Earthlite Introduces the Holistic Alchemy™ Essential Oils Collection

Earthlite’s new line of premium, single-note essential oils and aromatherapy blends contain 100% organic oils extracted from globally sourced botanicals.

While there is much variance in the quality of essential oils in the marketplace today, Earthlite, and its Chief Product Alchemist, Tara Grodjesk, have committed to procuring only the purest essential oils available. Earthlite’s line of essential oils delivers the finest aromatherapy benefits to enhance your massage therapy, spa treatments, and home care rituals. Earthlite’s Holistic Alchemy™ Essential Oil Blends take the guesswork out of blending.

Featuring Balance, Calm, Muscle Soothe, Purify, Revive and Sleep blends, these master-crafted formulations were created for a broad range of uses including environmental fragrancing, blending into a carrier base oil for massage, or adding to bath water for an unforgettable aromatherapy experience.

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Breakdown of Deliverables

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Welcome Email – Our very first deliverable is to send an email on your behalf announcing our partnership in our market. It is your messaging we will deliver to our entire membership, through our blog, news and social network

Customized Landing Page – Every one of our sponsors receives an individual web page with your “About” information, pertinent images, and exclusive special with clickable link if you choose. We also use these pages in our outbound marketing campaigns

Sponsor Directory – On our website is a listing of our sponsors. They are clickable links (to your landing page) and are visited frequently by those searching our site

Strategy Conversation – Every year we hear how our sponsors think this deliverable is worth the “price of admission.” If you had to hire a expert consultant in our trade to strategize on marketing, trends, and best practice in our industry, you could spend up to $25,000 a day. This strategy conversation deliverable is included in your program


Allan Speak – Our Executive Director Allan Share has 30 years in the wellness industry and a very large following. Send him an email ( on any subject related to your company. We utilize Allan’s “voice” to share that information across our blog post, social media and more

Sales Training – With staff experience, we have close to 100 years of spa, salon and industry experience for you to draw from. Need expertise in sales, marketing, retail and more? Ask us about speaking to your staff in any of these areas

Personal Introductions, Key Decision Makers – Let us help open new doors and re-introduce you to those facilities you may not be connecting with. This is a unique program and we help act like a “rainmaker” to open doors for your sales efforts


Mail List Use – Yes, this is snail mail and in today’s market, it is stronger than ever. We have a CASS certified mailing list, which can be segmented by spa/salon, esthetic, skincare, massage, resort, destination and many more

Email List Use – Our core email list is made up of owners and operators, managers and decision makers. It may be segmented any number of ways and our experience with email on behalf of our vendors is useful in gaining brand exposure, boosting promotions and adding to your customer base

Hot Products – During the sponsorship year, we will ask you for a unique product offering, a bit of blurb, a live link and we will showcase those items in a compiled email to our membership

Get to Know our Sponsors – We hear so often “I’d like more information on (skin care, equipment, retail line) and our “know your sponsor” program is a lead generator. We will showcase your item(s) with your information and a form for prospects to fill out. These leads will be forwarded to you

Meet the Team – Pick two team members and we will send a list of questions pertaining to them personally and your company. We will take this information with a head shot and share it with the industry. Our channel is network friendly and all about relationship building

Blog – We have a very active blog. You can blog with us multiple times per month. We have sponsors say “this can be a more successful format in today’s digital world than sending emails”

Great Spa Products – Your products are featured in a very social, friendly format. It is great for branding and gaining back-links to your site. This showcase is an image builder for particular hero products

Social Media – We operate in Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn groups, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. We have a format for sharing your information to help spread the word

Banner Advertisements – Banners can be submitted in multiple sizes and will be rotated on our website

New Member Information Request – You will receive leads many different ways from us and a popular method is from new members joining the association through our website and requesting information on your products.


Spa PR – You are our best client and we know you have “best clients” who deserve more PR. This deliverable has two benefits; you get to select some of your best clients, we will gather their “showcase” information and we’ll utilize our reach through our website and social media to help the client gain visibility, industry branding and potentially more clients.  In addition, we include how your products are featured in their facility

Homepage Feature – There are several branding and “shout out” areas on our homepage. These include current news, blog post, new product features, education, celebrity clients and various branding opportunities

Sponsor Deliverable Form – Periodically we will ask you to fill out an email form with pertinent information we can use to promote your products. This may be new products, reintroductions of products, new staff, almost anything you would like us to promote

Silent Survey – As an association, we are always engaged in Snap Shot Surveys. We also have the unique ability to do a survey on your behalf, without your company name being mentioned, which can help you gain insights from our membership on subjects you’d like to survey

Database Building – During the course of your sponsorship, we will help add names to your database. We let our members know through our opt-in system, that we share their data with our sponsors


Un-Boxing – These videos show how a box of your product is delivered to their door. We will ask you for a hero product to be shipped to our office the way you would to your clients. A video is shot showing the box being opened, your enclosures, a bit about the product and how to reach you. This experiential walk through receiving your products, always have a ton of views

Wellness Minute – Video presentation talking about  a wide range of subject matter. We do these short and sweet and cover education, training and meet the person

Meet the Speaker – You attend many shows during the year and have your best educators and staff speaking. We do multiple emails during the year where we highlight your speaker, the content, contact information and their picture


Team Member Sourcing – People are constantly on the move in our industry, they take new jobs, they back to old jobs, they are promoted in companies. We are “in the know” with many people on the move and are always happy to help you in your search. If you’re looking to hire, we just may be able to help. Check out, its free!

Library Content – Any edu-selling articles you have written, we will post in our resource library, a very popular “go-to” for visitors to our site. Send your documents in Word, PDF or a link from your website . Send us articles, video links (etc.)  and we will accept any digital format

Webinar Marketing – If webinars are part of your go-to-market strategy, we can help. We will support them through email, social channels and blog posts, helping to drive traffic

Calendar Listing – Any trade show you participate in; International, US, regional, just let us know and we will add to our calendar

Speaker Opportunity – We are happy to help make connections to those who hire speakers in our industry, just ask

Press Release, Current News – Send us any of your PR or current news on you, your staff, your company. We have close to 200 industry movers and shakers we can share it with. We will also post your news on our homepage in the Current News section

Event, Trade Show Support – Not only will you be listed on our Calendar of Events, we support our sponsors at tradeshows with marketing initiatives. If we are attending a trade show you are as well, our team is happy to help make introductions and utilize opportunities to drive traffic to your booth