Pilates Plus LA is dedicated to the scientific principles of The Lagree Fitness Method. Thousands of our members have experienced improvements that have strengthened not only their bodies but also their minds. Our primary goal is to instruct people in the Lagree Fitness Method as Sebastien Lagree intended. 

Our Megaformer classes are always challenging, productive, and risk-free because of our excellent instructors. There are five components necessary for complete physical fitness. Lagree Fitness is the only exercise program that addresses all factors contributing to physical fitness. It does so not just in one session but also with every exercise. 

What Is a Lagree Workout? 

A Lagree Workout involves Movements that emphasize slow, deliberate action. As a result, your muscles will remain engaged for much longer. You can benefit your muscles the most from the exercises by taking time through each repetition on the Megaformer. This improves muscular stamina and definition by stimulating slow-twitch muscle fibers. 

Pilates’s foundational ideas are expanded upon in the Lagree method. It uses the same principles and moves as in weightlifting and other forms of resistance training. On a Megaformer, you can use your body weight with springs for resistance and help as you work out. 

This paves the way for a comprehensive exercise routine that trains the body and helps enhance muscular strength and definition, stamina, agility, and equilibrium. Each Lagree exercise involves a series of intricate motions designed to work for various muscle groups. 

What Is Lagree Pilates? /What Is the Lagree Method? 

Firstly, Pilates is a method developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s Pilates and the Lagree technique have several characteristics with one another, including an emphasis on the core, a low impact intensity level, and a focus on strengthening many of the stabilizing muscles that are often neglected in conventional strength training. They share some commonalities, but they also have significant differences. 

Pilates seeks to strengthen and stretch muscles while putting little strain on the body. Several methods exist for this: The Pilates reformer, a piece of equipment with a sliding platform and changeable tension via springs to provide resistance, is often used in classes, but the Cadillac and the barreL are also viable possibilities. 

In 1998, Lagree Fitness was founded. Sebastien Lagree developed the Lagree method as a modern, high-intensity, low-impact workout aimed at muscular endurance; it was inspired by the variable tension concepts of Pilates and by his bodybuilding background. To accompany it, he devised his tool, the Megaformer. 

The lagree method was developed by adapting bodybuilding and other exercise ideas. The method’s high-intensity, a muscle-shaking character has been reinforced throughout its infinite expansion, which currently includes a whole line of devices geared for home and studio use. 

The Evolution of the Lagree Method 

Sebastien Lagree has been refining and perfecting The Lagree Method and its associated equipment since 1998. Sebastien Lagree introduced the Performer, the first Lagree Fitness machine, in 2006. Since then, he has created several iterations of Megaformer, Supra, and other Lagree Fitness machines. 

Lagree fitness is constantly innovating and developing new techniques, tools, and equipment, which is reflected in every kit they produce. Sebastien’s weekly classes are still going strong. His unwavering support over the years reflects Lagree fitness’s dedication to R&D. 

What Makes Lagree Pilates So Effective? 

Lagree fitness effectively incorporates strength, endurance, cardio, balance, core, and flexibility training in every move. Thriving is the operative word here. Lagree Fitness is a low-impact, high-intensity muscle-building workout that is gentle on your spine, joints, and other connective tissues. 

Training at an Effective Intensity is crucial for maximizing any training program’s benefits. There is an optimum level of exercise intensity at which adaptive changes are induced in the body. The elements determining whether an individual has reached their intensity threshold include their body type and fitness level. 

Maximum gains can be made when working out at an optimal intensity and when the muscles are appropriately stimulated. The Lagree Fitness Training Method achieves Effective Muscle Stimulation through the following five components: 

Proper Form 

“Proper Form” is prioritized over all other aspects of training in this approach. An unproductive regimen for training and working out the intended muscle group result from poor form. The first step is to choose a form that works for your physique, and we can assist you with that. 


Lagree Fitness exercises utilize spring resistance, which can be adjusted to challenge users to work to their maximum potential without causing undue wear and tear on their ligaments, tendons, and other connective tissues. 

Range of Motion 

Lagree Fitness exercises emphasize proper form and staying within the range of motion that works the targeted muscle or group of muscles. 


Both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers are stimulated by performing each set for at least 60 seconds. The exercises are designed to keep the muscles working and the heart rate up, with few breaks between sets. 


Lagree FitnessTM emphasizes low-intensity, high-duration motions. There is zero momentum in any of the actions. Using a limited rep range with a moderate tempo allows you to maintain a consistent strain on the muscles, stimulating the recruitment of more muscle fibers. Deliberate, gradual motions stimulate the slow-twitch muscle fibers that burn fat. 

Who Can Benefit From Lagree at Pilates Plus LA? 

Both men and women perform the workout on a specialized machine, the Megaformer. 


Pilates Plus LA delivers an alternative training program based on the work of Sebastien Lagree and the use of cutting-edge MegaformersTM. Group classes on the latest Megaformer M3 from Lagree Fitness are available here. The M3 is built for smooth, rapid transitions from one workout to the next, all to keep your heart rate up at a practical level so you can burn more calories and fat. 

The M3 enables higher-intensity, less-damaging movement for the body as a whole. You will be physically and emotionally challenged, and as a result, you will grow stronger and more confident. Your potential is limitless at Trim Fitness Studio. Check out the new member’s specials and sign up for your first class