The holidays are not just about Chanukah, Christmas and New Years Eve. The festive season begins with Halloween and then goes into Thanksgiving and beyond. Now is the time to plan ahead and think about hosting events and spicing up your service menu. I live for entertaining in my business and you should too. It is all about engaging the client and getting them even more loyal to you.

Here are four steps to get you started and host a fabulous soiree!

Halloween is not like it used to be most people celebrate it in fun festive ways. My clients love to see what we do from year to year.

Decorate your Spa for fall:

Dollar Stores have a fabulous colorful array of cheap and chic items to decorate with and to serve food and drink with. I like to buy spooky fun décor and more. In addition, remember anything you buy in the color orange and or with pumpkins and leaves may be used into the Thanksgiving season as well.

Send an Email to your clients:

Send an email blast a week or so before the event and post signage about your event in different areas of your spa. The event can be a day or a few days. Choose a designated period for all to attend. Or you can invite them to come and go throughout the day. Make it festive, yummy and fun.

Recipe for Food, Drink and FUN!

This year we are serving delightful drink in orange and green shot glasses out of a black witches cauldron that is filled with a small glass punch bowl. We call them Beauty Potions because we use NeoCell a Tangerine flavored refreshing collagen supplement powder called Beauty Infusions you make with water. You can find this product at Whole Foods, CVS and more. Easy to prepare and clients love the benefits for their hair, skin and nails too. Who doesn’t love a pretty potion?

Another idea is a pitcher filled with Sprite and a container of orange sherbet. This is a winning combination. So refreshing and delicious. We name it Witches Brew but it is just a play on words and naming your drinks is fun.

Trick or Treat?

Serve them something nibble size and good to eat or sweet for fun.

Either prepare a mini trick or treat bag or fill a basket with a free sample you may have. Some vendors you can buy samples from and some vendors may have free samples.

Our clients are addicted to a brand we carry called Farm House Fresh and they sell bags of assorted aromatic samples of hand and body lotions and creams. A drop in temperature means colder weather and dry skin. Help them keep hydrated and have softer skin. Who doesn’t love free!

Offer an array of services bewitching creams, fall makeup shades, candles, incense, sage and ANYTHING pumpkin spice! This is the time of year to get the party started until the end of the year. Your clients are always looking for something new! If not with you, they will shop elsewhere too.

Every day is a day to celebrate.

Any questions?  I would love to help.

See you at IECSC show in Ft Lauderdale Florida in October?

Noreen Young

Educator/Makeup Artist/Skin Therapist/Author

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