You know about the natural aging process. In fact, you may be one of the millions of women who dread it. Aging results in wrinkles, especially for the parts of your body (like your face) that is exposed to the sun on an almost daily basis.

For most people, wrinkles really begin to appear between the ages of 40 and 50 as the skin loses thickness and moisture. Also, genetics play a huge role in the development of wrinkles. However, sun exposure is one of the top causes of wrinkles, particularly for individuals with a fair complexion. Wrinkles may also be caused by smoking or an unbalanced diet.

You can find several products to help with wrinkles, including a dermal repair complex. While these are effective, you can also find natural ways to prevent and eliminate wrinkles. Keep reading to learn what these methods are.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is well known for its many healing properties. In fact, according to a recent study, taking an aloe supplement daily can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles in just 60 to 90 days. It has also been found that when you apply aloe gel to your skin, it adds collagen and hydration, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Banana Mask

Bananas are full of vitamins and natural oils that will boost your skin’s health. According to experts, it is a good idea to apply a banana paste to your skin. To do this, mash about a quarter of a banana until it turns into a smooth paste. You should then put a thin layer of the paste over your skin and let it sit for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, rinse the mask using warm water.

Add Superfoods to Your Diet

Foods that are rich in certain nutrients are called superfoods. Several different types of superfoods can help boost your overall health and prevent or eliminate wrinkles.

Several superfoods consider adding to your daily routine and diet that are known for helping to reduce the occurrence and appearance of wrinkles. Some of the foods to try include walnuts, artichokes, tomatoes, avocados, sweet potatoes, chia seeds, sardines, cinnamon, salmon, egg whites, oatmeal, ginger, and miso.

Egg Whites

Even though egg whites will provide a small improvement to the skin’s appearance, the very thin membrane that separates the shell from the white is much more effective. If you use a cream that is made of an egg membrane, it can lead to wrinkles that are not as deep, along with the increased production of collagen. This helps to make skin stretchy and smooth. If someone is allergic to eggs, they should avoid using this method for treating their wrinkles.

Essential Oils

Applying a very small amount of essential oils mixed with a carrier oil on your wrinkles will reduce their appearance and depth. Sometimes, essential oils can be applied in very specific combinations, which will help to heal your skin without causing any type of irritation. This is true as long as the oils have been diluted using a carrier oil.

All types of essential oils will improve the look of wrinkles when used in different amounts and combinations. Some try to include pomegranate, argan, neroli, carrot seed, lavender, frankincense, and jojoba.

Many people are sensitive to using essential oils because they are so highly concentrated. Before you use any type of essential oil, you should conduct a patch test. This is when you apply a very small amount to the inside portion of your wrist and then wait for about 24 hours. You should not use the oil again if you experience any type of stinging, burning, or redness in the area where you applied it. When you use essential oils, it is essential to use carrier oils, too.


If you are like some people, you may turn to massage to help prevent and reduce wrinkles’ look. Some studies have discovered several different massage techniques and devices that will work to prevent wrinkles. They work by increasing the proteins that help to keep the skin smooth.

Most experts agree that a three-to-five-minute facial massage done daily just using your fingers will provide the same effects on your skin while reducing stress, leading to wrinkles.

Prevent Wrinkles with These Methods

When it comes to wrinkles, there are more than a few ways to prevent them naturally. Try the tips and information here to see what works. Knowing what to do is the best way to ensure that you get the results desired. While wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process, there are steps you can take to slow down these signs and perhaps even prevent wrinkles from occurring. When it comes to natural wrinkle remedies, try these options to see what results you can achieve and what works best for you.

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