The United States pays a lot of attention to the profession of cosmetology. America sets beauty trends and gives birth to advanced technologies. The country appreciates and respects workers in this beauty industry, and pays well for their work.

Peculiarities of training as an aesthetician in America

The esthetician profession in America is a separately licensed branch. Not connected with medical activity. But it does not mean that students do not have to write diversity medical school essay. A theoretical knowledge check is compulsory.

Despite this, future beauty experts study the following subjects:

  • anatomy;
  • histology;
  • chemistry;
  • hygiene, working with devices;
  • massage techniques;
  • ultra-violet radiation’s influence on the skin;
  • and many other subjects connected with rendering cosmetology services.

The cosmetology training program in the United States provides weekly tests on the material covered. Applicants for graduation must score at least 75 points on these tests. That is, to confirm the successful development of the material at each stage of their studies. Also, future cosmetologists must pass two comprehensive pregraduate tests – theoretical and practical. Upon successful completion of training, the student receives a temporary license, which is valid for 6 months.

During the period of validity of the temporary license, the candidate must pass the state exam for permanent cosmetology practice. To qualify for this exam, the prospective cosmetologist must complete an internship, the number of hours of which are specified in U.S. law. Practically all states in America require 600 hours of practice, for Pennsylvania – 300, for Texas – 750.

And only after proof of practice and successful passing the exam, the beauty expert has the right to engage in independent practice and to open his own office. A practicing cosmetologist must prove his license every two years by passing an exam. Besides practical provisions, its program includes business, management, marketing, and working with clients.

The best colleges and universities of cosmetology

Today, the best educational institutions for cosmetologists all over the world are:

Regency Beauty Institute

The most popular beauty institute in the United States. With 88 branches, it offers twelve courses a year for beauticians, hairstylists, and makeup artists lasting 12-14 months. The institute is famous for its teachers with great experience, practical training in a beauty salon, the latest equipment. From here they graduate specialists, who will work with Hollywood stars. By the way, 84% of female students receive discounts on education – a good argument to start packing your bags.

AVEDA Institutes

Every year about 7000 beauty therapists, massage therapists, and other professionals graduate from the 64 branches of this company located around the world. By joining their ranks you would have an opportunity to thoroughly study your area of work, peculiarities of interaction with clients, and have an internship in the world-known beauty salons.

Paul Mitchell School

More than 30 schools in America and Eurasia train cosmetologists. Their program includes training in hairdressing, make-up, design, nail, face, and body care. Paul Mitchell School graduates are welcome in every region of the world. Since they are known as versatile professionals with a high level of training.

Lytle’s Beauty College

Lytle’s Beauty College is located in Santa Rosa, California. This school offers training in 2 qualifications. The most frequently checked qualification is a cosmetics license.

Depending on the qualifications, the time it takes to complete this training ranges from 5 months to 1 year. The average training time is 1 year.

Beauty Schools of America

Beauty Schools of America has been the leading beauty institute in South Florida for twenty years. The college has four campuses throughout Florida. The college offers students the widest selection of programs in hairdressing, manicure, spa therapy, massage, and cosmetology. All programs are approved and accredited.

The Beauty Institute is also a member of many associations. There are seminars about innovations in cosmetology, hairdressing, spa industry. Various competitions and trips to specialized salons are regularly held. The institute invites professional specialists to give lectures.

Marinello Beauty Schools, Los Angeles

The Institute has been working since 1905. It serves students with its exceptional educational and training program in the field of beauty and spa treatments. This is one of the oldest beauty schools named after Giovanni Marinello, who is the founder of modern cosmetology. The school specializes in providing a wide range of programs and courses in cosmetology and spa procedures. Students can choose the best cosmetology education according to their preferences and interests. Besides education, the institute also offers professional assistance to all its students.

Empire Beauty School

The largest and oldest American school of cosmetology. It was founded in 1946 and today has 109 branches. In it, students study cosmetology, skincare, coloristic, hairdressing, and make-up.

Empire Beauty School holds the largest competitions of beauty specialists in the USA: Empire’s National Competition.

To conclude

You can get a profession in the beauty industry at any specialized school (beauty school) or college. The cost of tuition varies greatly – it all depends on the level of the school and the chosen course. Whichever course of study you choose, you can always count on professional services with college writing assignments. So, provides professional paper writing help.