Importance for Rehabilitation Centers During Treatment 

To successfully overcome addiction and achieve sobriety, a person must have the right sense of direction. That’s why rehabs are so crucial. It’s not uncommon for people to lose focus of their goal and fall into relapses multiple times.  

It can be a challenge to live a life free from addiction. But, constant triggers and stressors don’t make it easy. They can also affect a person’s self-esteem and make them feel out of control.  

Rehab centers have a highly supportive environment with no triggers or stressors. Clients go through detox followed by vocational, physical, and occupational therapy. They learn to handle stress better without giving into substance abuse. 

Rehab Facilities at an Upscale Addiction Treatment 

Several factors can hold a person from not getting the necessary help they need to change their life. The biggest reason stems from the fear of the unknown. Most people have a hard time leaving their homes (however unhealthy it may be) and go live somewhere else.  

It’s not an ideal living situation for anyone. But, upscale rehab centers make this decision a little easier. By offering a more personalized approach coupled with a more luxurious setting than a standard rehab; there’s a factor of attractiveness for patients to enter the rehab. 

With that said, here are a few facilities you can expect at upscale addiction treatment centers

Guaranteed Privacy 

Right from admission to aftercare, upscale inpatient drug and alcohol rehabs follow a strict protocol around maintaining every patient’s privacy. None of the details surrounding the patient or his addiction-related treatment are revealed to anyone. So, anyone concerned about their privacy should opt for one of these units. 

One-on-one Approach 

Most upscale substance abuse treatment centers only admit a limited number of clients. This is to ensure a tailored treatment plan but to establish a more personal connection with each patient. This one-on-one approach allows treatment specialists to get to know each person better so they can formulate the best plan. 

Expert Medical Staff 

There’s a devoted, highly trained, experienced, and professional medical staff at these centers. This is important to increase the odds of sustainable, long-term recovery and sobriety. 

Patients go through an initial assessment to establish any co-occurring disorders and other underlying causes that are worsening the addiction. Unlike standard rehab units, upscale centers have around-the-clock RNs available. 


Most luxury rehabs maintain a highly comfortable, relaxing, and luxurious environment. You can expect delicious cuisines, spa treatments and so much more. There is comfortable bedding and several other creature comforts you cannot expect anywhere else.  

Some of them even have private suite-style accommodation housing a private bath, breakfast nook, and a bedroom. For those who can afford it, this can be an ideal setting to receive the treatment in. 

Tranquil, Relaxing Setting 

Most upscale alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers are located in natural settings like the mountains, beach, or the countryside to incorporate an element of nature. This puts the mind at ease and also nurtures the soul. Being in a natural setting improves the odds of recovery. 


While most treatment centers would have a TV set, luxury drug or alcohol addiction treatment centers offer more arrangements for entertainment to enjoy in your free time. You can expect things like spa treatments, on-site swimming pools, and off-site excursion tours to uplift the spirits. All of these are meant to elevate positive experiences and keep the clients engaged.  

Spa-like Experience 

With services like yoga, on-site spa, pool, chef-prepared meals, and concierge services, the whole experience feels close to a high-end resort stay. This comfortable setting often reduces the fear associated with treatment.  

How Can We Upscale Addiction Treatment Centers? 

Clearly, luxury rehabs are not for everyone since they can be rather expensive. Those on a budget may not find it realistic. But, traditional rehab centers must focus on upscaling a few things to make for a more comfortable setting. In this way, everyone can enjoy a little more than basic amenities that only top facilities offer. 

Here are some ways in which a traditional rehab centers can turn their facility in an upscale center: 

  • Beautiful green campus for people to move around and connect with the beauty of nature 
  • Suite-style accommodation that houses things like private bathrooms and bedroom 
  • Healthy meals prepared by expert chefs in a nurturing and caring way 
  • Special consideration for patients’ dietary preferences 
  • Availability of alternative therapies like yoga, art therapy, music therapy, meditation, etc 
  • Fitness centers and availability of physical therapies  

Best Upscale Addiction Treatment Centers 

Here are some of the more upscale yet affordable treatment centers around the US: 

Aton Center – San Diego, California  

This high-end rehab center is situated right in the middle of the beautiful hills and beaches of San Diego. The Aton Center offers a combination of alternative, holistic, and traditional (science-backed) treatments. 

Traditional treatments at the Aton Center are – 

  • Behavioral therapy like CBT 
  • 12-step program 
  • Family therapy 

It also offers dual-diagnosis treatment and the place is LGBT-friendly. Myriad program payments and insurance plans are available as well. 

Acqua Recovery – Midway, Utah  

Situated near the breathtaking lakeside surrounded by waterfalls, mountains, and streams in Utah, Acqua Recovery is the epitome of upscale rehab. There are private rooms available coupled with a holistic treatment. All plans are tailored to meet each individual’s unique circumstances and needs. 

The comprehensive treatment program at Acqua Recovery offers –  

  • Medical detox 

Greenhouse – Dallas, Texas 

Greenhouse follows scientific, research-based therapies and modalities to provide the best-in-class treatment plans for all its patients.  

As part of its modalities, the centers offer following treatments –  

  • Individual treatment plans 
  • Motivational interviewing 
  • Medical detox 
  • Treatment for dual diagnosis 
  • 12-step meetings 

The facility was built on a previously luxury spa retreat. As part of its high-end amenities, the center offers spa treatments and gourmet meals to ensure comfortable living and treatment. 

McLean Hospital – Belmont, Massachusetts 

McLean Hospital is an affiliate of the Harvard Medical School. The facility has been treating chemical dependencies and psychiatric illnesses since 1811. The staff comprises clinical psychologists with Ph.D. There are also licensed social workers, board-certified psychiatrists, clinical therapists, and registered nurses. 

The hospital offers the following treatment –  

  • Outpatient services 

There’s a big focus on leisure activities and family participation at the facility for a wholesome recovery. 

Saint Jude Executive Retreat – New York, NY 

Saint Jude is located in upstate New York. The facility maintains a staff-to-guest ratio of 1:1. The retreat follows a non-12-stop approach. It doesn’t offer cognitive behavior therapy either.  

That’s because the center doesn’t look at addiction as a disease.  

Rather it works by emphasizing self-analysis, self-directed change, and taking personal responsibility. 

As part of luxury amenities, the facility offers – 

  • Chef-prepared gourmet meals 
  • Massage therapies  

Finding the Best Rehab Facility For Your 

The key to picking the right rehab centers is to take into account your personal preferences and needs. If you need to undergo a specific program, make sure it’s available at the facility. Lastly, don’t forget the cost factor.