GEMFLEUR Healing Remedies Address Everyday Concerns using Essential Oils Activated with Sacred Flower Essences and Gemstone Elixirs

San Francisco, Calif. (August 15, 2018)-Leading lifestyle brand Nectar Essences has announced expansion into the spa industry with GEMFLEUR, targeted aromatherapy remedies activated with sacred flower essences and gemstone elixirs. Co-founder and formulator Jenny Pao was inspired after witnessing huge demand for the products at the Green Spa Network Directors Buyer’s Conference. Nectar Essences follows ethical and sustainable practices. Essential oils are GC-MS tested for purity and all products are free of synthetic fragrances, parabens and phthalates.

“I’m so happy we brought on the GEMFLEUR line. It’s just what we were needing. The line hits all the key elements you look for in a product. It’s beautifully packaged so it presents well in the retail space; the scents are lovely, and price point is perfect! The therapists also love it, because the in-room product presentation is easy with the beautiful amber bottles, and the back bar products are easy to identify with the colored labels.”  – Stephanie Decuir, Spa Director at Spa Brezza at Hilton San Diego Resort & Spa.

The line includes seven daily wellness remedies to inhale, rub onto pulse points, or add to the bath:

calm+ Gold gem elixir is the remedy for the modern world

de-stress+ Turquoise gem elixir represents strength and balance

decongest+ Black Tourmaline gem elixir amplifies trust and positivity

energy+ Diamond gem elixir amplifies joy and delight

focus+ Lapis Lazuli gem elixir activates the higher mind and enhances clarity and memory

immunity+ Fire Opal gem elixir enhances intuition

sleep+ Rainbow Moonstone elixir aids in calm sleep and lucid dreaming

In addition to placement of GEMFLEUR Remedies in spa retail boutiques, Pao has developed back bar protocols integrating the products to enhance spa services. Beginning this Fall, Pao plans to personally host events with select spa partners across the country-educating spa directors on the power of aromatherapy activated with flower essences and gemstone infusions.

The spa industry feels like home to Pao, as Nectar Essences was born out of her holistic health practice. Clients kept asking to take home the products she was using in her treatments.

“I am so excited to bring my life’s work to the spa community. I have found my peeps!” says Pao. Spas are just beginning to embrace vibrational therapies such as gem essences, yet they have documented healing properties recognized as far back as the Greek and Egyptian civilizations and the Vedic period in India. The spa is the perfect platform to bring these ancient healing modalities mainstream.”

About Nectar Essences

Nectar Essences was founded with the desire to share the highest quality natural remedies. Our proprietary formulations bridge together scientific research and traditional medicinal practices. The company has three primary lines: ‘breathe me’ for natural grocery and medical, ‘breathe pure’ diffuser line for home use, and GEMFLEUR targeted aromatherapy remedies for spas and resorts. GEMLEUR features a proprietary process infusing flower essences and gemstone elixirs into 100% pure essential oils. The synergistic combination addresses the physical, mental, and emotional components of overall well-being.


Sales Contact:

Jenny Pao, co-founder

Nectar Essences

800-277-1961, x700

Media Contact:

Nancy Griffin, principal

Contento Marketing


Youth Transformation Glycolic Mask and Multi Plant Stem Booster Serum from M.A.D. Skincare

MAD glycolic mask

Clients will enjoy the visible benefits of Youth Transformation Glycolic Mask and Multi Plant Stem Booster Serum. This potent glycolic mask promotes skin’s elasticity; and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles leaving skin moist and hydrated. Can be used with Multi Plant Stem Booster Serum, a concentrated combination of plant stem, quickly depositing potent multi plant stem active to the skin, providing additional pronounced therapeutic effect of the mask.

Active Ingredients include:
Prodew 400 is comprised of 8 types of amino acids as well as sodium PCA and lactic acid. In combination, this blend helps protect the skin dryness, it aids in moisturizing the skin and promoting elasticity.
Elderberry Seed Oil is known for its moisturizing properties and rich in essential fatty acids, this natural oil helps enhance and improve the appearance of dry under nourished skin and helps improve skin barrier function, hydration and skin elasticity.

From M.A.D. Skincare

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Lymphatic Massage: Makes Your Tummy Happy, Tames Inflammation & Much More

lymphatic massage – Spa-goers who seek to improve their overall well being will certainly be fans of manual lymph drainage (usually referred to as MLD or lymphatic drainage). It decreases facial puffiness, boosts the immune system, smooths cellulite and soothes sore muscles. Lymphatic drainage massage helps deliver cellular waste to the lymph nodes. Drainage is essential because the lymphatic system lacks a pump of its own to transport lymph through the body and must rely on movement and massage to flush the fluid. Blocked lymphatic systems contribute to acne, constipation and even cellulite. This type of massage is known to reduce swelling, heal acne, relieve fatigue, and help the body detox.

What are habits that contribute to a poor performing lymphatic system?

  • Movement is essential. People who practice little movement, walking or exercise often suffer from a clogged lymphatic system. Proper flow requires movement. It’s suggested to practice exercises just like simple walking in the morning or jumping jacks to stimulate the lymphatic system.
  • Dehydration, the mother of all illness. Drink Water. Unlike wine, people tend to have trouble drinking bottles of water. Hydration is critical to stimulate movement in your intestines. Drink water often.
  • Stress which creates elevated cortisol, sleepless nights and high irritability also creates acidity which leads to lymph congestion.
  • Processed foods introduced in the last century have further created an imbalance in our bodies. Foods that the body does not normally absorb genetically create a sluggish lymphatic system.

While imperative to circulation, the lymphatic system is not commonly discussed. A critical part of the body, twice as much lymph fluid exists in the body as blood. This network of tissues and organs has a sole purpose to rid the body of toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials. People who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and other digestive issues will benefit from a visit as part of the goal is to unblock the natural sewage treatment system.

What can you expect during a lymphatic massage?

  • Interview with the masseuse. An experienced masseuse will ask you about your diet, about your circulation and about your digestive system.
  • Lymph nodes are located throughout the body, beneath the breasts, close to the underarms, near the belly, throughout the leg. Lymphatic drainage occurs via perspiration in the armpits or urination. An experienced masseuse will try to move the fluids towards the pelvic area and towards the underarms.
  • Depending on the machine used, the masseuse may hold glass vials with a rounded point to move the fluids in the lymphatic system. Movement in the lower body will steer fluid towards the pelvis. Movement in the upper body will steer fluid towards the underarms.
  • During the massage, you will only feel the light touch of the vials. Slight ringing sound happens where a build up of lymphatic fluid exists but overall this would be considered a light touch massage.
  • The purpose of Lymphatic drainage is to optimize fluid circulation throughout the body. Persist in this practice as it does take more than one massage to see results.

After the massage, drink plenty of water. Dehydration is often discussed during this treatment. Incorporate green foods, especially superfoods, to improve digestion. While these practices have become a little more mainstream today, it is still important to understand that the foods one consumes do reflect on the skin and in the body.

Post-lymphatic results:

  • Improved elimination
  • Improved skin texture
  • Weight reduction
  • Decrease in cellulite

In addition, to keep and maintain a fluid lymphatic system, here are a few tips.

  • Continue with lymphatic massage once a month or more depending on fluidity. Ask your masseuse about methods you can include lymphatic drainage at home with dry scrubbing also.
  • Drink a lot of water. Begin with a gallon a day and increase accordingly.
  • Incorporate green foods into your diet, preferably organic. This will hopefully decrease the amount of processed foods you ingest.

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Take part in World Wellness Weekend, 2018!

22 & 23 SEPTEMBER 2018

Want a weekend to relax and revive body, mind & mood? Enjoy near your home, two full days of sensations, surprises, and great deals to take care of yourself, with friends or family!

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4 Spa Marketing Tips for the End of Summer

Woman in pool

August is officially upon us. I know that no one ever likes to say it aloud, but… we only have one more full month of summer left. Now, for local beauty businesses like spas, this news can be a little harder to swallow. With the summer comes one of the most profitable times for spas — wedding season. So, the fact that the number of weddings will start to slow down a bit after September can be a little depressing.

However, there is no reason for local spa owners to despair. Even though summer and subsequently wedding season may be only temporary, that doesn’t mean your success has to be. All you need to do is plan ahead with a little bit of marketing. For many small business owners “marketing” can be a daunting term. You don’t have time for it, you don’t really want to do it — we get that. Well, we’re going to make marketing your spa as easy as possible. There are actually tons of spa marketing ideas out there that take minimal time and effort to get off the ground which can actually help yield big time results.  

So, let’s get to it! Here are 4 spa marketing tips for local spa owners to use for keeping profits all the way up well after summer has ended.

Spa Marketing Tip #1: Themed Specials / Promotions

What do you think is more compelling? A bland generic promotion or a colorful summer-themed one? Themed promotions are a great way for your specials to stand-out from other boring promotions, and work to really catch a client’s eye. Infusing your promotional ideas with a fun seasonal theme works to make specials you create better resonate with your clients.

Luckily, August presents local spas with a perfect opportunity to give their promotions a fun, compelling theme. There are essentially two directions you can take when creating your theme.

a) Summer Themed: Summer may be halfway over, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t look at the glass half full. Consider giving your specials and discounts summer infused twist. Think bright and radiant colors, “fun in the sun” sort of names, and tons of caricatures that are everything sun, shades, and sand.

b) Back-to-School Theme: Another equally relatable, fun theme you can use with your promotions are a back-to-school theme. Think red/orange fall colors, “back to school” sort of names, and tons of caricatures that are everything notebooks, pencils, and apples.

Spa Marketing Tip #2: Create and Promote Summer Packages

You can’t always reinvent the wheel. Maybe you don’t have any new treatments or services to add to your spa menu this summer – that’s okay! Work with what you have and make something new from that. Think summertime packages.

Consider pairing a service that typically performs well during your summer months with one that might not be as popular. It will help you to drive sales to all your services. Or if you’re looking for an easy slam dunk, pair up all your most popular summer services in one package to generate a lot hype. Hopefully you’ve been keeping organized records so you know what your most popular services and treats are…

Just as with your specials and discounts make your packages summer oriented. Get creative, highlight the beauty of the season, and just have fun with it. An enticing name can sometimes make all the difference when it comes to drawing attention. Additionally, emphasizing that these packages only last for the summer are a great way to bring about a sense of urgency and cause clients to act.

Spa Marketing Tip #3: Implement a Membership Program

During the month of August you should have one goal in mind — implementing a membership program. Membership programs are an easy, effective tool small businesses use all the time to generate repeat business. Setting up your membership program is easy. You can either choose to have one general membership program or separate tiered ones. All you do is set either a certain action, spending amount, or frequency of visits to determine who is eligible to be a member. Then you assign certain perks to your program for motivating clients to complete the necessary requirements for becoming a member.

The more clients you can get to be members the more loyal customers you have acquired. Once a member, those clients will continue to return to your spa in order to continuously reap the rewards of their membership. So, membership programs are a great tactic to keep that wedding season, summertime surge lasting well into the fall.

Spa Marketing Tip #4: Optimized Business Website

If you want to end summer strong then your spa’s website should be equally strong. Apart from occasional walk-ins, your website is the first thing potential clients will see, and a boring one will not entice them. Again, your website presents you with the perfect opportunity to highlight your summer theme in order to grab searchers attention.

However, you’re going to need more than just looks here. You’re going to need some meat to your website. Important things to always include on your website if you’re trying to attract more clients are:

  • Main telephone number
  • Business address – connected to google maps for easy directions
  • Ongoing and upcoming promotions
  • Calendar/Availability
  • Online booking option

When a new, potential customer lands on your website you want it to be as easy as possible for them to find any and all necessary information needed for persuading them into booking an appointment at your spa. Eliminate as many barriers as you can. Make things easy and seamless.

From the Booker blog

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A New and Innovative way for Medical Spas to Increase Revenue

As medical spas and aesthetic practices continue to add new technology and services to provide the best possible results, it will become even more important for their clients to have a way to fit these new options into their budgets.  Clients may be more likely to move forward with prescribed treatments if they know that an easy payment option is available. 

The CareCredit offering means spa guests can get relaxation and wellness services they want, whenever they want, without having to worry about cost being a barrier. With CareCredit, spa clients can have greater access to services while spa owners have another tool to help grow and simplify their processing. Spa clients are increasingly seeking solutions for beauty, anti-aging, stress management and genuine self-care. According to the Global Wellness Institute Global Economy Monitor, wellness is a growing trend showing no sign of slowing down.

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Being Seen! See where Beyond Yoga has been featured lately!

We always love sharing when our sponsors are being featured across the media!  Beyond Yoga always does a great job in partnering with great influencers and are seen in many great print magazines as well as online!

Here are some of the features and mentions in Well+Good,, Women’s Health Magazine, Charlize Theron and other Instagrams!

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Experiencing supplements…for skin

I tried these buzzy skin-care supplements—here’s what happened

Check out this recent post from about the experience of the author and jane iredale’s skin-boosting supplements!

Here is an excerpt: “As someone with particularly blemish-prone skin, breakouts are a rude reminder that despite my total obsession with wellness, my complexion is the one thing not reaping the benefits from my spinach salad with ACV dressing. Insert record scratch here.

Here’s the gist: I’ve dealt with pretty embarrassing acne since middle school, and though it tapered off a bit with age, I was still dealing with annoyingly lingering blemishes into my mid-20s.

After moving to New York and beginning my love affair with wellness, I tried eating solely organic foods, eliminating entire food groups, and switching to vegan skin-care products in the name of clearing up my skin—but nothing really made a difference. I would still consistently break out on my chin and cheeks, especially around my period.

Naturally, I’m always looking for the newest methods promising clearer skin and tinier pores, so when I heard about jane iredale‘s line of skin-boosting supplements I was intrigued (the before and after photoson their website are pretty stunning).

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Top 5 Reasons Women Benefit More from Meditation – 

The Facts, Please

A study conducted by Brown University demonstrates that women who meditate three times a week show greater decreases in emotions like guilt or irritability than men. Moreover, women had greater increases in mindfulness and self-compassion. In addition, meditation kept women from blowing negative feelings out of proportion.[1] One of the study’s authors, Rahil Rojiani, points out that women are more apt to go down a rabbit hole and fixate in response to stress, while men find ways to be distracted. This may be why women have more anxiety and depression. Rojaini believes meditation can help women decrease negative emotions.

Spoiler Alert: Women are Stressed!

Medical and wellness experts agree that chronic stress can cause your body to release cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. Unfortunately, cortisol can cause serious health problems ranging from high blood pressure to decreased immunity and cognitive function.  Because women are often more stressed than men, they can experience greater results from meditation. It’s as simple as saying, “Ohm!”

It’s All about Focus

Here’s another spoiler alert–ha! Women have a lot of distractions and responsibilities.  We may work and care for children at the same time. Or we may care for an aging relative or parent. And if we are stay-at-home-moms, we’re charged with being a full-time parent, chauffeur, camp counselor, chef and overall domestic goddess. According to a study in the Journal of Neuroscience[2], people who consistently practice meditation can improve mental focus and quiet brain activity.

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Global Massage Oil Market 2018 | SWOT Analysis, CAGR, Market Outlook, Market Growth – 

The all-encompassing prospects of Global Massage Oil Market are given in the exploration report. The market size of the Massage Oil report over the globe is featured in the exploration report. The Massage Oil report likewise tosses light on drivers, restrictions, dangers, and open doors for the key partners to develop in this market. The Massage Oil industry examination procedure incorporates essential and optional research process for the approval and precision of the information. The present nature and future status of Massage Oil industry are given in the exploration distributions.

Massage Oil Market is reaching out to extend from USD XX Million out of 2018 to USD XX Million performing before the accomplishment of 2023 with a CAGR estimation of CAGR XX.XX%. Toward the begin report deals with the Massage Oil showcase audit, the report portion incorporates definition, gathering and wages updates of the Massage Oil market advertising from 2013 to 2018. In the accompanying resulting part, the Massage Oil industry report gives massive learning on showcase advancement factors, Massage Oil industry changes designs, advertising stream, openings, and troubles looked by newcomers, driving and controlling components to the improvement of the Global business.