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We are excited to announce our support of iFundWomen, a new crowdfunding platform for women-led startups and small businesses. Giving Back to Female Entrepreneurs Their mission is to close the funding gap for female entrepreneurs so they can get their businesses off the ground and we think that is amazing.

The number of women-owned businesses grew 30% from 2007-2012, which means that women are majority owners in roughly 36% of all US businesses.  Despite these amazing gains, women still only receive 2-6% of venture capital funding. Women create companies with 50% less capital and iFundWomen wants to change that.

Amber Products has been working with forward thinking, hard working and talented women entrepreneurs for over 35 years, making iFundWomen a perfect alignment for our company. We believe in supporting women who believe in themselves and their dreams. Amber Products wants to help make those aspirations a reality through the iFundWomen platform. We want to support women who believe in themselves and their dreams and a company that helps them make those dreams a reality.

In a recently published post, iFundWomen CRO, Concetta Rand, admitted, “I never thought female entrepreneurs were any different than just ‘entrepreneurs’ until I joined my first tech startup.” Until that time she had been surrounded by strong female co-workers and mentors and didn’t realize the plight of women struggling to make their own business goals happen.

“As soon as I joined the iFundWomen team, I got the opportunity to speak with hundreds of female founders and business owners, hearing firsthand the obstacles they encounter while getting their businesses off the ground.  When I think about what holds back the potential of female entrepreneurship – access to capital, coaches and mentors, role models to emulate –  iFundWomen addresses each of them individually and holistically.  We offer dedicated coaching services, we have a Slack community full of peer mentors, we publish success stories so aspiring entrepreneurs have role models, and we get money into the hands of women so they can do incredible things.”

No matter what your dream job may be, Amber Products is proud to support your efforts to stand on top of your own mountain.

Learn more about iFundWomen.

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So you know you’re not alone, check out the You’re Not Crazy video series that is directly linked to iFundWomen. Start with The Confidence Gap below. 


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