As you probably are aware, going to the spa is a luxury that you reward yourself with when you need some relaxation. You may go every blue moon when you find the time, or you may go weekly or monthly. You may even own or work in a spa because you like to help other people feel their best. You should read this article for tips on how to make your spa a healthy place to be.  

Offer Healthy Foods 

You may normally see bottled water or infused water in a spa. Often they will offer fruit or chocolates as a snack with different services. You may even see champagne, mimosas, or other cocktails and alcoholic beverages served in the spa. It would highly benefit your clients if they could purchase nutritious foods from you while they relax. These cuisines could come with specific or special services, spa days, or just a la carte. You may wonder what is Thrive and want to know what the hype is about. You should consider offering protein shakes and supplements to update your spa’s menu.  

Introducing Nutrition Education 

It is fair to say that some people may not live the healthiest lifestyles because they simply do not know any better. They may only know how to go on a diet when they want to lose weight rather than actually start to live and maintain a healthy life. It would be a great idea to give your spa clients a course on health habits. You may start to offer health assessments or questionnaires to your clients upon check-in when they enter the spa. The assessment could include the option for guests to inquire about improving their health or an education class could be offered as a service in the spa. You could introduce them to meal prep ideas and show them how stress is related to overeating and unhealthy choices.  

Culinary Options 

You could think about taking the above options to a whole other level by offering cooking classes to your clients as well. Many people are hands-on learners and they may be more comfortable incorporating different recipes and techniques once they have seen someone else and gotten a chance to try it themselves. Your clients could pay for the ingredients or bring items from a grocery list that was given to them in advance. The cooking classes can offer them the chance to socialize and meet other people who are trying to improve their nutrition and also learn new recipes. Be sure to choose meals that you are knowledgeable about or hire a professional chef to teach the classes for you.  

Communicate By Email 

If you have a group of clientele who are regulars and loyal to your spa, you could think about rewarding them with a subscription to a monthly, weekly, or daily newsletter. This newsletter or blog could contain motivation for your spas to continue on their fitness journey, give them resources to use when needed, and inform and invite them to exciting events or specials at the spa. You may ask every client or customer to give you their email address by choice and then enroll them into email messages from the spa. The emails can be discounts, membership plans information, spa packages, holiday specials, etc. This offers you a way to interact with your customers even when they are not in the spa.  

Try Partnerships 

If offering different services to your spa clients is not something that you are prepared to start right now, you could look into partnering with local businesses that do offer these types of opportunities. You and the other business could come to an agreement that benefits you both, like offering a free spa service when signing up for a gym membership.  

Or after spending a certain amount of money in the spa, they may get a month of free gym classes or a cooking class. There are so many different ways you and other business owners can support each other while encouraging your community to invest in their health.