Although the decision to live your everyday life with the utmost attention paid to health and self-care is primarily personal, the environment in which you live is also a deciding factor. It is easier to stay healthy in a city with plenty of fresh air, parks, and public recreational centers. The most health-conscious cities in America also have good healthcare providers alongside accessible fitness venues. Of course, the location and infrastructure of the city also play a significant role in keeping its residents healthy.  

Interestingly enough, some US cities actively promote health and well-being as part of their public image. In line with this, city governments have devised various incentives to stimulate successful health-based businesses in their municipalities. So, the healthiest cities in America strive to provide their citizens with top-notch opportunities for improving and maintaining their health. Let’s see which US cities care about the health of their residents the most. 

Honolulu, Hawaii 

Honolulu is the perfect city for revitalizing your health and fitness level after the impact of Covid-19 lockdowns. Unfortunately, the pandemic has reminded us that being healthy is more than just feeling physically fit.  

Those that are lucky to live in Honolulu lead a fit, active lifestyle all year round. Hence, Honolulu is the perfect location for getting back in touch with your body and your mind. The tropical vibes and fit locals will stimulate you to get your heart rate going, either by playing beach volleyball, jogging, or engaging in numerous water sports Honolulu is famous for. Interestingly, this city is known for having the most tennis courts per capita. So, if you dabble in tennis, you will have no trouble finding a partner.  

However, Honolulu’s warm temperatures, untainted nature, access to the ocean, and air quality make it one of the most health-conscious cities in America. Outdoor exercising is at its finest here, which is great for people at high risk of contracting the Coronavirus.  

Portland, Oregon 

This may come as no surprise, but Portland comes second on our list of cities that instill an extremely healthy outlook on life and opportunities for exercise. In fact, Portland is an excellent example of how the city’s infrastructure influences the health and well-being of its population.   

Namely, Portland has adapted the city to encourage the usage of bicycles instead of cars. This effort has significantly improved its air quality as well as the traffic situation. As a result, living in this city is less stressful than in other US cities. So, if your health has deteriorated due to sleep deprivation, most Portland neighborhoods are conducive to getting a good night’s sleep.  

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What’s more, Portland is an incredibly green city in more ways than one. Portlanders are famous for being progressive and outspoken about the environment. In addition, their dedication and appreciation for nature are also part of their daily lives. Rather than spending their weekends on the couch, Portland locals prefer to cycle away to nearby forests and nature preserves. Clean eating is also a prevalent lifestyle choice of people living in Portland. You will spot organic food markets and vegan joints on almost every corner. 

San Diego, California 

Heading south on the West Coast, San Diego is a city renowned for state-of-the-art gyms. It has the most virtual fitness centers per capita in the US. So, in San Diego, the future is now. On the other hand, San Diego has a great outdoor exercise culture if you are reluctant to go to an enclosed space to exercise. Since its warm climate enables you to walk or train outside, feel free to play basketball, weightlift, jog, or sunbathe and soak up that vitamin D in San Diego all year long.  

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Washington, D.C. 

Our country’s capital has also done a lot to encourage the physical wellness of its residents and the nation. Many public health campaigns aimed at raising awareness about the dangers of leading a sedentary lifestyle have been issued by Washington, DC. Also, just as in Honolulu, tennis courts are aplenty in Washington DC.  

Aside from this, Washington DC is known as a very walkable city. As you do not need to rely on public transportation, just going out and about the city will boost your daily step count. This is great news for DC corporate types who sit all day in the office (or at home) overworking themselves.  

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In fact, many companies and government institutions are based in DC, which may or may not be related to the city’s predominantly health-conscious orientation. If you decide to relocate your office to Washington DC, you should have no trouble finding reliable commercial movers that can help you move your office furniture and supplies in a cinch. You can easily transfer your business to DC and enjoy walking the streets of our proud, health-conscious capital. 

San Francisco, California 

Ask a few San Franciscans what their favorite leisure activity is. They will probably tell you they cannot contain themselves when it comes to hiking. Some San Francisco locals even list hiking as their second nature.  

So, it is not surprising that it is one of the most health-conscious cities in America. Be it in the San Francisco Bay or on its outskirts, the Golden City is a mecca for people who adore incredible vistas. Even walking around the city requires quite a lot of effort as you climb the hills. However, the sweat and sore muscles are more than worth it. With the Pacific Ocean enveloping this vibrant, outstanding city, you will hardly ever want to go back inside. 

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