Choosing product lines to use and carry in a spa is no easy task, as there are so many available, all offering different benefits for clients. That’s why a multipurpose line like Hale & Hush has garnered the attention of solo estheticians and spas worldwide. Its products are safe and gentle enough to use on a variety of skin types, even the most sensitive skin. “Hale & Hush products have no parabens; most have no fragrance added; they are gluten-free, sulfate-free, and dermatologist-tested; and 11 of the products are mindful for those with cancer,” says Kris Campbell, founder of Hale & Hush. “The products are designed to help reduce inflammation, improve barrier function, and hydrate the skin. They are also jam-packed with anti-aging buzzword ingredients that are beneficial to sensitive and health-challenged skin, as well as normal skin.”

To determine the best treatment protocol for a client, it is important that each client completes an intake form prior to arrival or as soon as they arrive. In addition to basic information, be sure to ask the client about their skin type, homecare products, personal skincare devices, lifestyle, spa treatment history, medical information (medications and conditions), previous surgeries, hormonal issues, and allergies. Based on the responses to the client intake form, spas can determine if a client would benefit from a treatment designed for sensitive skin, such as the Hale & Hush Sensitive Skin Treatment Protocol, which utilizes Hale & Hush products that help improve barrier function and hydrate the skin. The treatment helps reduce inflammation, redness, and itchiness while calming, healing, and nourishing the skin. It also exfoliates the skin and provides deep hydration that can improve the complexion and boost skin’s immunity, which can help prevent future irritation.

Clients with normal skin types can also benefit from Hale & Hush products that are either used alone or with other product lines to enhance the results of a product or treatment. That means that spas can use its current product lines in combination with Hale & Hush products. And while Hale & Hush products are widely used for treating sensitive skin, they are highly effective in producing incredible results for normal skin types as well, especially when combined with certain skincare devices. Therefore, Hale & Hush partnered with several device companies, such as LightStim, DermaJEM, Rezenerate NanoFacial, Saian Skin Scrubber Spatula, and DermaplanePro, to create facial protocols designed to treat sensitive and normal skin.

In addition to the versatility and effectiveness of Hale & Hush products, the company takes pride in its customer service. According to Campbell, Hale & Hush offers spas the ability to place an order with no minimums, it sends retail samples for free, it can dropship if needed, and every client has access to the owner, as each client gets Campbell’s personal cell phone number to reach for help at any time. This level of customer service and care ensures that spas feel confident using Hale & Hush products during treatments and clients can leave looking and feeling their best.

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