Bolstering client service offerings and corporate wellness strategies with sound therapies increases retail profitability while creating transformational experiences for employees and clientele

Los Angeles, California (January 24, 2023). Shamballa Wellness, a spa training and business development firm, is pleased to announce an array of sound services tailored to luxury spas and conscious beauty brands. Curating training and corporate wellness strategies that feature the healing power of sound, Shamballa Wellness also offers live and virtual trainings to add to your treatment protocols and provides standalone sound experiences for guests as well as spa and hotel staff.

Founder Valerie Plotnikova leverages her 27 years of business development experience in luxury retail and corporate spaces to create profitable programs that benefit all spa and resort stakeholders. Now a certified breath coach and energy and sound healer, Valerie spent the last 15 years of her career in business development simultaneously evolving her extensive knowledge of healing modalities centered on breath, energy, light, and sound frequencies.

After an accident left her with lingering health issues, Valerie committed to sound healing as a practice and career. The result was an organic merging of business development with wellness.

“Shamballa Wellness is the culmination of my business expertise blended with my passion for healing modalities. My goal is twofold: To devise curated strategies that help bolster sales and to support company culture by boosting positive workplace morale through sounds experiences that increase tranquility and relaxation. I’ll also then teach staff to play these sound instruments, so that spas can incorporate sound journeys into their menus and ensure the ultimate client relaxation experience,” said Valerie.

The training program for spa staff includes an introduction to sound healing—the science, benefits, and effects on the chakras and body—and then teaches staff how to use and play sound tools. Trainings include sound education then segue into working with sound tools and can be administered either live or virtually through Zoom.

Consumer-facing events include:

  • Learn, Laugh, and Play for Spa – Add sound to your protocol or events. Learn how to bolster spa services by harnessing the power of sound implements to deepen guests’ relaxation experiences.
  • Sound Bath Journey – Allow your team or guests to experience the profound serenity of an impactful sound journey that includes breath work or guided meditations.
  • Retail Event + Sound Bath Journey – These curated events will increase retail profitability while also heightening wellness through a sublime sound journey.

Luxury spas and conscious beauty brands have welcomed Shamballa Wellness sound experiences to offer employees and guests the gift of wellness:

“After Covid it’s become more important than ever to address provider burnout and create solutions for the ongoing wellness of our staff. Valerie recently treated our Park Hyatt Aviara team to an incredible sound journey, and the experience was truly transcendent,” said Angee Smithee, Miraval Director of Spa and Well-being at The Park Hyatt Aviara. Opening Spring of 2023

“I love that Shamballa Wellness trains us to deliver sound experiences to hotel staff, so that we can in turn suggest these curative services to guests. Since our guests often seek deeper immersion experiences that focus on their health and well-being, the ability to conduct sound healing events on property is a welcome layer to the expansion of our wellness offerings,” said Alena Stavjak, Director of Spa for 1 Hotels.

“Training Account Executives to incorporate sound healing techniques into their protocols is a brilliant concept. In addition to increasing retail sales by creating retail and sound experiences, we become ambassadors of wellness” said Lu Marquez, Southern California Account Manager for Phytomer.”

About Shamballa Wellness

Shamballa Wellness is a business development, training, and corporate wellness firm that features the healing power of sound. Founded by luxury retail and wellness veteran Valerie Plotnikova, Shamballa Wellness offers programs to bolster sales and implement workplace wellness solutions that transform individuals and communities. Visit for live and virtual training programs for sound baths experiences, treatment protocols, and corporate events.