Who said you had to visit a spa to have a spa? What if you could bring the spa home and have your own spa night right there in the comfort of your place? That would be nice, right? 

Well, it’s your lucky day. Perhaps you’ve been spending hundreds of dollars in spa centers; it’s time you stopped. Perhaps you’ve been procrastinating your spa day because you don’t have the time to visit an actual spa; it’s time you changed the narrative. 

In this post, you’re going to learn a few DIY tips on how to treat oneself to the perfect massage spa night. 

Let’s ride, shall we? 

  1. Set the stage 

The only stage you need is a pristinely clean bathroom. If your bathroom isn’t well-maintained, you want to fix that first. And then, you’ll need a bunch of supplies.  

For starters, you will need fresh towels, a cozy robe, beauty products, aromatherapeutic candles, and a cup of tea/coffee/citrus-spiked drink. And then you’re good to go. 

Oh, and don’t forget to bring solitude along. The last thing you want is a dog barking while you’re trying to clear your mind or a smartphone blaring just as you’re about to slide into a mental detox. 

  1. Know what you’re really trying to achieve 

Spas come in different shapes and forms. You may desire to work on your skin to remove dead cells and awake the beautiful ones beneath. Or it could be a yoga session to clear the mind. 

Before anything, you need to state clearly what you’re aiming to achieve.  

Remember, if you were going for a luxurious spa treatment, you’d have to make your mind about the actual treatments you’re going for. The same must hold true for when it’s a DIY spa day at home. 

  1. Find out the right way to go about realizing your aims 

Now that you know what you want to achieve with the spa, the next thing is to find out ways to accomplish your wish. 

You can do that by researching online, reading books, or simply contacting any beautician or aesthetician you know. 

For instance, if you’re a tub lover, you’ll learn that it’s best to apply your face and hair masks before getting in a tub. For lovers of showers, research will teach you to apply masks, relax, and then get under the spray.  

For folks with rough skins, you’ll learn it’s better to get a gentle scrub to peel away dead cells and awaken rejuvenated ones. At the same time, people with soft skin will be advised to avoid facials or scrubs at all costs. 

  1. Get your hair under the right treatment  

We mentioned applying hair masks earlier; here’s where we talk about that at length. Generally, hair masks come in various kinds, all designed to help folks deal with every kind of hair condition.  

Do you have dry, fragile, damaged, colored, highlighted, straightened, or relaxed hair? A hair mask is the type of treatment that helps you condition your hair appropriately.  

Of course, some masks will drill holes in your purse; but the beauty of hair masks you don’t have to spend too much to get the best results. With less than $15, you can get a hair mask that’s perfect for your hair. 

As regards application, most product directions you’ll find on cream covers may tell you to leave the cream in your hair for a max period of 10 minutes. But several anecdotal evidence suggests otherwise.  

It’s believed that it’s best to just leave the mask under your shower cap for a longer period to let the hair mask bake and take effect properly. 

  1. Select the best face mask 

Apart from your hair, your face also demands its own attention during a spa night. Naturally, with all the stress of your everyday life, the face gets tired and spent after a while.  

With the help of a moisturizing face mask, you can easily repair your dry, tired skin. 

Be careful, though, of masks labeled clarifying and pore cleansing. What you need isn’t something that clarifies your face but rather something that moisturizes it. 

  1. Get an under-the-eye peel-off mask 

Now it’s time to treat those eye bags and dark circles sagging below your lower lids. Naturally, they reveal stress and sleeplessness (we all have it).  

Luckily, you can get rid of them by applying a pair of crescent-shaped masks. Be watchful when shopping for an under-the-eye peel-off mask. You want to get masks infused with some (if not all) of the following ingredients. 

  • Caffeine – this works to de-puff the eyelids and remove the dark circles 
  • Hyaluronic acid – this adds moisture to the side of the eyes. It also works for line filling 
  • Cucumber and aloe vera – this soothes the underpart of the eyes. 

Although most people prefer to wear their peel-off masks directly under the face mask and then wash everything off later, you can choose to leave yours in even while you’re in bed. 

Finally, peel-off masks are way more effective and easy to apply than traditional teabag-and-cucumber-slice solutions. 

  1. Take a relaxing bath or shower 

Now it’s time to relax in a steamy tub or under a steamy showerhead.  

Some people prefer lukewarm temp, while some prefer to have their bathwater steamy. The choice is really yours. As long as you add the right essentials (gels, bath salts, fragrances, etc.) into the water before soaking yourself in, you should be good to go. 

The benefits of a spa bath are quite numerous; it can help with flat tummy goals, weight loss, pain soothing, headache relief, and treatment of inflammation. 

  1. Get moisturized 

Once you’re out of the tub, it’s time to moisturize the skin. You don’t want to wait too long because bathing in steamy water often dehydrates the body. So to replenish lost moisture, you need a moisturizer. 

  1. Don’t forget your feet 

It’s easy to forget the wheel that carries us everywhere, but you don’t want to leave the feet untended. Although most people go the extra mile of having a fancy footbath, you don’t really need that to pamper your feet.  

You can pamper your feet using a scrub tool, getting a foot mask, or simply massaging it.