Are you ready to escape the craziness of your schedule? Is it time to take a timeout from work, family and your typical routine? Spa days are a leisurely treat. You can kick back and reset. 

It’s tempting to grab your bag and go. However, it’s good to time your time to set the right tone and ensure services are selected. Therefore, before you walk through those doors, use the following seven tips to prepare. 

1. Skip the Accessories 

Spa days are laid back and don’t require a lot of fuss, so it’s not a day to get dressed up and wear your favorite accessories. The associates will ask you to remove all jewelry and valuables, including your favorite diamond earrings. Tuck them away in a locker, or leave items at home for added security. If you need your phone with you, turn it on silent mode and slide it into your robe. 

2. Minimize Your Morning Routine 

Think simple! Opt for a quick facial wash and cleanse in the morning. Leave the makeup off and go natural. For chapped lips, try a moisturizing medicated lip balm. Put your hair up in a simple ponytail. 

Should you shower? Probably not. Avoid adding extra soaps, lotions and perfumes. These scents and items may detract from the aroma oils and treatment applications 

3. Plan Out Your Services 

Know how you plan to spend your day. Look over these services offered, and go ahead and book your selection. If this is your first time, consider the order of your day and who is providing your treatments. 

For instance, manicures and pedicures work better last. You want to walk out with pristinely clean nails that don’t get messed up in the pool, shower or steam room. Try putting facials after a massage to minimize losing any product applications. 

Finally, remember that some treatments require you to have nothing on. Massages, for example, often involve wearing nothing except a warm towel and maybe underwear. Check with the facility about their procedures. Be sure you’re comfortable with the gender of the attendants. This day is about you feeling good, so don’t hesitate to ask for changes to ensure you feel your best. 

4. Eat a Light Meal 

Plan for a light lunch or breakfast before you head out. After all, you don’t want to hear stomach grumblings or become hungry. Try a light salad with a lean protein or some avocado test with an egg. If you’re there during meal time, pick something that won’t weigh you down or make you sluggish. 

5. Hydrate Before You Go 

Athletes begin hydrating days before games or events, but they aren’t the only ones who need to consider their water intake. Your kidneys help detox your body of toxins and work with your waste systems. Staying hydrated helps eliminate chemicals and buildup that could impact the skin and muscles. Drink about half your body weight in water for at least a couple of days before your trip. 

The increase in fluids helps to reduce muscle soreness. Your masseuse is working those muscles well to alleviate knots and tension. Your body may thank you for the effort. 

6. Dress Simple 

Pack a bag with comfortable clothing such as your favorite cloth shorts and flip-flops. In addition, know what amenities the spa offers. Some places have pools and steam rooms. Others may have a little dining area. Pack a bag with comfortable clothing and a swimsuit just in case. 

Enjoy cutting ties with your stress by taking a day for yourself at the spa. Before the visit, consider several important points, such as changing your morning routine and keeping your dress simple. These choices could improve your overall experience.