With the summer approaching, you might be wondering how you can uphold interest in your spa. Spa businesses tend to experience a noticeable slowdown in visits in the summertime since most people associate summer with a trip to the beach, hiking, or traveling to big cities. However, this does not mean that you have to close down your business. There are many out-of-the-box updates and activities that you can rely on to spark interest and attract customers to your spa. That is why we will discuss how to prepare your spa business for summer so that you can avoid experiencing a slowdown.  

Of course, some losses are inevitable since some of your potential customers may not choose to spend their holidays indoors. Yet, some innovations and offers can backtrack the slump and help you bridge the few months when you won’t have as much revenue. It makes sense to apply the following advice to your spa business.  

Seasonal promotions can help you raise interest in your spa 

Summer is the season when customers want to unwind and escape the year-long stress for at least a few days. Since they want a change, your task is to bring it to them. In that sense, offering creative seasonal promotions can help you prepare your spa business for summer. To do this, it makes sense to think about the discounts and activities that would appeal to your target audience.  

For instance, you can organize insightful yoga and mindfulness workshops to promote relaxation and self-contemplation. Or, you can offer discounts on massages, foot care treatments, or introduce innovative waxing techniques that will create a nice contrast to your usual relaxation programs.  

Essentially, the trick is to combine the best of both worlds – something that your customers can use while relaxing in your spa. Of course, the seasonal promotions are there to spike interest. So, make sure you introduce workshops and treatments that span at least 5 to 10 days. In this way, you can create a sense of exclusivity since seasonal promotions last only for a limited time.  

Attractive seasonal discounts can help people get ready for their summer vacation. 

Alt: a woman doing a facial treatment in a spa 

Introduce a new theme 

Of course, all spas should be soothing, clean, and relaxing all year round. Yet, a couple of easy innovations will help your spa shine in a new light over the summer. For instance, you can transform your spa for the summer by choosing a theme that will make the stay in your spa feel more enticing. Pick a particular theme and select decorations. For example, with Indian-themed spas, you can experiment with mandalas, Buddhism, chakras, and other elements of Indian culture that promote well-being and serenity.  

Introduce unique summer spa treatments inspired by traditional Oriental medicine. 

Turning to a specific culture can also go beyond the pure aesthetics. For instance, you can offer traditional Chinese herbs and oils for your regular massage treatments. This theme change is good for creating a warm, thoughtful atmosphere that will attract old and new clients to your spa business over the summer.  

Make sure you plan out and purchase the needed tools, machines, equipment, and decor well ahead of time because you need to be ready on time. Of course, if you do not have enough space in your spa, you can temporarily store the items in a storage unit close to your business. Having a secure place for your items is essential since some of the materials you use require special conditions to stay usable.  

Promote your spa business with the help of an influencer 

Of course, introducing new treatments and decorations to your spa can’t go unnoticed. Thus, it makes sense to promote it on social media by collaborating with an influencer. There are many ways to go about it, but teaming up with a travel or wellness influencer should bring in the best results.  

This type of marketing is excellent for spas because it allows the audiences to observe the experience and range of services you offer in real-time. Another critical point is to start the social media campaign before summer vacations. That will leave just enough time for people to book a stay in your spa with the seasonal discount that the influencer will provide.  

A social media influencer can help spread awareness about your spa services for summer. 

Alt: an influencer in a spa, representing a way to prepare your spa business for summer 

You don’t even have to team up with influencers from your industry or any fields that people would naturally associate with a spa. For example, you can cooperate with a moving company and promote each other’s services. The team from orangemover.com has helped many clients move house and many of them would appreciate a spa day after the transition. They could recommend you or offer them a gift voucher.  

Digital marketing can also help you promote your spa business for summer 

Another highly successful spa marketing strategy includes digital marketing services you can use to improve your spa’s online presence. The days when people relied exclusively on TV, magazine, and word-of-mouth promotions are long gone. Since many people plan their vacations by searching online for travel ideas, you can use this trend to attract more people to your spa. In that sense, investing in SEO digital marketing can help your spa business reach customers worldwide.   

Some spas rely on Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which allows your website to show up first in dedicated Google searches. This advertising scheme is excellent if you do not have a lot of money to invest in advertising as you only pay if someone visits your website. In most cases, you can see observable results in only two months. This will allow you enough time to prepare your spa business for summer since you will have enough time and energy to focus on improving your spa.