Taking time to go to the spa when you’re in the middle of a busy work week might seem counterproductive, but it’s actually a great strategy for increasing work success. Investing some time and money in self-care and relaxation are increasingly being correlated to greater productivity and job satisfaction rates. Here are a few pointers that should get you to the spa, or maybe even help  bring the spa to your workplace, so that you can enjoy a more relaxed and productive time at work. 

1. Work Smarter, Not Harder 

Maybe part of the reason you haven’t let yourself have that spa day is because you feel like you can’t step away from your computer, phone, or other device for long enough to enjoy some extended relaxation time. If you are tethered to your devices, chances are your company is not taking advantage of advances in automated business management software. By implementing systems like a virtual help desk you can rest assured that your customers are supported across a broad range of devices while you take a break to pamper yourself. If you think automated systems and dedicated customer support areas on your website will be too impersonal for your customers, think again. Software for personalized automated customer support has come a long way. If you’re not taking advantage of these developments in customer support automation you are really missing out on a frontline of support that is fast and easy for customers to use. 90% of customers even report that they expect a company to offer a self-service support portal online. 

2. Relax for Greater Productivity 

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the more you work, the more you’ll accomplish. Research is pointing the other direction, however, indicating that relaxed workers are much more productive than their overworked stressed out counterparts. Everything from four day work weeks to more relaxed dress codes seem to have a positive effect on productivity. Taking vacations and time for adequate self-care activities including naps, healthy meals, exercise, and, yes, even spa days can improve your productivity. This is truly a case where less is more. To encourage everyone to take that spa day, your company may want to consider approaching a local spa to see if they would be willing to set up a discount program for your employees. Giving employees a little paid time off specifically for self-care is also a great way to encourage employees to relax more. Lastly, if your company has a little space to spare, consider creatively carving out some designated quiet areas where employees can retreat to nap or meditate for 10–15 minutes. 

3. Ditch the Routine 

Routines can be helpful for maintaining order, but if you don’t break out of them every once in a while, it can lead to feeling drained, irritated, and restless. Yes, your office might need a random dance flash mob to shake up the routine and get everyone out of the doldrums. Consider hiring a local massage therapist to come into your workplace once a week or once every month to offer 10-minute chair massages to your employees. This in-house spa time provides a much needed productivity break. You could also consider asking a local yoga teacher to come to your office during lunchtime so that employees could fit in a 30–45 minute yoga class to break up the monotony of the workday and recharge their physical bodies. Making your company culture one of fun, good humor, and relaxation helps everyone to feel less stressed and more energized. Even if your business is of a more serious nature, it doesn’t have to feel serious all the time at work. Make sure you are mindfully incorporating fun activities and events into the work environment. Infuse a little fun and break up the routine so that you and your employees feel more enthusiastic and energized about work. 

Ensure employee success by encouraging relaxation and self-care in your company culture. A little self-care goes a long way, and it shows your employees that you care about them and their well-being too.