Advances in medical diagnosis technology have been many in recent years. Many more lives have been saved and illnesses treated as a result. Take the mammogram: up until recently this important diagnosis tool could provide only a 2-dimensional image, but new technology had brought us the far more effective 3D mammogram. What does it do that is special, and what can a 3D mammogram tell us? That’s what we’re going to talk about in the following brief article. 

What is a 3D Mammogram?  

3d mammogram is a procedure that takes an internal image of a woman’s breasts. Whereas the 2D version combined two pictures from different angles, technology allows the 3D mammogram to take a picture in an arc across the breast area. The camera – for it a form of one – takes many pictures from several angles. These are then combined to produce a 3D image of the inside of the breasts which is more detailed than that provided by the 2D method. 

The 2D mammogram is still very much the standard tool for diagnosing problems with the breasts, but the 3D version takes things to another level and is more accurate. It is likely the newer method will replace the older in most clinics and hospitals over time. 

What Does a 3D Mammogram Reveal? 

One of the most import ant diagnosis tools in the women’s health realm, the mammogram is used to screen for breast cancer, tumours and other abnormal growths within the breasts. The 3D mammogram is an efficient and effective procedure that can help catch breast cancer in the very early stages by way of accurate diagnosis.  

As breast cancer is said to affect one in eight women the importance of this technological development cannot be overstated. The 3D mammogram is also an important advance as the earlier version has great trouble getting a clear view where the breast tissue is dense, which is the case in many women. As the 3D method uses numerous images from a variety of angles it is able to get through the density and produce a more useful image.  

When Should I Have a 3D Mammogram? 

Should you find a lump in your breast or any other abnormality that you believe to be new you should consult your doctor. The same is so if you start to feel sore in your breasts or endure any other problem that you begin to notice. It is always advisable to contact your doctor quickly.  

They may refer you to a clinic that performs the 3D mammogram procedure. It is worth knowing that when caught early, breast cancer can be successfully treated thanks to modern medical techniques, and the 3D mammogram is helping women across the world overcome this amazingly common problem. 

Are there Risks with the 3D Mammogram? 

All mammogram techniques involve the use of radiation in the form of low-level X-rays. This can be dangerous if the individual is over-exposed. However, despite the fact it takes many more photos, the increase in exposure with the 3D mammogram compared to the 2D is barely noticeable. The level of X-rays the patient will be exposed to is firmly within the safe level for a human.  

Having said that, a mammogram of any kind will not be performed on a pregnant woman as the radiation can damage the foetus. In this case a breast ultrasound – which uses soundwaves and not radiation – will be recommended. 

If you suspect you have a growth in your breast that is new or you feel any discomfort, get in touch with your doctor right away and you’ll soon have a diagnosis.