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The Spa Industry Association is working to keep you up to date on the latest event changes, product updates and industry news regarding the coronavirus and its impacts on the community

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Payroll and HR

ADPBacked by 24/7 customer service, ADP® offers payroll, HR management and tax compliance administration that’s leveraged by over 750,000 small businesses in the United States.

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Freelance Resources

Need pre-vetted, quality freelance talent customized to your project or job?

ResultsResourcing® merges tried and true traditional staffing approaches with everything great about online job board platforms to find your ideal virtual freelancer. Best of all, with our affordable Recruiter Package, your talent match is guaranteed!

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Credit Card Processing

Come join the Spa Industry Association merchant services program powered by Talus Pay!

 We have an EXCLUSIVE program for Spa Industry Association members.

The Cost Plus Program – Talus passes down the exact fees charged by Visa/MasterCard and the issuing banks and only adds ¼ of a percent on top, plus a $6.95 monthly fee

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New Payment Option for Spa Guests

When you accept the CareCredit credit card, you make it easier for your guests to purchase that new spa treatment they’ve been wanting, purchase more treatments using a same-day package, or to simply return for their favorite services on a more frequent basis.

There is no cost for your spa to get started and no monthly fees. Once a guest has the CareCredit credit card they can use it again, and again for any spa service as long as they have credit available. It is a dedicated resource they can use for all of their spa visits.

Get Started – use code SIAEN2018C

Gift Card Services

Giftbar hosts the largest gift card marketplace that features the best small businesses from coast to coast. Shoppers select a gift card for someone special and send it via SMS message or e-mail, including a personalized message and even a video!




Revive Your Culture Of Safety

The Day Spa / Medical Spa industry has been enjoying an explosive growth in both popularity and the number of spas now open.

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Representing Employers in all aspects of Employment and Labor Law

Public Relations

The Debra Locker Group providing: mentoring, contracting and freelancing, Paid consulting.



The Professional Beauty Association (PBA) is a non-profit organization that exists to elevate, unite and serve the beauty industry and the professionals who improve people’s lives.

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Learn How You Can Take Advantage of The $2 Trillion Dollar CARES Act For Forgivable Loans, Funding, Tax Credits, & Deferrals To Get Through COVID-19.

Industry Resources on COVID-19

We have compiled a list of articles and guidelines from industry partners to keep you updated on the latest

The Spa Industry Latest

Allan speaks to spa-channel business owners, distributors and experts in our field on “how to handle the current crisis, what does down the road look like and how to plan to re-open.” Most importantly how to stay positive.

The Latest In News, Treatments and Trends

Press Release

GSN Planet Launches New Job Board With Hutchinson Consulting

August 7, 2020—GSN Planet (GSN) is excited to partner with Hutchinson Consulting to launch its new job board. The GSN ...
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6 Essential Oils For Dogs

In recent times, essential oils have become immensely popular for maintaining health and well-being. These oils are volatile and are ...
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The Benefits of Massage Post-Injury

The Benefits of Massage Post-Injury

When athletes suffer an injury, massage is excellent for speeding up rehabilitation and the healing process. Whether to treat sprains, ...
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500+ Showrooms Set to Open for August Atlanta Market

500+ Showrooms Set to Open for August Atlanta Market

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 500+ SHOWROOMS SET TO OPENFOR AUGUST ATLANTA MARKET Expanded Exhibitor Search Tools Launch to Support Brand Discovery ...
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5 Steps for a Smoother (and more Successful) Spa Website Launch

5 Steps for a Smoother (and more Successful) Spa Website Launch

The design and development of a new spa website can be a long and complex process. Rest assured, there is ...
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Here’s Why You Are Not a Genius and the Ten Steps to Become One

Here’s Why You Are Not a Genius and the Ten Steps to Become One

Have you ever wondered what differentiates you from the winners who breakthrough? How did people like Einstein and Mozart manage ...
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From Farm to Spa, 6 Foods That Are Used in Spa Treatments

Food relieves stress but can it also aid spa treatments? Let’s find out. We bring you the “Farm to (treatment) ...
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Press Release

MassageLuXe Welcomes New Chief Growth Officer to Executive Team

ST. LOUIS, M.O. (July 30, 2020) – MassageLuXe, a leading massage franchise, is excited to welcome franchise expert Kristen Pechacek ...
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5 Herbs To Grow For A Spa Experience

5 Herbs To Grow For A Spa Experience

A spa experience usually means a date with luxury. The choicest products and brands used gives a heavenly feel to ...
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Why Taking Care of Your Skin Should Be Your Top Beauty Priority

Why Taking Care of Your Skin Should Be Your Top Beauty Priority

How much time do you spend moisturizing and caring for your skin? Unfortunately, many people place skincare on the back ...
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