CHICAGO, October 30, 2017 — Spas of America, the No. 1 spa and wellness travel website, has re-launched, placing over 750 of the best spas at the fingertips of consumers around the world. Offering beautiful high-resolution images, accurate contact information and descriptions, and dynamic maps, thanks to a partnership with Google, Spas of America delivers on its mission of connecting consumers with the spa and wellness experiences they’re looking for.

“Spas of America took inspiration from the industry’s best print publications,” says founder and managing director Craig Oliver, “to create an exciting and dynamic online resource for spa consumers  as well as
deliver a very targeted audience to our spa partners.”

The Spas of America website caters to a growing number of consumers searching for spa and wellness travel experiences. “The North American spa industry continues to show strong growth,” says International Spa Association president Lynn McNees. “Total industry revenue has reached over $16 billion, and both the number of spa locations and full-time employees in the United States has increased, making a significant contribution to the overall economy.”

The growth of spa and wellness is not only limited to the USA. According to the Susie Ellis, chairman and CEO of Global Wellness Institute, “The global wellness industry was a $3.7 trillion market in 2015.”

Visitors to the site can search and browse spas from across the United States of America, Mexico and Canada, as well as select spas from around the world, including  Europe, South America, Asia and
Australia. They can also search by type of ‘spa experience’ including: Beach, Casino, City, Country, Desert, Health, Lake, Mineral Hot Springs, Mountain, Ocean and Wine.

Spas of America helps build the brands and increase the positioning of its spa partners with the goal of driving traffic, generating bookings and growing revenue. To accomplish this the team works with spa
partners on an integrated marketing partnership that includes content marketing, editorial, social media and lead generation. Spas of America creates customized spa marketing and media partnership solutions
for every partner.

About Spas of America

Spas of America is the largest spa and wellness travel website, showcasing more than 750 of the best resort, hotel and health spas to consumers around the world. We inspire healthy living and travel by
providing consumers with a beautiful, clean, easy-to- use online experience in HD quality. The website allows consumers to search for spas by name, keyword, location or experience, and to browse spas on
an interactive map.

Launched in 2005, Spas of America receives more than one million page views annually. The site’s traffic is very targeted: 90% U.S. and Canada; 70% female; 25-65 years of age (median age 39); college
educated; high household income; and health, wellness and travel oriented. Each year, Spas of America publishes the Top 100 Spas award, one of the industry’s leading awards.

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