As a spa owner, you know that accommodating your clients is always a top priority. But, you could be missing out on a certain target audience if you aren’t providing the accommodations they need.  

We’re talking about parents.  

Let’s face it, parents are stressed. It’s become an even bigger problem throughout the pandemic as they’ve become overburdened with different schedules, remote work, kids spending more time at home, and trying to run a household.  

As a result, it’s not uncommon for parents to put off going to the spa. They might not think they have enough time, or they may not have someone to watch their children while they do.  

So, what can you do to accommodate parents at your spa and draw in a whole new audience that could really use some relaxation?  

Create a Kid-Friendly Space 

The most obvious solution to accommodate parents is to make your spa kid-friendly. A parent likely isn’t going to hire a babysitter just so they can make a trip to the spa. By transforming your spa into a space for the whole family, you’ll bring in more parents who need a break while offering them peace of mind about the safety of their children.  

Some spas specifically cater to parents by offering:  

Don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine when you’re coming up with kid-friendly ideas. The most important thing to keep in mind is their safety.  

Parents can bring in children of all ages, including babies. They won’t truly be able to relax unless they know their little one is safe. So, having a completely baby-proofed section of your business is a necessity. Your baby-proofing checklist should include things like nonstick pads under rugs, locks on cabinets and doors, and gates to keep children in one specific area.  

It’s also important that the child-friendly area be as clean as possible. No client wants their kids exposed to harmful bacteria. You already take pride in keeping your clients safe and healthy, so make sure your child area is just as clean and sanitized. Avoid using cleaning products that may contain harmful chemicals, as children can be more susceptible to getting sick from certain substances.  

Don’t Forget Older Kids 

Some parents have pre-teens that aren’t quite ready to stay home alone. Make sure you have a space set up for them, too.  

It’s not going to appeal to an older child (or their parent) if all you have to offer is a baby room. Having a separate, age-appropriate area for older kids will make them excited to come to the spa with mom or dad. The space should include things like appropriate furniture so they can relax, and things to keep them entertained, like a television or tablet.  

By making a few changes to your business, you can give tired, stressed-out parents exactly what they need. Plus, because kid-friendly spas aren’t yet “the norm,” you don’t have to worry about a lot of competition. Once parents realize they can enjoy a spa day without having to worry about the kids, be prepared for a lot of word-of-mouth advertising to boost your business.