in Leadership Initiative through the Global Wellness Institute. Visit: Media Contacts: Alina Hernandez, Co-Founder & Director of Communications Email: [email protected] Joanne Berry, Founder – Wellness Education Hub Email: [email protected]