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Thrive As Nature Intended

What if you could be and feel your best everyday without pills and powders? What if, instead, you could harness nature’s powerful ingredients, centuries of global wisdom and modern science to create an alternative pharma.

You can. And we did. Good Pharma™ is a daily ritual you embrace not just because you know it’s good for you, but because everything about it makes you feel good inside and out. Tastes great too.


Jill Portman- co-founder and co-CEO of Good Pharma


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Discover the Science of Rxtracts™

We applied modern science to ancient wellness practices and indigenous and traditional knowledge of plants to develop our proprietary Rxtracts™. They’re alchemized particles that infuse vitality through a precisely potent serving of supportive mushroom extracts, adaptogenic plant extracts, and amino acids. From sleep and energy to immune support and mindfulness, now you can Rxtract™ anything you want out of life.* It’s all good.