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Discover these great products that are perfect for your wellness retail offering

Daily Milkfoliant Exfoliator from Dermalogica

Daily Milkfoliant exfoliator. Clinically proven to smooth skin calmly.
Key benefits for your skin include:

  • Gently polishes
  • Calms & soothes skin
  • Restores moisture barrier

Vegan milky powder exfoliant with Oat and Coconut activates upon contact with water, releasing botanical extracts to help polish away dead skin cells. This gentle exfoliating powder and a blend with fruit-based Grape Extract and Arginine rich in Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) and Beta Hydroxy Acids (BHAs) work together with Coconut Milk for smoother, softer skin. Harvested from Papaya, Papain Extract provides exfoliating properties, helping to resurface skin.

From Dermalogica

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Firming Sleep Mask from Whish Beauty


Let this wonderful mask do all the work while you get your beauty rest! Evenings are the time for our skin to rest and rejuvenate—which is why it’s so important to use quality anti-aging skincare products at night. This deliciously rich, overnight mask helps to strengthen and revive skin while you sleep. Using botanical smoothing ingredients, it works to deliver intense moisturization while helping to soften fine lines. One dose of this incredible mask and your skin will feel softer and appear smoother, too! If you’re looking for a true overnight success, it’s time to add this product to your skincare routine ASAP.

Key Ingredients

OVERNIGHT SMOOTHING: shiitake edodes, rose hip oil, gotu kola
INTENSE MOISTURIZATION:  argan oil, jojoba seed oil, chia seed oil
CALMING AND SOOTHING:  aloe, chamomile, horse chestnut extract

How to Use

Apply a small amount over face and neck (avoiding the eye area) and massage into skin gently. Leave on overnight and rinse with warm water in the morning.

From Whish Beauty

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Mango Turmeric Collagen Infusion from PureWild Co

Find relief with our infusion that combines the inflammation-reducing power of turmeric with 3,000mg of our proprietary wild marine collagen.


Bone Builder – Collagen is an important building block for bone strength and healing.*

Brain Booster – Turmeric has been used for centuries as a cleansing healer for inflammation and clear thinking.*

CLEAN LABEL – Only 5 ingredients, sustainably made, sustainably packaged

From PureWild Co

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Rescue Repair Revitalizing Treatment Creme for Face and Body from Stemulation

Rescue Repair combines advanced technology with proven age-defying ingredients to replenish the essential antioxidants and peptides your body needs for younger skin. Rescue Repair is designed to restore and renew areas of the hands, feet, knees, elbows and décolletage troubled with age spots, extreme dryness, loose skin and calluses. Our powerful formulation will ensure that even the most problematic of skin conditions will be alleviated.

Rescue Repair Results:

  • Visibly reduces dryness and inflammation
  • Evens out discoloration
  • Deeply hydrates troubled skin
  • Produces tighter, smoother skin

From Stemulation

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Easy Day Slides from Feelgoodz

Experience our Easy Day Slides crafted for the casual life! Featuring premium cushioning, comfort woven straps, and recycled materials our new slides are designed for effortless all-day comfort and relaxed style. Plus, each pair supports artisan communities across the globe.

  • Ultra-soft yoga mat cushioning and natural rubber foot bed
  • Natural rubber outsole with recycled rice husks for enhanced traction and wear-resistance
  • Textured insole with raised toe bar for easy wear
  • Artisan woven strap with vegan lining 
  • Supports global weavers, rice farmers, and rubber farmers

From Feelgoodz

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Clodagh Trolley Cart from Oakworks

Clodagh’s clean lines combine with Oakworks functionality to create this incredibly versatile addition to the treatment room. Versatile and compact, the furniture-grade Clodagh Trolley features space for an 18 qt hot stone warmer, a drawer with a lowered work shelf, and a full sized hot towel cabi! The innovative use of light and space is a hallmark of Clodagh’s designs, often considered one of the many attributes that distinguish her work from others in her field. The Clodagh Trolley is a stunning example of this principle, saving valuable room space. And with its slide open top, pull out work area and rolling casters, this versatile and compact piece of spa furniture is as functional as it is beautiful. 

From Oakworks

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HAND and BODY SCRUB from Essence One

hand and body scrub

Get ready for three amazing ways to exfoliate, moisturize and soften your skin!  Believe us, it’s like frosting your skin.  Our hand and body scrub gift pack is three- 3 oz jars in the following scents: Morning Calm (mint and patchouli), Energy (citrus), and Lavender.

Grab a tablespoon or two of this exfoliating magic and rub onto your hands or body –  a little goes a long way. Make sure, if you use it on the shower or tub, you exit with caution as it will leave some moisturizing goodness behind on the floor.

From Essence One

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Resilience* – Green Tea & Chaga Mushroom Infusion from Good Pharma


Support your immune system daily and become a force of nature! This rich, fresh brew of Chaga Mushroom, green tea and supportive botanicals are all powerful in antioxidant activity. Each Good Pharma™ Pour-Over Infuser contains Bancha green tea leaves blended with our proprietary Rxtract™ (see Supplement Panel). These alchemized particles infuse robust vitality through a precisely potent serving of key ingredients. Not your average, thin cup of tea. Instead, this infusion treats you to a delightful mouthfeel and texture derived from key plant ingredients.*

What’s it taste like? Think, rich yet delicate green tea with a hint of berry!
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • Kosher
  • GMO-Free

From Good Pharma

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Sonrei Clearly Zinq Sunscreen is a premium, environmentally-conscious sunscreen providing broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection for all skin types and pigments in the form of a mineral gel.

Not watered down, Sonrei provides concentrated, water resistant sun protection via a proprietary organogel containing Shea Butter and Aloe Vera.

Sonrei’s gentle, spreadable gel melts into the skin and leaves a velvety matte finish. Designed for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages, genders, and skin colors, Clearly Zinq rubs in clear, stays where it is applied and won’t run.

From Sonrei

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Circular Hydration Serum from Dermalogica

Full-circle hyaluronic acid serum immediately floods skin with hydration, replenishes from within and helps prevent future dehydration.

  • Hyaluronic Acid: Advanced technology helps penetrate skin’s surface for deep hydration.
  • Algae Extract-infused Moisturizing Matrix: Binds water to the skin for both immediate and long-lasting hydration.
  • Polyglutamic Acid from fermented Soybean: Replenishes skin’s hydration reserves from within.

From Dermalogica

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Ready to experience fresh, clean skin with all-natural ingredients? Begin your 2022 with a fresh start and try our most popular skin care products. Any new skin care product or regimen requires at least 28 days of use to see the full effects.  The average time it takes for old cells to slough off and new cells to surface is 28 days.

Basic Kit includes:

– 1oz Facial Polishing Grains

– 1 Detox Charcoal Bar

– 1 Daytime Facial Serum

– 1 Nighttime Facial Serum

From Essence One

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Zensole™ Vistas from Feelgoodz

Our newest Zensole™ silhouette, meet the Vistas. Featuring our ultra-soft Zensole™ cushioning and natural jute straps, the Vistas will bring your feet a new world of comfort. Crafted with natural rubber, recycled rice husks, and premium vegan materials these sandals are sure to become your go-to chic, summer slide.

  • Ultra-soft yoga mat cushioning
  • Natural rubber outsole with recycled rice husks for enhanced traction and wear-resistance
  • Sculpted footbed with arch support and heel cup
  • Water-resistant vegan leather footbed
  • Natural jute straps with vegan leather lining
  • Elastic goring at arch for added comfort and easy fit
  • Supports global rice farmers and rubber farmers

From Feelgoodz

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Primal Healing Scrub

Primal Healing’s Infused Skin Scrub can be used for manicures, pedicures and facials. 

Our process infuses a variety of whole herb ingredients into a sunflower oil carefully-selected for its extensive benefits for the skin and body. The resulting herbal infusion is a vegan, chemical-free option that is great for sensitive skin and can also be used in baths as a soak by pouring a few tablespoons directly into your bathwater.

  • Chamomile & Comfrey for Calming, Herbal Relief
  • Functions as Naturally, Soothing Exfoliant
  • Whole Plant, Organic Ingredients
  • Hand Crafted in Individual Batches

From Primal Healing

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The Always Active Set from Therabody

Essentials to get moving and stay moving.

Whether they’re a weekend warrior or competitive athlete, or they simply enjoy being active in the great outdoors, this performance and recovery power duo will keep them moving and doing what they love.

  • Includes Theragun PRO and TheraOne Revive CBD Body Balm Stick

From Therabody

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The Relax Spa Shot from Spa Tonics

The Relax Spa Shot is a delicious tart cherry, ready to drink, natural concentrate. Each 1 oz. Shot provides meaningful doses of high quality ingredients for Full Body & Mind Relaxation

Contains 8 – 1 oz. bottles of Relax Spa Shots. No refrigeration required

Made with high quality GMP certified functional ingredients

Spa Shots Relax is the ultimate solution to quickly & effortlessly relax your mind your muscles and enjoy the moment. Our high-quality natural ingredients are thoughtfully sourced and research backed. Together they provide optimal relaxation without drowsiness.

From Spa Tonics

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Give your Valentine the gift of aromatherapy and self care, mixed with a little romance. 

Set the stage for a romantic night that begins with a candle and ends with a kiss…

The Romance Pack contains: 

  • Aromatherapy Soy Candle in Lavender
  • Our **NEW** Be Loved Rollerball
  • 2oz Morning Calm Bath, Body, and Massage Oil
  • Honey Mint Lip Balm

From Essence One

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LASH & BROW MASQUE from Revitalash

Ultra-Reparative Treatment

A revolutionary lash and brow masque formula addresses the visible and physical signs of compromised lashes and brows. Whether due to over-styling, daily makeup usage, or damage caused by professional lash or brow services, this masque repairs damaged, compromised hair by infusing it with an immediate burst of intense, nutrient rich ingredients to promote the look of healthier, softer, shinier, more flexible hair.

From Revitalash

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No Worries – Herb & Jujube Seed Infusion from Good Pharma


Usher your body and mind into a blanketed state of calm. Savor a plant infusion of Ayurvedic herbs of Holy Basil & Ashwagandha + Rooibos, all tastefully crafted and boosted with a Traditional Chinese Medicinal formula. Each Good Pharma Pour-Over Infuser contains functional botanicals blended with our proprietary Rxtracts™. These alchemized particles infuse composed vitality through a precisely potent dose of key ingredients.†

With the additional stress we are all experiencing currently the benefits of concentrated extracts of Jujube seed and Poria mushrooms, one can enjoy a reduction in cortisol and a blanketed state of calm.

What’s it taste like? Think notes of mango and passionfruit!

Gluten Free

From Good Pharma

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