No business is without areas for improvement. If you can manage to believe it, a well decorated, clean, and warm space is a good marketing idea for your salon! The cleanliness of your space and impression your salon leaves on your customers is the image your brand will retain. By keeping your space well maintained, your employees trained and polite, and your services top-notch, you will be able to keep your customers and gain new clientele.

Promotions and discounts

It doesn’t matter what someone is selling—people are attracted to discounts. However, it’s how you promote those discounts that attract the people to you. Well-designed coupons and fliers are great ways to catch someone’s eye. You can also come to an agreement with
establishments near you to display your fliers at their reception to catch the eye of their clients.  These agreements must also come with conditions such as offering discounts to the establishments employees and patrons. Don’t forget that social media can be a powerful tool
not just in communicating with potential customers, but also in advertising promotions and discounts. Be sure to get those shares, likes, and comments, and let your content be seen!

Create your brand

You have to think about who you want your target market to be. Are they the everyday woman? Family or child-centered? Brides? By thinking of your clients, you can get ideas on how to decorate your space. Salons for children could have toy seats and play areas, and family centered ones could also be reason for you to expand and include a spa in your list of services.  Salons for men could have adjustable leather seats and a rough and rustic design. Aside from decorating your space accordingly, you should also create services that would cater to your target market, such as mother-daughter packages, or a grooming package for men, or even a spa package for a group of ladies with complete with champagne or wine. Not only will your clients be having the time of their life, they will also be bonding with family and friends.

Expose your brand

Not everything has to have profit. A good way to promote your brand is by doing non-profit exposure. Who would resist a free haircut? You could offer free haircuts for the first 30 people to sign up upon opening, or free services to followers on your social media accounts. You could also hold charity events such as grooming for homeless people, haircuts for schoolchildren from poor families to prepare them for school, or how about free haircuts for those people who have hair longer than a foot so you can donate the hair to organizations who make wigs for cancer patients? Other activities you can do unrelated to your industry could be your participation in public service announcements or dissemination of information from the local government.

You don’t have to resort to wild and shocking advertising ideas to get your salon’s brand and
name out there. All you need to do is think outside the box.

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