Now, more than ever, people are beginning to pay more attention to their well-being. More than 15 percent of the world’s population participate in breathing exercises, mindful movement, and meditation to improve their emotional wellbeing. Yoga, meditation, healing baths, and sunrise hikes are some of the different ways to harmonize your body and mental wellbeing. You might be looking for a way to spend your next vacation on overall wellness and return healthier and happier. Spending your vacation in a retreat to improve your overall wellness can never be a wrong decision. There are few ways and things to consider when choosing a retreat. 

  1. Location 

This is the most important question to ask yourself when going for a retreat. This doesn’t mean that you must know the exact place that you want to go to. It is more about knowing the kind of experience that you have in mind and looking for a place where you are most likely going to get that experience. You might want to be somewhere cooler or warmer. You might also want to walk across mountain terrain, through the forests, or along a beach. The experience doesn’t have to be exclusive as there are places that can offer you everything you want. Places like Costa Rica can offer you both the jungle and the beach. 

  1. Luxury 

There is no reason to feel guilty for wanting something luxurious on your yoga retreat. The vacation should be about you and what you want. Some retreats are held in hotels, some in villas, while some are held in retreat centers. Within their various locations, there are different levels of luxury. Some yoga retreats can offer you a beautiful sea view from your room within a yoga space. Some yoga retreats might have an “off-grid” approach. It will be in your best interest to ask if they mean that there won’t be WiFi and electricity, so you can know what and what not to expect. 

  1. Price 

A retreat doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. Some retreats are pocket-friendly. This is where having a budget comes into play. The major reason why having a budget is important is that it helps you avoid disappointment. If you are low on funds, you can go for affordable yoga locations across the globe. While preparing your budget, expenses like the cost of transport to the location, and lodging should be taken into account. You might also want to go for retreats where the price already includes the cost of transport. If you don’t budget before going on your trip, there is a very high chance that you are going to overspend. 

  1. Duration and Timing 

While you are trying to plan your budget and pick a perfect location, you might overlook the duration and timing. The upside of off-season retreats is that they are affordable. However, the downside is that you might not get the experience you are looking for. If you are expecting to bask in the sunshine, the off-season might be a rainy season and you will end up being disappointed or unsatisfied. Places like Bali, San Diego, Hawaii, and Brazil are sunny all year round and you don’t have to worry too much. 

  1. Root Healing 

This is an Iboga retreat center. They follow the traditional Missoko Bwiti way of holding ceremonies. Iboga and Ibogaine can be used for opiate addiction treatment. What Root Healing offers is more than just a place to retreat. In America alone, more than 50,000 people die every year due to opioid overdose. The available therapeutic methods for addicts have a very low success rate. Iboga Assisted detox is a lesser-known method that is currently being used in countries like Canada, Portugal, Mexico, Thailand, and New Zealand. It is known to be the most effective addiction treatment available. The Iboga Assisted Detox involves the ingestion of the inner root bark of the ancient medicinal shrub Tabernanthe Iboga. Ibogaine is one of the several alkaloids in Iboga, considered as the Godfather of all plant medicines.  

Final word  

The secret to having a successful retreat is to ask yourself the right questions. You need to look for a location that will offer you the kind of experience you are looking for. Determine the level of luxury you want to have on your journey. Having a budget also helps to avoid disappointment and prevents overspending. Duration and timing are also key, except if your location is in places like Bali, Hawaii, San Diego, and Brazil. Root healing is a very good choice to consider when going for a retreat.