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The Ten Best Spa Deals for Miami

If you’re in need of rest and relaxation, good news: Miami Spa Month returns July 1. The two-month promotion offers the city’s most exclusive spa treatments at discounted pricing.

The citywide initiative, curated by the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, runs until the end of August. This year’s range of services and amenities includes 24-karat gold facials, CBD massages, personal cabanas, fitness classes, and free champagne.

Expect sizable savings, such as treatments priced at $109 or $139 for 50- to 80-minute sessions. Because it’s difficult to keep track of all the discounts, we did the math for you. All you have to do is lie back and relax. Click here to learn about the ten best deals of Miami.

Want new clients? Partner with another business

Your business wants new clients. You have a very loyal client base, but people pass away and move away.

You’ve heard about lots of prospecting strategies, but you can’t see yourself cold calling or doing bulk mailings. To grow your business, you need a partner.

Not a business partner. Your business is yours. You need to find someone in a totally different business that faces the same problem.

This person must have the same high level of integrity as you, because your clients are going to meet them.

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Global Wellness: 9 blissed-out breaks for every budget

As life seems to pick up pace every day it’s perhaps no surprise that more and more holidaymakers are getting into wellness travel as a way to try to combat daily stress and fatigue.

Whether searching for yoga retreats, spa breaks or fitness-focused fun, holidaymakers have turned the wellness tourism sector into a $639 billion industry, according to the latest figures from the Global Wellness Institute. In response and as that number looks set to only get bigger, hotels and resorts have added treatments, spa facilities, expert therapists and tailored stays to give travellers exactly what they’re looking for. This Global Wellness Day, we round-up a wellness escape for every budget.

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The Venetian Halts CBD Brands From Exhibiting At ISPA

The International Spa Association (ISPA) has announced that hemp and CBD products will not be allowed on the show floor at the 2019 ISPA Conference and Expo, taking place September 11-13 at The Venetian (Las Vegas). The announcement was made after receiving notification from the Las Vegas Sands Corporation (LVSC), operators of The Venetian, that the property will not allow hemp-based products to be sold or advertised for commercial purposes on site.

“After months of research and negotiation with The Venetian, we are extremely disappointed with the position they have taken as it relates to hemp-based product companies being represented at the upcoming 2019 ISPA Conference & Expo,” says Lynne McNees, ISPA president. “ISPA is working closely with our member brands that offer hemp-based products to ensure that they have a presence that is compliant with the Venetian’s recent stance.”

According to Carol Wetzel, senior vice president of general counsel for LVSC, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has not yet issued its regulations regarding the recently passed 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized certain hemp products developed with less than 0.3 percent THC. In addition, the Nevada Department of Agriculture has also not yet issued its 2019 legislation related to hemp-based products, meaning that The Venetian must follow the guidelines set in the 2014 Farm Bill and any guidance set thereafter by the USDA. According to a 2016 statement issued jointly by the USDA, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), hemp-based products may be sold in or among states with an agricultural pilot program for purposes of marketing research but not for the purpose of general commercial activity. According to Wetzel, because ISPA is a commercial event, The Venetian cannot allow hemp-based products to be sold or advertised for commercial purposes on property.

Wetzel did not respond to American Spa’s request for comment. Read Wetzel’s full letter to the ISPA team below:

“As a follow up to our recent phone call, we have conducted further research on the relevant Nevada and federal laws involving CBD/Hemp. Please see below for Venetian’s position on this issue.

Pursuant to the 2018 Farm Bill, certain hemp with less than 0.3% THC is not illegal under U.S. Federal Law. The bill did not legalize CBD. CBD generally is still a Schedule I substance under the Controlled Substances Act (“CSA”). However, subject to the below, if a CBD product is hemp-based with less than 0.3% THC, such CBD product could fit within an exemption under the CSA. 

To fit within the exemption mentioned above, a hemp-based product must be produced consistent with the bill, federal regulations, and applicable state regulations, and by a licensed grower. Hemp-based products that are not produced in this manner do not fit within the exemption and are still illegal under the CSA.  Accordingly, only hemp-based CBD products that (a) were produced by a licensed grower consistent with the federal and state regulations and (b) contain less than 0.3% THC would fit within the exemption and would be legal under the CSA.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (“USDA”) has not yet issued its regulations pursuant to the 2018 Farm Bill. Similarly, the Nevada Department of Agriculture (“NVDA”) has not yet issued its regulations pursuant to the 2019 Nevada legislation related to hemp-based products (SB 209 and SB 347) or created a plan as required to be submitted to the USDA pursuant to the 2018 Farm Bill. The USDA has stated that it intends to issue its regulations in fall 2019. The NVDA is expected to issue regulations and establish a plan within a similar timeframe. 

In the meantime, parties are legally required to continue to operate subject to the limitations of the 2014 Farm Bill and any guidance thereunder, as stated by the USDA here.  Based on the 2016 Statement issued jointly by the USDA, the DEA, and the FDA, hemp-based products may be sold in or among states with an agricultural pilot program for purposes of marketing research “but not for the purpose of general commercial activity.”  Because hemp-based products cannot be sold for commercial purposes, we cannot allow hemp-based products to be sold or advertised for commercial purposes on property.

We understand that this is a continually evolving area and that there is some general confusion about what is legally permissible given the lack of enforcement and the overlap with state marijuana laws. At this time, we cannot allow hemp-based products to be sold or advertised for commercial purposes on property, as the 2016 Statement remains in full force and effect until the USDA issues its regulations. We continue to monitor this topic and will revisit it at the appropriate time.”

Source: American Spa

I visited Monart, the only 5 star destination spa in Ireland, and it was EPIC

However, the odd time, I treat myself to a spa day, and honestly – it’s the best thing ever.

Recently, the gorgeous folks at Monart invited me down to experience their 5 star hotel and spa.

When the invitation came in, I almost had a heart attack from the excitement.

Monart is Ireland’s only 5 star destination spa, and has won countless impressive awards.

It had been on my bucket list for a very long time.

Anyway, the invite included a one night stay in the hotel, with dinner, breakfast and an IMAGE facial treatment in the spa.


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Tippy’s Digital Tipping Platform Receives Endorsement by Summit Salon Business Center

Tippy, the digital tipping platform for the salon and spa industry, has received an endorsement by Summit Salon Business Center, the world’s largest consulting, seminar and training company for salons and spas. As a preferred partner of Summit, Tippy’s disruptive tipping solution will now be available to a network of more than 4,400 salons and salon professionals across the country.

Summit Salon Business Center and Tippy have the same goal– helping stylists and salon owners grow their businesses and accomplish financial success. Tippy’s unique software enables service professionals, such as stylists, to collect higher tips and have them deposited into their personal bank accounts daily. By using the customer facing terminals and mobile app for service providers, Tippy allows business owners to effectively reduce credit card processing fees.

“By teaching salon professionals how to manage their business and financials, Summit has created an amazing platform for business owners,” said Terry McKim, Founder and CIO of Tippy. “We are excited to leverage this partnership and introduce this business solution to their many salons and stylists nationwide.”

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The 15 Best Hotel Openings Of Spring 2019

With summer vacation in our sightline, we’re taking a moment to examine the latest crop of new hotel openings around the globe. As always, we’re mightily impressed with what we’ve found – a mix of old and new structures that have been thoughtfully pieced together to create homes away from home for worldly travelers who require something much better than any old hotel. Some are housed in new buildings (a 65-floor skyscraper overlooking Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour), while others have taken up residence in old-world structures (a legendary Eero Saarinen-designed airline terminal). What they all have in common is a place on our ever-growing list of hotels we applaud and that we’re dying to visit.

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Forget beach parties and all-night clubbing: Wealthy travelers are spending money differently, and it’s created a massive $639 billion industry

Travelers are paying $1,400 per night to stay at resorts with on-site therapists and shelling out more than $5,000 for weekend ‘wellness summits.’

As the wellness industry continues its explosive growth, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it’s now expanding into another huge industry: tourism.

Wealthy travelers are ditching the beach parties and all-night clubbing and instead spending their money on wellness summits, spirituality retreats, and resorts that focus on self-care, which has turned “wellness tourism” into a $639 billion industry, according to the 2018 Global Wellness Tourism Economy study.

While yoga retreats are nothing new, the growth of the wellness-tourism industry has been skyrocketing in recent years, with the industry expected to be worth $919 billion by 2022. There’s now even a Wellness Tourism Association that was launched in January 2018 by a group of wellness-industry executives.

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High-tech salon offers private pods, movies and Alexa

‘Starring By Ted Gibson’ in West Hollywood, California has turned the traditional hair salon model upside down creating a place where trim meets tech.

It’s owned by celebrity stylist Ted Gibson and his husband and business partner, colorist Jason Backe. The pair boast a client list that includes Sandra Oh, Priyanka Chopra, Lupito Nyongo, Melissa McCarthy and Debra Messing.

Clients get their hair done in one of five semi-private pods called ‘clouds’. These allow for privacy and are meant to replace the bustling busy hair salon where rows of people are lined up staring into the same mirror.

The pods are equipped with an Amazon Fire tablet, an Amazon video application and Sonos smart speakers which allow clients to shop, order products from the salon, ask Alexa to change the music and ambient lighting and watch movies.

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