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The Relax Shot is the first of it’s kind spa upgrade and the ultimate solution to quickly & effortlessly relax your mind and your muscles to fully enjoy the moment. Our high-quality natural ingredients are thoughtfully sourced and research backed. Together they provide optimal deep relaxation without drowsiness.

A revolutionary new way to “spa upgrade”.

The Relax Spa Shot is the next generation of spa enhancement therapies and the first in a series of innovative and essential spa upgrades. Developed as the ultimate solution to quickly & effortlessly relax the body and mind so you can enjoy the moment and maximize the therapeutic benefits of your massage or spa treatment.

Doing shot’s for relaxation….while some people might think of tequila or vodka, Spa Tonics brings the luxury spa industry a different kind of shot. Unlike alcohol, this shot doesn’t dull your sense or make your head hurt. Rather, it clears and quiets the mind, promotes a positive relaxed mood and even supports muscle pliability and recovery. Chock-full of powerful nutrients designed to promote relaxation, Relax Spa Shot is a tonic for the true relaxation of the body and mind.


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