When it comes to running a successful salon or spa, there are many elements involved, from understanding your niche and providing the right types of services, to having an inviting premise and fitting in as many clients per week as possible.

One area in particular, though, that you don’t want to forget is marketing. While there are many strategies to use here, having a focus on customer loyalty and retention will always be worthwhile. Read on for some top ways that you can increase your level of repeat business today.

Understand Your Target Market

The first thing you can do to engender more customer loyalty is to really make sure you understand who your customers are in the first place. You should be clear about your target market’s demographics, motivational factors, service preferences, and preferred contact methods.

You should also know who your competitors are, what they offer, and how you do things differently from them. This will enable you to properly market and sell your business to the right people, at the right times, which in turn will help you to develop more repeat business.

It is also a good idea to take a walk through your salon or spa and examine the surroundings from the point of view of a client. Think about a customer’s experience as they arrive on site, and consider how things will look and feel as they are greeted by a team member, ushered to a chair or treatment room, and provided with their service.


  • The set up and layout of every space (including restrooms)
  • The process in each interaction, such as taking payment or being booked in for subsequent sessions
  • How convenient the parking facilities are
  • The sounds within the salon or spa (including musical choices)
  • The scents they are greeted with when they walk in the door

After looking at all of these areas you can then try to find spots where you may be able to stop pain points from occurring for clients, or opportunities where you may be able to delight customers in away that you’re not currently taking advantage of.

Follow Up

Another simple yet effective way to increase your rate of customer retention is to follow up with your clients on a regular basis. It is easy for people to forget to book in for their service, or to simply use a different business because they get contacted by someone else or hear about a good deal. However, you can stop clients from going to your competitors if you reconnect with them regularly.

There are multiple ways to go about this. For starters, it pays to make use of your salon appointment-book software to keep an eye on when each customer was last in to see you and when they would be likely need to book in again. Depending on the software you use and the systems you have in place, you may be able to easily arrange for automatic emails or text messages to be sent to your customers when they’re due for an appointment. Alternatively, this can also be done manually if need be.

In addition, if you haven’t heard from a client for three months or more, you should consider getting in touch with them and offering them an incentive to come back. This can be something like:

  • A complimentary scalp or hand massage with their next cut or color
  • Some free product samples
  • Bonus loyalty points
  • A worth-while discount

Put a Loyalty Program in Place

Next, it definitely pays to put a specific loyalty program in place to encourage your clients to come back to you time and again. A good program is simple yet effective, and isn’t hard for people to understand or use. You may like to consider using a program that has different tiers for different levels of loyalty, with a variety of benefits for each tier.

When it comes to loyalty programs, you might decide to use a basic system whereby customers receive one free or discounted service after, say, five full-price visits. Alternatively, you might prefer to opt for something a little more complex such as a points-based system where clients are rewarded with points every time they use a service, and can then redeem these for particular services or products once they have accumulated enough.

After you have put a loyalty program in place, don’t forget to advertise it too. After all, there’s no point having a system if no one actually knows it exists! Make sure that each of your regular customers, as well as each new client, is made aware of the program and the way in which it works, and how it will benefit them.

Keep in mind that people have busy schedules with lots on their mind, so you should remind them of your loyalty program every once in a while to reinforce the information and help ensure maximum participation.

Pablo Villareal

Pablo Villareal

Marketing Administrator at Salon Iris

With more than ten years of experience in the beauty industry, Pablo handles the marketing administration for Salon Iris, the leading automated business software program for salons, day spas, medical spas, pet grooming centers and the like. Pablo enjoys helping the company’s clients across the country to grow their businesses and retain customers year after year. In his spare time he writes for his own industry blog as well as other publications, and is currently working on a book for marketing executives in the beauty industry.

Visit www.SalonIris.com for more information.