All work and no play they say makes Jack a dull boy. Jack refers to you and every other person out there. Understandably, we are all striving to make ends meet but we also need to be careful so that we don’t meet our end. From being overwhelmed with stressful jobs to being glued to our phones or TV in the name of relaxing, we are getting used to practices that are not good for our health. For the sake of your health and personal growth, you need to cultivate certain self-care practices. There are a lot of these self-care habits that you can start and this article explains 5 of these habits. 

  1. Regular Sleep:  

Many people have begun to associate lack of sleep with hard work but this is not true. When you are awake, make the most use of your time so that you will be able to do something productive. After working, you can get enough sleep for yourself. Inadequate sleep can affect your emotional and physical life when you are awake. Red eyes, tiredness, loss of focus, are some of the problems that you can face when you refuse to get enough sleep. Other severe health issues can bring you down if you don’t get enough sleep. This means that if you choose work to oversleep, your body will eventually choose to sleep overwork. And that time, you will be unable to do any work at all. To get quality sleep, stay in your bed, keep your devices away, and switch off all the lights to avoid distractions. Also, taking caffeine or sugar before sleeping can affect your sleep. 

  1. Eat Healthily:  

It is said that we are what we eat. The kind of food that you consume every day plays a significant role in staying healthy. You can build or weaken your immune system with the kind of food that you eat. Your concentration, alertness, strength, and even looks can be affected by your food. Take healthy meals – vegetables, nuts, fish, berries, etc and do away with junk. The type of good to eat will build your immune system. So if you eat the wrong food, you will have a weak immune system. If you have a weak immune system, you will easily fall sick.  

  1. Exercise Regularly:  

Daily exercise can help to keep your body active. When you exercise yourself in the morning before going to work, you will be active mentally and physically. Exercise can be a great way to do away with stress or anxiety and feel better about yourself. If you also want to shed some weight, exercise is an ideal self-care practice to do so. A common reason why people do not perform exercise is that they do not have a gym close to them. However, you can get workout equipment and install them in your house to help you fulfill your workout routine. Yes, a routine. Since you have workout equipment in your house, create a routine that is easy for you to follow.  

  1. Explore:  

Going for a weekend getaway is one of the many ways to explore and take care of yourself. It makes you see the world for how beautiful it is and when you come back, you find that you are unusually happy. You can also drive around town for sightseeing, go camping, visit a natural resort, and do other things that take you away from the places or activities that stress you. Exploring will help you enjoy the moment, reduce stress and fatigue, and avoid depression. 

  1. Put Yourself First:  

Sometimes, while trying to be selfless, we sacrifice our comfort to make other people happy. This is a humanly and commendable attitude. However, it should not become a habit. Learn to say ‘No’ when you should. Do not overwork yourself just to impress or satisfy someone else. Remember, no one is irreplaceable and if you do not take care of yourself, no one will. Saying no is not easy if you are a very selfless person but you have to practice it if you want to take care of yourself.  


You are all you have so make sure that while after hustling and bustling, you find the time to take proper care of yourself. You can get a pet. Pets require care and companionship. When you begin to show care to your blog, it becomes easier to show care to yourself. Read books on self-care to get insights on how to care for yourself. Create a self-care routine and stick to it. The more you take care of yourself, the more you get to make the best out of life.