Are you all jittery, impatience, irritable, and restless? Do you feel like you aren’t making the perfect decisions in particular situations? I, too, underwent through a similar phase last year. While handling workplace and family issues, I was spiraling out of control.

I went through some soul searching and discovered that I needed to take care of myself. I had to ensure I bequeathed myself some pampering. Guess what? The pampering worked! I found that aromatherapy helped me improve my psychological status and hence my overall performance. Let me take you through some tips to getting back your control.

Administering Essential Oils

Aromatherapy works by helping you unwind. The explicit essential oils are extracted from herbal plants. They have powerful properties that need diffusion for uptake by the body. You need to be well informed when choosing a good diffuser.

When reviewing the best oil diffuser, consider various characteristics. You will need to contemplate the relationship between the type of oil and the water capacity. Other important considerations are the diffusers operating time, and timer options. Some even come with a warranty, and automatic shut offs! The more the options you have, the better for you.

How Aromatherapy Works

The pleasant odors from your oils will travel to the brain and have an awesome effect. In the hippocampus of the brain, they will improve long-term memory. Others will travel to the cingulate gyrus and ensure improved attention spans and circulatory system. The chemical processes involved have advanced positive effects on the brain's mental status. That adds up to better judgment and balanced outputs.

According to documentation by the University of Maryland medical center, lavender stimulates the brain. It also calms you down during those moments of anxiety. Now, don’t you think a calm mind will work smart too?

Essential Oils with Psychological Enhancement Powers

When you are vexed, jumpy, and simply have no motivation, you need to grab some lavender oil. Lavender primarily ensures that you get enough sleep for the rejuvenation of your brain. Enough sleep also plays a large part in mental alertness.

What is better than gold? I would say Frankincense. Since time immemorial, it has been praised for its awesome smell. In addition, Frankincense essential oils can aid you to be less distracted, and increase focus in current matters of concern.

Peppermint counts as a powerful oil that assists in concentration. Is there a better natural substance that can help you stay smarter than that? You will stimulate your mind, and you will perform better when you use peppermint essential oils.

When you encounter shocks in everyday living, Vetiver with its earthy smell will reduce distress and tension. Native to the Indian community, Vetiver is largely used in massage spurs for this effect.


Have you ever thought how calm our ancestors were as they made important scientific discoveries? Greeks, Romans, Chinese among others, used essentials oils in their daily lifestyle. To achieve improved mental, psychological state, you have to try out the wide range of essential oils and settle on your favorite one.

Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones

Editor of relaxeveryday

Sarah is the editor of relaxeveryday. Finding aromatherapy in a stressful point in her life made all the difference to her health. She promotes a healthy and relaxed life, and want to help others in their strive for a calmer life.