Some of life’s greatest opportunities come from big changes. Moving out on your own, falling in love, creating a family, even creating a home, are all big changes that can come your way. While they are all exciting and new, they can also lead to a great deal of stress trying to manage everything. Here are our tips on how to navigate some of life’s biggest transitions and tackle the stress that comes with them. 

Growing a Family 

Finding out your family is about to grow can fill you with so many new emotions. It’s exciting and fulfilling, yet can make you feel anxious about what’s to come. The best way to tackle the anxiety and stress of being a new parent is to create a support system and try to prepare for the unexpected. 

They say it takes a village to raise a family. Having a network of support surrounding you and your family is incredibly important to managing the stresses of parenthood. Whether you need to lean on others for advice or have people on standby for babysitting duty, taking the time to create a support system that’s there in your time of need will alleviate some of the stresses that come with starting a family.  

If your family is growing sooner than you expected, that can add some stress to your life. Take time to have those bigger conversations with your partner about your growing family to help you stay organized and prepared. Can you continue to live in the house you are in? Do you need more space? Do you need to plan for any other big changes? It can be stressful making sure you have the right amount of space, time, and money to take care of your family, but preparing and adapting to anything that comes your way is vital to your family’s future.  

Buying a Home  

Deciding you want to buy a home for your family is the start of a very long and overwhelming process. With so many forms, applications, and financial requirements, it is easy to feel the stress mount before you even start browsing online.  

Being able to navigate the home buying journey with minimal stress depends on two key factors: communication and preparation. Communicating exactly what you are looking for in your dream home can help you find the right place and the right team to get you there. Preparing for the process and knowing it doesn’t happen overnight can help you conserve your time and energy as buying a home is a marathon, not a sprint.  

Calling upon professionals like a real estate agent and a loan officer can help you organize your endless to-do list. A real estate agent can help you decide the location of your dream home, the size of it, and help you navigate all the steps of the buying process. Working with an expert can help you understand the logistics of your budget after you apply for a mortgage preapproval. Getting preapproved helps you know how much house you can truly afford, cutting out many potential mistakes and wasted time. The more you know going into the house hunt, the better you can prepare your budget and the quicker you can find your family’s dream home. 

Starting a New Career 

One of the most exciting and stressful times of your life is when you start a new career. Learning new skills, meeting new people, and trying to understand the dynamics of your new office can be a lot to take on in your first weeks of onboarding. While you navigate this new setting, you also have the opportunity to make your mark professionally and personally.  

A great way to feel comfortable and confident starting your new chapter is to update your style to fit you and your personality. A new job gives you the perfect excuse to find new pieces that make you feel and look your best while making a great first impression. Investing in your wardrobe reminds you to put yourself first and explore what clothes make you feel most like yourself.  

While dressing for success can help put you in the right mindset for your new job, it isn’t always enough to mitigate your stress and anxiety. When starting your job, it’s important to make note of the benefits your new employer gives you. Many businesses offer an Employee Assistance Program that can offer low-cost counseling services to employees. Utilizing this benefit could be a great way for you to work through stress and anxiety you feel both in and out of the workplace. Making your mental health a priority will always be a crucial component to your success.  

While life’s big changes can come in an instant, the impact they have can last a lifetime. You don’t have to go through these changes alone or without help. Being honest about what you need from those around you can help you navigate these transitions successfully.