PureWild Co, the Ojai, California based company that makes clean marine collagen drinks and collagen infused wines, has finalized a collagen supplement formula created specifically for women with breast cancer, autoimmune diseases and osteoporosis. 

Founder Cindy Convery worked with oncologists and nutritionists to create a daily supplement that blends certified nonGMO wild marine collagen with super vitamin C to maximize absorption for bone, skin and hair health. Breast cancer and autoimmune disease patients suffer from weakened skin and hair, along with potential bone loss due to the treatments and medications for those diseases. PureWild’s supplements are the first to market that are formulated specifically for these consumers.  

PureWild Co. has partnered with the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the National Breast Cancer Foundation to increase awareness for the supplements. As part of PureWild’s charity program the company will donate a monthly supplement subscription to a woman in need for every three subscriptions sold. Supplements will be available for sale directly through the website and launch this October as part of Breast Cancer Awareness month.  

“Our drinks and wines are selling well across the country but not at a rate to fund the supplement development and production process. We decided to launch an equity fund on Start Engine to help us reach the funding we need to finalized the supplement productions” said Cindy. “I worked with Start Engine to create low level investment tiers starting at under $200 so that anyone who wants to support our mission is able to help.” 

PureWild Co.’s funding platform can be found here: https://www.startengine.com/purewildco