Record Growth Reported in 20th Anniversary of the ISPA U.S. Spa Industry Study

LEXINGTON, Ky., Oct. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — The International SPA Association has released the full findings of the ISPA U.S. Spa Industry Study, marking the twentieth anniversary of this invaluable industry research initiative.  PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) was commissioned by the ISPA Foundation to conduct this study which surveyed over 2,000 spa professionals in the United States.

The annual study highlighted the continued growth in all key-performance metrics, with a record high $18.3 billion reported in revenue. In addition, spa openings out-paced spa closures by a margin of 400, bringing the number of spa locations to a new high of 22,160.  Furthermore, revenue per visit saw a three percent increase to $96.50 per visit, the highest reported since beginning the study.

“We are thrilled to report that 2018 marks nine consecutive years of growth with a record high of $18.3 billion in revenue,” said ISPA President Lynne McNees. “The continued growth in all key metrics proves once again what a thriving market the spa industry is, perfect for anyone looking to enter a successful career path.”

As the industry continues to grow, spa properties are learning they need to adapt and evolve with their staffing needs. The study found that one in four spas had increased staffing levels in the last six months compared to the same period in the previous year. Additionally, spas reported that they undertook activities to enhance their spas capacities with fifty-seven percent mentioning new employee training opportunities with a similar proportion (55%) quoting new or revised standard operating procedures.

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Discover the Ultimate Wellness Retreat at Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun

If you’re looking for a luxurious beach retreat where you can de-stress and restore your sense of physical, mental and emotional balance, look no further than Le Blanc Spa Resort Cancun.

With a world-class spa, butler service and fine international dining, Le Blanc offers adults a high-end, all-inclusive sanctuary, situated on an idyllic beachfront in glorious Cancun, Mexico.



You’ll be handed a refreshing welcome beverage upon arrival, and you’ll select from an in-room aromatherapy menu following your check-in. Plan to make use of your in-room double whirlpool tub and decadent Bvlgari-brand bath products—and perhaps take advantage of the wellness TV channel, where you’ll find on-demand yoga or mindfulness sessions.

Besides all-inclusive butler service, there’s also a dedicated Wellness Concierge who stands ready to help coordinate your personal wellness program while you’re on property, including any spa, exercise or outdoor activities.

The star of Le Blanc’s wellness offerings is the award-winning Blanc Spa, which features nineteen treatment suites, relaxation areas and a water-therapy circuit. Blanc Spa focuses on incorporating the latest wellness-industry innovations into its time-honored, specialty spa treatments to create the most indulgent spa experiences imaginable.

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Using Technology to Attract Spa Clients

Technology is moving at a rapid pace and is changing the customer experience in so many ways, from the way that spas can attract them, to their interactions, and rewarding them for their loyalty.

In this article, we explore some of the ways technology can be used to attract clients to your spa.

Email Marketing

Most business owners may have heard of email marketing and may be adopting it to some extent in their business. By collecting email addresses when customers pay for their treatment, you can start to connect with them regularly enough to remain in their mind and keep coming back. You may need to offer an incentive in return for their email address, such as a discount off their next visit.

Remember to comply with the laws around email communication in your local area, such as GDPR in the UK and Canada’s Anti-Spam Law.

Cloud-based Software

By using a software that is based in the cloud, your customers and staff will be able to view and manage appointments and make reservations from anywhere in the world – 24 hours a day. Most cloud-based software also provides reporting tools and inventory management. By viewing the reports that the software can provide, spa owners can personalise their marketing to customers through social media, email and text to improve relationships and customer retention.

“Having the ability to book appointments online also reduces the workload on your reception, so that the staff there can focus on serving those customers who are already in the spa”, says Scott Taylor, a tech manager at DraftBeyond and Research Papers UK. “When choosing an online scheduling system, make sure that you can integrate it with the other business apps that you use, so that you can get a full picture of your customer’s interactions”.

Payment Methods

Most spa customers want to use a variety of payment methods in store and online, such as cash, credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Venmo. By having an advanced point-of-sale (POS) system, you can offer options to suit each individual customer.


In our busy world, it is easy for customers to forget appointments, but it can be time-consuming to send individual messages every day. New technologies, like business SMS platforms, enable spa owners to be able to automate the sending of SMS communications. For example, reception can schedule a message the day before appointments to remind the customer, or the day after to ask them if they were happy and to leave a review.


Having an easy-to-use rewards program can be a great way to keep customers coming back. Technology can really help with this. Software, like Square, gives points automatically when they checkout and notifies customers when they reach certain points levels.

Social Media

Most marketing campaigns these days should include an element of social media, since 70% of Americans now use it. Customers use social media sites to find reviews before choosing a spa to visit. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest can be useful tools for getting in touch with new customers and getting feedback from existing ones. YouTube is now the second biggest search engine, behind Google, and posting videos regularly on there will boost your ratings.

“Try to publish content that really matches your ideal customer and reward followers with deals and discounts,” says Margaret Bonner, marketer at Writinity and LastMinuteWriting. “You can then monitor engagement to find out which posts are the most popular. If you do it right, social engagement can drive brand awareness and bring more customers in through the door.”


The modern customer loves to read reviews before choosing a spa. In fact, 91% of people read online reviews. If you are trying to improve your online presence, you make want to start by asking your existing clients to share what they love about you online. Technology can help you to keep an eye on reviews as soon as they are published and feedback if necessary. It can help you to show that you care about the experience your customers have in your spa.

Keep feedback light and friendly and try to personalise messages if possible. It is important to keep replies professional though and make sure that your grammar and spelling is correct.

As a professional writer for Lucky Assignments and Gum Essays, Ashley Halsey has been involved in a number of projects across the US. When she is not working or being a mother to her to children, she likes to travel, read and attend business training courses.

SPA Names Kerry Kelley as Company Lead in Omaha

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Sept. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc., (SPA) has named Kerry E. Kelley as the company’s senior representative in Omaha, NE.  Ms. Kelley will be responsible for providing modeling, simulation and analysis support to United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM) and will be the conduit between SPA and the Department of Defense and other clients in Omaha. 

A retired member of the Senior Executive Service (SES), Ms. Kelley brings broad experience in strategic deterrence, nuclear, space and cyberspace.  During her more than 30-year career, she developed skills in strategic planning, policy development, financial planning and management, contract development and oversight, and operational risk management.  Most recently, as the Director of Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4) Systems, Chief Information Officer and Director of the Joint Cyber Center at USSTRATCOM, she was responsible for: providing and assuring global-integrated C4 systems capabilities for the full spectrum of assigned missions; strategic planning, development, budgeting and implementation of the USSTRATCOM enterprise information environment; and the operations and defense of the information environment for USSTRATCOM Headquarters.

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I Got A HydraFacial And It Completely Transformed My Skin

The beauty world has a never-ending choice of weird and wonderful skin care treatments, all with the collective aim of redefining, restoring and refreshing the body – leaving us feeling fresh and new. In that selection of wonderful treatments lies the HydraFacial, a facial treatment that is performed every 15 seconds around the world. I know! 

The high-tech facial, which is the latest treatment innovation sweeping the skincare clinics, can treat all manners of skin concerns and is quickly becoming one of the most popular non-invasive treatments on the market. Given this, we had to put it to the test at Sydney’s The Clinic

For those unfamiliar, the HydraFacial is essentially a peel, microdermabrasion, and hydrating mask in one. But unlike the facials a specialist would usually perform by hand, it’s done using a medical-grade device that pulls debris out of your pores, while also moisturising and exfoliating. “The HydraFacial is a medical-grade skin resurfacing treatment suitable for all skin types,” says Kaye Scott, co-founder of The Clinic. “It combines a deep clean and exfoliation, extractions and a hydrating, antioxidant rejuvenation for instantly brighter, cleaner and clearer skin.” 

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The State Of New Age Music In The Always-On ‘Wellness’ Era

About seven or eight years ago, a couple of people in upstate New York decided to host a sound bath – generally, an event where attendees lay on the ground as instrumentalists play soothing tones that “wash” over and relax them – with some gongs they had bought online, though they were untrained in the techniques of sound healing and/or gong work. It just so happened that two luminaries of this approach, the zither wizard and New Age sage Laraaji and sound healer and reiki practitioner Arji Oceananda, had attended the session at the invitation of the owners of the yoga studio where it was held. And after 20 minutes the pair left, nerves jangled by their hosts’ untrained playing.

After the class had emptied out into a nearby tea shop, Laraaji and Oceananda overheard some fellow attendees talking about how they were “still buzzing,” Oceananda recalls. It sounded like they were using the description as a positive, but such an active sensation was the opposite of the blissed-out calm they were supposed to feel, and that could have had deleterious effects on people’s nervous systems. “Of course, anyone has the right to own any of those instruments, and it’s a wonderful thing to have your own bowls, tuning forks, drums and gongs,” says Oceananda. “But to then call oneself a ‘sound healer’ just because you own these instruments can really undermine the integrity of the legitimate practice of sound healing.”

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5 Trends That Will Take Your Spa/Salon from Basic to Bustling

Every woman deserves a great salon, and salons who embrace the latest trends can help their salons grow in 2020. FounderMade helps get the most innovative and inspiring brands to the place they belong—in the hands of consumers who want them. It helps new brands scale their business and launch their innovations by introducing them to interested retailers.

These five beauty brands featured at the upcomingFounderMade West Discovery Show (which will be held in Santa Monica October 16) are driving trends that you should know about:

Make the Most of Flower Power and CBDPiper Jaffray estimates that the beauty segment will be a “major beneficiary” of the CBD market’s $50-100B long-term opportunity. Make your beauty salon on-trend with Bota plant-powered CBD skincare and supplements. These products combine an assortment of hand-selected natural botanicals with the power of cannabidiol (CBD) for plant-powered skincare that hydrates, calms, covers and renews.

Men’s Skincare Breaks the Mold: It’s time for a men’s skincare revolution and Rugged & Dapper is how we do it. With their no-nonsense skincare line, R&D is helping men start and end their day looking and feeling good. From moisturizer to cleanser to beard oil, their ingredient-first approach is key. Co-Founder, Janine Labaqui, “truly believes life should be real and simple and that belief is carried through every aspect of the business.”

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Crystal Mountain promotes Stephanie Scott to VP of Retail & Wellness Services

THOMPSONVILLE, MI – Crystal Mountain is pleased to announce that Stephanie Scott has been named the resort’s Vice President of Retail and Wellness Services.

As part of this new executive role, Scott will oversee the design, development and execution of digital and on-site retail strategy, promotion and customer experience which includes the resort’s Kinlochen, Peak Boutique and Park at Water’s Edge shops as well as soft goods within the Mountain Market. She continues her leadership role at Crystal Spa where she has spent nearly a decade. Under her guidance, the spa has been ranked the highest in Michigan by Spas of America and No. 22 on its most recent national Top 100 list. 

“The guest experience that Stephanie has helped create at Crystal Spa has made it a vibrant part of our business in all four seasons,” said Chris MacInnes, president of Crystal Mountain. “We know that she will do the same for the shopping experience at Crystal.”

Stephanie joined Crystal Mountain in 2010 as the Spa Sales Manager and was promoted to Spa Manager a year later before being named Director of Spa and Wellness in 2013. In 2016, management of the Four Seasons Club, the resort’s premier members program, was added to her responsibilities. During her tenure spa services have grown 45%, spa retail sales have more than tripled and Four Seasons Club membership has grown 32%.

A graduate of Northern Michigan University, Stephanie is also active in the community serving on the Frankfort School Board, Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital Community Health Committee and the Frankfort-Elberta Education Foundation. She resides in Frankfort with her husband and daughter and in her spare time enjoys the beach, traveling, and all the outdoor activity northern Michigan (and Crystal Mountain) has to offer.

Established in 1956, Crystal Mountain is a family-owned, four-season resort destination located 28 miles southwest of Traverse City and a short drive from Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. The resort features lodging, dining, downhill and cross-country skiing, two championship golf courses, shopping, award-winning Crystal Spa, Michigan’s only alpine slide, the Park at Water’s Edge, Michigan Legacy Art Park, weddings and a conference center.

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